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  • EA Buys Titanfall Developer Respawn

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Oh boy, it looks like EA just scooped up another major developer -- Respawn. Word just dropped that Respawn will now be a part of EA's family of studios, to the tune of a whopping $455 million dollars. That shouldn't be too big of a surprise, considering how the studios have worked together on not only Titanfall, but also an upcoming Star Wars game. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella said that's why this acquisition makes perfect sense: “We have worked together a long time from the inception of the studio. [An acquisition] has come up from time to time. The question was, where we are in the industry, how do we take the next step in making bigger, better games. We see the need for bigger resources to make bigger games.”

    EA insists that the creativity for Respawn to do what they want will still be there... of course, we'll see how that proves out over time. EA hasn't exactly had a great track record lately when it comes to some of their biggest studios. 

  • Louis C.K. accused of sexual misconduct, cancels film premiere and 'Late Show' appearance

    4 months ago


    The New York Times just published some disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct by comedian Louis C.K. Multiple women were quoted in the story accusing C.K. of masturbating in front of them -- including two comics who said he did it after inviting them to his hotel room.

    His publicist, Lewis Kay, told the Times in response: "Louis is not going to answer any questions."

    While there have been rumors about C.K.'s conduct in comedy circles for years, the Times piece will no doubt have a huge impact -- especially in the wake of the sex abuse scandal that's still reverberating across Hollywood. 

    Hours before the C.K. story hit the Times website Thursday afternoon, the premiere of his upcoming film, "I Love You, Daddy," was cancelled, along with an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 

  • Nostalgia - Or How did I even know how to internet in 2005

    4 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I don't know what happened.

    A rabbit hole appeared. 

    I jumped down it.

    Next thing I know, I'm listening to A7F, feeding my Neopets, and somehow successfully remembering my password to my LIVEJOURNAL account (oh lawd, teenage Chelsea seriously wrote a lot of Jak and Daxter smut...  open_mouth)

    Now, excuse me. There is so much more angsty metal teenager music waiting for me on my hard drive and I do have a fairy quest from the dark faerie, Jhudora to take care of.

    I'll just leave this behind... (as you can see, I just created a 5th Neopet, because APPARENTLY THAT'S A THING NOW?!)



  • 'Last Jedi' content for Star Wars: Battlefront II revealed

    4 months ago


    We've got details about some DLC involving "The Last Jedi" for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II. The content, which EA is calling "The Last Jedi season" will begin releasing on Dec. 5th in the game's multiplayer mode. You'll be able to choose a side -- First Order or New Republic -- and complete faction quests for special rewards. Then we'll get new heroes on Dec. 13th, which will include Captan Phasma and Finn.

    Oh and a new single player mission will also release on Dec. 13, where you'll play as Iden Versio "during the days of the First Order's rise to power." There will also be new maps and vehicles that release that day, too.

    Battlefront II releases at retail on Nov. 17th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC -- or you can get the deluxe edition and play a few days earlier, on Nov. 14th. 

  • Hold on to your hats! Rian Johnson creating a brand new Star Wars Trilogy!

    4 months ago


    Alright, Star Wars fans, this is the news you've been looking for. Word around the entertainment business is that Lucasfilm really loved working with Rian Johnson on Episode 8 and that the feeling was mutual. Now we see that's not just typical pleasantries as the studio has officially announced that Rian Johnson will be creating a brand new Star Wars Trilogy for them, with Johnson for sure writing and directing the first installment and creatively guiding the second and third.


    Now, when I say new trilogy I really mean new trilogy. This isn't going to be part of the Skywalker Saga, which means this will be the first of the spin-offs that actually gets to do something new and do it in a familiar Star Wars-y three movie cycle. 

    The wording of the statement on is incredibly intriguing: "Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored." Holy shit, what could that mean? Because Star Wars lore would include other fiction books, comics and the literal millions of words in making ofs and behind the scenes books. My interpretation of it is that we're going to be completely unchained from following the same story we've been watching for 40 years now and that we're finally FINALLY getting something new.

    For me, when Lucasfilm announced Star Wars spinoffs this is what I was hoping for. Brand new characters with new stories told in the swashbuckling, fun Star Wars style. What I got is kind of a Muppet Babies/Landfill lady from Labyrinth approach. Young Han Solo! Maybe Young Obi-Wan or Yoda, too! And don't forget Boba Fett maybe possibly! Oh, and you loved Darth Vader right? Here's some more Darth Vader!

