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  • Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Characters - Editor Notes

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Here we goooooooo! (again) 

    #10 - Garlic Jr - Not only is his name Garlic but he's a JUNIOR. Someone thought this name was so good they needed to use it TWICE? Okay. Can't wait for the next DB villain, Oregano III. 

    #9 - Cooler - Okay, wait, actually the next villain is The Coolest.

    #8 - Hercule Satan - I hate Hercule! Never thought he was funny. For me he only ever distracted from what I was interested in seeing. 

    #7 - Bio-Broly - I didn't know this existed before this episode. It's an odd feeling to realize you've missed out on something completely inconsequential.

    #6 - Majuub - Nick asked me this when watching back the first cut of this episode and I want to clarify for all of you. I didn't alter Aladdin or Uub's skin color at all. It just worked.

    #5 - Pan - I....really liked...Pan. (but don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you/don't remember) 

    #4 - Yamcha - The woooooorst

    #3 - Para Para Bros - So, they got the gang to dance. Was it a lethal dance or something? What's the problem here? "Oh no! We look ridiculous and now we're melting because of it" 

    #2 - Chi-Chi - These last two entries are the most insightful entries on the whole list. I couldn't agree more. 

    #1 - Adult Gohan - Gohan was the best and they squandered his potential. 

    #11 - Is there a way to tell Maron and Bulma apart by just looking at them?

    Watch the Video: RT | YT 

  • My Stomach

    5 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    It hurts. I am pretty sure it is my pancreas. Or something near it. I am going to the doctor on Monday, even though I self diagnosed myself (self diagnosed myself? that seems redundant) with stage 14 pancreatitis. It's been nice knowing you all. <3 

  • When the film review hits the light just right...

    5 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger


    Btw, if you haven't seen Carol, I highly recommend it. Cate Blanchett is stunning, both in her performance and look.

  • Is Marvel Finally Moving Forward With A Standalone Black Widow Movie?

    5 months ago


    Variety is reporting that we may finally have some movement on a standalone Black Widow movie. Before you get too excited the news isn't so much that this movie has a greenlight (it doesn't) but the MCU brass likes the idea enough to hire a screenwriter to take a shot at bringing us Natasha Romanoff's very own movie. 


    The screenwriter they've hired is a woman by the name of Jac Schaeffer, a relative newcomer who had a Blacklist script titled The Shower (about an alien invasion during a baby shower) that grabbed a lot of attention. 

    Kevin Feige met with several people according to Variety before tapping Schaeffer, but the most interesting part of the story to me is that he consulted with Scarlett Johansson before making any creative decision on who would be writing the screenplay.

    That's interesting because Johansson is one of the key players whose contract ran out after filming the Avengers 3 and 4 yet, if this story is accurate, she's still being consulted about the direction of her character. To me that says that Johansson has re-upped for more MCU films or, at the very least, Marvel expects her to. 

    That doesn't mean she escapes Thanos' attack, though. Keep in mind a standalone Black Widow film could be an origin story or chronicle some adventure at any point in her career. I'm hoping for a true blue spy espionage flick, much like Winter Soldier was a real deal Cold War thriller. One of the ways to keep the MCU fresh is to explore different genres and Black Widow in a gritty, bloody and bruising spy flick would be pretty awesome.

    What do you guys think? 

  • 2017's Mobile Games Rated as Pizzas.

    5 months ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Well, it seem the holiday break got the best of me. Rather than splitting all my mobile games from 2017 into various articles, I'll blast them all out right here, right now. I'm too excited for the hot games of this year to dwell any longer on what my thumbs did last year. (You know, because you use your thumbs on your phone screen... don't be gross!)

    As a reminder, I try to keep it positive with how I rate games. Much like pizza, all games are at least "ok" to some degree. As such, here's my pizza based rating system, as a guide.

    Battle Bay  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

    Really awesome, real time PvP boat combat game. This one I played so much, I had to delete it before I started paying for in-game currency. I loved upgrading my ship and taking on increasingly higher level opponents.


    Golf Clash  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

    On the surface, Golf Clash is a pretty chill, turn-based golf game. Once you play a bunch (which I totally did… another delete or lose my monies situation), each shot can be pretty intense. Miss and lose rank. Make it and get loot! Really fun and worth a few moments of your time.


    Pokemon: Magikarp Jump  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Basic Cheese

    I mean, is this not just a Cookie Clicker-like? I love the little-fish-that-could as much as the next trainer, but this ’game’ was just a bit of software that reminded me to click stuff to increase various stats. Hmm… I guess, to a degree, at their core, that describes most games… Anyhoo. I did have some fun. The game is pretty. You might dig it. It just didn’t make a… splash with me.


    (Not sure what it says, but it's a good screenshot)

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Trusty Pepperoni

    To call this an Animal Crossing game is a bit of a misnomer. Like Magikarp Jump, I felt this was more of an elaborate spreadsheet visualizer than a game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved designing my camp and camper for folks to swing by and see, but that is the extent of the depth. Cute as hell while I played it. It’s a great advertisement for the next core AC game (hopefully Switch).


    This is(was) my actually camp. Bask in the glory of my design skillz!

