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  • Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness Day

    1 month ago


    Today is Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness day. This is important to me because my 2 year old son has this.

    KFS is defined as having multiple fusions of bones in your neck or spine. It's also very common to have other issues with KFS like heart, kidney, hearing loss, or a number of other things. We're fortunate that Thomas' heart is great, but he has Hydronephrosis in his right kidney, which someday might lead to surgery, and he also has Sprengels Deformality in his right shoulder, which will also be fixed eventually with surgery. He has numerous fusions, most of which are in his neck, meaning he can't look to his left or right without moving his whole body. But you know what, he's so smart he's adapted to just turning his whole body. (Sorry for all this medical lingo, google is your friend :P)

    This is a disease that is extremely rare. There is no cure, there is no foundation, there's no way to donate money. All you can do is know it exists. KFS Exists in about 1 in 42,000 live births and most diagnosed are girls. My son has this disease, meaning his diagnoses was more rare.

    Please please please spread the word. There is a special video coming out later on all of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter social, and the more awareness we can get the better. 

    Thank's everyone for your time!



  • RT Broadcast Audio Only Test: Behind The Spot

    1 month ago

    Schwartzanicker Broadcast Nick

    Hey all!

    Hope you're ready to have a good time at RTX! Today we recorded the season finale of our behind the scenes show of On The Spot, we call it Behind The Spot. We've attached an episode of this test show to the audio version of each episode throughout the season (which you can find on the individual episode page, iTunes, Google Podcasts/Play, and Spotify).

    We're dying to know what you think of it! Since the landing pages don't really leave an opportunity to comment on an individual episode, we would love to hear your feedback. Did you like the show? What can we do to make it better?

    Any thoughts you provide can give us better ideas of how to handle something like this going forward, so please let us know!

    Have a safe and fun weekend, and thanks for checking out all of our content!


  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 8/2/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    This week, instead of editor notes, I'm going to write about RTX! This is my first! Which is kind of crazy. I've been in the community for years, long before I started working here, but for whatever reason I've never made it to an RTX. My first time will be as Staff. That fact blows me away a little bit. I'm so grateful for getting to do this and doing work that I'm passionate about. That's probably what I'm most excited about for my first RTX. We all get to meet up because of a shared passion. That's pretty cool. I'll be at all things ScrewAttack and in between I'll be around checking out what this amazing company has to offer! I hope to meet y'all and chat! I'll be the wide-eyed video editor/writer. 

    P.S. I worked on this week's DBX. Check it out tomorrow at noon and/or be at RTX! 

  • RTX Experience with Augmented Reality

    1 month ago

    gus Elite Staff

    RTX Attendees!

    Our first AR experience is on its way to RTX Austin!

    The RTX Experience app is available for Android and in the iOS App Store. Download the app today, so you can enjoy the full RWBY AR experience during RTX.

    You'll be looking for 5"x5" decals that are located throughout the ACC, The Coop, JW Marriott, and the Hilton.


    Simply scan them with your phone (there are 10 different decals in total), and you'll be joined by your favorite RWBY characters!


    If you manage to find all the decals, there will be a special surprise in the app waiting for you!

    While you're out and about enjoying panels and walking around the expo floor, be sure to stop by Meeting Room 7 in the ACC as it is dedicated RTX Experience room where you can enjoy the RWBY AR immersion at its finest.

    Last but certainly not least, if you happen to be going to the rave on Saturday night, you will want to have the RTX Experience App at the ready. Just sayin.

    Happy hunting!

    Android version:

    iOS version:

  • #20: Goku VS Superman - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 25 Goku VS Superman, 50 Goku VS Superman 2

    Hello! My name is Ben B. Singer. I’m the creator and one of the hosts of Death Battle. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been writing up a series of daily blogs covering each episode of Death Battle as we near the big 100th one. Because of this match-up in particular, I expect that for many of you this is your first time reading one of these Road to 100 blogs. I’d appreciate if you could read the other entries, but I know that’s a pretty big time investment so for now I’ll recap some of the important points in Death Battle’s history that led up to this. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief!

    I started Death Battle in December of 2010, and the first episode to really take off was Goomba VS Koopa, a gag episode. There wasn’t anything like Death Battle at the time, so Goomba VS Koopa’s success reinforced my belief at the time that the versus community of the early 2010’s wasn’t large enough to sustain a show like this, and Death Battle should instead be tailored to a somewhat more casual audience, with victors chosen based on logic and opinions rather than calculations and specific sciences that may overwhelm viewers. It worked, and Death Battle thrived! However, if you’ve seen any of our episodes from the past few years, you’ll know that the show’s formula eventually changed to one more heavily imbued in deductions and mathematics. This all started when a dumb calculation in Zelda VS Peach (unsuccessfully played for laughs) gave me pause. I tried some new scripting and comparison methods with episodes like Link VS Cloud and Batman VS Spider-Man... and at some point Wiz and Boomstick became pretty dickish for awhile... all in preparation for the titanic Goku VS Superman.


    I had always planned to do Goku VS Superman as the milestone 25th episode. It was even listed as such in the original 26 episodes I pitched to ScrewAttack and Revision3 when all this started. Once my Death Battle schedule eased up after Mario VS Sonic, I immediately began working on this one on the side. I’d have Dragon Ball playing on my screen while I ate, or a Superman comic in one hand while I brushed my teeth with the other. It was a consistent part of my life for a year and a half! During this time, both the films Man of Steel and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods were announced, despite both franchises having been basically dead for years in terms of mainstream experiences. It was quite an ordeal!

    For writing this episode, I reached out to several experts on Dragon Ball and DC Comics to make sure I had certain facts and thoughts right about the characters. Kanzenshuu, Dao of Dragon Ball, Superman Super Site, and Superman Homepage were awesome enough to help make sure I truly understood the characters. We also had our friends from Team Four Star back in the mix to voice the characters in a fight that may have been a little too comedic for some viewers’ tastes. Blake Robinson created a custom theme for the episode, which I believe was the first ever original music Death Battle ever had.

    It’s important to note that while these people were extremely helpful and instrumental in making the episode, the final decision of who would win the battle was entirely ScrewAttack’s call.

    Goku VS Superman was meant to air on December 21st, 2012, to tie into how the world was ending because we’d reached the end of the Mayan calendar, or whatever that whole crackpot theory was. We even made a way too dramatic teaser announcing it! We really wanted to promote this as an internet breaking event. We unfortunately had to delay it to get the animation finished, but when Goku VS Superman finally premiered on January 19th, 2013, the internet certainly did break.

