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  • Introductions

    1 day ago



    I suppose we should start with names. I prefer to go by Wolffe, Wolf, or occasionally Wolfieh, but I'm generally pretty laid-back in regards to what I'm actually called, so long as it's not insulting. Similarly, I am female in species and use she/her pronouns, but I'm not going to be upset if you think I'm a guy or refer to me as such. Certainly not the first time it's happened, and it's an easy mistake to correct. 

    I'm relatively new to the Rooster Teeth forums, but I have worked my way around a number of other online message boards and have been a fan of RT and its branches for years. I spend most of my time browsing Achievement Hunter and Let's Play content but am always open and looking for more areas to peruse and discuss. I'm currently waiting for opportune times to throw myself into forum life and start becoming one with the community, but I am nevertheless excited to join its ranks. 

    I'm currently a high school graduate waiting to attend college this Fall (A little over five weeks from now, to be exact) for an English/Writing degree. I took an interesting and round-a-bout road to get to this point, including some time spent wanting to be a psychologist, a journalist, and an engineer. Needless to say, I've been around the block on "What I want to be when I grow up" and only really picked a course when I realized I'd run out the timer, then spent a year and a half with that before switching it up again. 

    I've decided on becoming an English major not necessarily because I love the language, but because I love knowing how to use it and twist it to suit my needs and evoke certain feelings or responses from my audience. I like to create pieces of writing that will tug on the heartstrings and activate the emotional centers of the brain, and I've spent almost a decade honing my craft both by consuming and producing writing online, most commonly through roleplaying forums. In the end, I and many who know me were amazed that it took me so long to come to this point, creating my future with the one thing I've enjoyed doing since childhood. 

    Now, the horribly stiff-sounding paragraphs above probably wouldn't make it obvious (or even believable), but I'd like to think of myself as quite the fun individual! I enjoy conversing with others both in serious and humorous manners, and really just want to have a good time. Now, for the lightning round of interests!: 

    - I'm a nerd who plays Dungeons and Dragons with a friend group I hijacked from my brother

    - I own, know how to shoot (poorly), and have injured myself multiple times on an authentic medieval English longbow

    - I would much rather make myself in the Sims and go to work until virtual me dies than do it in real life, but somehow got stuck doing both

    - I'm in a love-love relationship with the original Spyro Trilogy, despite it being older than I am, and will happily be pre-ordering the Reignited Trilogy left in the middle of typing this to pre-order it because I realized I hadn't yet

    - I subscribe to the theory that redheads don't have souls, as I should know because I am one

    - I once called myself a "Chaos God of Puns and Bad Life Decisions" and have been referred to by that title numerous times, all of which were by me

    TL;DR: Call me Wolffe; I'm an English Major; I love: writing, D&D, medieval weaponry, wasting my potential, Spyro, eating souls, and giving myself cool titles that no one else pays attention to; oh god please be my friend I'm so lonely

  • Day 1660: Adventure!

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I went on an adventure! I tried both of the guitars below, through a Victory V30 The Countess Mark II and a Vintage 30 loaded 2x12" speaker cabinet. The amp and cabinet themselves sound wonderful, and it's likely the pair that I will end up getting. 

    As for the guitars, well I tried the two pictured, and a JB/59 loaded Charvel San Dimas. The Purple "Phaze" Charvel was the one I wanted to try the most, it has a maple fretboard, something that was one of my first main considerations for any guitar I wanted. That was the reason that on the first trip I was so intent on trying some Telecasters, but the pickups and radius of the fretboard really didn't give me a solid feeling in the guitar. It didn't sound like something that I'd get along with. 

    So I picked up the two guitars below, the Charvel, and the Jackson Soloist. I wasn't too keen on the rosewood fretboard, because I already have two guitars with rosewood fretboards, and the idea of having a different wood on the fret board was appealing, as it imparts a slight tonal difference on the guitar. It's a minute sound difference, not one that I'm sure I can even clearly hear, but they always looked great to play. 


    The Jackson Soloist in "Northern Lights" that I played today was interesting. It had a pair of Seymour Duncan Distortions in it, which were a little gainier that I was comfortable with, and had so much mid-top end that at points, even on a somewhat low volume, it felt out of control. It played nicely, which I'll describe on the next guitar as it's a common feature of all three guitars I played. It had a three-way switch, which was good, my current main guitar has that, rather than a 5 way blade, but in this case, it had it's limits. My current guitar also has the option to coil split, making the humbuckers work as single coil pickups, effectively giving me 6 sounds from the guitar, which is very useful when I need to switch when working through a song. For example, I prefer using a clean neck single coil for doing some light sounding picking across a few notes, but to ring chords out, I'll switch to the fuller-sounding humbucker. 


