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  • Finnish Friday: Halloween Customs in Short

    1 day ago

    zeitgeistzest Shhh Ordis( ̄■ ̄;)

    Hello, hello, it is I. (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Yes... This time I was supposed to write about Finnish language's word order, but since it's October and many people are getting excited about Halloween, I thought I'd discuss this now (also because I'm quite tired, been spending the day with my mom; and my mom's being here means that I'm not going to record any Finnish words that are present in this post ahaha). 

    First of all, I have to admit I know very little of the history of this matter. What I do know, however, is that I'm a 90's kid and when I was in early years of basic education, Halloween was mentioned and we'd do some decorations in art class and dress up... but really, about 20 years later and it's still not very big deal around here. Sure, people throw Halloween theme parties (and get heavily drunk I guess?), TV channels show scary / horror films, there's Halloween candy and decorations for sale...

    But the shelf space reserved for those is small compared to Christmas and Easter things. For example, it's still quite rare that kids go around asking for karkki vai kepponen (karkki = candy, kepponen = trick; so when you all say "trick or treat", we say "treat or trick"); but on Palm Sunday in Easter, kids go around knocking on doors offering decorated pussy willow branches in exchange of some candy. (I can discuss this more around Easter haha.)

    So when October is drawing to a close and November approaches, what has traditionally happened over here? Well. Traditionally we've celebrated pyhäinpäivä, or pyhäinmiestenpäivä = All Saints' Day (pyhäin = of holy; päivä = day, pyhä = holy, sacred; miesten = men's, mies = a man, miehet = men). Usually on the evening of pyhäinpäivä, people visit the cemeteries and lit candles in the memory of those who are no longer with us - so it's treated more like a commemoration day for the saints, martyrs, and the dead.

    There was also a celebration called kekri, an old agricultural society harvest festival, but according to Wikipedia many of those traditions were transferred to Christmas and New Year. I first encountered the word kekri in 7th grade (meaning I was 13) when our Finnish language teacher forced us information about it. :B 

    Anyway, yes, even though religion doesn't really show around here that much and it's very little discussed usually ( = considered irrelevant to most), the fact that Halloween seems so commercialized has probably been putting it off from the previous generations since pyhäinpäivä is sort of... well, pious.

    Yet! I think the traditions could be changing a little among the younger generations. And, some other Finn may have a very different opinion and view to Halloween here in Finland - that their family traditions in regards to Halloween are quite different. See, my family's not very big on celebrating Christmas or anything else either. *shrugs*

    Still... I'm glad to live in an apartment building where the door to the outside world is locked 24/7 (unless a neighbor has left it open..) and the doorbells downstairs don't work so I don't have to open the door to anyone. :') While I'll be nomming on candy and attempting to watch something scary on Netflix! (~‾▿‾)~

    And that's it for this week's issue... *flops on the bed and falls asleep next to the laptop*

  • Still sick.

    2 days ago


    And I have been the past several days, but I still went to work. I asked for this night off though because my throat's getting worse, and it didn't go so well. There was only one person on the schedule who could be able to fill in for me, but I got no response when I called him. Mentioned that to the boss, and she said I had to come in to work anyway. I asked her to call someone from a different store in the city to come over, but she said she woudn't bother trying because "they're always calling me looking for somebody, so they don't have anyone." Yeah, right. 50+ stores in the city and nobody's gonna have a spare body? And furthermore, it's okay for her to bring in some help from another store when she wants to take herself and the assistant manager on a two-day vacation, but a sick employee doesn't even warrant the effort? Christ...

    Luckily my coworker tonight kindly offered to stay and cover the last two hours of my shift in my stead, so I took him up on it. It puts him into overtime, so the boss isn't gonna be happy when she sees him there when she arrives later, but if she's gonna get mad because I'm sick I'll try talking to the Field Consultant (who's pretty much HER boss)... I really shouldn't have been working at all, a sick person shouldn't be doing a damn thing in a food service establishment. Could transfer to the customers. I may not have a doctor's note, but my damaged voice and the coughing should be clue enough. If I need one I'll go get one, but if this had been on my days off last week where I was unable to leave my apartment, then it would be a problem. But like I said, it's mostly in my throat right now so I can still move around.

    I really do need to get out of this job...it's starting to feel like abuse.

  • Day 1385: Could have been a snake...

