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  • Axiom Verge Publisher Donates Profits to Developer's Son

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    With all the complaints going on about publisher greed these days, it’s nice to hear some refreshing stories from around the industry every now and then. According to a new blog post from Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ, the publisher of the 2D shooter is donating a huge chunk of the game’s profits to the healthcare costs of Happ’s son, who suffers from a lifelong condition known as Kernicterus, which affects his hearing and motor functions. Happ wrote in his blog about the game’s retail launch: “After we decided to move forward with BadLand Games as the publisher, they offered to donate 75% of their share to a special fund dedicated to Alastair’s ongoing health care costs. They didn’t want to publicize it, since none of us wanted to be seen as trying to use my son’s suffering as a marketing tool for the game. I hope this doesn’t come off that way. I just wanted to thank them for their generosity in offering that up, since it was definitely something they didn’t have to do.” 

    So there’s a bit of a dose of positive news to be thankful for, just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

  • Your car runs on gas?! and your iPhone has a home button?!

    4 months ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I feel like we have seen been treated to a glimpse into the future recently.  I watched parts of the Tesla semi event last week and I loved what was shown, are y'all excited about the future when you see big events like this?  I have fully bought into the future that Elon Musk has painted for us. My electric car drives me to work, it joins the "fleet" helping uber people around town while I help finish up RWBY Volume 10.  Then, as the work day comes to an end I summon my car to take me back home.  All of this of course being controlled on my iPhone that is just a solid brick of glass with no ports of any kind.  Hopefully Rooster Teeth pays me in only bitcoin at this point haha.  What are yall excited about in the not so distant future?

  • What Are Your Predictions for The Game Awards?

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    E3 gave us our big midyear dose of game reveals and trailers, and it looks like The Game Awards is looking to do the same thing come December. 

    In recent tweets about the show, producer Geoff Keighley said that in terms of the sheer number of games they have in store, this is going to be the biggest world premiere lineup they’ve done yet. In another Twitter exchange, one gamer asked if any of those world premieres include games we don’t know about yet, Keighley answered with a definitive “yes definitely” Posters on Reset Era have done some speculating about just how many reveals this could lead to -- and according to one poster, the previous record holder was in the Spike iteration of the show back in 2014, which featured 12 world premieres. 

    With the ceremonies just a couple of weeks away, that means it’s time to get those predictions and speculation engines up and running. What do you think we’ll be seeing at the show? The Game Awards will air on December 7.

  • Lucasfilm Makes Statement on Battlefront II Loot Boxes

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Just about everybody’s giving their two cents about Star Wars: Battlefront II’s microtransactions -- with people from all over the gaming industry weighing in about the game’s loot boxes and progression. However, there’s been one notable exception up until now -- Lucasfilm. The production company has finally offered their comments on the game after all the ups and downs -- but mostly downs -- of the last week. 

    They said in a statement to the Washington Post over the weekend: “Star Wars has always been about the fans — and whether it’s ‘Battlefront’ or any other Star Wars experience, they come first. That’s why we support EA’s decision to temporarily remove in-game payments to address fan concerns.” 

    Annnnd how will you feel when they come back?  

  • ContentID and the holidays

    4 months ago

    ebregman Programming/Distribution

    Thanks for your ridiculously awesome fan projects this RWBY Volume (and always, really). We're closed for the holidays this Thurs and Fri 11/23-24 (and the weekend of course), which means we won't be manually reviewing ContentID claims until we're back in the office on Monday 11/27. If you send us an email in that time, we WILL receive it - don't delete your video, and don't send us more than 1 email, we're on it as soon as we get back!

    Thanks in advance for your patience, have an awesome Thanksgiving.

  • Couple Things I'm Thankful For Based Off A Year Of Watching Movies

    4 months ago

    TPG Custom Programs

    With Thanksgiving on the horizon I'm super thankful to be surrounded by fantastic family, great friends, and co-workers and community from the best company in the world! 

    However, I"m also super thankful for all the epic moments in movies this year. I call these moments OSM's aka "Oh Shit Moments" where you're just like  --- hell yeah - take my money - this is what I'm talking about.

    So off the cuff here are some moments I'm thankful for:

    1. When Logan Gets The Green Stuff & Beasts - He lets that roar rip and then you know that everything that you've ever wanted to happen since the X2 mansion scene is going to pay off.