    As far as the episode itself goes, it's a pretty epic event. I still think there are plenty of problems with it, though. The calculations were a bit messy and presented as if arbitrary, there are a couple on-screen typos which confused a lot of people, our description and implementation of power scaling is misleading, and the episode is way too long with some awkward pacing, especially during the post-fight recap that just starts to draaaaaaag. But we covered a lot of good stuff! I’m still pretty proud of how much we were able to jam into that fight animation without it feeling too forced in, from kryptonite to mind reading to the magic power pole and so on. Overall, given what we were working with, I like what we did here!


    I can’t say the same for Goku VS Superman 2. I’ve refrained from saying this previously because I know that without clarity it’d be easy for this to be taken out of context, but Goku VS Superman 2 is my least favorite Death Battle we’ve ever done. (Battle animation aside, of course! Torrian did a phenomenal job!) Though it's not really because of any particular content of the episode itself, though like the original its post-fight recap is also poorly paced. Rather, the biggest problem was that it was horrendously ill-advertised. 

    Here's the thing... after Goku VS Superman made its explosive debut, I had publicly mentioned how we cut around 20 minutes of the script to keep the episode at a watchable length. I didn’t plan on making a sequel, but I had been brainstorming ways to release that cut content. Later, ScrewAttack’s manager at the time approached me about turning some of the removed script into another episode that would serve as an extension. He wanted it to be shown at our SGC event, which was coming up fast. I figured we could do that. It wouldn’t require a lot of additional research outside of adding what little info concerning Super Saiyan God and New 52 was known at the time, so our comparatively shorter time frame wouldn’t be an issue. We had actually been getting a ton of requests to pit Superman against Super Saiyan God Goku, so it seemed like a good way to pull that off even while so little information was known concerning the form. 

    I cannot stress enough that Goku VS Superman 2 was never meant to be a complete re-examination of the characters. It was only meant to be a continuation of the previous episode. Unfortunately, it was instead promoted as a straightforward “Rematch of Legends,” which definitely gave a lot of people the wrong impression. I should've paid more attention to how people were interpreting the episode prior to release. It didn’t help that I wrote a line in the fight where Goku literally challenges Superman to a rematch… which makes sense in the world of the fight itself, but misrepresents the episode’s intentions. There was also some confusion over whether or not we’d be focusing exclusively on New 52 Superman. I believe this came about due to the Superman model we used for the fight and the fact that I never clarified what sources we were using ahead of time. As it was just a continuation, I didn't think such clarification was needed, but for those who believed it was a complete do-over I can certainly understand the frustration and misinterpretation of what was shown.

    I still remember the moment when I walked into SGC that year and was surprised to see Goku VS Superman 2 advertising literally EVERYWHERE. I knew it would be a big deal, but I didn't realize it had become such an important part of the event's promotion. The episode was hyped up to an extreme degree, and I didn’t say or do anything to change this when I should have. What ended up happening was akin to an unintentional and completely unnecessary kick in the nuts to the Dragon Ball audience. I learned a lot from that experience. I think that was Death Battle’s biggest turning point in its journey toward what it is today.


    Anyway, yesterday you all left some questions for me to answer. So let’s get to those, shall we? There’s a lot, so strap in! I’m not pulling any punches!

    “If you could go back in time and tell yourself what to do differently about Goku VS Superman, what would it be?”

    I’d say wait. When this episode was green-lit, the Dragon Ball franchise seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Then halfway through production, surprise! Battle of Gods was announced, along with a new super form! Its very existence would essentially delegitimize this Death Battle before it was even out. Plus, if we had waited, I would have developed further experience presenting a more serious examination and could have probably written a clearer analysis that was easier for all our viewers to accept. I think this Goku VS Superman episode in particular would have benefited from coming later in Death Battle’s history, though I’m not sure how that would have affected Death Battle as a whole. This episode was pretty integral to getting us to where we are today.

    “Will Goku ever get another match-up?”

    I’d love to bring Goku back! Doing episodes with returning characters is always kind of iffy in that some people may see it as one less chance for a character they want to see in Death Battle. I usually base it on whether or not there’s a lot of demand to see the character again.

    “Your reasoning for Superman’s victory is a no limits fallacy. That’s not a good enough argument.”

    For the unaware, a 'No Limits Fallacy' is the concept that when a character's exact limits are not known and it's implied or stated they are capable of far greater feats than what is shown, then the character is deemed to have no limits whatsoever in that regard despite the fact that it's possible such limits exist and we just never seen them. This is true of the episode's argument to an extent, although it is supported by official material, such as Superman One-Million. Back in the Link VS Cloud blog, I mentioned how the 4th Death Battle rule at the time was problematic in that it allowed a character’s potential to run rampant through non-canon sources with little to no restriction. While it didn’t affect many episodes at the time, it certainly affected this one. I absolutely understand why some people contest this episode’s argument, as the rules and process of Death Battle at the time isn’t exactly what most people likely expected. Particularly those of the versus community, which has developed its own rules which Death Battle was entirely different from. Again, early Death Battle was more of an interpretative process using logic, rather than a scientific one using numbers and statistics. Given how Death Battle was structured at the time, examining the core of their characters' purpose seemed like the right call. The show’s rules have changed since then, so I’m not sure if we’d present this kind of argument for any of today’s match-ups.

    “Superman may get infinitely stronger under the sun, but that takes time, so couldn’t Goku kill him before then?”

    Covering this was one of the biggest reasons why I was convinced to do Goku VS Superman 2. Thanks to Supes abusing our 4th rule at the time, an extremely important reason for why we decided Superman could reach whatever power he wanted was how he could always fly to any star in any galaxy to power up for as long as he wanted. If Goku used Instant Transmission to find him, he couldn’t stick around forever because he can’t breathe in space, and Superman could just go find another star. Even if Goku could keep up, he’d eventually run out of energy while Superman would be actively gaining solar energy. This is an excellent example of how we prioritized logical interpretations over scientific calculations back then. I wish we had covered this better in both episodes. And yeah, it sounds pretty lame, which is why it doesn’t happen in either fight animation. Could you imagine how boring that’d be?

    “What do you think about the feats you used to support Superman’s victory which have been debunked by others?”

    Well, I’m sure there are plenty of feats we’ve showcased which could be judiciously argued against, especially from seasons 1 and 2. In some cases, there will be an element of subjectivity when it comes to interpreting feats. For example, there’s a feat where Superman, while in Limbo, lifts a book of infinite pages occupying the same space which covers every story ever written in past and future. Ultraman, who’s essentially Superman’s equal, claims that he's read the last chapter of this book, which supposedly depicts the end of all things under the villain Mandrakk. But if the book has infinite pages, how can there be a last page? Well, there's three ways to look at it. You can gauge from the context of the Superman Beyond books that Ultraman was lying, you could consider the previous statement made about the book to be false, or perhaps Ultraman is so powerful he can read past infinity. However the hell that works. Because Death Battle deals with so many ridiculously powerful and physics-breaking characters, there will be plenty of feats that everyone will interpret differently. That’s one of the reasons why I’m glad the current Death Battle analysis discussions involve so many people these days, as opposed to how it was mostly just me before we joined Rooster Teeth. If this feat were put through the Death Battle ringer today, perhaps we would gauge it differently, but generally I try to give a character and their feats the benefit of the doubt and examine them at their maximum potential, and then see if it fits with what else the character has accomplished.