    This news signals to me that not only is Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the Lucasfilm team taken with Johnson's work on The Last Jedi, but they saw originality in the way he approached the material and decided to break their current formula of releasing their Star Wars films.

    Giving creative control to someone to construct a brand new trilogy of Star Wars films not necessarily connected to the same core group of characters we already know is a bold move for the company. I love Star Wars with all my heart and have so far been really on board with the new Trilogy, but this is hands down the most excited about anything Star Wars I've been since I was a kid. The galaxy's the limit and with a talent like Rian Johnson piloting the ship I have a feeling we're in for something truly special.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Deadpool and Family!

    4 months ago


    Halloween's over, Christmas is on the horizon and Thanksgiving is breathing down our necks. You may be preparing to engage with your dysfunctional family, but you're not alone. Even scarred up, taco-loving, fourth-wall-breaking, Bea Arthur fan club president superheroes have to go through that trauma, too. 

    As evidence here is a Holiday poster for Deadpool 2 unearthed by Collider featuring everybody's favorite Merc With A Mouth serving up turkey to his extended family, including his new BFF Cable, as played by Josh Brolin. You got Colossus, Blind Al, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Domino, Vanessa, Weasel and even a little cameo by Uncle Stan Lee (naturally). 

    Take a look:


  • Top 10 N64 Mario Party Mini Games - Editor Notes

    4 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi ScrewAttack Editor

    What a fun list and edit! Here are more random takeaways: 

    10 - Shell Shocked - Dang, Mario Party is SO Fun. Dang.
    9 - Slot Car Derby - Shoulda called it A Slot Car Named Derby.
    8 - Tug O'War - I always hated being solo on this one. But I actually liked having to palm the joystick. What a dirty sounding sentence! 
    7 - Handcar Havoc - Who doesn't love the stress of a mini game coupled with the sweet bliss of good alliteration.
    6 - Bobsled Run - This should definitely be spun off into the Cool Runnings sequel right?
    5 - Bowser's Big Blast - Honestly I'm more familiar with MP4's version of this, Bowser's Bigger Blast, but what's the difference?
    4 - Mushroom Mix-Up/Hexagon Heat - Mushroom Mix-Up sounds like the follow up to Pineapple Express.
    3 - Bounce 'N' Trounce - Way to go "Trounce!" You're not a completely useless word. 
    2 - Snowball Summit - "Snow Ball" was the perfect name for the dance in Stranger Things 2. You get it. 
    1 - Toadstool Titan - Yeah, it's definitely time to play Mario Party again. 
    11 - Shock, Drop or Roll - So I get the shock, I get the drop, when do you roll? 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT

  • Marvel's Black Panther gets a slew of rad character posters!

    4 months ago


    One of the most excitingly different projects on Marvel's slate is next February's Black Panther, directed by Creed's Ryan Coogler and featuring the studio's first majority PoC cast including star Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong'o, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya and Danai Gurira.

    As is the norm with a giant cast for a big franchise film it's now time to get a slew of character posters showing off each character. All the posters are sharp (har-har-har) and seemingly have a lot of focus on hands. Black Panther looks to be checking out his nails, Andy Serkis is showing off his fake hand, Forest Whitaker's got some prayer hands going on and all but Angela Bassett got some cool handheld weapons on display.

    Check 'em out:










  • Sneak Peek into Extra Life 2017

    4 months ago

    RTcastMichael RT Broadcast guy

    Would you believe Extra Life 2017 still has some kinks to work on. We are wanting to make this the best extra life streaming experience you have had and share it with more people. Here is just a sneak at some items we are working toward for this Extra Life.

    • Viewing it in more places with more people. We are looking to stream to Youtube, Twitch, RT site/app, Facebook* (720p HD feed only)*
    •  BTS Feed for Multi-cams on YouTube. This feed will most likely include program audio and a PiP of the program feed with a BTS camera of our choice. Option for the RT site may be available after further testing (Multi-cam will be available on RT web site as we are looking to embed YouTube on the Extra Life page)
    •  LOUD NOISES! This still needs testing for compatibility, but we are looking to make LEET donations more present with on screen graphics that pop up and our favorite siren is making a return. Depending on Technical Director the quick cutting camera will return as well.
    • On Screen updates/counters. Items like wheel counts, URL updates, Upcoming events, Current Stretch goals. These will be updated when they are available or when needed. With all this information on screen, we hope to not pull attention away from the stream, but rather make sure everyone is informed. If this for any reason gets too crowded or too much, we may start limiting what appears on screen at a given time.
    • GAMEZ - Like....SO MANY GAMES. We are looking to have so many games playing during the event with 9 gaming stations. While a lot of the attention from the event will be main stage, we are looking to keep with Extra Life motto and play games for 24 hours.

