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  • Cool last minute gift ideas

    11 months ago


    Anybody wait until the last minute to shop? Share your best gift ideas for the people that are rushing around at the last minute.

    In my family, Kindle books are always an easy one. You can buy it as late as Christmas morning and it's ready to go.

  • Ask the Editor - 7 Days of 7 Days to Die

    11 months ago


    We are continuing the "ask the editor" series! If you didn't already, check them out the other two segments. Larry has an awesome post about what it was like editing the longest Let's Play in Achievement Hunter history: Uno the Movie. And Kent's Battlefield Master Edit is a truly amazing edit and backstory. 

    So I asked via twitter what you wanted to know about the recent 7 Days of 7 Days to Die, and here are the answers!

    @TOGASmitty - Were there any moments you found hard to edit? Will we see a screaming montage on Day 7?
    The hardest edits were the days when the guys split into teams. They have this uncanny ability to have interesting things happen to the different teams at the same time. So I had to choose which moment was the most interesting and cut the other out. Or I would show both moments in tandem with each other, and movie magic the audio so that you can hear everything and it doesn't sound like a chaotic mess. (Although the chaotic screaming of 6 men is the spirit call of Achievement Hunter) 

    @Ed_TheGeek - Is the end worth the 7h of content?
    I think so! I really enjoyed editing this series. It's fun to watch what shenanigans the guys run into or create for themselves. The gameplay is really easy to get immersed in, even when they're just running in circles hitting every single cactus in the area. 

    @Ezzrit - Are you a member of the golden nugget club?

    No. :(

    @P1examatic - How much of Jack's footage was of him building the bunker? 
    90% - 95% of Jack's footage was him chopping, and digging, and crafting that bunker. While the other guys were running around fighting zombies/raiding towns Jack was just steadily building. He only stopped to eat, make better tools, and maybe kill an annoying zombie or two. Although most of that could be said to be just part of bunker building.

    @YesImSoAndSo - Out of the ones that are out, what was your favorite part? And what program do you use?

    My favorite days are the third day and sixth day. The third day because of the "walking dead" type experience it is to watch them race up a high rise building being chased by zombies. It was so cinematic and awesome. And the sixth day because it was night 7 in the game, and the zombie horde combined with Gavin's "Bridge of Love" was so hilariously absurd that I couldn't stop laughing. And we use Premiere Pro Creative Cloud here at AH.

    @TheOzinator04How long did it take to edit each day?
    It took around one full work day to do a first round of editing of each episode. I also prefer to watch the videos a second time around to make any small changes/edits. Add on creating thumbnails and descriptions, it took about one and a half work days to edit one video. 

    @JongeDroid - Is there a reason the contrast and color correction is different between each member? 
    I wanted to touch on this since there are a lot of comments about it. Color correction for these long videos proved very tricky. Each gameplay recording looked great in some light settings, and not so great in other light settings. Also, the night scenes in 7 Days to Die are really really dark. And when there's not a lot of color/light data, it's very difficult to pull out more colors and more light without the end result looking very pixelated. Example: I would try to lighten a dark scene and while it would be a little bit easier to see, as soon as the player would open up his tool menu, the picture would be extremely overexposed and look really awful. So, in the end, due to the time crunch and deadlines I needed to make, I decided against doing any major color corrections in order to get it out on time. Unfortunately, the night scenes are made to be very dark by the game developers. 

    @AH_Pietro - What did you work on to build up a portfolio for editing?

    Anything and everything. Student films, short films, music videos, YouTube videos, live plays, documentaries, news shorts - I mean anything. I first learned to multicam edit from an experimental series of music videos, where the crew recorded everything live with like 7 different cameras angle. That was hell, but I got really really good at multicaming and movie magic-ing all the fucked up parts. 

    @HavenPancakes - How did you get to work as an editor at Achievement Hunter? I'm really interested in film production/editing :)
    I knew Neal, who edits GTA at AH, from a few projects we had both worked on of in the past. He recommended me to Lindsay when they needed a freelancer to help out with extra videos. I guess I did a good enough job because they asked me to join the team. :)

    @ChknKng - How do you follow so many video feeds at once and decide which parts to use?
    Your eye will find the best camera angle pretty quickly when that angle is apparent. Your brain has to constantly be asking "what is the most interesting thing happening at this point?" And if there's a lot going on, I will watch the same 10 seconds over and over and over again, until I have an idea how to show it. 

    @Benton188 - How do you choose who to focus on during the videos? Do you base it off of on-screen action or more on who's talking?