    “How did you guys come up with the Gravity Formula?”

    While digging through Goku analyses on a variety of versus forums, I noticed that they all had one thing in common; their methods for determining Goku’s full potential were all incredibly different. It seemed nobody could agree on how to correctly measure Goku’s power levels at the end of the series, and for good reason! Goku’s power and limits are fairly inconsistent. Not nearly as drastic as in Superman’s case, but it’s still an issue I ran into. A lot of these forum arguments were talking up some incredibly over-complicated methods in order to get exact numbers, which seemed to be a recurring issue. So I intentionally tried to boil it down to something as simple as possible, with the objective of finding ballpark estimates rather than exact figures. I assumed this would be the safest bet. Whether or not it was the right move is up to you, but what sold me on the Gravity Formula was, of all things, the Flying Nimbus. The Nimbus is one of the few things in the Dragon Ball universe which has a known top speed. (It’s Mach 1.5, according to the Daizenshuu.) Based on the Gravity Formula and our calculation of the 28 hour Snake Way feat, it appeared Goku’s top speed at his peak before training with King Kai would have been right around the Nimbus’ top speed, and after his training he far surpassed it. Turns out, the last time Goku ever specifically relied on the Nimbus’ speed when he was in a hurry was around this time in the story, and from then on he preferred his own flight ability over it. It seemed like a perfect fit, and I wish we had mentioned that in the episode because it may have helped present the Gravity Formula better. As it is, a lot of people misinterpreted how the Gravity Formula works, especially in regards to Goku’s strength, which we appeared to undersell a lot when we should have been more clear about how his Ki affects it.

    “I will always argue that you shouldn’t have applied Pokemon type physics to Blanka because that’s not how his electricity works compared to-”

    Wait, this isn’t a Goku or Superman question… oh! It’s actually about yesterday’s blog! Nice! And yes, I agree with you, so the type comparison element hasn’t held quite as much stock in the debates for our other Pokemon related episodes... outside the Battle Royale, of course!

    “So maybe Superman beats Goku when you composite them like you did, but can’t Goku defeat other versions of Superman?”

    I mean, I don’t see why not? I've seen this get brought up more than a few times and it's always a little strange to me, because it's usually presented as if the Death Battle dictated that any iteration of Superman could defeat any iteration of Goku.  That's not how Death Battle works. If we cherry picked different iterations of Goku and Superman, I’m sure there’d be plenty of specialized match-ups where Goku would come out on top. I think that's pretty obvious, to be honest, but also entirely open to bias through selection and omission. For example, I’d be really surprised if the Superman from the mid-90’s animated universe could stand up to Goku in Dragon Ball Z. I’d say this general idea applies to most of the match-ups we’ve done. However, Death Battle doesn’t usually focus on specific iterations like that. Aside from some very particular match-ups, I prefer to avoid the selective era approach because it involves a lot of additional personal choice from our part that would affect the fight, unintentionally or not. Also, I believe it would usually just leave more questions than answers. While we've moved away from complete composites in the past few years, this avoidance of selecting specific versions is something that has pretty much always been the case for Death Battle. 

    “With Dragon Ball Super and Ultra Instinct, do you think Goku VS Superman 3 would be worth doing?”

    Maybe. Given how much Death Battle has changed, I honestly do have an itch to re-examine this match-up with our new methodologies. I know there’s a vocal segment of the Dragon Ball community that wouldn’t trust us with Goku ever again, and given what happened with GvS 2 I totally get that. Still, with nearly 8 years of experience and the expertise of Rooster Teeth at our backs, I think we could do a much better job now of presenting a more acceptable argument, regardless of which character wins. I probably wouldn't even want to consider as "number 3," since it would be an entirely new look as opposed to a continuation like GvS 2 was supposed to be. Frankly, I think it’s up to you guys. If you want to see it, we’ll do it!


    Whew! That covers that! If a question you posted yesterday wasn’t specifically answered, it’s probably addressed by a different question or earlier in this blog. When it comes down to it, Goku VS Superman was easily one of most important episodes we’ve ever done, and it always will be.

    Thank you for reading! Because of RTX coming up and a super secret project I was working on last weekend (which we’ll reveal at RTX, hue hue) I unfortunately don’t have time to write satisfactory blogs for this Thursday or Friday. I’ll be picking the Road to 100 back up on Monday the 6th as I dive into Season 2! If you’d like to keep updated on when these blogs are posted, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

    Talk to you later!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Would you want to see Goku VS Superman get another shot, or is there a different match-up for Goku that you would prefer?

  • Tour Life meets RTX Life!

    1 month ago

    gisellegrayson Sr. Graphic Designer

    This week is so special to me! I've been at Rooster Teeth for over a year now and this is really the first time that my music life and my RT life have collided. I have the unique good fortune to be able to do not one, but two things I really love for a living. I've worked in design for over 10 years, and I've been working in music since I was "knee high to a grasshopper" as we say down south. For anyone learning about my music background via this post you can find out more HERE


    Balancing the two careers was always a challenge for me before coming to RT. It's very difficult to go tour and do all the things that support an album while working a 9-5 and meeting deadlines. I had no idea when I started at RT how that would all change for me. Working for a company built by creative people, they really understand how creative people work. The environment is flexible and supportive and I'm enjoying my life more and more now that those two worlds exist side by side. Giving up one for the other was just never an option for me! I love both fields so much. 

    This week is particularly exciting! I'm doing a big show at Emo's tonight - one of my favorite music venues in Austin - it's the midway marker for my summer tour. It's also RTX Austin week! Sometimes I think I'm absolutely insane for booking a show this week, but then I realized how cool it is that some of the RT Community will actually be able to attend my concert and I'll get to share something special with them I ordinarily may not have the opportunity to.


    By the time this week is over I will have put in a solid 105 hour work week between design work, tour rehearsals, photoshoots, video shoots, show time, and RTX! There will be lots of RedBull consumed and I already have a massage booked for next week. 

    More than anything else, in this post, I want to say THANK YOU to my colleagues, my team, and the community for being so supportive! I put 100% of what I have into everything that I do and I get the privilege to do that alongside some really talented people. To be welcomed into such a tight knit community is a blessing and I look forward to every tweet, DM, IG comment, and post that I get from each of you! Special thank you to my beautiful wife, Kara, who not only performs with me, but keeps me together and deals with my intense commitment to my work, late nights, so many photoshoots, and just saying YES to the adventure that is our life together! I love you Bean! 

