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  • Seven Years Later...

    1 day ago

    Jordan WhoMakesRTAA

    It's hard to believe, but seven years ago today, the first ever RTAA (then called "Drunk Tank Animated Adventures") was posted on my YouTube channel. At the time, I was just hoping I could learn animation and maybe gather a following for my own projects down the road. I had no idea that video was going to catapult me into a career at Rooster Teeth, and the years that have followed have been the best, busiest, craziest years of my life.

    But now, seven years and 287 episodes later, it's time for the next generation of up-and-coming animators here at RT to take over. We announced this at the RTAA panel at RTX, but in case you missed it, I'm handing directorial duties on RTAA over to two of our 2D animators, Jordan Battle and Andrew Lhotsky. These guys are some of our best animators, and you've seen their work in Camp Camp, Sex Swing, and previous RTAAs (Battle even worked on X-Ray & Vav). Now the job falls to them to identify stories, edit audio, and come up with and animate the jokes and goofs you see every week in RTAA. Trust me when I say there are no two people at Rooster Teeth better equipped to handle this.

    I'm writing this now because this week's episode, Mugged Miles, is the last episode of RTAA directed by me. I didn't want to make a fuss about it, but when I saw it was coming out on RTAA's anniversary, I couldn't help but take a minute to acknowledge the neat and tidy circle we'd managed to make there.

    Rest assured this move is for the best. As other duties have taken priority (writing, directing Camp Camp and future projects we haven't even mentioned yet), RTAA was forced to play second fiddle for me. So don't get it confused: this will make the show better. RTAA was not always getting the attention and focus it deserved, but now it definitely will. And honestly, it will probably be even better, because Andrew and Jordan are a lot funnier than me and a lot better at animating.

    Ever since the 2D animation department was just me messing around in Flash every day, I dreamed of working on big projects and having a badass team working on badass projects all around me, and this is just the next phase of that vision. I'm very excited to see what new things Jordan and Andrew bring to the show, and I'm very happy with how they accepted the opportunity to take RTAA to the next level.

    Not much else to say other than thank you for all the years of support. Without anyone watching it, RTAA never would have been a success, and I would probably not have ever gotten a job. It's been a wild ride, but to be honest, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

  • The Traditional Post RTX Journal

    1 day ago

    Desayjin RTX Guardian Emeritus

    Hi Everyone!

    I know RTX has been over for 2 weeks now, but I've only been able to upload photos (sorta to the RT site) and share about my experience.

    This year was my 6th RTX, 5th as a guardian. Every year, as a guardian, RTX offers new challenges and new highs and this year was no exception! My highlights, every year, have been seeing the community, my friends, and working to the point of exhaustion with them. It seems that every RTX gets bigger and has cooler stuff, but it's seeing the people that excites me most. 

    Speaking of people, my PA team has been awesome this year, as per usual. Jackie and Jenn have been amazing team leaders and did a lot behind the scenes to insulate us from the crazy stuff that would pop up during the weekend. I was proud to work along side them as well the entire team. Not only working with these fine people, but having a good time as well; after all, we put the PA in party. :)


    I was happy this year to have an idea come to fruition: getting a "Barbara Guardian Family" photo. Over the years, Barb has had different PAs, starting off with Blaine. This year we finally were able to make it work!


    We also stole a ficus. I hope someone burned that stupid thing.


    All in all, I couldn't ask for a finer group of people to work with:


    Overall, this was my favorite RTX I've been to and worked. I'm glad that it was, because this will also be my last RTX. As much as I love seeing my friends all in one place every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult to take vacation time to make RTX work. I was able to make it down this year mostly because my sweet baby girl is only 5 months and not big into traveling. Next year, she'll be older and better able to travel and take family trips. After 6 RTXs and 5 guardianships, I think it's time to hang up my guardian shirt and devote my time to my growing family. I'm certainly going to miss RTX and seeing my friends and the community in one place, but know that I'm only a text, tweet, RT message, or mini-road trip to Nashville away!

    It's been great guys! Thank you all for the wonderful friendships and memories!