    Both depending on the circumstance. Sometimes whoever is talking is having the action as well. Example 1: "OMG. DID YOU JUST SEE THE THING?" is a good clue that whoever is speaking is watching something interesting. Example 2: "Would you have a leg toaster implanted in your leg?" is a fun conversation that is happening, but does not necessitate that the action is happening to the speaker. If there is something more interesting happening, I choose the action. If nothing is happening, then I will go with the speaker. Example 3: "Did you just kill me?" while it seems to be similar to the first example, the best course of action would probably be to watch the screen of the person doing the killing. This is all very circumstantial.

    @PhoenixFilmsJ79 - Preferred keyboard shortcuts, Premiere or FCP7 presets?

    I use mainly Premiere Pro CC these days. My favorite shortcut is definitely: Shift A. It's a custom shortcut that I changed to make an edit in the timeline. I love it. I use it a thousand times a day. It's really easy to memorize, and super easy on the keyboard. I wish I was smart enough to have created it myself, but I cannot take that credit. I got it from Adam Epstein who edits for Saturday Night Live. 

    @birdertweet123 - Can you show us the process of editing an AH video?
    Trevor made a video called How to Edit a Let's Play that shows our workflow. I watched this video before freelancing with AH and it helped tremendously. It's still very accurate to our workflow now. The only difference is we don't use nameburns anymore and have adopted the adobe proxy system (which is awesome btw). 

    Thanks for all the questions! We will be continuing the series in 2017. If you have any more questions use #AHEditors

    Cheers everyone!


  • Why Him Screening

    11 months ago


    Do you live in Austin and want to see the movie Why Him? tomorrow? I am hosting a screening here:

    Come out and see me!

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #80

    11 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Trying to figure out a theme for the season finale this week. So far all we have is "Christmas" and "Alcohol".


    • Come up with a 2 person scenario where the characters interact with each other a lot.
    • Be as descriptive as you want, this is a scene the guests have to play out.
    • Scenes that work best for this game have a high potential for rapid dialogue and confrontation.


    This game requires stories and ideas from you. This week I wanna hear about either:

    • Your strangest Christmas morning stories.


    • Worst holiday shopping experience.


    • Ever had trouble coming up with a dating site profile description? You're in luck then! All we need is your profile picture and name and our trained On The Spot guests will do it for you. And don't worry about giving us any information or details about yourself, we'll figure that all out for you. It's our job.
    • Those who are chosen will receive a message here on the Rooster Teeth website by tomorrow at the latest so keep an eye on your inbox.


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.

    xoxo The Risemonger

  • Brooklyn-Native Brings Authentic Country Experience to Austin

    11 months ago


    Austin, TX - Proud owner Thomas Sullivan wiped down the bar after successfully serving a bustling crowd at the grand opening of the newest country bar in Austin. “When I moved to town three weeks ago I asked myself, ‘What do the people of Texas desperately need?’ And then it hit me. An authentic country bar.

    “It’s not easy to make a place look like it belongs in Texas. Our interior designer was a girl from SF who got her undergrad in Portland and her masters in Chicago, so we knew she was the right one for the job.

    “And our bartender has lived in Austin for two months now. Needless to say, it’s been great working with a local.”

    As the night came to an end, the jovial crowd spoke highly of the establishment. “This is the most genuine Texas experience I’ve ever had!” D.C. native Beth Wilkinson congratulated the New York entrepreneur after sharing a Massachusetts lager with a bachelorette party from Florida. “It’s just great to see how these quaint Texas people actually live,” she noted after dancing poorly with a man from Delaware, to a cover band from California, while ironically wearing a cowboy hat. "But I'm disappointed there's no mechanical bull."

    “Austin is great, but I really hate how outsiders are moving here and changing it,” Sullivan lamented. “That’s why I’m doing my part to give the people what they’ve always had; to keep Austin like it used to be."

    At the time of writing, the bar’s cover charge was $50.

  • Spy Games: The Interactive Side of The Eleven Little Roosters

    11 months ago


    Hey guys,

    Today we finally got to confirm that, yes, Ryan Haywood IS returning in his namesake role, as hinted at in the teaser trailer. Here's the official shot of that sexpot below:


    Now, Ryan's our first NON-COMBATANT, meaning he doesn't belong to any particular LITTLE ROOSTER assassin group, and therefore won't be "in play" during our interactive game (SEE THE CURRENT ASSASSIN ROSTER HERE).

    This is particularly important for Ryan, who has a very important job in that game... 


    Ryan Haywood has been hired by The Rooster Corps to uncover the saboteur in their ranks. He'll be sending CODED MESSAGES back to HQ about everything he discovers... and it'll be up to you to find them!