    2. Led Zep in Thor - Anytime it happens it's F-U-E-G-O.

    3. Batman At Justice League Party - This scene from Lego Batman was hilarious but also spot on for the character.

    4. That Villain Reveal In Homecoming - I don't want to spoil this part but it was one of the more unexpected twists in a Marvel movie ever.

    5. Blade Runner 2049 Opening Scene - When the the red text hits and the synth blasts I think I lost my mind in a good way.

    6. The Final Shot Of Lost City Of Z - Jungleland baybeee

    7. Roman Shootout In John Wick 2 - Take the night club shoot out in the first movie and add three more waves of enemies and a different weapon each time. Caught this movie with @ebregman and we had a blast!

    8. SPLIT Ending - 2 of the 5 people I saw this movie with had no idea what it meant but the other 3 were geeked!

    9. Dunkirk Air Battles - Saw this bad boy in true IMAX and wow I have never been more hyped to see Tom Hardy shoot down planes in my life. 

    10. Caesar's Humanity In War For The Planet - I worked really hard with lots of people in RT to get this movie to RTX and ended up missing the screening cause I was in the mix on some other stuff. When I finally caught the movie on Sunday night on a lil solo voyage it totally caught me off guard. Caesar! What a fantastic character and what a journey he's been on since the first movie!

  • The one with the intro.

    4 months ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Let’s talk about games!

    What’s up, y’all!

    Welcome to what will be my random ramblings about games. Each post, I’ll aim to cover a few of the games I dabbled with over the past 12 months. Board games, video games, yard games, hell, maybe some IRL stuff like escape rooms or good ol’ tag. Who knows?  As a game dev, I might have a different view than some, but in the end, I’m just a dude that loves all things Games. First, let me touch on who the heck am I and what do I do at Rooster Teeth?

    What would I say I do here?


    I’m Brian Reilly. I’m a producer with Rooster Teeth Games. I’ve been ‘round these parts for about two and half years. Originally, I was brought on to help our internal dev team. I’ve since expanded my hat collection to include a hand in our game publishing efforts and heading up all of RT’s board games. I feel that having this sort of gig demands that you have a decent working knowledge of what’s hot or not. That said, I play lots of games, but finish very few. If you want to know more about my background (school, other jobs/ games, favorite candy bar) just ask.

    As we go on, shoot me questions, pose counterpoints, recommend games, whatever. I’m writing on because we’re all part of the best community ever, of all time. Eventually, I’ll bust out my fancy review scale. For now, all you need to know is that it’s pizza-based, and thus, the greatest scale to be created.

    That’s it for now. More soon! Hit me up here or on twitter @Skilltacular



  • Thornksgoving

    4 months ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    We had a Thanksgiving feast at work today. Naturally I loaded my plate with every item on the buffet, then doused it in gravy. After inhaling it, I treated myself to a dessert of two King's Hawaiian rolls covered in gravy. 

    Today might be the best day of my life.

  • Thanksgiving Week

    4 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I think I'm already headed towards a turkey coma...

    We get catered lunches here at RT every Monday because they're surely slowly fattening us and filming it all in secret so one day they can launch the biggest weight loss content program ever. Today, because it's Thanksgiving week, we got Thanksgiving lunch. 

    Now, for those of you unfamiliar with a standard American-sized-Pilgram-invented-meal... it includes:





    Mashed Potatoes

    Green Beans

    Rolls (YEASTY ROLLS)


    Pumpkin Pie

    And usually some other stuff. But we had that for lunch. I'm ded. And sleepy.

    And I'm doing Thanksgiving for @RTcastMichael and I on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday for the family, and probably joining in for a Friendsgiving Thursday night... 

    Do you know how many turkies, hams, stuffings, and mashed potatoes that is?! A GORGEOUS AMOUNT.

    I need all the stuffing. 

    What's your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? (And for everyone else... what's your favorite part of a fourth Thursday of November meal?)

  • Cryptark sequel announced

    4 months ago


    Ever wanted to play as a pirate mech? Well a new 3D shooter called Gunhead might scratch an itch that you never know you had. 

    The game by developer Alientrap is a sequel to the 2D shooter Cryptark and its developer dropped an announcement trailer recently on Youtube

    It's described as "a fast paced open world FPS where you take the role of a pirate mech with a gun for a head, looting derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel."