    That's all I have to share with you at the moment, but I still have some tricks up my sleeves. I hope you are excited with the upcoming Extra Life as much as I am. Let me know what you are looking forward to the most or what you hope to see.

  • Your #RTExtraLife Everything You Need Post!

    4 months ago

    jack I Like Lego

    Aloha folks!

    We are just a mere hours away from the kick off of Rooster Teeth's Extra Life Stream for 2017! Last weekend we held our second ever RT Community Extra Life stream, and as usual, our community kicked all kinds of ass.  We raised nearly $50,000 between the 25 teams that represented us all over the country!  As of this posting, we are sitting at just a hair under $100,000 for the year already! That is incredible and you should all be so proud of yourselves.

    Of course, all of that money donated so far goes towards our incredible goal of $1,000,000 raised by the end of our stream this Sunday! 

    Now then, let me rattle off a few answers to some common questions I have received.

    Q:) How can I donate?

    A:) You can donate directly to the Rooster Teeth Extra Life team right here:

    Q:) Where can I watch the stream?

    A:) You can watch our Extra Life stream at or on YouTube at or on Twitch at

    Q:) What if I don't have money to donate? How can I help?

    A:) SPREAD THE WORD! Please, if you aren't able to donate with money, please donate with time and exposure! Get on Twitter, on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, and let people know about our stream and what we are trying to do! We are going to raise a MILLION DOLLARS for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals all over the US and Canada with your help!

    Q:) What are the exclusive merchandise pieces I can buy?

    A:) You can pick up our exclusive Extra Life merchandise (of which, the proceeds go directly to Rooster Teeth's donation to Extra Life) right here:

    Q:) I missed out on the Community Extra Life pin during the Community Weekend, is there any way I can get it still?

    A:) You are in luck! We had some conversations internally and have decided to bring the For the Kids pin from our Community Weekend back for our main stream weekend! Again, proceeds from the purchase of the pin will go towards our Extra Life donation, so grab seven!

    Q:) I can't get to a computer during the 24 hours you guys are streaming, can I buy the Extra Life merchandise later?

    A:) Unfortunately no, part of the fun is the rush to get everyone watching us during our shenanigans and raising money! Please ask a friend to grab a shirt or poster or pin for you!

    Q:) Can I donate to Extra Life even after the stream ends?

    A:) Of course! Donations for Extra Life 2017 don't end until December 31st at Midnight of this year!

    Q:) When will Achievement Hunter / Funhaus / #2spooky / The Know / Whose Line / etc be on the stream? Is there a schedule somewhere?

    A:) We have never posted a schedule before as time slips quite a bit during Extra Life and you'll never know exactly when stuff happens.  We'll do our best to keep you informed as to when major groups will be on the broadcast though. (ie: Achievement Hunter will begin the stream from 8am-10am)

    Q:) Will anyone be playing games during Extra Life? Can I play with you?

    A:) This year we have dedicated game stations set up for our team to play games the entire 24 hours we are streaming.  We'll do our best to post information on how you can join them gaming.

    Q:) Is it too late to join the Rooster Teeth team for Extra Life? I want to stream soon!

    A:) It's never too late! We'd love to have you!  You can join our team or create your own team and become a sub-team of the Rooster Teeth Super Team here!

    Q:) I have a suggestion for a Wheel of Vengeance punishment or stretch goal!

    A:) Please post it below in the comments! We could always use more ideas.

    Q:) Do you guys have a medic/security on staff?

    A:) Yes, we have a medic nearby just in case Gavin lights himself on fire.

    Q:) Where can I get more information on Extra Life?

    A:) At their excellent website.


    I think covers every question I've heard.  If you have more, please ask below in the comments! 

    I cannot wait for this weekend and I can't wait for you guys to astound me again with your generosity.  Here's to $1,000,000!!!