    Because the timing of this is so unique - I've teamed up with the Events & Marketing teams to give an exclusive discount to RTX Attendees! If you're in town early and want to enjoy a show tonight, use code RTXAUSTIN for 50% off concert tickets. You can grab these up until 6pm. You're welcome to come after that but they do charge $30 at the door... so $11 pre-sale is a sweet deal! I also have a sweet RTX deal for my fans who haven't grabbed their RTX tix yet (shhh you'll find out after the concert)! 



    If you decide to come out, absolutely stop by my booth and say hello! Let's take a pic or chat about Camp Camp! Otherwise I'll see you at RTX this weekend! Dropping my schedule below. Have a blast and stay hydrated wherever you go! 


    All the gratitude! 


  • Rooster Teeth Games, Arcades, Tabletop, and parties at RTX Austin!

    1 month ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Hey there gamers!

    The RT Games Team has been busy quietly working on a few projects… and we’re excited to finally show off some familiar IPs as well as tease some new content we’ve been keeping under our hats!

    First things first: thank you for all of your incredible feedback and ideas on game projects. Rooster Teeth has a long history of drawing on the brilliance and insight of our community, and RT Games is no exception. We read every tweet, every email, and every piece of feedback. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. As a small team, we’re limited in what we can take on at any given time, but there is NO limit to our desire to bring you fresh content as well as allowing you to take up your Crescent Rose and Ember Celica’s again in combat.

    So. With that. We are SUPER excited to announce that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW DLC FOR RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE!!! We’ll be giving attendees at RTX a taste of some new content, including some new cosmetics this weekend! You have more to look forward with new maps and a new game mode planned for later this Fall. We’ll be announcing more details closer to September.

    If that isn’t enough to lure you over to the games booth, we’ll also be featuring one of the hottest new IPs in the indie horror genre: Bendy and the Ink Machine! You’ve probably heard whispers of it. You may have seen a Let’s Play or two. You may even own Chapter 1 on Steam, but at RTX we’ll be giving those who have never experienced Bendy a chance to demo either Chapter 1, and for fans the latest release in this episodic horror adventure: Chapter 4. We’re excited to be publishing this game to Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, also later this Fall, with the fifth and final chapter of the Bendy saga included. Our official Alice Angel cosplayer, Citrus Bell, will be there in her full Alice regalia along with Joey Drew voice artist and Head of Rooster Teeth Games Publishing, David Eddings!

    And for those of you with a penchant for sloths, pizza, and weapons of mass dysfunction, we’ll be bringing back fan favorite Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars for your top-down, multiplayer shooter enjoyment.

    But that’s not all. Brian Reilly, aka Skilltacular, aka RT Games Tabletop Producer, will be running around playing our latest co-op card game, Heist, on the show floor with our community. (Among other games- bring your best Magic: The Gathering deck. He’ll be on the prowl for fellow tabletop and card game enthusiasts!) Mothership Games will also be back again with their booth (#221) hosting a series of game tournaments including M:TG, some DnD One-shots, and more. Show up alone or with friends to play against other pros or learn new games with our fabulous guardians and staff from Mothership.

    AAAAND if that wasn’t enough, our friends over at ScrewAttack will be hosting a classic arcade space at the JW Marriott in conjunction with the Animation Fest! They’ll have Windjammers, The Simpsons, Street Fighter III New Gen, Tekken Tag, three consoles featuring Street Fighter 30th Anniv., Smash Wii U, CrossTag Battle, and more in rooms 402 and 403 along with some familiar faces from the ScrewAttack squad hanging out and wreaking some scunion on challengers.

    Plans for Saturday night? Join us on the Hilton Austin Grand Ballroom for The Rave at RTX presented by ScrewAttack. This 18 and up event will be featuring DJ GRIMECRAFT with an animated opening performance from team RWBY. (RSVP for free HERE:

    The games team is excited to meet you and share our love for these games with the community in our favorite annual fan event. Don’t be shy and stop by!

    Much love babes,


  • #19: Poor Pikachu... - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 24 Pikachu VS Blanka

    Before I talk about Pikachu VS Blanka, I first have to acknowledge the episode that was scheduled to air directly afterward; episode 25, Goku VS Superman. (Which means tomorrow’s blog is all about that one!)

    Episode 25 was always going to be Goku VS Superman. It was even listed in the Original 26. That was always the intention. However, after my epiphany with Zelda VS Peach, I started to wonder exactly what kind of reaction we would get from the episode. I knew Goku VS Superman would be popular, but I didn’t really know whether or not people would take our video too seriously. Remember, Death Battle back then was a lot less strict in its verdicts than it is today. 

    So I came up with a plan; structure a few key episodes and gauge how the audience reacts to them. Link VS Cloud and Batman VS Spider-Man were high profile match-ups which would have controversial results no matter which character won their episode, and that helped me get a feel for how seriously the Goku VS Superman script should be. Unfortunately, a lot of the reactions hinted that the audience would take Goku VS Superman far more seriously than I ever expected them to.

    In hindsight, that might sound strange, but you have to remember that when Death Battle started, there was really nothing else like it. Yes, there was a versus community debating match-ups in forums, but despite their passion it didn't seem nearly a large enough community to sustain a show like Death Battle on its own. Therefore, Death Battle’s original concept was meant to appeal to a more casual viewer, and the general premise was that Wiz and Boomstick would do all the boring research so you don’t have to. That obviously doesn't quite apply the same way to an active member of a versus community. That's why so much of Season 1 and some of Season 2's verdicts were more based around opinion and interpretation than actual calculations. 

    And it worked! Death Battle became a popular show among all sorts of different people because of that strategy. However, I was beginning to realize that might not be the best direction for Goku VS Superman in particular.

    Knowing that the next match would be incredibly detailed, long, and an intense watch, I figured a fun gag episode right before would be good to keep our casual audience on board. It would also be good to remind everyone how silly the concept of Death Battle really is before diving into deep water.


    I believe the concept of Pikachu VS Blanka came from a joke Chad had made several months beforehand. Something along the lines of “If Blanka fought Pikachu in a Death Battle, what if he just ate him?” Lo and behold, that not only inspired the episode, but also the hilarious finishing blow.

    Honestly, there’s not much else to talk about. The episode wound up getting so overshadowed by the hype behind announcing Goku VS Superman that I don’t think it really accomplished its desired effect or is even remembered much at all. That’s fine though, because it was always meant to be a lead-in to something bigger. I think it’d be fun to bring Pikachu back to Death Battle in particular, though he’s strangely not a very popular request. He’s kind of a hard one to get a good match-up with.