    Fire Emblem Heroes  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

    This totally scratched my Fire Emblem itch… for a time. It had the handheld, tactics feel and the presentation was great. I really got into the gachapon style of hero distribution. Over all, this is pretty damn fun, but I played it early on when it was probably more shallow than it is now (i’d bet).


    Thanks it! That's all the mobile games I feel I played enough to have some sort of opinion on. Next time I'll dig into all my console and PC games. Then, to finish off my 2017 gaming wrap up, I'll let y'all know what board games I dove into and loved. Spoilers, there's still a ton of games to cover!

    Let me know if you found some mobile gems that I should check out. I'm always looking for something new to play. 

    Here's to 2018!


  • Millie Bobby Brown To Play Sherlock's Little Sister In Enola Holmes!

    5 months ago



    Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has set her next big adventure. She's wrapped her work on the Godzilla sequel and will move on to starring in and producing (!!!) a series of films about Sherlock Holmes' sister, Enola. 

    Based on Nancy Springer's Young Adult series following the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock and Mycroft's much younger sister, this would seem a perfect vehicle for Ms. Brown. For one she'd finally get to use her natural accent and secondly she has proven to be able to handle the intensity and intelligence a role like this would require.

    It also blows my mind a little bit that she's actively producing already. The film will be funded by Legendary Pictures (who just made the Godzilla film she starred in), but it was set up by Brown's own PCMA Productions banner. Very smart business move by anybody, let alone someone so young. I think she's got a long career ahead of her.

  • I Challenge Me

    5 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    I am not one for New Year's resolutions. However, I did come up with something to challenge myself with at the beginning of this year throughout the month of January that I think has been kind of fun to do. I like movies. A lot. But often I feel like as a movie buff I am not watching enough new movies to broaden my library. And by new I mean specifically new to me, not necessarily just "new releases". I go to Alamo enough nowadays to see most movies I want to see as they come out but there is such a back catalogue of good (and not so good) movies I have missed over the years that I feel obligated to commit some time to solving that issue. So here's the challenge then: Every day, for the entire month of January, watch at least one new movie I have never seen before!

    So far, I am on track and have been logging my progress on LetterboxD, my online movie diary that Andy turned me on to.GUehHqX.png

    If you wanna play along with me, feel free to let me know what you're watching in the comments and what you thought of it. I think we all could generally do a better job about how we express our responses to seeing movies beyond "I liked it" or "that sucked" so this might be good practice for all of us.

    I am going to write another post after this one later about my favorite I have watched so far this year, which was Kyle Mooney's "Brigsby Bear", which also included a nice appearance of my buddy Nick Rutherford in it as a little cherry on top.

    If you guys have suggestions for all time "must watch movies" I should add to my list, feel free to add those in the comments as well.

    xoxo The Risemonger

  • Gambit and Kitty Pryde Films Still Moving Forward At Fox

    5 months ago


    The whole Fox/Disney merger thing still has a lot of question marks around it, but it appears that Fox is still going forward with some of its superhero development. There are two big X-Men related projects in particular that are gaining momentum: Gambit and Kitty Pryde films.

    Kitty Pryde is the most surprising as it was only revealed recently via Collider and their sources that a film based on the X-team's favorite phasing little sister is in the works, with Deadpool's Tim Miller leading the charge and in place to direct.


    Back when I was reading the X-Men books more regularly Kitty Pryde was always the little sister of the group. Wolverine and Colossus were always very protective of her even though she could phase her body through walls and away from harm. Doing a little research her relationship with Colossus actually started as a statutory rape-y romance, but all that had worked its way out by the time I was reading X-Men and Excalibur.

    She has a cool dragon-looking alien sidekick named Lockheed, which could look pretty rad on the big screen, especially in the hands of Tim Miller who has proven to have a talent at bringing odd Marvel characters to the big screen.

    Now, Kitty Pryde has a long way to go... it's still early on in the development, which could mean Marvel/Disney will nix it before it gets much farther. What's not so early on in development is the long-in-the-works Gambit film, which already has Channing Tatum on board to star and Gore Verbinski in the director's chair.


    Gambit has a February 2019 release date, so it has to begin shooting soon if it's going to actually happen and the latest scuttlebutt has it shooting soon in New Oreleans (naturally). There's a site that has been tracking the development of this film in particular called Omega Underground and they say the start date on principal photography is March 19th. 

    I'm actually pretty psyched for this one. I love Gore Verbinski's eye (he did the original Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Ring and most recently the macabre A Cure For Wellness) and Gambit is a fun character that hasn't really been realized in any respectable way on screen.

    So, what does this say about the state of Fox? Well, it seems to be that the modus operandi is continue forward as if nothing big was happening. I wouldn't be surprised if the MCU overlords pull the plug on Kitty Pryde because that has a long way to go before any filming would start. Nobody's cast yet, it's a relatively cheap cancel.

    Gambit on the other hand has big names both in front of and behind the camera and I can see the filming date hitting before the merger is complete. If this movie was going to fizzle out it would have happened way before now. 

    Anyway, that's what's new in the Marvel Superhero world. What do you guys think?