  • Kevin Spacey to be completely removed from Ridley Scott's ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD

    4 months ago


    In light of recent sexual assault allegations against his star, director Ridley Scott will be replacing Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in his latest flick, ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. Per Deadline Scott will soon reshoot all of Spacey's scenes with an aim to keep to his December 22nd release date.

    It's not unusual for reshoots on films, but it is unusual for them to happen so late in the game and under these conditions. Typically a reshoot happens when something doesn't cut together right in the editing room, a new emotional beat is needed or something just plain isn't well-received by test screening audiences. This is happening to erase a troubled actor from the film altogether.

    Hollywood is being shaken by revelation after revelation lately and to the credit of most of the power players swift action is finally being taken. Harvey Weinstein has been all but drummed out of town and Spacey has been fired from his popular show House of Cards and is now being completely removed from this likely awards contender. 

    All The Money In The World is the true life story of the kidnapping John Paul Getty III and the drama that ensued as his parents try to convince his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom. Spacey played the elder John Paul Getty under a ton of old age makeup and Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are the desperate parents.

    Funnily enough, Christopher Plummer is not only more age-appropriate for the part but he was also Ridley Scott's first choice for the role, but was overruled by studio head Tom Rothman who thought they needed a bigger name.

    Plummer may be pushing 90, but he's a workhorse with 5 feature credits in 2017 and 2018 alone. He'll always be Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music to me. 


  • Sledgehammer Didn't Really Want to Go to World War II

    4 months ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know, Nomad

    Despite the recent smashing success of Call of Duty: World War II, it looks like that wasn't always developer Sledgehammer's first choice for their game's setting. According to a new interview with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, Sledgehammer would have gone back to the Advanced Warfare well for a sequel to that series -- but it seems Activision intervened. Hirshberg told Newsweek that Activision convinced Sledgehammer to go to World War II, saying: "We knew they would become historians, that they would tackle it with authenticity, give it tremendous care and we also knew they would capture the unspeakable scale of World War II. What I love about this game is that anyone’s who’s looking forward to going back to the roots, the gritty, human-scale, boots-on-the-ground, militaristic, authentic experience that Call Of Duty is known for, this game delivers it in a big way." Judging by how well the game has sold out of the gate, everyone involved is probably happier it turned out like that. 

  • Happy 17th birthday Counter-Strike!

    4 months ago


    This one will make you feel old. 

    Seventeen years ago today, the multiplayer first person shooter Counter-Strike was released by Valve in 2000. You might remember that it was initially developed as a Half-Life mod and its creators were later hired by Valve, which released it on Windows. Of course, Counter-Strike went on to become a seminal multiplayer game and spawned a huge competitive scene, as well as a number of spinoffs. The latest version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012 and has long been one of the most popular games on Steam. 

    So happy birthday, Counter-Strike!! You’re almost old enough to vote!

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda returning to 'Hamilton'

    4 months ago


    It looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda is returning to the role that he made famous. Manuel said that he will reprise his role as Alexander Hamilton in a special three-week run of the hit musical starting in January of 2019. The run will take place in Manuel's native Puerto Rico, which has been severely hit by hurricanes and is still struggle to restore basic services like power. 

    Manuel said: "When I last visited the island, a few weeks before Hurricane Maria, I had made a commitment to not only bring the show to Puerto Rico, but also return again to the title role. In the aftermath of Maria we decided to expedite the announcement of the project to send a bold message that Puerto Rico will recover and be back in business, stronger than ever.”

     The show will run from Jan. 8 to Jan. 27 2019 in San Juan.

  • Steven Spielberg's new movie THE POST gets a trailer!

    4 months ago


    Everybody loves Steven Spielberg, right? That's one of life's undisputed things. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, peanut butter and chocolate go together, Porgs are adorable and Steven Spielberg is our best living director. Everything else is negotiable. 

    Spielberg has two big movies coming out in the near future, one super geeky and one super serious. The geeky one is Ready Player One, an adaptation of Ernie Cline's popular book that takes love of video games and '80s nostalgia to a whole other level. Ready Player One doesn't come out until next March, but this December we're getting a drama from him called The Post.

    This one has huge name talent in front of the camera in Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and tells the story of The Washington Post's publishing of the famous Pentagon Papers, which blew the lid off of the real goings on during the Vietnam War. It was a major moment for American journalism challenging the power of the government and a hostile president and unquestionably helped finally put an end to that war.