    The cell-shaded graphics are a bit reminiscent of Borderlands and its story is a direct sequel to Cryptark. No release date yet, but it's apparently tentatively set for 2018. 

  • We've got new Battlegrounds champions!

    4 months ago


    A French team won one of the first Player Unknown's Battlegrounds tournaments over the weekend. 

    The team aAa (Against All Authority) won the $60,000 grand prize in the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland tournament in Oakland, California -- which pitted 20 top teams against each other. 

    The winners racked up 1620 points and 38 kills, with a US team, Tempo Storm, coming in second with 1385 points and 28 kills. Check out the full standings here

    If you're not a PC gamer, PUBG releases in early access on the Xbox One on Dec. 12th and the full release is expected on PC later this year. 

  • Holiday Card Exchange!

    4 months ago


    Don't forget to sign up for the ROOSTER TEETH HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE! You could get lucky enough to get ME! Check out Chelsea's post HERE.

  • Weekend Warrior

    4 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    So, this was a pretty rad and fun filled weekend. 

    On Saturday I went to my first ever Renaissance Festival dressed as Ragnor the Gypsy Bard. We hit up Chili's on the way back, and then I finished the day with some Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. 

    Sunday I started the day with a little Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen, then went to hang out with my mommy! She watched the Packers game (ZZzzzz) while I watched Fox's The Gifted (it is awesome!). Finished the night with some friends watching Murder on the Orient Express. It has some mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it.

    Normally my weekends are much lamer. This one was cool. How was your weekend??

  • Getting Ready for the Holidays

    4 months ago


    Just signed up for the ROOSTER TEETH HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE! You have 4 days left! Don't forget to sign up :)

  • Nintendo Switch: Best Invention of 2017?

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Is the Nintendo Switch officially one of the best inventions of 2017? That’s what Time Magazine says -- the publication just posted its annual list of the top 25 inventions of the year, with Nintendo’s new console joining the ranks. The Switch lands alongside other notable entries of 2017, such as the Mars InSight lander, the standalone Oculus Go headset, safer football helmets, super sustainable crops, and... fidget spinners. OK, maybe that last one discredits the list just a tad, but it’s still interesting to see Nintendo back on the forefront of pop culture, after spending a few years away thanks to the lackluster sales of the Wii U. We’ll have to see what heights the console climbs to in 2018.

  • Baby's First Ren Fest

    4 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    This weekend, some of my best friends and I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and it was a BLAST. This was my first Ren Fest, so I wasn't 100% sure of what to expect. Honestly, I imagined it would just be a bunch of booths and tents set up in the middle of a field, but I was very wrong. It was like an actual town, with real buildings to walk in and out of. There were also gardens to wander through, and like a mini-stadium for events. Super neat.

    As someone who doesn't really cosplay, I didn't nearly go all out with my outfit. But I borrowed a few pieces and then raided my closet for anything else that could remotely pass for an elf. Let me tell you, wearing elf ears all day was like the most awesome thing, ever. I don't know why... but they were super fun! If I could have kept them on this whole week, honestly, I probably would have. 

    I already have a small handful of cosplays that I have set a goal to work on over the next year or two, and now I'm adding a wood elf OC to that list. lol

    There was so much to do at the fest, it was hard to figure out what to do with our day. Not too long after we showed up, however, the power to the entire festival went out. (Just our luck...) Not a big deal during the day, we just had to do cash-only transactions at all vendors. However, once the sun started setting around 5:00pm, the event made the call to start closing early. So our day ended up getting cut short before we got to explore everything, which sucked. But while the sun was still out, we made sure to work in plenty of shopping, jousting (spectating, not competing), mead, and FOOD. Oh boy. I had a chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick and I swear it was like biting into a piece of heaven. This is the only place I'll ever allow myself to eat something like that...
    Though I will say I was a little disappointed in the shopping. I was really hoping to find some unique crystal and glass jewelry pieces, but I didn't find anything before we had to leave.
    But regardless, it was still a great trip!

    Have any of y'all been to a Renaissance festival before? I want to hear some of your experiences. 