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I played some Rocket League. It was interesting. Having never really played it, I remember I picked up on PS4 but never really played it. I got to play with some of the Good Guy Gamers, and we had an all around good time. It looks like there is a lot to learn about playing that game. We played some 3v3 games and the team I was on over 4 games (team composition changed each game) won every game. I didn't contribute what I felt like what was that much, but it was still a good time. 

    I might play more, without people, but it's a lot of fun with people. And it also looks pretty, but I don't think I got it to suit my screen as much as I think I could have. 

    This week has been flying past, I'm slightly tired, but that's my own doing. I've been playing a lot of guitar too, and I was trying to record a short video for Instagram, but I never got it right and then I ran out of space on my phone. 

    No photos today, mainly because I thought we saw a baby snake, but I was mistaken, and we saw a flailing earthworm, though I've never seen an earthworm move like that. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Days 291-293 Poll

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Well I have been somewhat distracted the last few days. 

    I had to write up a story for my writer's group and I have been spending way too much time trying to assemble two costumes for next week.  

    In addition, yesterday I finally got the dirt in the raised box and put a bunch of bulbs and other stuff in and now I have a zillion little bulbs left over from when I dug out the old one. Tomorrow the weather is going to be good again and I have a LOT of jobs outside I need to get done. 

    Meanwhile, quick poll (remember when we used to be able to run actual polls?)

    What should I call the ink people?  (vote in comments)

    1. Chernilitsi

    2. Tintenfassen

    3. Inkupotto

    4. Ikoko inki

    5. Hokka

  • Why We Should Be More Generous - and How

    1 day ago


    When people hear the word "generous" or "generosity," the first thing that often comes to mind is something of monetary value. Being generous can mean donating to charity, for example. But money is far from the only way you can be generous, and being generous makes for a more fulfilling life (in my opinion). 

    This was simply something that was on my mind, so here we go.

    Be Generous With Laughter

    It's cliche, but laughter can be the best medicine - whether you're the one laughing, or making someone else laugh. I would never want to live a life without laughter. (Million Dollars, But nope.)

    One of my clients actually caused me to think about this. Whenever she finds something funny, she puts everything she has behind her laugh. She's one of those people who will burst out laughing and be the last one to stop. 

    Some may find that annoying, but I think it's pretty awesome, especially since we tend to find the same things funny, so it's easy to make her laugh. 

    Laughing is interesting because it's something that comes naturally to me now, but didn't years ago. When I was in a phase (for lack of better term), I didn't see the point in humor, or laughter. I actively refused to be happy, I took life way too seriously, and I walled myself off from amusement. Don't ask me what I was thinking; it was a horrible way to live. 

    These days, I laugh often - especially at myself. Or my pets. I crack jokes (that fail) a lot. I try to see the humor in certain situations that used to frustrate me. As a result, I'm much happier.

    It's been scientifically proven that smiling is easier than frowning, and that when you smile, you're releasing dopamine and serotonin and giving yourself a hit of happiness. Plus, laughing a lot can be an ab workout. And there's nothing like getting into a laughing fit with someone else where neither of you can stop laughing because the other person keeps laughing and it's just a circle of laughter. Win win. 

    Be Generous With Your Time

    It kills me a little bit to see people respond to charitable causes with "I have no money to donate!" 

    Why not donate your time instead? 

    Time - in my opinion - is far more valuable than money. You can make more money. You can't create time. And people putting in volunteer work is just as necessary to business operations as money is. 

    Beyond that, giving someone your time or your (undivided) attention is a rare commodity these days. We're all "busy" and have something else to do, so being generous with either is pretty special. 

    Alternatively, you can do something nice for someone else so they don't have to spend their time doing it. When someone offers to take something off my plate, I'm always grateful for it. 

    Be Generous With Your Words

    Many of us take simple things like friendship for granted. When is the last time you thanked someone for being your friend? 

    Here's another one - have you ever tried to reach out and tell a content creator how much you appreciate their work?

    We assume that by being a friend in return, or by being a consumer, that our actions are speaking for themselves. While that might be true, it still feels good to have someone actively acknowledge it. 

    Thank people and let them know that you're grateful to have them in your life. It could be a boss, mentor, coworker, friend, family member, acquaintance, or someone you admire.

    Give praise when it's earned, encouragement when it's needed, or advice when it's asked for. Give compliments when they come naturally. 

    It might seem silly at first, but unless the person is a jerk, everyone enjoys feeling appreciated.

    Be Generous With Your Love

    I don't think there's enough love in this world. Everyone always seems to be on the lookout for how they can tear someone else down. Our minds are quick to make snap judgments, often negative ones. We naturally assume the worst about people.