  • Tuesday Night Game Fight - We've Heard You

    1 day ago


    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for their comments, critiques and suggestions for Tuesday Night Game Fight.  A live production and a new show is always a risk but it is a risk my team and I love. This year my goal has been to bring our awesome community into more of our productions.  The live audience for On The Spot was the beginning of that goal.  And Tuesday Night Game Fight would go one step further by giving you the chance to actually participate in some of the fun we create every day.  

    The challenge was how to build a show that would give you that shot and still be a commitment that our talented groups could handle.  We thought we had found a formula that worked but obviously we had some work to do.  

    The broadcast team got back to work the minute the first episode wrapped.  We have made some adjustments to the show and have tightened up our tech.  We’re ready to roll live again on Tuesday and I hope you give us another shot.  Thanks for every minute you watch and each laugh you share with us.

  • Community Spotlight: RTUK

    1 day ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck

    by @Tudor


    RTUK began in a simpler time back in 2004, when it was known as RvB:UK and the first meet at Nottingham University was just a handful of guys. From there we’ve grown to an annual event in Leicester of over hundred attendees, and a country wide community of over 3500 members across Facebook, Twitter and the RT site.

    The admin team (known as the Fireteam) is made up of 8 people with different entry points into Rooster Teeth and the worldwide community. We’re helped out by a handful of regional Spartans (we like Halo, okay?), community members who are able to help other members and arrange more of our local meetups. We couldn’t keep up with what our community is up to without these guys and girls, they’re the real heart of RTUK’s success. In fact they helped organise some of our largest meetups, including the recent MCM London in May - OVER 200 PEOPLE!


    Our community is gearing up for the first ever RTX London, but have our own RTUK event in Leicester on August 4th to 6th before hand to keep the good vibes rolling. But there’s always the other cons and meetups throughout the year.

    Connect with RTUK on:

    RT Site



    Get your tickets for RTUK 2017!

  • Day 1300: A collection of Thoughts

    20 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    I got back from America a week and a half ago and I've been feeling, over the past 4 days, pretty miserable. I have some things that feel unresolved, and I want to write them down. I've written so much hidden stuff these last two weeks, I don't know what to do with it. There are some things I know I need to do that come as an action from RTX, but work is so incredibly intense and I have no motivation. The urge to lay flat on the floor and let the world pass by is massive. So, here goes, with 9 things weighing on my mind, and bear in mind when I say they're unresolved, they're still unresolved, but now they're mostly out of my head, with enough resolution for me to continue.

    Yesterday, Monday, I listened to Skindred's album Volume and Nine Inch Nails' EP Add Violence, and it reminded me that when I was younger, on the 14th July 2005 I went to see Nine Inch Nails on their final night of their European tour. I don't ever consider myself a lucky person, except on this trip. Exactly a week before, and exactly a week after, the 7th and 21st, there was a terrorist attack (7th) and a foiled planned attack, in London. That gig was surprisingly memorable, there was a lot of dedication, and there was a certain air to it. The support was a guy called Saul Williams, and it would be my first real introduction into a split bill where I started to really understand similarities in cultures between different subcultures. A music nerd is a music nerd, no matter what music they like. I think a few years later, seeing the same band, Nine Inch Nails, I was on a train back, and the fans shared the train with also returning fans of Skindred. I know so vividly it was this pair of bands because of their stark contrast, but adoration and mutual respect among the fans that made it somewhat the most memorable train ride I've had. 

    Dear Mr @burnie Burns, you gave me the most excellent opportunity to identify myself and promote myself when I met you and I flapped it hard. I get very excitable and words spewed from my mouth, where I know I should have said: "Yeah, I've used your site to write a journal every day for 1282, I think, days." I didn't, instead, I went on some strange tangent that never really resolved. While I'm not too keen on promoting myself, you lead me in better than at the time I realised, and I thank you for that and sticking with what I said, and shrugging it off as me being a disorganised mess. 

    I met some other staff at RTX, and all those interactions felt resolved, and I am satisfied. I know an action for me that came out of the Ask the CEO panel and subsequently asking Matt himself was how to send an email to him for the questions that were raised from the panel, having asked him at the Documentary panel. I met Jeremy and Ryan also and had a wonderful time chatting with them, and spoke to Jeremy about potentially working together with @grenou to smash out some banging tunes. 