    Anyway… tomorrow I’ll be diving headfirst into the big one; Goku VS Superman!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Do you have any questions about Goku VS Superman you’d like to see answered in tomorrow’s blog? I’ll cover as many from the comments below as I can!

  • #18: Too Much Batman - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 23 Batman VS Spider-Man, 36 Batman VS Captain America, 87 Black Panther VS Batman

    For this entry, I'll be skipping around the Death Battle’s timeline a bit to cover what I like to call "The Batman Trilogy."

    Batman VS Spider-Man was one of the last episodes of Season 1, and one of my favorites from that era. I still enjoy it a lot!  It's one of the few episodes from that season which I think can still hold up relatively well compared to the show as it is today. It also features a scene where I added webbing sprouting out of Spider-Man's butt. So that's a thing.

    However, like almost every episode from Season 1, this one presented a brand new challenge; how do we present Batman within the rules of a Death Battle? This situation was sort of similar to the one we faced with Link VS Cloud, actually. Just like those two characters, Batman has so many variables when it comes to his combative ability. Unlike Link and Cloud, that complexity came from an entirely different set of questions, the most important of which being; do we give him "prep time?"

    It's been a running joke for a loooooooong time that Batman can defeat anyone if he has time to prepare. Bane wants to blow up Gotham City? Batman preps a plane to take the bomb away. Superman wants to fight? Batman preps a suit that somehow emits red sunlight. Doomsday's trying to kill everyone? Batman preps a sponge to shove up his ass and kill him. (Props to whoever gets that reference!)

    But no previous Death Battle had examined the concept of prior preparation whatsoever, because we always figured each battle began with simply dropping the fighters into the arena as they normally are. This concept has never been an official rule of Death Battle, because I think there are too many variables within such a rule to try to lock down an exact phrasing which would apply across all episodes. Though we do have a rule that specifies that neither combatant are aware of their opponent until the battle, which covers a lot of the issues this question brought up.


    Could Batman have won if we'd allowed him prep time? In the episode, we mention that if it had been allowed, Spider-Man would have also received the same amount of preparation time, which could theoretically counter the argument. I think that was the idea, at least. Still, then you have to wonder who would take better advantage of said prep time? How would each character prepare? In what ways would this change the battle? And most drastically… in what ways would this prep time change the character from what we know and love?

    In order to include preparation, we would have to input a lot of our own (potentially biased) interpretation into the fight, as we would be basically making stuff up at this point. Sure, we could pull from comics where Batman has prepared for a fight against characters similar to Spider-Man, but ultimately there's no way to precisely decipher what they would do without involving a large amount of speculation. Even if we did go that route, we would no longer be showing Batman and Spider-Man as they appeared in the comics/movies/shows, etc, as they would have obviously come up with brand new strategies to use against their brand new opponent. It does sound kind of interesting in and of itself, but that’s not what Death Battle is about.

    And so, Batman lost.

    But he came back! Twice! To this day, Batman remains the only character to appear as a combatant in three different Death Battle episodes. I know some people complain about that, as they may feel like Batman returning means one less opportunity for a new character they want to see, and I definitely understand that mindset. It’s a lot of Batman! However, one look at the view count for each of our Batman episodes proves that these are match-ups a lot of people wanted to see.

    The second appearance was Batman VS Captain America. This was the first Death Battle episode ever that wasn't helmed by me. It was Nick's first episode! I figured giving him a character I had already covered made the most sense for his first go, as I would be able to help out even while working on one of my own episodes simultaneously.


    The third and final episode of the "trilogy" didn't come out until 4 years later... the first episode of our current season, Black Panther VS Batman! This episode was helmed by Sam, which means all the main Death Battle writers up to that point had taken on a Batman episode. Pretty fitting, I suppose! Batman is such a fascinating character to have in Death Battle, so it's really interesting to me to see each writer's interpretation of the character and what he should bring into the battle.

    Anyway, I certainly won't deny that we've covered Batman a lot, so I don't think he'll be coming back to Death Battle anytime soon. Maybe it's time we started looking into some other members of the Bat Family...

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Of the 3 Batman episodes, which one was your favorite?

  • RTX Austin 2018 Merch

    1 month ago

    Zac_Fox eCommerce Buyer/Planner

    You've probably been catching some of the sweet merch announcements around The Coop Pop-Up Shop and a few snippets about exclusives in the RTX Store, but I think we should dive a little deeper into what's happening with the RT Store(s) at RTX.  

    The Coop Pop-Up Shop

    • The Sunset Room at 3rd & Trinity (across the street from the Austin Convention Center)
    • Open THURSDAY through Sunday, 10am to 6pm.  9am Thursday morning early access for Platinum and Weekend Plus attendees.
    • 6 Brand / Artist collaborations : Achievement Hunter x Rothco, Rooster Teeth x Todd Francis, Funhaus x IHsquared, Sugar Pine 7 x Griffon Ramsey, RWBY x RJ Palmer, and Geoff x Weedboner. (Geoff merch is ONLY available at The Coop for this event.)
    • Collaboration Artists will be appearing throughout the weekend at The Coop to meet with our awesome community.
    • 65 all new and exclusive items ONLY available at The Coop during RTX weekend.
    • 1 additional super awesome top secret RWBY item debuting at The Coop before it's planned Holiday 2018 store release.  (It's BIG)
    • We fully expect The Coop to sell out of product before the weekend ends, so we're highly encouraging those of you who can to come by and check us out sooner rather than later.  No promises that we'll have anything left by Sunday.

    RTX Expo Hall Store

    • Located in the main Expo Hall, between Center Stage and the food court.
    • Open during normal Expo Hall hours, including 11am Friday morning early access for Platinum and Weekend Plus attendees.
    • Store layout has been completely redesigned from the floor up to allow for a more organized and overall smoother shopping experience for attendees.  i.e. - Want to buy EVERYTHING we have available for Funhaus?  Well, now all brand merch is displayed together so you don't have to dig through 10 different areas to find all of your favorite Funhaus swag.  (Or Rooster Teeth, RvB, Camp Camp, etc.)
    • The largest selection of items ever offered at a RTX event.  With 17 RTX exclusives only available at the RTX Expo Hall Store (all listed in the RTX App right now), 50 brand new items debuting early at the event before their planned store release, and a massive amount of items from our current lines filling out the weekend offerings.  (You're gonna' need a bigger boat suitcase)
    • What can I tease from those 50 new items?  We know about Baseball Jerseys and Tiki Mugs....What else?  Let's see; New posters, lanyards, and drinkware for several favorites.  New Tees for a bunch of groups and shows.  Some super cool cosplay items, a soundtrack, a Blu-Ray set, a book, a trash talking bag, a flag, the cutest plush toy set EVER, and a whole bunch more that I'm forgetting at the moment.

