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  • Just started YouTube

    1 day ago

    tripletaco Drop Bears are real

    Just started YouTube and Uploaded my first video you can check my channel out here and my first video out here. The video is of my friend and I playing Rainbow Six Siege.

  • New-ish.

    2 days ago


    Hello RT Community,

    It's nice to join such an amazing group of people and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of it. To best summarize me, I am an actor from Boston and I have done quite a bit of extra work on some Hollywood films. I even lived out in LA for quite some time, but it wasn't for me. I presently write screenplays with my twin brother and we are working on filming a short film in the spring. A feature film will be shot in the summer and I am very excited to share my journey with everyone here. Hope to make some friends on here too! 

  • My Huntress Academia

    1 day ago



    Mashup of RWBY and My Hero Academia. 

    Yang as Bakugo 

    Ruby as Midoriya 

    Weiss as Todoroki 

    Blake as Tokayami

  • StoryBoards for a Short Animation

    1 day ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    Just a quick storyboard animatic of something about yesterday's #SneauxDay.  Optimizing the canvas for Instagram.





  • User Experience Product Designer for RT

    2 days ago


    I am an astrology enthusiast, fan of outdoor walks, and collage hobbyist (magazines + exacto knives are my jam). I'm looking forward to working with our team to build an awesome community experience for you all =D

  • The Board game guy at Pax.

    1 day ago


    I've always wanted to be more involved in the Rooster Teeth community. So I've decided to keep a running log of what I'm doing here. I meet Burnie once when I was a bumbling teenager in Melbourne for an Armageddon expo. However when I heard he was coming back to Melbourne this year for Pax I jumped on it. Since meeting him years ago I wanted to give him some fan art he might remember me by. So I got to work making a board game. Now the intent is not to sell, I want to specify that, I don't own the Rights and I don't have the capacity to mass produce. This is just so I could be remembered by someone who's work I love. This is the photo of the board game. The basic concept is a creepy stalker fan boy has been spotted in the Rooster Teeth studio, using Rocket rooster energy drink he has been unleashing all their creations. So the heads of Rooster Teeth decide to make a game of it and see who has the most achievements when they kick out the creep. Players search rooms for creep sighting cards while they are being hunted by characters they voice. So Burnie is chased by Church, Michael by Mogar, Gavin by Vav, Barbara by Yang and so on. Ryan even gets his son Pubert Spore Haywood to see how many achievements he can get before finding all the creep sighting cards (and he's a fungus!). (He is being chased by Joe the Cat.) Burnie was super awesome when I meet him and he liked my game which was awesome but now what? After accomplishing such a long sought after goal what's next? You expand that goal! I've had so much fun designing that game that now, I'm going to make one for all of them. (300 people working there so kinda just the famous-ish ones. Sorry No names.) Before finishing this game I was accumulating ideas for games to make and for who gets what. This is the list so far I'll make further posts on their individual progress and the concepts later. I've finished the designs for 'Don't wake baby Jones' for Michael and Lindsay. The downside is all these games and to get to Sydney I won't make it for 2018 RTX OZ so the goal is 2019. Suitcase full of games on the way up, suitcase full of merch on the way back. Anyway back to the list of games. Gavin= Lazer Team board game. Geoff= Simple Geoffs chicken farm and general mercantile card game. Matt = The Rooster Teeth Universe card game. Joel= Day 5 board game. Ellie= Ellie, apocalyptic warrior, personal assistant board game. (I know I've already met her here but her game wasn't ready.) That's all I've got for now. I'll think of stuff for Gus, Blaine, Barbara and anyone else I'd like to meet later. Well that's my fanboy rant, No one might look at this or everyone. No one might give a shit or all the shits. This is the internet after all.

  • I got my holiday exchange card!

    1 day ago


    I signed up for the community card exchange, and my card from Nia_Lopez came today!  It's rare for me to get mail that isn't a bill, especially around this time of year, so it was a wonderful surprise to come home to  She wrote a very sweet note, and even included a generous gift!

    I'm super shy, so it's been kind of intimidating for me to try to
    connect with the community, but RT fans have proven to be a very warm and welcoming bunch, and organized events like this are a great way to make friends, especially for someone like me who can't really travel to events. I can't even say how much it made my day just to get something nice from another fan. I'm so glad I decided to participate!

  • Day 22: A Rooster Recommends

    1 day ago


    With Christmas just around the corner and the winter chill in the air what better time then now to listen to some Christmas music. One of my favourite singers is Frank Sinatra and his version of Let It Snow is a song that makes a snowy Christmas to life. This is a song that you would listen to with your friends and family around a fireplace just enjoying company. With Sinatra's smooth vocals and a great band to back him up all combines into a beautiful vision of a snowy Christmas. As Always Keep on Listening.

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