  • Black Panther Gets A New Trailer And It's Looking Goooooooood

    5 months ago


    We're just about a month away from getting to see Black Panther (it's out February 16th), so naturally it's time to get one more trailer. They call this one a TV spot, but it's a minute and a half long, so I'm gonna ignore that bullshit and call it a trailer because it is.

    This new trailer gives us a little more with Michael B. Jordan's villain character, Killmonger (which is a hell of a name for a comic book bad guy, isn't it?), and a few more glimpses at the colorful characters of Wakanda. 

    Check it out:

    Lookin' good! What do you guys think?

  • New RT Store Push Notifications and You

    5 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    Hello again. Nathan Isherwood here, marketing person for the Rooster Teeth Store and owner of an unofficial Macho Man Randy Savage credit card. I’ve got some relatively unexciting but potentially useful news for you that I’d like to share about a new integration we’re trying out on the store website: browser push notifications.


    Why? In 2017 I often got feedback that customers missed out on a lot of the juicier bits of what we had planned for the store. Things like product launches, sales, limited edition merch, etc. The Geoff line launches were a huge one. Even if you follow us on Twitter or are signed up to receive our emails, it can still be tough to get all the details you want on merch releases for your favorite shows with all the other Twitter accounts you follow and emails you receive. So this is just one more opportunity for you to hear from us.

    No, this is not the new white banner. Promise. Browser push notifications are entirely opt-in, which means that the next time you head to The RT Store you’ll likely see a message asking if you’d like to receive browser push notifications from us. You can say no, but hopefully you won’t. You can also opt-out and later change your browser settings to start receiving notifications from us, and vice versa. Here’s a handy blog post about how opting-in and opting-out works.

    Also, the notifications you get are easy to close and not at all intrusive to your browsing or viewing experience. These are not bigass ads; they’re small messages from your web browser. Very similar to a notification you’d receive from Google Calendar, for instance.

    If you have any questions about push notifications or Macho Man Randy Savage, please feel free to comment below. And thank you so much for shopping with us. Talk soon.

  • 2017 Reflecting :)

    5 months ago

    stephard Art Dept. Coordinator

    Hi y'all!

    This is my first blog post!!  Wow!  Excited to be here!  If you don't know me (which probably most of you don't), I'm Stephanie Ard!  I'm the Art Department Coordinator here at Rooster Teeth!  This means I work with Marcus, Max, Ashlyn, Stephen, Alex & Travis and all of our awesome contractors to put a beautiful touch on everything you see on screen (well, except for Animated shows)! 

    In addition to being an Art Department coordinator, I'm an actress/writer/director and do a lot of improv and sketch comedy!  My main improv troupe here in Austin is called SheSheSheShe - one of Austin's first all-lady troupes!  I have a cat named Swayze, I've lived in Austin for 7.5 years, and I've been working at Rooster Teeth since Feb/March of 2016!

    2017 was one of the busiest, craziest and most fun years I've experienced in my career and life to date! 

    Here were some highlights:

    - Handling pre-production for Lazer Team 2, Immersion: Mass Effect and the RTX AH Escape Room alllll at the same time :)

    - re-connecting with and sealing the deal with my amazing Boyfriend!!

    - getting to know and become friends with a lot of the AWESOME ladies at RT!

    - my 30th Birthday trip to NoLa with my besties! - Herding cattle on my best friend's ranch in Northern Colorado and loving on her sweet baby son!

    - Art Coordinating on my first feature: BLOOD FEST!

    - a two-week New Mexico/Colorado Road trip with my love!

    -  Working on a new sketch troupe at my local improv theatre

    - RT Coven at Extra Life!

    Clearly, things were fun and busy!  There were also some major challenges:

    - Handling LT2, Mass Effect and RTX at the SAME TIME (haha - that was a doozy)

    - working out with a new trainer and learning how to take better care of my body

    - friendships and relationships changing and growing

    - Working on my first feature: BLOOD FEST ;) ;)

    - dealing with @MaxCookie (just kiddinggggg - I love Max!)

    One slightly comical challenge (although, not at all funny in the moment) that happened this year, happened in the final hours of assembling the RTX Interactive event, the AH Escape Room.  In the final hours, the real crunch time of getting that room built and ready for all of the attendees, Austin's brand new Fire Marshall made his rounds.  Now, I had only done one prior RTX, but there was no Fire Marshall present last year, and I wasn't aware of any specific Fire laws that needed to be followed.

    BOY was I wrong! This new Fire Marshall was by-the-book, and scared the living SH*T out of all of us.  He threatened to shut our whole event down because we didn't have proper fire exits, an evacuation plan, and our structure had a muslin roof.  Long story short, we had to quickly tear the roof down, run out to Home Depot to get Exit signs and Fire Extinguishers, quickly install them, and I had to throw together the fastest, most-professional evacuation plan you've ever seen!  

    In the end, the Fire Marshall gave us some slack and with our minor changes, he let the event go on!  And it was a good thing he did, b/c that Escape Room was a hit!  Can't wait to see what we do at this year's RTX!