    Geez, that's a lot to take in.  I hope you're ready!  (I'm totally not)

    See you all this weekend!

  • Funhaus Theater Mode RETURNS September 21st!

    1 month ago


    UPDATE: The Season 2 premiere has been moved to Friday, September 21st. 

    Cut a hole in your popcorn bucket, because Funhaus Theater Mode is getting a squeakquel!

    Season 2 premieres for FIRST members on Friday, September 21st, on 

    This season we’re riffing on eight of Troma’s biggest dumpster fires, including Bride of Killer Nerd, the successor to one of our favorite films of the first season, Revenge of the Killer Nerd. If you haven’t seen the episode, check it out now.

    But there’s more! We’re experimenting with “AUX-only” episodes. What the heavens does that mean, you ask? 

    We’re finally going to riff on big Hollywood TRASH! Yay! However, since even Gary Busey has even his price, we’re taking an approach that allows us to circumvent expensive licensing costs. 

    In an AUX-only episode, we’ll provide you with our camera and commentary. To watch along with us, simply find a copy of the movie we’re watching, boot it up on your Betamax player (or Xbox, NERD!) and hit play on both pieces of media at the sync point we indicate. It’s our goal to choose films that are easily accessible, and if possible, available across common streaming services.

    On a final note; a thank you. We’ve been floored by the outpouring of positive feedback from our first season. A show like Theater Mode is in the Funhaus DNA. Fans of Inside Gaming will remember the old “Mystery Science Theater Edition” streams, and videos like “Ryse: THE MOVIE: THE GAME. That the stars have aligned and we’re regularly able make this type of content is extremely exciting and rewarding. So thank you so much for supporting and watching. 

    See you at the movies!


  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Stand With James Gunn. Will Disney?

    1 month ago


    It's been less than two weeks since the movie world was rocked by James Gunn's removal as the main creative force behind the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. By now you've all probably read a dozen different think pieces and articles detailing the reasons why and arguing whether or not it was the right call by Disney's Alan Horn, so I will do my best not to rehash the same arguments here, but I do want to talk through my personal thoughts about whether or not it was the right choice a bit now that the dust has settled a little bit.

    Horn has unquestionably been one of the strongest executives in Disney's history. Under his watch Marvel was brought into the fold (remember Iron Man and Captain America were Paramount films), Star Wars was bought and relaunched, Pixar was fully integrated into the company and the live-action remakes of classic Disney movies have been raking in money hand over fist. The studio has grown into an entertainment behemoth with all the positives and negatives associated with that.

    An example of the positive side is the money the studio was willing to invest in a relatively unknown comic book property spearheaded by a writer/director most known for offensive humor-filled horror just because he was backed by Marvel's Kevin Feige. The negative side being how quickly they dropped the very same guy at the first sign of controversy, even after he made 1.6 billion dollars for the studio with just two movies.


    I disagree with Horn's decision to part ways with Gunn, but I'm still trying to understand it. The biggest deal of his reign as chairman is this pending merger with Fox. It not only takes out a chief rival, it also sets Disney Studios up for the world of tomorrow by giving them a huge amount of diverse IP to utilize with their subscription-based streaming service.

    The timing of this decision can't be coincidence. Just a week before the shareholder vote to approve the merger right wing pundits started spamming the internet with Gunn's offensive joke tweets from 6-10 years ago. With a deal this big any and every little thing can screw it up, so I have to imagine taking a calm, measured approach to this potential scandal was less of a priority than making it go away as quickly as possible.

    That feels right to me, although I'll be the first to admit I don't know the daily ins and outs of Disney's executive life.

    So, he made the call and fired Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which was written and expected to go into production possibly as early as the end of this year or the beginning of 2019.

    But now what? That's the question.

    The shareholders have voted to approve the merger and Disney is now facing more pressure from the entertainment industry over their decision to fire Gunn than they ever did from Mike Cernovich's mobs demanding Gunn's head. Actors, directors, producers and nearly all the entertainment journalists have all spoken out about how this is, frankly, bullshit.

    Just today the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast put out a joint public statement calling for Gunn to be reinstated. And when I say “entirety” I mean it. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista (who has been the most vocal about this from the day Disney fired Gunn), Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, Vin Diesel, Pom Klementieff and Michael Rooker all signed a measured, passionate defense of Gunn.


    Would all these people be willing to band together and refuse to work on the next Marvel movie if Disney doesn't reconsider? What about refusing to do any promotion for the next Avengers movie? Maybe, maybe not, but either way it's a big deal in this day and age for these high profile people to take a stand against what they view as an injustice, knowing damn well it puts them all in the crosshairs of the people organizing these obviously politically motivated, targeted attacks.

    Even someone as inconsequential as me got targeted over my support of Gunn, with dozens of random Twitter users calling me a pedophile apologist because I dared defend a guy who once made bad jokes about the subject 10 years ago. I can't imagine what Chris Pratt's social media is going to be like in the wake of this.

    I don't claim to know James Gunn's heart. I've met the guy a few times over the last 10 years and get along pretty well with him on a movie geek (and cigar appreciator) level. I first interviewed him for his great horror comedy SLITHER and have talked to him a few times, both on and off the record, in the years since. I may not know him well, but my impression of the man is the same I get from reading the Guardians cast's letter or the description of him I see repeated over and over again from people who have worked with him.

    Yes, he's got a dark sense of humor. That's obvious from his filmography. You don't start your career in Troma if you're a Sunday school teacher. You don't get your big break writing a hard R-rated zombie movie if you're scared of crossing lines. You don't make a movie like SUPER if you have any qualms about offending people to get a message across.

    Beneath that humor, though, is heart. The message of the Guardians movies isn't to be cynical assholes that like to shock people. Quite the opposite, actually. It's about shedding that devil-may-care persona and being able to fully love. It's about the strength of the family you choose, not necessarily the family you're born into.


    Movies aren't made by a single person, but it's clear that without Gunn's voice Guardians of the Galaxy wouldn't have been the lightning in a bottle experience it was. That's why, creatively, the cast and many entertainment reporters feel like Disney is cutting its nose off to spite its face here and why they're imploring the studio to reconsider.

    Will Disney listen?

  • Stream RTX Austin LIVE with Mixer

    1 month ago

    gus Elite Staff

    RTX Austin is right around the corner, and many of you are getting ready to travel to our balmy home to experience this event firsthand. The rest of you might be feeling sad about missing out, but I have some great news for you: thanks to our partnership with Mixer, you can stream RTX Austin 2018 LIVE from the comfort of your climate-controlled room! You can see it all, from gaming on Center Stage to the Animation Festival and our biggest announcements this year.