    I wish I had remembered to pack my camera... but here's a quick phone pic of our group. An elf, a viking, a witch, a ranger, a musketeer, a pirate, and Red Riding Hood.
    One of the fest staff told us we looked like an obscure D&D group, which... we really are. I'm currently in two D&D campaigns and everyone here is actually in either one of those groups satisfied


  • Pardon our dust while we make videos way better

    4 months ago

    ebregman Programming/Distribution

    Checking in today to give everyone a heads up: in our constant quest to make the greatest place for you to watch our content and engage with the community, we’ve discovered a batch of video source files that have technical errors. These videos might be playable for some of you, but not necessarily consistently, or at a  resolution that makes for a good viewing experience, and they might cause an app crash.

    In order to fix these videos, we need to temporarily unpublish them from The total number of videos being unpublished is 2,033 out of our 24,000+ video library. Fear not! We are well on our way to fixing them, and many will be back online in a matter of weeks.

    How are we fixing them, you ask? Well, allow me to get really boring and procedural for a few paragraphs...

    When we first saw there was a problem, we knew it would take a while to accurately diagnose which specific files needed to be fixed, and we knew it would take a while to fix them. Rather than take those two steps in sequence, which would take the maximum amount of time, we generated a list of priority videos we knew absolutely had to work on, and we got to work immediately creating new source files for those videos that we knew definitely worked. Priority videos include our major series like Red vs. Blue, plus all videos that together make up over 85% of our total watch time on YouTube in 2017 (We used YouTube data because site data would be skewed toward those videos that actually work).

    We partnered with a division of Fullscreen called Video Labs to help us do the grunt work. All our videos are archived at high resolution, but accessing the archive is labor-intensive and expensive, especially at this scale. Instead we chose to grab the videos from YouTube. Video Labs downloaded the videos and clipped off the YouTube-specific elements, like annotated end screens and opening bumpers advertising RT Store sales.

    Dave just needs to write up the program that will deploy them in bulk, which will happen in the next 6 weeks. We’re bringing the problem videos offline now to help our engineering team put finishing touches on our new website beta, and aid us in our library deliveries to VRV. Those videos that do not come back online in the next 6 weeks might take a few months to be back, but we’re on it.

    If you’re still with me (bonus points!), another piece of this project has been auditing and fixing metadata on and creating brand new artwork for every show so it all looks fantastic in our new website. That will all roll out over the next few months too, so if the current website starts looking strange, trust us it’s for the right reasons.

    Questions about how our content ops works, our new website, or anything else? Leave me a comment!

  • Civilization V Director Leaves Paradox

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Jon Shafer, the director of Civilization V, joined up with Paradox Interactive earlier this year -- and according to a new announcement from the company, he's already out. Shafer was hired just about 6 months ago at the developer -- which also created Cities: Skyline, Magicka, and Mount & Blade -- to serve as game director for an unannounced project. 

    But now the two have split due to the tried and true "creative differences," based on a statement by Paradox. The studio said: "Jon is an ambitious person with a lot of drive and passion and he has led some good discussions in our teams over the past few months. However, during the course of these discussions, it has become clear that we want different things creatively and we have therefore taken the mutual decision that it is best to part ways. We wish Jon the very best in the next part of his career and would like to thank him for his efforts during his time with us." 

    It's a shame that things fell apart so quickly -- it'll be interesting to see not only where Shafer lands, but also what this unannounced game is, once it finally sees the light of day. 

  • Hey so

    4 months ago


    ...anyone else weirded out by pissing into a black toilet? It's like peeing into the abyss. Is it in there? Did it disappear? 

    Hey how's your day going

  • Quentin Tarantino's Manson Family Murders project finds a home at Sony!

    4 months ago



    It's a whole new world out there. If you told me 6 months ago that Quentin Tarantino's next movie would be made at Sony I wouldn't have believed you, but back then we all just thought Harvey Weinstein was an asshole not an alleged (don't sue me) rapist.

    Tarantino parting ways with Weinstein is like Mickey Mouse leaving Disneyland. It changes the established Hollywood landscape and I hope it's a bellwether for a big positive change in the industry as a whole. There's obviously a problem and for the first time it feels like Hollywood at large is willing to deal with it. 

    But away from all that downer real life bullshit and back to movies. Tarantino shopped his new project around town and fielded many offers, but Sony wanted to be in the QT business the most and his Untitled Manson Family Murders script has landed there. 

    This movie looks to be one of his biggest-budgeted films ever at $100 million, which is quite a lot for a (surely) R-rated drama about '60s LA as the Manson cult were killing in the name of their crazy leader. Django Unchained is the only other movie he's done that has been in this budget range. 