    The Charvel Dinky, in "Purple Phaze" was great to play, it has a compound radius fretboard, meaning it's more curved at the headstock end of the guitar and flatter at the body of the guitar, this is common between both guitars, and it's a great feature. It essentially allows for more comfortable chord playing at the lower end, and more suitable access for lead work at the higher end, which is all around desirable. The pickups were a great combination, a  SD Jazz in the neck and a Full Shred in the bridge. The diversity of what sounds it could pull out was great, and even just using the amp on it's standard settings and not modifying the sounds through pedals it was sounding fantastic. The pickups could be selected through a 5 way blade, which made use of each of the pickups in multiple ways, with positions 2 and 4 giving me single coil sounds, while 1 and 5 were full on humbucking and they sounded mighty. 

    I prefer how the electronics are arranged on the Charvel, the jack is on the back of the body of the guitar, rather than on the edge, as is traditional, and it's just a neat design feature that I liked. Overall I preferred the Charvel to the Jackson on this day, and probably spent an hour playing both of the guitars back and forth, to figure out what it was that I enjoyed more about one over the other. I know now, but I realised I'm not great at retaining a sound in my head and then trying to compare the guitars to one another sequentially. 

    It's been a fun day! Have an excellent weekend! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • I'm finally moved into my new apartment!

    9 hours ago


    Well, except for the big furniture, but the new landlord for the old place will bring those over at the beginning of August.

    The first night gave me a couple of sounds for a layout of the area, like cats threatening each other and an early bird that needed to be shot. There was also a fly that had somehow gotten in, but I finally managed to slaughter it on the window earlier today. 

    I also got shower curtains, so now after ~8 months of no real showers (last place just had a lousy tub) I can shower to my heart's content!

  • Time to start saving for the Summer Waifus!

    17 hours ago


    The FGO Summer event for NA has been officially announced!

    The release date for the event is 07/26, which is next Thursday.  Which is great because I get paid on Friday, so good timing.  And with the 1/2 AP quest, I can start grinding more materials that won't be in the store... which is actually very few, when you think about it.

    Also, on the AniplexUS Youtube channel, they have the NP animations for the first five summer servants (Yes, Assassins Scatach counts).  And Lancer Tamamo's looks especially painful.

  • Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    2 days ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    Another great season. I cannot wait to watch the english dub with Vic as Kurz Weber again.

  • .....

    1 day ago


    things i need to stop doing ASAP: Skype past 11:30 and not leaving my dorm all day during the weekend.

  • Artist Information

    1 day ago

    pailbn CGI Artist


    I am Brianna Nicole Pail. I am a current senior on the CGI animation track at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. 

    I am specializing in technical artistry.

    In addition to Maya, 3DMax, and Adobe CC, I am expanding my knowledge to ZBrush, RealFlow, and Substance Designer/Painter.

    You can visit my artist site or follow my social media outlets; FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

  • podcast 280 and narcolepsy

    1 day ago


    Theres something about RT podcast 280 thats been bothering me all day and I finally realized why. They were talking about the bouncy castle flying away and they were talking about if they could just fall asleep whenever they thought they they were going to get hurt so they would rag doll and theoretically be less injured. In the link dump they put a picture of a man asleep with his face in a bowl of cereal titled "emergency narcolepsy". Now I watched this live and even tweeted them "have you ever heard of narcolepsy" when the conversation was going on so I'm not mad they put that in the link dump but I found myself annoyed about it all day and couldn't place it until it occurred to me while i was eating dinner.
    So as a little back story I was diagnosed with narcolepsy a few years ago and its really impacted my quality of life and its a really awful disorder to have and is constantly shit on by people making jokes about falling asleep randomly and calling that narcolepsy which isn't what narcolepsy actually is.
    What annoyed me was that it was titled as "emergency narcolepsy", like it was some kind of device behind some 'incase of emergency break glass' and you could just whip it out if you thought you were about to be hurt. That it was something you could just switch on and off.
    Im a little tired of these jokes about narcolepsy repeating over and over again and the emergency narcolepsy picture was a little excessive, a link to the wikipedia on narcolepsy would have sufficed and would have made more sense and would have possibly educated someone instead of perpetuation a lie. Im just nit picking but my patience for things relating to narcolepsy is running thin.

  • Day 1661: Stuff!

    14 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I had a relaxing day, though I woke up mega early for no reason. I played a whole bunch of guitar, and watched a lot of pro wrestling, catching up the the G1 Tournament, which has been excellent so far. 

    Rachael and I spent a lot of time playing Path of Exile, which was cool, a new game to explore and have some fun in, even if it's not particularly clear what to do, or how to get the best out of the skills. Hopefully it'll become clearer, but I don't really understand any guides I've looked at, and we've just finished act 1. 

    As for other things, well I didn't really do anything else. It's been a relaxing day like I said, and so I did just that. Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

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