    Speaking of this year, in 2018 I'm looking forward to so many things!  I'm looking forward to possibly stepping into a directing role at times (stay tuned!) and developing more as an actor/comedienne and as a writer/director!  I'm also looking forward to all the inevitably crazy times we will have as an Art Department!  I'm excited to work on more creative, cool content for you guys and get to know all of you more :)

    That being said - if you want to get to know me more, hit me up!  I'm always down to answer questions about me, my team, what we do... whatever!  And if you want to follow along, my twitter handle is @StephanieArd :)

    Happy New Year y'all!  I hope you're looking forward to a new year filled with exciting new adventures!

    ~ Steph

    Proof that I herded cattle (and was not at all terrified that I would be thrown off and trampled on by this beautiful old horse grimacing):


  • See you later, space cowboy

    5 months ago


    Man, the last time I posted before answering the Extra Life question was the end of 2016??? That's nuts, someone remind me I gotta make more journals every so often.

    Hey, everyone! As you may have heard, Fan Service's biggest announcement is that we weren't getting renewed for another season. I wanted to take this time to reflect personally on this show, talk about some of the things I loved and will miss, and think about the future ahead! 

    There, that's my thesis statement, strap in, folks.

    To be honest, going in to Fan Service, I wouldn't have labeled myself as a ~*super*~ anime fan. All through college and a little after, I'd been watching more western cartoons. I've only really watched a new anime or two every year, though my enthusiasm for a series is enough to fill the void of other content I wasn't participating in. But in the end, that enthusiasm became my saving grace and main role in Fan Service. 

    We had to watch an anime every season. If we wanted to be on we had to talk specifically about an anime that we felt very strongly about. Every "what are you excited about for next season?" meant doing research about what was coming up and learning about the new trends of anime and being oddly excited about the future to come. It felt like a slow and insidious process. The first season I was just watching, what, two shows? Three? Then the next season, I had four on my queue. Then it went on in that pattern until, one day, I realized I was actively going through Crunchyroll and putting things in my queue to just try out. Now I'm watching anime YouTubers dissect serious and studios and taking into account their recommendations. 

    Who KNEW! ThaT! If you were involved in an anime show, you'd WATCH MORE ANIME?!?!?!?  /sarcasm

    (By the way, I actually a good chunk of what Cole recommends. He has good taste and can discern what show you'd like!)

    If there's something I like to be, it's informed. Fan Service helped me be up to date (on my better days haha) and be more aware of what goes on in the anime community. It also meant knowing who does what and what goes on behind the scenes in our industry. I'm so happy that our anime podcast facilitated discussion and enabled us to bring new people to our glass table and call them our friends after the episode was done. Elizabeth Maxwell, Reina Sculley, Victoria Holden, Jessica Nigri, Caitlin Glass, Cliff Chapin, Monica Rial, and Sungwon Cho were all soooooo nice and great to have, and their insights into voice acting, dubbing, and the culture and community in general were so informative! I felt so happy and honored that they'd take their time out of their lives to just chill and hang with us, and I'm going to miss that so much.

    Speaking of taking time out of their lives, HOLY COW there were a lot of other people who spent time with us too right inside our company! ROLL CALL! Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Shannon McCormick (putting you here because you're a family member at this point, Shannon, haha), Mica Burton, Elyse Willems, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Tim Gettys, Nick Scarpino, James Willems, Kdin Jenzen, and Lawrence Sonntag! /anime theme song meme

    These guys are HECKIN BUSY. It was so fun to just be around them and hear their own personal insights and favorites about anime, and I know we work in the same company but I already miss them :'))

    This particular interaction sums up my overall feelings about having these guys on--Tim and Nick from Kinda Funny had told us they were a little intimidated about being on the show because they felt like we were experts. Consequently, I feel like they schooled us a little by mentioning an anime I never heard about before, and their passion for the shows they loved was just as justified as ours. At the end of it, we had a great time being together and talking with each other about anime, and that's all that matters.

    Of course, where would we be without our own Animation guests. Stan Lewis, Kim Newman, Andrea Caprotti, Tony Salvaggio, Tanya Fetzer, Patrick Rodriguez, Dustin Matthews, and Rachel Doda, they work hard and know how to have fun. Some of the most interesting viewpoints and lessons came from these guys who I see almost every day! It's wonderful to know I inhabit a space with amazing people, all with different experiences and different viewpoints for me to learn from. 

    Also special paragraph for Erin Winn for being our thumbnail artist, a great friend, and being around for the final few episodes of Fan Service. I love seeing your face (smoochy face)

    (I sincerely hope I didn't miss a guest let me know if I did SWEATS)

    If it were anyone else in the cast, I would've been worried going into it as the only girl. It's hard being a minority HAHA. But with Cole, Kerry, Miles, Gray, and Austin backing me up, it felt seamless. I'm honored that I developed a working relationship with these guys to be included as main cast, and I've gleaned so much from every one of them. They all work hard at their jobs, and Fan Service was one of the few times I got to spend time with them outside of our work space. Adding Erin in was great too! I was finally not the only girl!!! Even though technically we were "still working", it was always the most fun two hours of my week to be with them while Broadcast works to make the magic happen. 

    Big ups to the Broadcast team as well! Hearing and participating in conversations on how the show should go was always a learning experience, and I always get to see firsthand the labor that goes with making a show. Broadcast is the best.