    Yet, I'm willing to bet most people just want to be loved, or feel loved. Or even just connected. Not alone

    So why aren't we giving out what we want back? 

    I know I've had my fair share of trust issues in the past that have left me jaded, feeling like love isn't worth putting out into the world because I'll just get hurt. But...that's not really rational, and I'm sure I'll end up getting hurt eventually because that's how life works. 

    In the meantime, me hiding behind a curtain of fear is possibly hurting others, and I don't feel like my best self when I'm approaching the world from such a negative perspective. 

    If you've been to RTX, I'm willing to bet you've felt a strong sense of community just from being there. It doesn't take words to communicate that; the atmosphere is simply welcoming. Post-RTX blues are a thing because we don't feel that in our daily lives, and that's a shame. 

    It's easy to be a more caring person. Take a genuine interest in someone else's well-being; smile at someone; offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on; remind someone of your love; don't judge harshly; assume the best of people; do anything else I listed off above. 

    Being generous isn't difficult, it just requires conscious effort until it becomes habit.

  • Perfected Doom Again

    23 hours ago

    MassacreMan101 That Guy with the Hat

    For the, what, fifth time I've perfected Doom and this was more multiplayer achievements. These weren't as painful to get as the Star Wars Battlefront achievements. With the 6.66 update, Doom revamped the progression system making me have to reset my character again, however, I didn't mind as the Doom multiplayer is a lot of fun that you can easily pick up and play. It is also insanely easy to level up, I found myself leveling up after nearly every match.

    Doom's multiplayer mode is heavily underrated, there is no steep learning curve, it's old school running and gunning where you have to earn your kills, and the progression system is leagues better than what it once was and with challenges, you can easily level up to quickly unlock better gear. I would definitely go back to this multiplayer any day.

  • Who Am I?

    16 hours ago


    Okay, I guess I'll give this "journal" thing a go.  I'm not terribly "up" on all of this new social media stuff, so please excuse me if this comes off a bit sloppy.

    First and foremost, I'm a storyteller.  I love to craft stories, whether it's my group's latest D&D adventure (I'm usually the one running the game), an art image, a story or, on occasion, a poem.  A few years ago I got rid of my cable because most anything I wanted to see was on the internet, and so I couldn't see the use in paying $50+ a month on something I rarely ever used.

    As noted above, I'm not very conversant on Social media.  I don't do twittering, tweeting, or whatever the latest thing is.  I don't even own a cell phone (yes, dinosaurs like me do exist).  I do, obviously, have a nice computer, as I do a lot (LOT) of art.

    What else?

    On the personal side, I'm told quite often that I am both a happy and nice person.  Don't know if I believe it, especially when I am having one of my more depressive bouts, but, well, people do say it about me.  I'm picky about who I want to socialize with, and who I find interesting, yet I'll also talk your ear off if you give me half a chance.

    So, I guess that's pretty good for a start?  I'll see what else occurs to me over time, I guess.



  • RTX London, YouTube and Other Life Updates

    1 day ago

    kirstenxo Miles Luna Fangirl

    I've disappeared the last few weeks. I'm sorry and I'm not sorry but life is a bit weird at the moment.

    I got a job at a secondhand entertainment store. Not what I want to be doing whatsoever but a job is a job, no matter how badly it pays.

    I'm debating going to university next year but I'm not sure what to study at all so that's also not fun.

    This past weekend, you may or may not have spotted me at RTX London (I have pink hair now so maybe not). I barely saw any panels and spent most of my time hanging out at the bean bags by center stage but I had an incredible time hanging out with some my friends.

    Next weekend I will be at MCM London (Saturday and Sunday) if anyone would like to stop by and say hello and hang out for a bit! I've never been to a Comic Con before so it would be cool to say hello to some RT fans if you're around. You may find me by the SitC stand or just wandering by myself!

    I'm really beginning to consider starting a YouTube channels of my own but possibly in a different direction to the reviews. I'd still like to do video reviews but I think I'd enjoy doing something more "fun". But we will see!

    My personal life has taken a weird turn but hey... More on that another time.


  • Whoaaa We're Halfway There

    1 day ago

    AmericanSneakers FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    I'm halfway through my last semester of college and it feels weird knowing that after this semester I'm done with college for now, until/unless I pursue my Master's degree. 

  • Where to go from here?

    2 days ago


    I signed up because I am a Cow Chop fan, but I'd really like to get into more RT stuff. What rabbit hole should I start?

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