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  • NASA and a rant

    11 hours ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    To be honest, I hate the fact that I need to write this post to get it off my chest, because it concerns me so much. I am sure @Kiwi would agree with me on this.

    So president Trump (I have other words to call him but his actual name will due for now.) is thinking of putting a politician in charge of NASA (who more or less is denying science. (I am not going to get into a discussion about climate change at this time) A part of the US government that is actually about SCIENCE!) Personally I would put a former astronaut or an accredited scientist (technically an astronaut is usually an accredited scientist anyways and is the usual norm for NASA) in charge of an organization such as NASA, like how I would put an actual medical doctor as surgeon general or an actual teacher as head of the department of education. (In short I would not apply cronyism to any part of the top of the government)

  • Mead: Trial 2

    16 hours ago

    Bigt619 Usurper of the throne

    Trial 2 is a bust. There is no reaction in the bottle at all. Maybe its the yeast. Going to try bakers yeast on the next two trial.

  • Woah There

    13 hours ago

    zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

    I did not expect to hear so many 'love you's in a series like Sons of Anarchy.


    But then there's a lot of this, too:


    which was a bit more expected.  joy

    Also a lot of political-like mind-games. 

    (On like half-way through season 7 out of 7 after a week or so bingewatching. It keeps getting more and more WTF by the minute. I've no idea what's going on anymore. sob)

  • Dont care about your position, this is a great line.

    2 hours ago


    "The problem with Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented."
    -Trump, at the UN General Assembly today

    No joke, that's a great fucking line i love to hear..

  • Reboot

    1 day ago

    KazzaJ Head Goth


    I deleted all my old posts today. Mainly because they're old and had boring details like my birth name in them, so I guess this is an ideal opportunity to do a very quick reintroduction.

    I'm Kay, 21, from London. Bit of a goth, loves heavy electronic music, allergic to oranges.


  • Improv

    1 day ago

    Frecks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Frecks

    Hello there strange person who has found my journal! how did you get here? I'm not using tags!

    I am Frecks! or Claire, either one is used by my friends, friends that I absolutely have! ... yep.

    I thought that, since I went for the double gold option, I should start using the site for more features, including my journal, so here we are.

    A little about me you ask? why sure!

    I was born in Australia, raised by a closet nerd-man and a woman who wanted nothing more than for me to be my weird self- "let your freak flag fly" she once rang out during an awkward birthday party that had more wine than wine drinkers, and I did.

    This attitude led to an early childhood of being the weird, ginger kid who decided that she wanted nothing more than to be the class clown, a role not traditionally held by a girl, but unlike the rest of my life, at that age being a girl never registered as a reason to not be what I wanted to be.

    I got older at some point, I don't recommend it, and fuelled by my meth addict style addiction to laughter (self deprecating is a personal favourite) and attention decided that I wanted to be an actress.

    But not just any actress, the best kind of actress! A voice actress.

    I auditioned for my first part in school, the school had allowed funding and extra time to be invested in a student anime series, which until I auditioned for the lead, I was unaware was a Furrie Romance series. I was thrilled.

    I landed the role of the leading lady after regaling the panel with my team rocket impressions (while my Jessie was on point, I was particularly proud of my James) and started table readings.

    Then one fateful day, one of the teachers Googled (or probably back then, yahoo searched) what a furrie was and the series was cancelled, not that it was that kind of series, but teachers do love to overreact to things.

    "Never mind, I'll study animation and voice my own work."

    Which I did, and did. 

    Then one day, one of my university teachers decided to sit me down and tell me, that there is no room in the international market for a broad Australian accent, and if I wanted to be in anything, it was best to aim for Australian only advertising, which is predominantly full of child actors having a last hurrah, and that he wouldn't bother, in fact, he was quitting teaching, to become a personal trainer.

    I wish I could say that I didn't take his advice to heart and reached for my dreams, but alas, this was the first in a long line of people telling me what I couldn't do and me choosing to believe them.

    As I type this, I work in a Thrift Store, I enjoy the work and I support the charity 100% 

    I spend my days making jokes, singing with a lisp and impersonating Vladimir Putin if he were on a game show, it makes my boss laugh at least.

    People say, 'in ten years time, you'll wish you had started today'

    Fuck it, I think i'll join an improv class.

  • Old but basically new

    22 hours ago


    This is really my first interaction with the rooster teeth website, forums and such. Trying to fit in by blending in but it is not as easy as I thought. My interpretations from the outside world have seemingly been misleading me throughout my whole adventure. Amongst friends and foes while exploring through the depths of what is known as Rooster Teeth, I have discovered the one secret that has lead to the success of becoming popular, they speak of it as a subscription, well worth buying for the sweet enjoyment of dramatic shows that are filled with hilarity. They call it First! I have recently obtained First and it is a wondrous spirit that lays within my soul for eternities to come. Shall I take the journey to double gold, some say its a path to misfortune and debt! I shall hold off for the  quest for double gold and spend my days with my First membership. Now while we are travelling back from the ruins of the First membership there are no water fountains or sources, looks like ill have to drink my own piss.

  • g1 Gamedays (September 20-24)

    1 day ago



    Killing Floor 2 (PS4) - Wednesday - September 20th at 9pm EST


    What: Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

    When: Wednesday, September 20th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@A_Red_Robe

    How to Join: Contact @A_Red_Robe or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Notes: This game was FREE. Play MOAR PS4 GAMES!!!

    Overwatch (XB1) - Saturday - September 23rd at 9pm EST


    What: Overwatch (XB1)

    When: Saturday, September 23rd at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@SgtHarvey

    How to Join: Contact @SgtHarvey or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter. or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays


    Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) - Sunday - September 24th at 9pm EST


    What: Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

    When: Sunday, September 24th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@Shiro937

    How to Join: Contact @Shiro937 or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter, or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

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