    Your mission is simple: Find the FIVE HAYWOOD FILES hidden in every episode, and you'll have all the info you need to confidently predict the next assassination.

    But while your goal is firm, we've designed some special digital puzzles to put your sleuthing skills to the test.


    Think of these challenges like the Power Stars in Super Mario 64. Every episode has five hidden files, but how you find them is different every time. You might need to uncover a cipher to decrypt a code... Pay special attention to riddles in the dialogue... Or sometimes rethink how you're watching altogether. And sometimes it might lead you outside the show altogether... 

    We spent quite a bit of time developing some very fun, Kojima-esque puzzles for you to unravel, and are excited for everyone to take on the mission. And as mentioned last journal, knowledge of Rooster Teeth lore won't help you this go round. We want everyone playing on a level field.

    Oh, and the super savvy amongst you might just be able to find early Haywood Files in the upcoming Assassin Superstars 360 prologues... (STARTING DEC 20th!)

    More info soon.



  • How Red vs. Blue 360 VR Came to Be

    11 months ago


    I know it’s super early in the morning for most of you, so you might not have noticed that a brand-new Red vs. Blue 360 episode hit YouTube a few minutes ago. Looks like Christmas came a little early for you all – and the residents of Blood Gulch. Check it out!

    Now that we have a couple of these special episodes under our belts, it seems like the perfect time to tell the story of how they came to be. Several months ago, the animation team was presented with a unique project: create a series of Red vs. Blue episodes… in VR. Immediately we said, "Of course! Sure!" Almost immediately after that, we said, "Wait… how?"

    We started right away with a crash course in VR content: what's been made, how it's been made, how to view it, what kind of challenges this format presents. I hadn’t played with VR since trying an Oculus Rift in 2013, so I checked out some of the next-gen VR headsets we have lying around the studio. I realized right away it was a whole new ball game.

    We got writers busy on scripts while a small team worked on figuring out how to make the actual video. Part of it was easy – we've been making Red vs. Blue for many years, so the motion capture and animation part was a breeze, and we could just reuse 3D assets we already had. However, getting it into the VR format proved to be more challenging. After we'd been working on it for a bit, we realized we didn't just need to make a 360-degree short – it needed to be in 3D! That took a while for us to wrap our heads around.

    Probably the biggest breakthrough in the entire project came when Tech Director Eric Turman pointed out that we could render the VR content directly from Maya, the 3D modeling and animation tool we are using on several of our shows. Without going too far down the rabbit hole, 3D VR works by having two images or sequences either side-by-side, or in a top/bottom layout. To get the 360 effect, the images are distorted and stretched as they get higher or lower on the image, much like a world map is stretched near the poles.

    Once we figured out how to make it work, it was just a matter of setting up the scene in Maya and letting it render. We discovered we could use some of the same compositing tricks we use in RWBY to speed up rendering and make it more efficient. With a little bit of poaching resources and time on our render farm, we were able to create our first episode of Red vs. Blue 360 – A Day at the Base.

    Though viewing these videos through a browser is cool, I highly recommend getting a proper VR viewer to get the full experience; Google's new Daydream system is ideal, but Google's Cardboard viewer is incredibly affordable and makes VR available to almost anyone. There's really no comparison between watching A Day at the Base on your computer monitor versus really feeling like you're in Blood Gulch with a VR viewer.

    Figuring out how to adapt Red vs. Blue into VR has been a blast – technically challenging and fun, and the results are amazing. I love the reaction I get whenever I show someone our VR content for the first time, and I’m really looking forward to exploring more opportunities in VR in the future!


    1 year ago


    Hi lovelies!

    We are excited to officially announce RTX 2017 and provide you with badge tiers and pricing, on-sale dates, and much more. RTX 2017 will take place on July 7-9, 2017 in the heart of downtown Austin, TX at the Austin Convention Center, Hilton, and JW Marriott.


    We listened to your feedback from RTX 2016 and have developed a more robust and badass VIP package for the biggest Rooster Teeth fans out there. As is the case with all Rooster Teeth live events, VIP badges are very limited and will go extremely quickly.

    VIP Badge – $575

    • Access to RTX on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

    • New VIP-exclusive badge design

    • VIP-exclusive lanyard

    • Exclusive 2017 attendee bag

    • Priority access to all panels

    • Priority access to screenings and other RTX-related events

    • Exclusive access to the new and improved VIP Lounge

    • One-hour early access to the Exhibit Hall on opening day (Friday, July 7)

    • Two (2) codes redeemable for two (2) autograph signing sessions (priority sign-up)

    • Friday night VIP Concert & Party (First-ever RTX VIP Concert with special musical guest to be announced soon!)