    They've just released the first trailer for The Post and you can see why it's coming out in the height of Awards Season. Check it out:

    In today's current political climate it's certainly a good time to look back at this story and remember that a free press is a good thing. If the movie's as good as the talent involved we're in for a treat.

  • Animation Supervising Technical Driector is my job title, but not a good title for a post ;P

    4 months ago

    Eric.Turman Supervising Tech. Dir.

    While rushing around getting work done and trying to reply to a forum question I Edited my job title in the wrong field (and made a post called Animation Supervising Technical Director.) It is kind of cosmically ironic being RT Anim's Super TD and all ;)

  • Hello World

    4 months ago

    Eric.Turman Supervising Tech. Dir.

    Just a shout out RT Animation fans. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. You guys rock!

  • We Want Your Feedback

    4 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    Hello, Know Buddies!

    We're doing a survey to learn more about the people who watch our content, specifically, so we can improve and develop in a direction that means more content you enjoy.

    If you have a few minutes, please take the survey and tell us more about who you are, what you enjoy, why you enjoy it, what you'd like to see more of, and any extra feedback you want us to have.


  • This meeting...

    4 months ago

    Miles Miles

    I'm two hours into a nine hour meeting and holy shit I cannot focus. I'm really hoping this looks like I'm taking diligent notes right now. I bet it does. It probably does. Shit, Chris noticed me. I gotta go.

    EDIT: Real talk though, this is such a cool company to be a part of. Despite my ADHD doing its best to distract me, I can't help but admire the folks in this room who care so much about making RT better. I hope we can!

  • Vespe has some thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok! (light spoilers)

    4 months ago


    Guardians of the Galaxy had a massive impact on the superhero movie and not just for Marvel. The runaway success of Guardians made Hollywood at large sit up and take notice. Remember general audiences didn't know who the hell the Guardians of the Galaxy were, Chris Pratt wasn't a movie star, James Gunn had never directed a blockbuster before and two of the major characters in the team were a sentient tree and a talking smart-ass raccoon.

    What Guardians did was show that Marvel's trademark humor could be pushed even further and as long as you liked the characters the galaxy was the limit on how insane the setting could be.

    But Thor was Marvel's first real step into a more crazy setting. Asgard was unlike the grounded reality of Iron Man and even the slightly more comic book-y Captain America: The First Avenger. It was bright, colorful and embraced the high fantasy of Jack Kirby's art instead of shying away from it.

    So it makes sense that Thor would be the first established Marvel Studios franchise film to fully follow the more absurd path that Guardians paved.

    This review will have a few light spoilers, but nothing more than what can be gleaned from watching any of the trailers.

    Taika Waititi brought so much humor to this sequel that it's almost a parody of Marvel movies, which is both a breath of fresh air for such a huge mega-blockbuster machine and a little worrisome. Usually when a subgenre starts making fun of itself it's a sign that the subgenre in question is on its way out. It happened with horror (Scream killed the slasher for a looooong time, for instance) and it happened with the disaster movie (thanks, Airplane!). It could happen with the comic book movie as well.

    Now, I don't think Thor: Ragnarok is the canary in the coal mine signaling the death of the superhero movie. Quite the opposite, actually. I get a little nervous that Marvel might start losing sight of the real reason their movies have worked so well, the unabashed big, beautiful beating hearts of their characters and instead focus on being silly and aloof. It's a valid worry I have, but based on what I've seen of Ryan Coogler's Black Panther and The Russo Bros' Avengers: Infinity War I don't think Ragnarok necessarily marks the beginning of that dreaded self-parody trend.

    What is exciting about Ragnarok being so silly and goofy is that it's top to bottom the voice of its director. If you've seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople or What We Do In The Shadows you know that silly and goofy is director Taika Waititi's specialty.

    The biggest complaint I've seen leveled at Marvel Studios is that it's a machine that is run by the execs more than the filmmakers. After Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy that theory should be out the window. Marvel put a lot of trust in James Gunn and was rewarded for it. Love or hate Thor: Ragnarok it's unquestionably a Taika Waititi film. Top to bottom, side to side, backwards and forwards this film has Waititi's stank all over it.

    This is not a movie made by committee, which is all the more impressive when you see just how far it moves the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe story forward. Big stuff happens here. 