    I suck at writing. More accurately, I did, now I'm not so terrible, but I don't know if I'll ever feel confident enough to the point where I'll blindly fire something off with out scrutinising all the words that I use. I responded to an email today with the wrong syntax and it's still weighing on my mind. I know I've got better at my general writing but I've had to write one or two confrontational emails, where I've needed to stick to a firm stance on something, and that's been massively my downfall. 

    What's become apparent to me is my need for peace and tranquillity, and how I don't want to upset any balance, I like to think I'm level headed. However, it's so much so that I know I'm relentlessly positive, and when I am experiencing a time like I am right now, that when I say I'm okay, it's most likely a sign that I'm not okay, that my neutrality is out of character, and that instead of indicating that I'm not good, I'm feeling sad, or stressed, that I'll say I'm okay, so that I'm not drawing attention to myself. While I know that's wrong, I don't want to cause a fuss. I know my place in the world, and suffering is part of nature, and in my world, there is not enough of letting the world take it's course, especially while there is more significant suffering in the world. I don't want to devalue anyone else's suffering, and if I'm taking that view then I should concentrate on my own and not shrug it aside. 

    While in Austin, I went to Gordoughs, with a bunch of people, saddened by the fact the downtown restaurants were closed, I had one opportunity to gorge myself, and oh boy, did I. I got myself the Big Baller with a veggie patty, which has on it Pimento Cheese, a delight that I only tried for the first time the week before, red onion, which while around a certain someone is suspiciously absent from my diet, and a decent slice or two of tomato, a fruit whose importance and deliciousness I've never really considered until this year. The whole thing was exquisite, and I savoured every bite. Then, not completely satisfied, and with my dessert belly empty, I ordered a blackout, a doughnut topped with chocolate fudge sauce, brownies, and chocolate chips. It was perfection, and I devoured the whole thing. 

    At the airport, we decided that a preflight ice cream was in order, so we headed to Amy's Ice Cream, where I ordered an ice cream they called the cookie monster, and then I modified it a little. They added to oreo ice cream, an oreo, a choc chip cookie, and cookie dough, and I insisted that they further add some peanut butter ice cream and a Reese's cup. The resulting mess of ice cream and amazingness was exactly what I was craving in the moment, and yet another case of me choosing the wrong time to inhale a silly amount of sugar before a flight. Only 4 days before did I eat 3 doughnuts for breakfast before getting on a flight.

    I like Lemonade. Yeah, I said it. The stuff we have over here, the delightful lemon flavoured carbonated beverage or the stuff you have over there, sugar and lemons and water. It's all good with me. Over here I'd rather have a sprite, but I'll get what I'm given. Over where you are, I accidentally asked for lemonade a few times too many, as I forget that it means an entirely different thing. I'll still take it, however, I'm given it though. 

    I maybe got distracted a few too many times while on my adventures looking at ingredients that go into soaps. Yeah, soaps. We visited a Lush and got given some fancy soap somewhere else. I have no idea where I'll be in the future, but I've been fascinated with soaps for the last few years, as at work we had a few products that were for hand soaps, but that business has gone away. I have retained my keen adoration of soaps, and I've certainly been putting things together in my head on how I would go about making them, and whether I'd want to make solid soaps or liquid soaps. Liquids are easier in most aspects, where as solids need heating a cooling, something I'm not particularly familiar with. Aaahhh so many thoughts, I have taken this from the page, but it's absolutely going back on to the page and further expanding as I have far too many thoughts to elongate this already gargantuan journal post. 

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for being you. This has been cathartic.

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Ooooooooooo-k! Tie to jump on the RTX journal recap journal bandwagon! 1/4

    1 day ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    (Wow was this a pain in the ass to post all of these, sorry about spamming your notifications)


    The adventure started off same as last time, @Jaron097 and I caught a flight down to Austin from Ketchikan with a layover in Seattle (thankfully it wasn’t too long of a wait), got a ride to where we were staying.  Bounus: We didn’t have to take public transportation (there was a mishap last year where I “broke” the bus) because the amazing @MrWartburg showed up to the airport at 5:30 in the frickin’ morning to give us a ride, we paid him in cookies.  We met up with @Birdman84 at the airb&b and caught a few hours of sleep before kicking off the day.  This is only the second time that I’ve attended RTX, this one was similar to the first for the most part but there were also some very different experiences this time around.