    • *Non-refundable

    Weekend Badge – $95

    • Access to RTX on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

    • Exclusive 2017 attendee bag

    • One (1) code redeemable for one (1) autograph signing session (limited sessions available; cannot guarantee availability)

    • *Non-refundable

    Friday Badge – $45

    • Access to RTX on Friday only

    • Exclusive 2017 attendee bag

    • *No autograph code

    • *Non-refundable

    Saturday Badge – $50

    • Access to RTX on Saturday only

    • Exclusive 2017 attendee bag

    • *No autograph code

    • *Non-refundable

    Sunday Badge – $35

    • Access to RTX on Sunday only

    • Exclusive 2017 attendee bag

    • *No autograph code

    • *Non-refundable


    RTX 2017 ticket sales will kick off with first access for Double Gold members on Monday, January 9, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CT.

    January 9 at 10:00 a.m. CT: Open to Double Gold members only (must use special code, details below)

    January 11 at 10:00 a.m. CT: Open to FIRST members only (must use special code, details below)

    January 13 at 10:00 a.m. CT: Open to the public (no code necessary)


    If you are a Double Gold or FIRST member, you will receive your special code via email by Thursday, January 5 at 10:00 a.m. CT.

    *IMPORTANT*: If you are not currently a Double Gold or FIRST member and would like to be, you have until Saturday, December 31 at 11:59 p.m. GMT to sign up in order to receive the special code that allows you to purchase tickets first. Any membership signups after this point will not be eligible to purchase tickets early.

    For FIRST and Double Gold members, here are a couple of reminders to ensure you receive your code via email by January 5th:

    1. We will need your valid email address, and you will need to be “opted-in” to receive Rooster Teeth emails. If you have ever unsubscribed from Rooster Teeth emails, or never opted-in when you first signed up for membership, please email for assistance.

    2. If you have not been receiving Rooster Teeth emails but feel you should be, please check your account settings ( and make sure your email address is up to date. Also make sure you check your spam/junk folder to see if our emails have been ending up there.

    3. If you have opted in, checked your spam folder, and still feel like you are not getting emails from Rooster Teeth, please contact for assistance.

      1. *If you are uncertain about your email opt-in status, please do not wait until we have sent out codes to get in touch with us. We anticipate a high volume of inquiries and want to ensure you are taken care of.

    To sign up to be a Double Gold member or to upgrade your current FIRST membership to Double Gold, please visit today to increase your chances of grabbing one of our coveted VIP badges!


    We are celebrating the kickoff of RTX 2017 ticket sales by throwing an exciting concert featuring Grammy-nominated MUTEMATH on Saturday, January 7. Please come out and celebrate with us!

    What: RTX 2017 Presents: MUTEMATH w/Keeper

    When: Saturday, January 7 (Doors @ 7PM / Keeper @ 8PM / MUTEMATH @ 10PM)

    Where: Emo’s Austin (



    To get the most up-to-date information regarding RTX 2017 announcements, please follow us on social, check the Rooster Teeth website often, and look out for various e-blasts. If you have any questions, please send us an email at: 

    *The ticketing link will be available via by Monday, January 9th.*

    We <3 you!



  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Launching On Consoles In Early 2017

    1 year ago

    MichaelHadwin Michael P. Hadwin

    Hey RT community!  I’ve got some great news to share... RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE is launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2017!

    YES! It’s true. RWBY-GE will soon invade your living room with nonstop, hack-n-slash action!  So start exercising your gaming thumbs now. It’s about to get real!

    Some of you already knew RWBY-GE was coming to consoles, but for those who did not - I’’m making it official today. It’s no longer a rumor. No longer a maybe. It’s a fact, Jack!  

    So why did it take so long? Well, the short answer is - the console certification process takes a very, very, very long time to complete. The long QA process is great because it ensures our game is thoroughly tested and ready for action - but it’s bad because we have to wait sooo long to get final approvals. For example, we submitted RWBY-GE back in mid October and (for the sake of full transparency) we are not 100% approved yet. But we feel really good about launching in early 2017. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully it’s not a train!).

    I also wanted to let ya’ll know how much we really appreciate all the support you’ve given to RT Games this past year. Between the big Steam launch in July, the Horde mode and Team JNPR updates in October and now the upcoming console launches in early 2017.  It’s been one hell of a ride and we’re excited to continue this journey together.  On that note... we’re already working on something new!  But that’s a story for another time.  smirk

    Happy Holidays Roosters!