    It feels to me that Sony wants the prestige more than any potential profit. According to Variety the deal Tarantino struck is pretty great... for him. He gets final cut and first dollar gross, which means it's real damn hard for the studio to use tricky movie math to screw him out of his participation percentage. With theaters taking a cut of box office and all the money that goes into publicity that means the movie would likely have to make $250-$300m to be profitable for the studio.

    So this is definitely an investment by Sony. They're hoping for awards, they're hoping to draw in other talented, visionary directors and they're hoping that Tarantino might make his next picture with them. 

    I believe Tarantino said he was going to make 10 features and then he was out of the movie-making business. This would be his 9th.

    What do you guys think? I'm just happy to see any story that Tarantino feels like telling, no matter what logo is at the beginning. You?

  • Breath of the Wild wins Golden Joystick's Game of the Year

    4 months ago


    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has won game of the year honors from the 35th Golden Joystick Awards, and it racked up a total of five awards total. The game also won the Critics' Choice Award, Best Audio, Nintendo Game of the Year and Best Studio. 

    As for other awards, Horizon: Zero Dawn won for Best Storytelling, Cuphead won Best Visual Design and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds won for Best Multiplayer Game. 

    The award for most wanted game went to The Last of Us Part 2 and Civilization creator Sid Meier won a lifetime achievement award. Accepting the award, Meier said: “I would not be here without the fans. Whether you played Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, or Civilization, all of our fans around the globe have allowed me to have the best job in the world, and I want to thank them all.”

    You can watch the award show here on Twitch.

  • Chinese 'Lord of the Rings' novels are being translated

    4 months ago


    One of the most popular fantasy series in China is finally heading to the West. Quartzy reports that the series known as the Condor Trilogy is being translated to English after decades of popularity in China. 

    The first book by writer Jin Yong was initially published in 1957 and has been described as the Chinese Lord of the Rings. The series is part of a genre known as wuxia, or martial arts fiction, and is based in Chinese history, with the first book set during the Southern Song Dynasty in 1205. It features the adventures of two heroes, Guo Jing and Yang Kang.

    In all, the trilogy will be translated into 12 books in English by translator Anna Holmwood. and it's scheduled to release in February of next year.

  • The new A WRINKLE IN TIME poster shows off the Celestials!

    4 months ago


    Ava DuVernay's adaptation of the popular kids book A Wrinkle In Time is going to be a big deal, I think. 2018 is a big year for Disney franchises putting the spotlight on people of color. We have Black Panther in February and A Wrinkle In Time in March. It's awesome we're finally getting a solo film centered on a black superhero, but I think it's going to be an even bigger deal seeing young Storm Reid playing Meg Murray in an adventure story like A Wrinkle In Time.

    Both will be inspirational for a whole new generation, but I have a feeling young women in particular are going to relate to the story being told in Wrinkle In Time. If DuVernay knocks it out of the park you're going to be seeing quite a cult spring up around this movie.

    Disney released a new poster for the flick which shows off the magical beings that help young Meg on her journey to find her missing scientist father. 

    Check it out:


  • Skyrim on Switch

    4 months ago

    Miles Miles

    I'm curious... how many people are picking up Skyrim on the Switch? I've never actually FINISHED Skyrim (do people even do that?), and the thought of playing on the go is pretty rad. At this point, I THINK my Switch will have a game that scratches every, possible itch ('cause holy shit, fucking DOOM ON THE SWITCH IS THE BOMB).

    I still can't believe how cool video games have become. We're a long way from the Game Boy.

  • The Last Jedi to be the longest Star Wars movie ever!

    4 months ago



    December 15th is quickly approaching, so we're getting some of the nitty gritty details of Rian Johnson's Episode 8, most notably the epic run time. Some theater websites started listing the run time of the movie as a whopping 150 minutes (that's 2 1/2 hours), which the director confirmed.

    That makes The Last Jedi 8 minutes longer than the previous longest Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones, and 15 minutes longer than The Force Awakens. 

    Right now this is just a nice bit of trivia. We'll see in a few weeks if 2 1/2 hours is too much, not enough or just right. The story ultimately dictates how long the movie needs to be. A bad 90 minute movie feels like a 3 hour movie and a good 3 hour movie feels like 90 minutes.

    With Johnson at the helm I'm willing to bet we're in for the latter. And hey, that means there's plenty of time for a Porg subplot, right?

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