    To start things off we got a jumpstart on collecting our badges the day before the con starts, it beats waiting in line while cool things are happening.  A couple of OCC peeps @RWBimbie and @MrFusion, had planned a luncheon at Rudy’s for that afternoon, so we took off to get some good food and hangout with familiar faces after picking up the badges.  Fun fact: Neither Jaron nor I have owned smartphones before.  Communication being important with coordinating meetups and the like, we decided to finally get with the times and bought ourselves a couple of neon gods.  That evening we hit up the SideQuest charity gala, dressed fancy, did the minimal amount of socializing, and checked out the items up for auction.  I donated the two Pyrrha crests I made, to the event, I don’t know what they went for or to whom, I checked out early but the last bid on them I saw was about $60.  After leaving the SQ auction and stopping by our room for a minute, we took off into the night again to throw back some drinks (water for me) with some more OCC members, @Kikyobutt , Kikyobutt's dad, @teFlyingNinj @Lamkia @Treanomaly @Izayer @GreenBull92 @madmanmoe and others (sorry, I don’t know your usernames).  That sums up the first day in Austin.


  • That Nintendo itch

    2 days ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I've been having the itch to play some Nintendo games, especially the ones on the virtual console, but I don't think the Nintendo Switch is quite there yet. I do plan on buying one when it does get there but until then I decided to say fuck it and bought a New 3DS XL.


    I have always wanted a 3DS but every time I considered it Nintendo would release a new model. Hopefully that doesn't happen for a while. This was $25 off on Amazon ($175) and I dig the Galaxy design. I have been working tons of overtime lately so I definitely wanted to treat myself to something nice. I think I will be pleased with this thing.

    Any of you nerds have one of these? What would you suggest that I pick up? I don't mind if it's a 3DS game or on the virtual console? First on my list is Super Castlevania (SNES). 

  • Day 205

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    It rained on and off all day today so I am glad I did the garden stuff yesterday. 

    I did a random painting that I'm not sure is finished yet, so here are more Anonymous Human Shapes




  • Oooooooooooo-k! Time to Jump on the RTX 2017 recap journal bandwagon! 3/4

    1 day ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    Aaaaaaand yeah, that was the first day of RTX.  Later that evening the OCC had its second annual Austin RTX meetup, this time at Salvation Pizza, hosted once again by @Ratatoskr .  We had @LanceMowilos @AgentWashingtub008 @topham @rachyrock @Giries @andytheciderman  @Radius a few more and the ones from the small meetup the night before. but we also missed a few from last time like @Priest, @Desayjin, and @SailorGirl81.  I probably forgot a few names or just misremembered the event entirely, due to heatstroke or something.


  • D&D RTX Gifts...

    22 hours ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    The most recent episode of Dungeon Drunks had me drinking a mixer that included Hydra Hooch, a moonshine suffused with ghost peppers to make it THE HOTTEST THING ON THE PLANET.


    This lethal but delicious concoction, as well as the amazing label, was crafted by @Ethan & @BunnyMonster who had been brewing this delight for months before RTX. We'd talked a bit about it ahead of time, brainstorming the snake oil that Waylon would be selling and what he would call it. It was such a wonderful gift I actually wrote it into the game I ran at RTX!

    If you were at that game, or heard it on the podcast, you know that might have been a mistake. :D

    There was plenty that could come home with me, but as nice as the bottle was I didn't want to risk glass in my checked bag. Fortunately @GoobertheGr8 helped fixed that problem!


    That is a gorgeous flask made for me (and others for my wonderful players) which was not only a lovely gift but PERFECT to put the Hydra Hooch in to save for the trip!


    So now I have a D&D flask filled with D&D drink that will kill me in medium quantities. I asked on Twitter for suggestions for what to mix this with and my Dad actually suggested pomegranate juice which ended up being DELICIOUS! I called it Dragon's Blood and that's what I drank last week.

    This next episode I'll probably go with what Beka recommended which was chocolate liqueur, but I will still have PLENTY after that. Any other suggestions?

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