  • hot cocoa and holidays

    1 year ago

    airismile andrea !!

    hey, everyone

    i know the holidays can be hard for some, but wherever you may be this season, please do not forget that i am here for you and free to listen if anyone is struggling with any anxiety regarding this time of the year.

    even if you're surrounded by family who doesn't accept you, 

    even if you have to put up a front to interact with those people,

    even if those surrounding you make you feel afraid and insecure,

    i'm holding your hand, like a warm cup of cocoa.

    even if you can't drink cocoa...

    like me...


    look, it's more of a metaphorical thing.

  • Live podcast

    1 year ago


    Last night's live podcast was a blast. I am trying to convince Patrick, Gus and Bethany to put together a show (or a night of shows) in Las Vegas some time in 2017. It would probably be 21 and up. I am curious who might be interested in that.

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #79

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Christmas is about family. On The Spot is like a family. One big dysfunctionally abusive family. Let's have some family prompts this week, yeah?


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.


    • Go to and find a word or phrase for guests to guess a definition for.
    • Pro tip: try and find words/phrases that are not just weird sex position descriptions.
    • No racial slurs, please.


    • Come up with a 2 person scenario where the characters interact with each other a lot.
    • Be as descriptive as you want, this is a scene the guests have to play out.
    • Scenes that work best for this game have a high potential for rapid dialogue and confrontation.


    • Give me a person, a place and a genre.
    • Pro tip: don't use Rooster Teeth staff as your person (including me). Nowadays I prefer to just have my friends on the show and say stupid things about them there instead of in a game prompt.

    So...what did you get me for Christmas? xoxo The Risemonger

  • 5 Years

    1 year ago


    I came to Rooster Teeth on December 12, 2011. That makes today my 5-year anniversary officially at the company. Whoa. 

    It's impossible to sum up the last 5 years, but I'll try it in 5 words: exhilarating, overwhelming, terrifying, rewarding, happy. Rooster Teeth and its community have impacted my life more than anything ever has, and likely more than anything ever will. It's hard to imagine my life any other way. 

    So much has changed since I started watching Rooster Teeth content in 2004, and just like many long-time fans, it's hard for me not to get nostalgic over certain aspects and miss the way some things used to be. However, I've also realized that in order to grow and thrive, you need to keep adapting, and changing, as long as what's important to you doesn't change. For me, that's the feeling of being part to the Rooster Teeth family. Feeling like I belong. That's what made me fall in love with this community so many years ago, and what continues to hold true for me. 

    I feel so fortunate, and grateful for you all; for supporting me, for supporting Rooster Teeth, and allowing me to be here and interact with you. 

    I look forward to many, many, many more years.

  • To Do Lists

    1 year ago


    I love To Do Lists. I make them for everything. This week (if you start a week on Sunday) has been killer for me. It's probably the same part of my brain that likes getting achievements. 

    I over-list everything, that way I always feel the progress of moving forward. For instance this week I am selling my truck so instead of "Get Truck Ready To Sell" I have six different items like "Get truck title", "Clean out glove box", "check fluids in truck", etc. I feel like I have done 80 things in the last two days. 

    I even have a special app that gives me recurring To Do's like house stuff and creative projects like "write five pages" that way I can see how long it's been since I did those.

  • Toonami Plans Holiday Anime Marathon

    1 year ago


    The winter holidays are right around the corner, and you all know what that means: time for all the anime binge watching. Good thing Toonami has you covered! That's right, Toonami-- Cartoon Network's late night gateway drug in to anime-- is planning two big marathons this Christmas and New Years. 

    A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan? Tune in on December 24th to get your fill. Fan of Dragon Ball Z Kai? Spend your New Years Eve kamehameha-ing your way to happiness. 


    Kick back, relax, and binge watch your way to happiness, my little nerds and nerdettes. 

  • Sooner than you think...

    1 year ago


    I know we discuss this a ton on the podcast, but I really do believe people think self-driving cars are 20 years away. It's coming much, much sooner.

  • Feels

    1 year ago


    Man. As a kid who grew up in a house without much money, the mix of joy and concern in this video really touched a nerve in me. I've probably watched it a dozen times tonight. Back story is this guy is a life long Penn State fan who always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl. 

  • Long week

    1 year ago


    Just finished a long week of press interviews.  It was great to be able to talk to lots of different price agencies about Rooster Teeth, but it kind of sucked to be constantly asked about PewDiePie and his channel. I know that  it is a great public interest, but I also knew all along it was going to be just a publicity stunt. The best I can do in a situation like that is just keep my comments to the YouTube environment as a whole.