    I'm at a point where I'm just screaming now because AHH!! The community! You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for watching our dinky anime show. Your outpour of support for it after our announcement makes me smile, and I'm glad that people were watching. One of my favorite memories was how packed RTX 2017 was for our panel. It was a huuuuge room, and almost every seat was filled. Then, every time one of us came out, there was always a huge cheer before we inevitably went behind the curtain. 

    One of my biggest insecurities is that I'm always Too Much. I'm Too Loud, Too Emotional, Too Taxing, Too Annoying. And it's something that I don't know how to turn off, and I lie awake at night groaning about how dumb I am. But at least, I dunno, this Fan Service collective let me be that person and was completely ok with it. I guess what I'm saying is--thanks, guys, for being ok with me HAHAHAHA.

    Although Fan Service is out for the count, anime isn't! I highly encourage everyone to keep an eye on Gray, Austin, Kerry, Miles, Cole, and my accounts on the RT site, Twitter, where ever, because we might end up talking about some new anime thing that is relevant to our interests. I am definitely screaming about an anime at some point or another on twitter. 

    When I think about Fan Service, I get sad because I wish I could have spent more time with everyone in our recordings. I know I wanted to do more, wanted to understand more, and try to be a better version of myself with every new season. But I will always feel grateful that we were able to come this far together. Thank you, everyone, for making this all possible. I'm honored to have been part of your RT life for the past two years.

  • Hey 2018! Wanna do an AMA?

    5 months ago


    I’m stuck on airplanes most of today, and thought a nifty little AMA would be a productive way to spend my time. If anyone’s got any questions, fire away. If not, I’ll just sit here quietly and stare out the window.

    EDIT: Ok! Thanks for helping me pass the time. I had fun. Hope you did too!

    For posterity, this is what I was listening to during this AMA: fun song, fun band:

  • Chris Hemsworth's MCU Contract Might Be Done But He's Still Down To Play Thor

    5 months ago



    A lot of Marvel's key actors will run out their lengthy contracts by the time the two-parter Infinity War Avengers films wrap up, leading to much speculation that some of our favorite heroes might not make it out of this confrontation with Thanos alive.

    Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo would all have to re-up their contracts to appear in future MCU movies (post-Avengers 4) and some of them have been pretty vocal about being done with the superhero game. 

    In the past, Hemsworth was one of those voices eager to be done with his superhero mantle (and the decade-long contracts it comes with), but speaking to IGN recently he seems to be softening on that stance, thanks in large part to his experiences on both Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Avengers films. 

    He said that in the past he felt a bit restricted by the contracts, but now, after getting to reinvent the character a little bit in Ragnarok and even further in the Infinity War Avengers films he has a "renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm" to keep playing the God of Thunder.

    Hemsworth went even further, stating "if I had the opportunity to do it again, I think I'd love to. I also think there’s an appetite for it now, or there’s a far greater range of possibilities of where he can go now, what he can do, just because we’ve kind of broken the mold a bit."

    You can tell he was having a ball in Ragnarok and I feel like Marvel finally locked in the character at his best, finding that balance between goofy and serious that Thor demands.

    Plus Marvel and Disney have all the money in the world now and will certainly be backing the Brinks trucks up to many of their core talent to keep them involved in the next few phases. 

  • 2018 - The Instant Pot Adventures

    5 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    One of my 2018 goals is to create a routine of posting journals on here more regularly.
    Another one of my goals this year is to get back in the habit of meal prepping and cooking real food. (Something I used to be good at but I let the end of 2017 completely wreck me.)

    SOOO this journal post is a first attempt at working on both of those goals :)

    For Christmas, my parents gifted me a Crockpot Express Cook, which is basically a pressure cooker/slow cooker hybrid. It does all kinds of things... slow cooks, pressure cooks, sears, steams, simmers, etc. It. Is. Amazing. And I guess being this excited about receiving a small appliance for Christmas is the true sign of being an adult.

    Well, I've used the pot twice so far and am pretty happy with the results. I figured why not start sharing my adventures with it?! Now, these two recipes are admittedly not the healthiest, but they were fun and tasty... and at least they weren't fast food. ALSO, you don't necessarily need an instant pot for these two particular recipes. They can easily be make with a slow cooker or good old pots and pans on the stove; you'll just need to adjust the cooking times to whatever tools you are using.

    But anyway, here we go!

    Black-Eyed Peas

    A good chunk of my extended family is from the South (Mississippi, to be exact), where it's a New Year tradition to eat black eyed peas for good luck. Apparently the shape represents the shape of coins, and that is supposed to bring prosperity and luck. (We also make a point to eat mandarin oranges or tangerines for the same reason. idk, it's weird, but I still do it.) Pressure cookers help make awesome peas/beans, so I wanted to try them out in my new pot. Here's what I came up with, loosely following the directions on the package of dried peas I bought.