    To experience the action, tune in to starting at 12:00 p.m. CT on Friday, August 3. You can also watch via the Mixer app on Xbox One and mobile. If you miss anything, Mixer will have a video on demand as soon the stream is over. You might want to reference our panel schedule to make sure you catch everything you want to see. We’ll miss you, but the Mixer livestream is the next best thing to being there in person.

  • RTX Homecoming!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Hey community! RTX IS THIS WEEK! AAHHHHHH! Still so many things to do and not much time left to do them! Even though the official official countdown has begun, we still like to have fun around the office. We have dubbed this week as RTX Homecoming, and we would love it if you celebrated each day with us. We have four days of shenanigans lined up leading our week into RTX proper. Here's what's happening this week: 

    Monday (that's today!): It's pajama day! Rock your favorite onesie, get comfy, heck, show off what you are having for breakfast. @Chelsea is being her amazing self and making pancakes for everyone at the office! 




    Tuesday: We getting fancy AF! Is there a special bow tie that you've always wanted to show off? A tiara? New suit, gown, dress shirt, vest? Now's your chance to shine! 

    Wednesday: Squad/Twin day! The goal is to get you + your twin, or you + your squad all dressed up similarly. Fan of Power Rangers? Morph it up! Want to go our during your lunch break and look for Pokemon? Get that trainer gear on! Have fun and show off your love for all your BFFs/squads! 

    Thursday: RT Spirit Day. Wear as much of your RT merch as possible! Hats, shirts, pants, pajama pants, stick DVDs to your chest with duct tape… We love seeing all of your RT Community Day posts every month, so seeing this level of passion and love for everything RT will be the perfect way to head right into RTX. 

    WE WANT TO SEE YOU CELEBRATING WITH US! Please use #RTXHomecoming so we can see your lovely faces. We will be doing the same as well! 

    I'm off to eat more pancakes now. 




    1 month ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Who is ready for RTX Austin 2018?! Us too! We can’t wait to get our RTX on with all of the people that make it possible… You! The community. This year we have taken out all the stops. We’ve got tons of evening programming, special guests, massive panels, autographs, photo ops, concerts, screenings, parties, and so much more!! Take a look below for just some of the awesome stuff happening this year at RTX!

    Check out this “10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO” list and start the hype train!


    RTX Austin 2018 will be in many awesome locations this year. Be sure to check the RTX Austin mobile app (available for iPhone and Android users) for the most up-to-date information regarding panels, locations, rooms, and times.


    500 E Cesar Chavez St

    Austin, TX 78701


    110 E 2nd Street

    Austin, TX 78701

    Hilton Austin – RTX PANELS

    500 E 4th Street

    Austin, TX 78701

    Fairmont Austin– RTX PANELS

    101 Red River Street

    Austin, TX 78701

    Paramount Theater – SCREENINGS

    719 Congress Ave

    Austin, TX 78701


    310 W. Willie Nelson Blvd

    Austin, TX 78701


    501 Brushy Street

    Austin, TX 78702


    For registration, there are two options for you when you arrive at RTX. 1) You received your badge in the mail prior to arriving at RTX. 2) You need to pick-up your badge onsite at RTX.

    1. If you received your badge via mail: To pick-up your attendee bag on Thursday, please go to Exhibit Hall 2. To pick-up your attendee bag on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please visit Registration located in the Solar Atrium of the ACC.

    2. If you have to pick-up your badge onsite: Please visit Registration in the Solar Atrium on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Here you will receive your attendee badge, lanyard, and bag. Make sure you have your RTX ticket confirmation email and valid photo I.D. ready to present at Registration.

    Registration will be located in the Austin Convention Center during the following hours:



    Thursday, August 2nd                          -------------         ||     10:00AM - 5:00PM

    Friday, August 3rd                     12:00PM* - 6:00PM  ||        9:00AM - 5:00PM

     *11AM for Platinum, Weekend PLUS, Media, & Industry

    Saturday, August 4th                  9:00AM - 6:00PM     ||      8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Sunday,  August 5th                    9:00AM - 6:00PM     ||       8:00AM - 1:00PM



    Check out the RTX Austin app for iOS and Android! This will be your connection to the latest updates and reminders, and will help you organize your weekend. Search “RTX Austin” in the app store to find it. And don’t forget to check out the RTX Lines Twitter (run by our amazing Guardians) to get the most up-to-date information on lines and panels during the weekend.



    The RTX Animation Festival has gotten so big it is taking over the JW Marriott!! We’re featuring exclusive content from Cyanide & Happiness, Mondo Media, Studio Yotta, Titmouse, Neebs Gaming, Mashed, How It Should Have Ended! Meet the creators of Brickleberry, and their new Netflix Original Series, Paradise PD. Take a break in the Machinima Chill Lounge, or participate in Saturday’s Cosplay Contest. And if that isn’t enough, participate in tabletop gaming each night with Mothership Games!


    This year we have more than ever! Check out all the amazing evening events happening during RTX. Now the tough part: which ones to choose?!

    Thursday, August 2

    5:30PM - 7:00PM - FIRST Night Screening | Paramount Theater (not open to the public; first come, first serve with RTX badge)

    8:00PM - 10:30PM - Let’s Play Live | Austin Convention Center (SOLD OUT ticketed event)

    Friday, August 3

    7:00PM - 8:30PM - Blood Fest Exclusive Screening | Paramount Theater (SOLD OUT ticketed event)

    7:00PM - 8:30PM - Theater Mode Live | Austin Convention Center (SOLD OUT ticketed event)

    9:00PM - 12:00AM - Platinum Party | Downtown Austin  | 18+ (Platinum only event; emailed out details to all Platinum badge holders)

    Saturday, August 4

    7:00PM - 8:30PM - Always Open Mixer | Rain | 18+ (SOLD OUT - ticketed event)

    8:30PM - 10:00PM - Jeff Williams Concert | ACL Moody Theater

    (ticketed event -

    9:00PM - 10:00PM - RTX Presents: A Kinda Funny Comedy Night | The North Door 18+ (SOLD OUT ticketed event)

    10:00PM - 12:00AM - The Rave at RTX ft. GRIMECRAFT | Hilton Austin (free ticketed event -


    Who wants a picture with their favorite Rooster Teeth characters when you can have an artistic masterpiece instead?

    Come to the HP-Intel Digital Artistry Lounge to let your inner Michelangelo have a field day with the new HP ZBook x2’s! Work at the speed of your ideas with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors , a display detaches to become your all-in-one PC canvas and the pressure-sensitive, no-charge pen becomes your paintbrush as you draw yourself amongst all your friends - the Rooster Teeth crew!

    Create your custom art and register while you’re there for a chance to take home a printout of the mural with your creation included and other cool prizes!

    This first ever HP-Intel Digital Artistry Lounge on the floor at RTX will also include a variety of programming throughout the weekend hosted by Rooster Teeth artists and personalities, including showcases, demonstrations, and digital tips and tricks.