    What did you guys do this week?

  • "Attack on Titan" Stage Play Coming Soon

    1 year ago


    Oh boy is it a good week to be an Attack on Titan fan. Not only did the approximate date of the second season's release get announced, but the website for the official stage adaptation of the popular series is now up and running. "LIVE IMPACT Shingeki no Kyojin" will be a full length stage play with Shintaro Kawakubo-- the editor in charge of Hajime Isayama's manga series-- running the project. He recently tweeted:

    "I will do the 'Attack on Titan' stage play next summer. I do not mean to be rude, but I have a certain direction to aim in my mind, so I have launched this project with a permission from Isayama-san. I will take full responsibility to make it good. I want to produce it somewhat different from the previous stage plays based on manga."


    The site describes the show as: 

    "Roaring sound. Blast waves. Steam. Blood splashes.
    The expression nobody has ever seen before. The scale nobody has ever tasted.
    Titans, Corps, that battles, and that nightmares..., appear in front of you.
    Those who are not been eaten enough by the papers and visuals, now it's time to gather."

    Longtime anime fans are not strangers to Japan taking their favorite series and turning them in to stage shows. From the extremely successful "Black Butler" musicals, to the not so successful "Sailor Moon" musicals, and all the sports anime shows in between, we can only hope Kawakubo will do the series justice with "LIVE IMPACT Shingeki no Kyojin" as he claims he will.

  • Spidey

    1 year ago


    just watched the Spider-Man trailer.  I feel like his appearance in Civil War was all the trailer that I needed to convince me to see this movie. That being said, I was actually a little disappointed in this trailer. 

    Still going to stay excited about the movie and I'm definitely going to be there on day one, but I don't think I'll be watching anymore of the marketing materials. What did you guys think?

  • Other stuff

    1 year ago


    Hey guys, it looks like a few of the non-RT projects I worked on in the last 12 months are coming out at the same time at the end of the year. I don't really talk much about these projects while I working on them but I wanted to let you know about them in case you can't get enough of me. And really, who could possibly get enough of me? Besides Ashley. And everyone in my family. And Gus. Besides them.

    Slash: The Movie
    I was asked to be in this film which is a coming of age story set against the culture of slash fan fiction. It's getting great reviews and is the only thing I have ever been in that the Village Voice reviewed positively. That's progress. It opens in theaters this week. I am going to be at the Alamo Drafthouse screenings of the film this Saturday night. Come out and see me if you are in Austin!


    12 Deadly Days
    I am in a Blumhouse (Purge, Paranormal Activity) horror anthology that airs for 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each episode is a standalone horror short with a running theme. This was fun to do since I had never done horror before and Blumhouse has made some of the modern horror classics. I am one of the leads in the second episode.

    So there's a movie I worked on earlier this year, which I described on the podcast as one of the craziest experiences that I have ever had. Unfortunately, it's a big studio movie and it's not entirely clear what I can or can't say about my involvement even though it's about to come out. But once it's all clear for me to talk about, then I will discuss it. I have a sneaking suspicion that I haven't been told how to promote because I didn't make the final cut of the movie, but the experience and the people I worked alongside made it more than worth it. I am going to the cast & crew screening next week, so at the very least you will know what it is then. No, it's not Rogue One.

    I have some other stuff I have done that is still not out. These things take a while. Everything listed here was something I shot 6-12 months ago at this point. I do want to say that a big reason I get cast in these productions (besides my stunning looks and talent) is because of all the support you all give me in my RT work. I am very grateful for that.

  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in Europe?!

    1 year ago

    MichaelHadwin Michael P. Hadwin

    Howdy RT friends. How’s your December coming along? Played any good games lately?  Ready for all the big game launches coming out this month?

    We had an “interesting” day at RT Games yesterday.  Sony Europe launched RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on the PS4.  Wait, what?!  Yeah, that was our reaction too.

    It appears there was an error in the system causing our game to launch early. To make matters worse, it’s an older version of the game and set at the wrong price.  A double whammy of misery and pain.  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    The good news is, Sony Europe has taken the game down and we’re trying to figure out how this bomb exploded. For those of you that purchased the game, Sony plans to refund the price difference. We’re unclear on all the exact details, but we’ll be sure to update everyone once we know more.

    Now that the cat is officially out of the bag... When is RWBY:GE coming to PS4 and Xbox One you ask?  Well, we’re not quite ready to make an official announcement, but I can say “early next year!”  We are within weeks of unleashing our baby to the gaming world. We’re literally counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds.  We’re just as excited as you are!