    Makes 6x 1 cup servings
    1 lb dried black eyed peas

    8 cups water (or you could sub vegetable or chicken stock for extra flavor)

    2 tbsp olive oil

    4 slices bacon

    2 cloves garlic, minced

    Salt, pepper, any other seasonings to taste

    - Pan fry your bacon as you would normally. Doesn't really matter is it gets super crispy or not - you're throwing just them in for flavor.
    - Once the bacon is done, throw that and the rest of the ingredients into your instant pot. Seriously, It's that easy. As far as seasonings, I usually just kind of wing it when I cook. A little of this, a little of that. For this recipe, I think I added chili powder, paprika, fajita seasoning (a bunch of peppers, salt and garlic), and comino. I wish I had some bay leaves or something, but I just used what I already had on hand.

    - Put the lid on, lock it, and make sure the pressure valve is in the off/sealed position.

    - Select the "Bean/Chili" setting on your pot, and cook for 20 minutes.

    - When the cooking cycle has completed, I suggest letting the cooker release its pressure naturally, which can take up to 20 minutes. (Alternatively, you can also manually release the pressure by opening the pressure valve.)

    Instant Pot Orange Chicken

    This one was a little more involved than I realized, but still pretty easy. I basically followed this recipe from Sweet and Savory Meals with some tweaks here and there.

    Makes 6 servings

    2 lbs chicken breast, cubed

    2 tbsp cornstarch

    2 tbsp olive oil

    1 cup orange juice (I used a lower sugar, lower calorie OJ since this recipe requires actual sugar)

    4 cloves garlic

    1 cup tomato sauce

    1/4 granulated sugar

    1/4 cup brown sugar

    Zest from one orange

    Sriracha to taste

    Green onion for garnish

    Optional: broccoli, red peppers, any other vegetables you want

    - Pre-heat your pot with the Saute function. When it is heated, pour in your oil and add your chicken to saute for 2-3 minutes (or until it is just golden).

    - Add in the tomato sauce, garlic, sugar and brown sugar, Sriracha, some of the orange zest, and 1/4 cup of the orange juice (save the other 1/4 cup for later). Stir and coat all ingredients with the sauce.

    - Put the lid on the pot, lock it, and make sure the pressure valve is closed/sealed. Select the Poultry option on your pot and let cook for 7 minutes.

    - When the 7 minutes are up, turn your pot off and let it naturally release pressure for about 10 minutes. 

    - Remove the pot lid and turn the Saute function back on.

    - In a small bowl, whisk the cornstarch with the remaining 1/4 cup of orange juice until there are no lumps. Slowly pour it into the instant pot and combine with the sauce. 

    - If you're going to add any veggies to the mix, now would be a great time to, so that they can be coated by the sauce. I added broccoli and red bell pepper to mine. Just gently stir them into the pot so that you don't shred your chicken too much.

    - Let the sauce cook for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    - If you'd like your sauce thicker, whisk together another batch of cornstarch and orange juice and slowly stir it in again. You can do this until you've reached your desired consistency. (I personally ended up adding 2 more tbsp of cornstarch to thicken.)

    - Serve over rice (I used quinoa because that's all I had on-hand), and garnish with green onion and extra orange zest.

    So there you have it; foodies! These were both great for dividing up into individual servings for meal prep (and no I did not eat these recipes in the same meal. that doesn't sound very appetizing). Both recipes also did well in the freezer, so if you made way too much, just freeze the extra for later.

    Do any of y'all have a instant pot? Any cool recipes you want to share? (Bonus points if they are low carb. I could stand a few less carbs in my life.)


  • Master & Apprentice is officially available to watch on YouTube,, and Facebook!

    5 months ago


    This show has been an absolute joy to make, and @MLaPorte and I are extremely excited that we are able to share it with you.  However, M&A wasn’t only the product of two people’s hard work, it was a labor of love for whole crew as well, and wouldn’t be possible without them.  

    Making the first season of the show was a really intense crash course over 3 weeks. Not only for myself, getting to know all the processes involved with making props, but for the crew as well.  Taking that learning experience, feedback from all of you, and given the chance to make more episodes, we plan on making the show even better.

    Master & Apprentice’s main intention as a show is to inspire creativity, and diffuse the fear of learning something new.  It has been through a ton of hurdles and iterations, and now that we’re finally able to make the show the way we envisioned, we’re pretty over the moon.  We really hope you guys enjoy the series, and we look forward to your feedback, as well as seeing all the fun stuff you’re working on.

    Thank you all so much for watching. We’ve got a couple more episodes left, including a BIG season finale prop we hope you check out.



  • Introduction and holiday store update

    5 months ago


    Hey guys,

    Before I get started, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Quinn, and recently, I took on the role of VP of Consumer Products at Rooster Teeth.  I am extremely excited to join the family here and look forward to what we will be able to create in the future!  

    I wanted to write this post in response to some of the issues we experienced over the holiday season.  Since we are a growing company, we are constantly looking at best ways to scale and meet all of your needs throughout the process.  Unfortunately, we experienced a few issues that started during our big Extra Life weekend and continued throughout the holiday season. You’ve read Barbara’s and Chelsea’s posts over the holidays addressing some of the issues, but I’d like to further explain what exactly occurred.