    Characters are forever changed. This isn't a side story or one-off where Waititi could have some fun separate from the larger MCU as a whole. This story will impact everything that comes after it.

    So while I think the movie maybe takes a step too far into silly territory at the expense of some real emotion I can't fault it for going that far because it's an indicator that Marvel is relaxing a little bit and letting the artistic vision of their filmmakers take front and center.

    There's a loose, improvisational feeling to this movie that results in a kind of cool, hangout vibe with the characters. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor even cockier and more assured than usual, characteristics that don't dilute too much when he's hobbled right off the bat.

    He's relieved of his hammer (kinda spoiler-y, but it does happen very early on and was revealed in the first trailer) and in most superhero movies that would mean he would spend half the movie moping around and figuring out it's not his magic hammer that makes him a hero, but who he is deep down inside. Not here, though. He's bummed out, but he approaches every challenge with a healthy optimism. Imprisoned and forced into gladiatorial combat for a colorful madman? Smiles. Betrayed again by his lovable dickhead brother? Sure, of course. He'll roll with it. His beloved Asgard is under siege by a seemingly unstoppable madwoman? “That sucks, I guess I better put a stop to it.”

    It's refreshing that we're getting more superheroes with this can-do attitude. It makes watching the movies way more fun. Wonder Woman is another recent example of that approach working so well.

    Ragnarok is an interesting film of contrasts because the overall laid back feeling of the characters is pitted against one of the most powerful and devastating villains the MCU has ever seen. Cate Blanchett's Hela is driven, seemingly indestructible, can conjure knives, daggers, swords and spears out of thin air and has a centuries old grudge.

    When you have an actress of Blanchett's talents chewing scenery you know you're in for a good time. She relishes in Hela's theatrical evilness and is an absolute joy to behold every time she's on the screen.

    With the lead hero and villain in the a-okay column that leaves us with the new players. You have Jeff Goldblum at his most Jeff Goldblumiest playing the eccentric Grandmaster, a dictatorial figure that loves to-the-death combat who finds the God of Thunder at his disposal and couldn't be happier about it. Goldblum plays Grandmaster with a childlike petulance that plays perfectly with the silly tone of this movie. He's not meant to be a big threat, rather a giant doofus who treats everybody like they're his personal play things.

    Tessa Thompson is probably the standout addition to the MCU here, playing Valkyrie a fallen Asgardian warrior who is more than strong enough to put Thor in his place and does so many many many times over the course of this film. She radiates confidence and a good-humored smartassiness and elevates every single scene she's in.

    Karl Urban's Skurge doesn't get as much to work with, although he's the most conflicted character in the movie. He wants to be important and when Hela arrives in Asgard he has a chance to achieve the status he's always wanted, but the cost is very high. He doesn't want to be a tyrant, but it's the only path to his ambition so he falls in with this invader. Skurge gets the most depth as a character, but most of it is purely surface level, background noise to the larger story on the whole.

    Taika Waititi very smartly cast himself as one of the most fun new characters, a kind-hearted alien gladiator named Korg who is the soft-spoken, aloof leader of a rebellion amongst the Grandmaster's captive warriors. He's Spartacus if Spartacus was your lazy couch potato pothead roommate. I expect to see Korg pop up in other MCU titles, especially any that involve the Guardians or a larger galactic threat.

    Mark Ruffalo finally gets to come back and have some fun as Hulk/Bruce Banner as well. His pairing with Thor is a lot of fun, especially since he gets to actually portray Hulk as more than just a grunting brute. Banner has been Hulk since the events of Age of Ultron and his vocabulary has expanded considerably. Ruffalo getting to play Hulk as Bruce Banner's unchecked id is a lot of fun and a surprisingly big chunk of the movie.

    Tom Hiddleston also gets to have some fun as Loki, playing a lot with his reputation of being untrustworthy but also having a common goal with his do-good brother. Hiddleston's Loki is the MCU gift that keeps on giving and he doesn't disappoint here.

    Right now it just feels like Marvel is coasting in the best sense of the word. They're confident, having fun and not afraid to get weird. They're at the top of the world and have figured out how to shake things up so the MCU doesn't get stale. They've had some missteps along the way, the most egregious of which to me was the last Thor film, The Dark World, but it feels to me like they're fully committed to being a little more filmmaker friendly and so far it's paying off in spades.