    So there’s the console update on RWBY:GE.  Sorry for the false alarm Europe, but at least the world knows the REAL version is coming very soon.  Hold on to your butts!

    High fives!

    Michael P. Hadwin

  • Dooley's Notes: Watch Dogs 2

    1 year ago


    Hey guys!

    Another game review coming at you!  This time I'm looking at Watch Dogs 2.  This game is a follow up to possibly one of the biggest flops Ubisoft has ever had.  I personally played very little of the first game before I got bored and just didn't move on.  There was anything there to really hold my attention.  Luckily, Watch Dogs 2 is an entirely different story.

    Watch Dogs 2 is set in an extremely lively and faithful reconstruction of San Francisco.  That's the first point I want to hit.  A lot of games talk about being in a city that feels alive, but this is one of the first games that actually made me feel that way.  I saw a drunk person walking down the street, bump into another drunk person, causing the two of them to wildly swing at each other before falling down and shuffling away.  Other interactions like that happen constantly and more often than not, you'll never even see them.  The setting is beautiful, and the parkour usually feels pretty smooth, so getting around the city isn't too hard.  There's also a handy app that allows you to call in cars you've purchased whenever you want so you can get on your way.  A negative of this, however, is the game doesn't really handle spawning the car very well, and will sometimes drop it very far away, or even in the middle of a hostile area. There's also a fast travel system, which really helps.

    Onto the gameplay.  The story is linear, but has a ton of side missions to do along the way that you can constantly find while out in the city.  There's also a ton of extra things to do that I think gives the game a lot of end game content, if you're someone who likes to collect everything.  Hidden vehicles, upgrades, cash drops, and stuff like that.  The story itself is pretty decent.  The main flaw is the gameplay does feel repetitive after a little while.  Almost every mission is "sneak into this place, hack some stuff, most likely get caught, and then shoot your way out."  There is some variation every now and again, but it mostly boils down to that.  The hacking is very fun, especially hacking cars, and it actually makes you feel pretty powerful.  The drone races, bike races, and gokart races are okay, but also get repetitive, and the sailboat races... well just aren't for me.

    Then there's the mutliplayer.  It's a little wonky, and didn't work quite right. But I believe recent updates have improved it.  It's a drop-in, drop-out system that you can turn off at any time (which I appreciate).  People can jump in and play missions with you, or can jump in and try to hack you.  The hacking game is the least successful part of the multiplayer, unfortunately.  You're supposed to invade another game, find the player, hack their phone, and then hide somewhere nearby until the hack is complete.  However, it's a pretty small area, and you stick out like a sore thumb if the target happens to stay in an unpopulated zone.  If they identify you, you're screwed.  It's very difficult for the hacker to get away with it.  The most successful multiplayer is the Bounty Hunter mode.  Essentially, if someone is being chased by the cops, your game will ping you asking if you want to join the officers to take them out.  You can then try to hunt down the other player.  At the same time, if a hunter is called on you, you can try to take them out and escape the cops, or just escape everyone all together.  It can be pretty fun.  And again, it's all completely optional.  (Unless you want all the achievements of course).

    So the negatives here.  Slightly repetitive gameplay.  Not the best connection multiplayer-wise.  Some achievements are glitched.  And most of all, the cops are very very irritating.  Losing the cops in GTA V is a bit of a hassle, right?  Well in this game, it's downright annoying.  Unless you have a lot of hacking upgrades, it's almost always worth getting out of the car, getting gunned down, and just ending the chase before it begins.  There's also some puzzles that can be far too time consuming, like driving a scissor-lift down three blocks just to get to some rooftop.  However, those are all pretty minor things when looking at the overall experience.  I highly recommend Watch Dogs 2 to anyone who is a fan of games where you can just drive around doing little side missions and wasting time.  There's even a version of Uber you can do, in which you drive around some people with very odd requests.  Or a selfie app where you need to take photos in front of famous SF landmarks, earning XP along the way.  There's just simply a lot to do if you feel like doing it.  In my opinion, it's a great game to just sit and play for a couple hours if you're bored, and could last you a very long time.  I think it's a game that earns a 60 dollar price point.

    I give Watch Dogs 2 an 8 out of 10!

     jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy

  • Dooley's Notes: Titanfall 2

    1 year ago


    Hey guys, (sorry about any typos. I'm sure I missed something)

    Think it's time to do a round of game reviews, as I enjoy giving my 2 cents on the games I buy, so people who don't purchase games as often know what they're paying for. I'm starting this batch off with Titanfall 2.  