    We saw such great support for Extra Life that we had to go back and place additional orders for products to keep up with the extra demand.  This caused a major back up for our third party warehouse going into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Once we went into the last week of November, we were having issues getting accurate inventory reports from the warehouse.  These two issues started compounding the problem, and we were experiencing many instances of packages taking a few weeks to even get out of the warehouse.  Unfortunately, once we understood the extent of these issues, it was too late to remedy them. We were all working around the clock to do everything in our power to work on customer service issues, work with our third party warehouse, and make sure things were running smoothly; but we fell short of what our goal was and did not provide the service to you that we were hoping for.

    In the coming months, we are going to be making some changes to ensure that we plan better and avoid a similar situation at all costs. As we make changes, we will be more vocal and transparent as to what they are.  The first things we are doing immediately are to make changes around pre-selling items and stock issues.  If we ever have to pre-sell an item again (like the extra life pin) we will communicate pre-sales more clearly so you know when you can expect your item.  We are also going to put in a more extensive buffer on inventory. Since the warehouse does not update us fast enough on inventory levels, we will put aside enough to cover any large sell-through rates.  

    With all that being said, we are still extremely proud of the team that worked so hard to get everything out this season.  We issued over 100,000 orders throughout the season and experienced issues with items being out of stock or major issues on only 2% of the orders.  We also got through 12,900 customer service tickets as we were getting through the issues.  

    As of this afternoon, the customer care team has responded to nearly all of the tickets. We recognize that some of you are still having issues with your orders.  All remaining open tickets, where either the team has been waiting for a response from you, or you have been waiting for a response from us, will continue to be worked on through the next couple of days.

    Lastly, for the people we have identified as having orders shipped with missing items, we are going to refund you for any item not received; additionally, we’re going to give you a $25 coupon to buy a shirt on us.  For those of you who placed your order by the holiday cut off (read here for more info) and didn’t received your order by the holiday, we will refund you for the shipping and give you a $25 coupon.

    As I’m just getting to know the community, I am amazed by how supportive and excited everyone is to be part of the Rooster Teeth family.  Thank you so much for your patience and we absolutely appreciate your understanding.  



  • David Letterman Is Getting Back In The Talkshow Game

    5 months ago


    After many years of relaxation and substantial beard-growing the king of Late Night is returning to the talkshow game, this time with a limited chat show on Netflix called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and his line-up is pretty epic. 

    Starting next Friday, January 12th, David Letterman will be interviewing the likes of George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Howard Stern, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Barack Obama. 

    Letterman was my Late Show host. He was the one on as I was growing up, the one people quoted and discussed the next day. I'd hear the Top Ten list jokes regurgitated on the school grounds and from my parent's friends. I was a bit too young for Carson, so Letterman was my guy. 

    He had a great talent for chit-chatting and routinely broke the typical talk show formula and injecting his personality at every turn. Now that he's firmly doing his own thing at a place like Netflix I'm doubly excited to see what he gets out of his guests.

  • spacemenandhuntressesandmagicandscifiandchibiandcampingand...

    5 months ago

    Miles Miles

    So we're not even a week into 2018, but I can't help but feel both excitement and stress as we embark on yet another year over in the RT Anim Department.

    A lot of what I do these days is read. I'm still writing on shows like Camp Camp, RWBY, and a few other things yet to be announced, but SO much of my time is spent reading the work of other people and giving them feedback. It's been great learning from so many other writers and working with them to try and bring their visions to life. It also serves as a reminder to step away from projects I work on and really try to look at them from a more technical and critical angle (which is admittedly hard to do sometimes). It's also SUPER TIRING, haha. We make SO many shows now (with more to come) and sometimes it feels impossible to keep track of them all. Jumping from one meeting for one show right into a meeting for another means having to immediately switch to completely different fictional universes, characters, and voices.

    My biggest goal of 2017 was to expand our writing team. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. We can't just hire someone who can write well, but who can write well for the stories we're trying to tell, who can work at the pace we have to work at, who we know we can learn to get along with and collaborate with. It's a tallllll order.

    Fortunately, we've met and worked with some really wonderful people in 2017. Tom Alvarado continues to be an absolute delight on RWBY Chibi and Joe Nicolosi has so much passion that you can't help but feel motivated after talking with him for five minutes. You've all gotten a taste of what Jason Weight can do through his work on Caboose's Guide to Finding your Home. That guy is just top-notch and super nice. There's some more great people I can't wait for y'all to meet, too (one lady in particular who is just so absurdly creative). It's exciting to know we'll be getting more help in the new year, but it also means more time I'll be spending reading the work of others as opposed to getting to write myself. That's not inherently a bad thing, but it's admittedly not my favorite part of the job. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I'll balance it all out, and I know in the end it's all gonna be groovy... it's just a little scary, haha.

    I didn't really have a point to this post, just sort of rambling a bit. I constantly forget that my daily routine may actually be really interesting for folks that don't work in this industry, so I thought a little insight could be cool! I want to get into the habit of posting to our site more (especially with all the improvements RT is hoping to add throughout the year).

    If anyone knows of a way for me to clone myself, hmu. In the meantime, I've gotta write up some notes on how Caboose is both the least intelligent and most intelligent character in the show...

    Have a good weekend!