  • Is it difficult to edit a video with Funhaus' sense of humour in mind rather than your own?

    4 months ago


    Great question from @UnfoldedDoll. I wanted to get into this in more than 140 characters. This, for me, is an ongoing endeavor: bringing out the best of what is said and what happens during a video by those who said and did it. There have been plenty of times that a joke or reference simply went over my head. I either wasn't aware of what was being referred to, or didn't understand what was being said sub-textually. Opportunity for fun squashed! Multiple times when watching a video I've edited in the past, I'll see parts of these lost opportunities that just didn't "sink in" while editing. Without a doubt, many more ideas fell through the cracks because I missed them completely. So there is that aspect. Other times, sure, there are things I don't find funny and I’m trying to be efficient with time. It's difficult, at times, to take my brain off of autopilot and think, "Ok wait...this isn't funny to me but let me get outside of my head and spend some time on it" instead of autopilot mode which is more like, "Ok not really funny, doesn't call back to anything earlier, I've got to cut this down, moving on." I'm a fairly straightforward guy and can be pretty dense, especially when it comes to grasping facets of comedy. I innately want to link on screen events linearly to have a cohesive understanding of what happened in-game and oh--the GTA character rag-dolled off of a building and it looked funny--definitely keep that in. Dumb physical comedy often makes sense to me. Most of the time though, the in-game narrative doesn't matter so much. What the guys/gal are saying and doing among themselves, sometimes not in reaction to the game at all, is the important aspect to focus on. Unfortunately, this takes a conscious effort on my part. It’s a shortcoming that, while I’ve improved, still needs development. That said, sometimes the humor lines up pretty well. A clear picture of how I want to put things together or the exact photoshop graphic for this moment feels intuitive. So it’s wonderful when ideas and humor are in-sync.. I hope this answers the question. I wrote this in a bit of haste.

  • Lazer Team Is Now on Rooster Teeth FIRST!

    4 months ago


    With the Lazer Team 2 premiere right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to announce that the original Lazer Team is now on the Rooster Teeth site! Yes, FIRST members can watch our first movie in all of its glory, over and over again. It’s good to be home.


    Once you get caught up on the first Lazer Team, don’t forget to pick up tickets for a Lazer Team 2 screening near you. If you don’t get a chance to see it in theaters, don’t worry. It’ll be hitting YouTube Red on November 22!

  • RT 2017 Community Extra Life - Stream Schedule!

    4 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hi everyone!

    This weekend we'll be kicking off Extra Life with our 25 Hour RT Community Extra Life live stream! It'll be running from November 4 8:00 a.m. CDT to November 5 8:00 a.m. CST here on Rooster TeethYouTube AND Twitch!!

    Along with the stream, we will be promoting two very special items. The #ForTheKids pin as well as the RT Land t-shirts - available in men and women's cuts. Check 'em out below!


    Every hour we will be patching in a different group from around the world to stream with us for an hour. Many are local community groups that you could join! See below for the full schedule and  links to where the groups now live. 

    ------------------- Nov 4 -------------------

    08:00 AM CDT   Rooster Speak
    09:00 AM CDT   Beta Cats
    10:00 AM CDT   Sour Grapes
    11:00 AM CDT   RT NJ Community
    12:00 PM CDT   Team BIGBITE / RTSTL
    01:00 PM CDT   Constantly Calibrating
    02:00 PM CDT   RT Houston
    03:00 PM CDT   RWBY Nation
    04:00 PM CDT   RT New Vancouver
    05:00 PM CDT   Rooster Buckeyes
    06:00 PM CDT   Rhode Island Rooster Teeth Commmunity
    07:00 PM CDT   The Cartographers Guild
    08:00 PM CDT   g1 Gamedays
    09:00 PM CDT   RT: Nova Scotia
    10:00 PM CDT   RT Austin / Side Quest
    11:00 PM CDT   RT Michigan powered by Ladylike Gaming
    ------------------- Nov 5 -------------------

    12:00 AM CDT   Team Oklahoma
    01:00 AM CDT   RT Ontario
    02:00 AM CDT   RTUK powered by Argentstreams

    02:00 AM CST   RT NorCal
    03:00 AM CST   RoosterTeethDFW
    04:00 AM CST   RTNY Community
    05:00 AM CST   RT Georgia (FB Group)
    06:00 AM CST   RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida
    07:00 AM CST   RT Florida

    Check us out and remember...