    Titanfall was one of the flagship games for the Xbox One, and a lot of people were pretty pissed about its exclusivity.  But no worries, Titanfall 2 is now available for all new gen systems. So that's pretty awesome.  More people can play, which I'm pretty happy about, because Titanfall 2 is an amazingly fun ride.

    Let's start off with the single-player.  The Titanfall 2 single-player campaign is something I waited way too long to dabble with, after hearing nothing but good things. For people who don't know, the original Titanfall shipped as a multiplayer only experience.  Which was a relatively new thing for console players and therefore, left a few people feeling like the entire game wasn't worth 60 dollars.  Well their first attempt at a campaign is, pretty close to, perfection.  It doesn't feel overly difficult or frustrating at any point.  There are a few collectibles scattered throughout.  (Not insanely difficult to find).  And most importantly, it's fun.  It's just plain fun.  Shooting, using all types of weapons, utilizing the awesome movement system.  It's a linear campaign that is plan a simply a good time.  The thing I enjoy the most about it, and that I often don't try out all the weapons in multiplayer, because I find assault rifles to be most effective 90% of the time.  But in campaign against AI, you're free to try out all the weaponry and see everything the game has to offer.

    Now on to the multiplayer.  Titanfall 2's multiplayer is very much like the first, which a few more gadgets scattered in there.  Like the grappling hook, which is the most fun in my personal opinion.  Titanfall does something brilliant, which is adding NPCs into the fight.  That way, even if the other team is destroying you, you feel like you're helping by taking out their armies.  That's the thing about Titanfall multiplayer as well.  You will get destroyed if you're new to it.  People play Titanfall religiously.  So try not to get discouraged if you have to endure a few rounds with little to no kills.  You'll get the hang of it.  The best part of Titanfall is definitely the movement system.  Wall running, double-jumping, and even the grappling hook all work so smooth and seamlessly.  Something I think even Call of Duty hasn't nailed down. You want to get somewhere on the map and you can pretty much just do it.

    Now, the negatives I personally find with the game are the titans themselves.  There used to be a level of danger associated with walking around in a tItan, as enemy pilots could pose a massive threat if you didn't have backup. Instead of ripping off a panel and damaging a titan you've mounted like in the first game, you now grab a shield core out of it, which you can then implant into a friendly Titan.  You can then jump back on after dismounting to cause damage.  I personally wish you had the option of doing one or the other, as the Titan now knows you're there and will go on the offensive before your second attack.  The shield core is also useless if no friendly titans are currently up.  Also bad for pilots, is the titan smoke, which received a buff from the first game.  Titans can deploy an electrified smoke to damage pilots that are mounting them.  In the first game, this killed the pilot after quite a while, so they could get a hit or two in, but then had to run.  In Titanfall 2, it is extremely deadly.  If you're not out immediately, it's all over.  I just like the rodeo mechanic so much, I guess I personally feel that weakens its effectiveness and makes standing far away with a titan weapon much more viable.  Not something I think you should advocate in such a high-paced thrilling game.  I also personally feel like there are so many titan variations and weapons, that it seems overwhelming to try and learn them all, but variety is what keeps games interesting, so I mark that one off as a "just me" thing.

    All-in-all, Titanfall 2 is a very fun experience.  They know how to make a multiplayer game fun and action-packed.  The campaign is extremely fun, although not a very long experience. If you're into mutliplayer, I definitely recommend picking this up.  If you're not, I still recommend it, but maybe wait for the price to drop a little.

    I give Titanfall 2 an 8 out of 10!

     jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy jeremy

  • On The Spot Submission Thread #78

    1 year ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    Be honest with me. Does anyone actually like the song "Santa Baby"? Never mind, let's get to business.



    • Ever had trouble coming up with a dating site profile description? You're in luck then! All we need is your profile picture and name and our trained On The Spot guests will do it for you. And don't worry about giving us any information or details about yourself, we'll figure that all out for you. It's our job.
    • Those who are chosen will receive a message here on the Rooster Teeth website by tomorrow at the latest so keep an eye on your inbox.


    • Come up with a category for the guests to list off possible answers for (i.e. Things not to say after someone says "I love you" for the first time.)
    • Category with a lot of possibilities for answers are the best.


    • Give me a person, a place and a genre.
    • Pro tip: don't use Rooster Teeth staff as your person (including me). Nowadays I prefer to just have my friends on the show and say stupid things about them there instead of in a game prompt.


    • Finish the sentence: How to...?
    • Feel free to submit more than one idea.

    I'm moving in a week so I still don't have a Christmas tree up. Can I come over to your house and look at yours? xoxo The Risemonger