  • Captain Marvel Lands She's Gotta Have It's DeWanda Wise

    5 months ago


    Hello and Happy New Year, everybody. 2018 promises to be a banner year for diversity in blockbuster filmmaking with the release of projects like A Wrinkle In Time and Black Panther imminent and Disney's not slowing down on that front.

    According to Deadline DeWanda Wise has been cast in MCU's upcoming Captain Marvel in a mystery role that is thought to be a co-lead. She joins Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Medelsohn and, of course, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. 


    Wise's greatest claim to fame is her starring role in Netflix's series adaptation of Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It. 

    Nerds everywhere take the term "undisclosed role" super seriously, especially when it comes to comic book movie casting and already the internet is buzzing over who Wise could potentially be playing.

    The most interesting guess is that she's playing Monica Rambeau, a super-powered Marvel Character who herself once bore the mantle of Captain Marvel.


    Originally based on blaxploitation star Pam Grier, Rambeau was a New Orleans Harbor Patrol Officer who gained the ability to convert her body into energy thanks to a wacky comic book origin story similar to Fantastic Four and Hulk (step one: get bombarded with space energy rays, step two: get super powers).

    Her run as Captain Marvel was brief, but she's been a part of the Marvel Universe since 1982, taking different superhero names over the last 35+ years such as Photon, Spectrum, Pulsar and even Sun Goddess. 

    With Law thought to be playing Mar-Vell (the original Captain Marvel) I'd say it's a pretty damn solid guess that we'll be seeing Monica Rambeau in the upcoming Captain Marvel flick.

  • Top 10 Terrifying Mascots - Editor Notes

    5 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    We're back! 

    Intro - I'm not Torrian 
    #10 - Krinkles - What was Post thinking? This isn't their only terrible mascot. Just do a quick google search for "So-Hi Post Cereal" 
    #8 - Senhor - Sorry, Jonah. I saw an opportunity, which was a cheap shot, and I took it. The internet is cruel. 
    #7 - Monokuma - Who is this bear fooling? You're clearly evil. 
    #6 - The King - C'mon it's 2018. Where's the Burger Queen?
    #5 - Freddy Fazbear - This Top 10 Entry brought to you by Achievement Hunter.
    #4 - Stubhub Ticket Oak - So it's absurd. That doesn't equal funny. At least the spongemonkeys are funny sometimes. This is just odd. 
    #3 - King Cake Baby - So..... THIS BABY IS JESUS ISN'T HE?!?! 
    #2 - Spongemonkeys - Yeah, I like them. You wanna fight about it?
    #1 - PuppyMonkeyBaby - That's John Mayer at 6:41 right? It has to be. 
    #11 - Mario has some great games obviously but is he a good character? I don't know and I've wondered about it my entire life. 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT | UT

  • Ask Me Question!

    5 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    Hey everyone! Want to know a great feature of the RT site? QUESTIONS!

    I am making it a goal to be more active on here and maybe that will be post, photos around broadcast, behind the scene videos, who knows! Most of all - I want to be more active with you all (you know what I mean). So ask questions - send messages - I will be checking here as much as I can and will respond here (especially since I usually forget to message back on Twitter and Reddit)

    So - How are you  smiley

  • One year anniversary

    5 months ago


    A little over a year ago I got a phone call from Vitaly, a Fullscreen recruiter, asking if I would be interested in interviewing for a Sr. Product Design UX/UI position at Rooster Teeth. I was definitely interested, but I had no idea that working at Rooster Teeth would be such a dream job. I get to build cool stuff for an incredibly passionate fanbase with some of the most talented, intelligent, and genuinely fun people I have ever met. Today is my one year anniversary and I still feel so fortunate for the opportunity.

  • Mountains of Footage

    5 months ago

    brosephashe Marketing Video Editor

    I would like to talk briefly about projects that may feel daunting.  Sometimes you will come across what I call a mountain of footage.  70+ hours of raw footage can feel extremely overwhelming at times.  What I can suggest is don't look up at the mountain!!!  

    Selects are our best friend as editors so just keep making your selects and boiling down the footage to a more manageable size.  All of a sudden you have finished 20 hours,  then 40 hours and before you know it you will be at the top of your mountain smiling.  Just keep your head down and live in the moment.  :D

  • Dude Soup Time Change in 2018!

    5 months ago


    Hey everyone! I'll get right to it.


    The new time will take effect next week, so Dude Soup will NOT air on January 8 at 1PM PST, but on January 9 at 2PM PST.

    Why? Ooooh REASONS. I don't need to bore you with all the production issues that this move will solve, but here's what to look forward to with Dude Soup going forward --

    • More complete, thorough research when discussing topical stories
    • More interviews and commentary from guests
    • More fun segments (Bruce Reads, Hard Nettin', etc)
    • Longer podcast (90 minute runtime)
    • Format experimentation (no gameplay, extended interviews)

    My goal is to give myself more time to arrange content and free up some space to experiment with the show's format. I want to surprise everyone with something new every week, whether it's a new take on an existing hot issue or a more personal look into what we do.

    As always, I welcome all feedback! If you have anything you'd like to see from the podcast this year, or if you've stopped watching for one reason or another, I'd like to hear about it. And as always, thank you for your time!