    It's For the Kids!! So check out Jack's BIG Post for all of our double weekend shenanigans!


  • Top 10 Horror Movie Monsters - Editor Notes

    4 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi ScrewAttack Editor

    Random takeaways from editing Top 10 Horror Movie Monsters:

    10 - Bioraptor - Did it feel weird downloading a sex scene at work? You betcha.

    9 - Krampus - Both happy and confused about the inclusion of Krampus.

    8 - Sharktopus - Wow.

    7 - Pinhead - Combing through these movies made me feel sick to my stomach for real. They should call it Foodraiser. Get it? Like I'm throwing up.

    6 - Babadook - Need to see it.

    5 - Freddy - Oh yeah, Johnny Depp.

    4 - IT - Need to see IT.

    3 - The Thing - Love this movie. Although, is it the exact same movie as Alien?

    2 - Jason - More like Jason BOREhees.

    1 - Alien - So gross and scary!!

    11 - Cabin in the Woods - Looove this movie.

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Extra Life 2017 Exclusives and More Info!

    4 months ago

    jack I Like Lego

    Aloha folks!

    It is my favorite time of year... Extra Life time! This year we are leading the charge into a MILLION DOLLAR GOAL.  That's right, we are looking to raise over $1,000,000 for the kids during our Extra Life streams this year.  Last year we topped out around $940,000 and I know in my heart that our amazing community can surpass that mark.

    We kick off the entire thing THIS WEEKEND with our epic Extra Life Community Stream! We'll be showcasing some amazing talent from the RT Community all over the planet!  These teams will be streaming all day, and we'll be shining a spotlight on them, one hour at a time.  So, join myself, Caiti, and Chelsea as we take a look at 25 (!) groups in the Rooster Teeth community and support them as they raise money for Team Rooster Teeth and their Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of choice!

    And then, the next week, starting at 8am CST on November 11th, it is back.  The Rooster Teeth Extra Life 2017 Stream kicks off and doesn't stop for a full day.  

    The schedule is PACKED this year with tons of your favorite Rooster Teeth family members, shenanigans, games, a brand new WHEEL OF VENGEANCE, and lots of other legally and morally questionable shenanigans.  

    Seriously, the schedule is bursting at the seems.  I'm working on it now and I cannot wait to see what all the different groups bring to the table.

    Our line up of raffle giveaways is going to be pretty crazy as well.  We're still working on the final lineup of stuff you'll have a chance to win, but it's looking incredible.  You'll have chances to win RTX VIP tickets, seeing a podcast recorded LIVE, some impossible to purchase Lazer Team 2 gear, and even a piece of furniture... you'll see.

    Not only that, but every single year we have some awesome exclusive Extra Life merchandise, this year is no different.  This weekend we'll be putting up for sale our brand new Extra Life t-shirt (available in unisex and female cuts) as well as our single FOR THE KIDS pin! Proceeds from the sales of this merchandise goes to the Rooster Teeth donation to Extra Life!

    And then the next weekend we'll put the shirts back up for sale as well as the exclusive Rooster Teeth Gym Badge pin set and the most incredible Rooster Teeth Land poster.  Same deal as before, we do not profit off the sale of these pieces! The proceeds go to our Extra Life donation!

    These pieces will only be available during Extra Life and once we shut down the stream they are no longer available!  So get a bunch for yourself and friends!

    The exclusive poster this year is absolutely incredible.  It's packed with details and Easter eggs galore.  I can't wait for you to see it.  We'll have higher resolution looks at it soon.




    Of course, with all of this comes the stretch goals. I won't tell you all of them yet, but I'll let you know one.  

    After listening to feedback and all over the net, us here at Achievement Hunter have decided if we hit $1,000,000 during our stream we will bring forth ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER: THE MUSICAL.

    That's right.


    I hope we hit our goal.  I want to make this thing.  Jeremy and I are already coming up with ideas.

    So, that just about does it for now.  We'll have more information coming very soon including links and everything you'll need to watch the stream this weekend and next.

    If you would like to donate right now or join our Extra Life team, you can do so right here: 

    We can't wait to get started.  This is going to be a very special event for us and we hope you'll be a part of it.  See y'all this weekend for our Community Stream! 

    Love you!


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