    If you successfully redeemed your code for an autograph session, please make sure you arrive in the timeframe specified in the RTX app. The sessions will begin and end promptly. We will only admit attendees who have successfully signed up for the session. Please make sure you either print the confirmation (with barcode) OR be able to provide it on your phone. We WILL be scanning all attendees into each autograph session.

    *There is no need to arrive early since this is a ticketed event only. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes prior (at most), and you can arrive after the session has begun.


    We have an awesome line of exclusive merch you can only get at RTX Austin! Check it out and make your friends jealous!

    RTX Store in the Exhibit Hall:

    • 17 exclusive items available ONLY at the RTX Exhibit Hall Store during RTX weekend.

    • Over 60 brand new items making their debut at RTX Austin.  RTX Attendees are getting the chance to buy these before anyone else as these items will then become available through the Rooster Teeth site post-convention.

    The Coop Pop-Up Shop (located across the street from the ACC at The Sunset Room):

    • 65 exclusive items available ONLY at The Coop during RTX weekend.

    • All items were created through collaborations with famous artists outside of RT!


    You’re never too old to play dress up. Just be smart about it. Here are a few straightforward guidelines to follow so everyone will be dressed to impress – and safe!

    No guns, swords, knives, clubs, or other weapons that may cause harm, including anything metal or sharp. Please be aware that if your cosplay includes large props, and/or a fake/simulated weapon, it will be subject to examination at the Austin Convention Center Weapons Check located in the Solar Atrium. We will also have metal detector checkpoints to enter the ACC, so please bear with us if lines are little longer. We want everyone to stay safe and happy during RTX Austin weekend!

    10) WEATHER

    Austin in the summer is HOT, y’all! And I mean HOT… and sweaty. Make sure to wear deodorant, carry around water, and wear the most comfortable shoes you own. This is not only for your comfort but the comfort of all attendees! No one wants a smelly nelly.

    Well, that’s about it! If you have any questions or comments, the fastest way to get in touch is via the RTXEvent Twitter account. We love hearing from you all!


    RTX Events Team

  • A Peek Behind The Curtain Of Robert Rodriguez's and James Cameron's Alita: Battle Angel!

    1 month ago


    James Cameron took a very long break after the exhausting production and release of Titanic. People forget now, but the common thought in Hollywood was that Cameron was working on a Heaven's Gate-level bomb. Too much money was being spent on a romantic historical romance, they said. The audience just wasn't going to show up. Then the movie made two billion dollars.

    It was twelve years before Cameron made another movie and that next movie was almost Alita: Battle Angel. In fact, he was developing it alongside what would become Avatar and went back and forth between the two on which would be his Titanic followup. At the end of the day his script for Alita was just way too long and Cameron couldn't manage everything he wanted to do in just one movie, so he shifted focus to Avatar and once again made box office history.

    Cut to 2015. Robert Rodriguez was having lunch with Cameron and asked him what projects he worked on that never happened. Cameron mentioned Alita and Rodriguez asked to read it, all 180+ pages of it.

    Rodriguez was immediately enamored with the story, based on the Japanese manga, of an android girl discovering her history and deciding on whether she was going to be a force for good in the world or the brutal weapon she was constructed to be.

    So Rodriguez came back to Cameron with an interesting request: Could he edit the script? He was clear that he didn't intend to rewrite it. He said he could edit the material already there down to a shootable version and Cameron could do whatever he wanted with the result... Re-develop it for himself, throw it out, whatever.

    Cameron said sure, go for it and four months later Rodriguez sent him the drastically shorter script and when Cameron and his longtime producing partner Jon Landau read it they were astonished because while the script was shorter by a third they couldn't tell what had been snipped. Everything they wanted to say with this story was there. The action set pieces were still there and still thrilling, the tale of a girl transitioning into womanhood was still at the forefront. It was the movie Cameron had in mind, just more concise.

    He was so impressed with the work Rodriguez did he figured he had found the man to actually make the movie a reality. Once again Avatar took priority for Cameron who was neck deep in all the sequels he was writing, so he tasked Rodriguez with directing Alita. Cameron was always a phone call away to answer questions and Cameron's right hand man, Jon Landau, was always at Rodriguez's side.


    You'd think that could be suffocating for a filmmaker who has defined his career by getting his complete vision on the screen doing as much of the movie as he could. From operating his own camera to writing, producing, composing, editing and even doing his own VFX, Rodriguez has a reputation for being a lone wolf, creatively speaking.

    But in this case his vision was to make this film as much like a James Cameron movie as possible. He underlined this to me when I visited the Austin set of Alita: Battle Angel last year. He said he didn't want to make a Troublemaker Studios movie, he wanted to make a Lightstorm movie, which is why all the footage from the trailers look a bit different from what you expect from a Robert Rodriguez joint. Lots of CG and dynamic action, yes, but also huge practical sets and a little bit more breathing room when it comes to the editing and character moments.

    Wrongly or rightly Rodriguez's style has become synonymous with greenscreen filmmaking pretty much since Sin City. But that's definitely not his approach this time out.

    The result is an approach that hopefully takes the strengths of both Lightstorm and Troublemaker and melds them into something new and unique. The integration was so important to Cameron that he even had a sign put up at his California offices that said “Troublemaker West,” and Rodriguez answered by putting a sign up in his Austin studios that said “Lightstorm South.”

    A full year of preproduction went into designing this crazy world. James Cameron's art team worked hand in hand with Rodriguez's Austin team and came up with designs that are both faithful to the look and feel from the original Manga while also being something that worked for the big screen.


    In the Battle Angel world cybernetic augmentation is the norm. Sometimes it's slight... a hand, a foot, an arm. Sometimes it's major. There's one character, played by Jackie Earle Haley, that is pretty much just a human head on a gargantuan 8 foot tall robot brute body.

    The design team took that year and cranked out many variations of cybernetically enhanced people. I saw art of an old man playing a double-necked guitar with robotic arms that had two hands, one for each neck of the guitar, for instance. You've seen the trailers by now, so you've seen a glimpse at how far they've gone to populate this world.

    The majority of the film takes place in Iron City, a poor slum city that lives off the discards of the rich, exclusive, protected floating city above them. This is where Christoph Waltz's Dr. Ido finds a broken Alita (played entirely in motion capture by Rosa Salazar) in a junkyard. Something about her moves him and what he does to help her might give a hint at what exactly he feels for this person.


    She awakens with a new body constructed with loving care and attention to detail. Floral patterns are intricately carved with silver metallic flourishes. It's a small body, built for a child. We find out Dr. Ido built this for his sick daughter, with the intention of giving her back her mobility and freedom, but he was too late. In short he begins to view this stranger as the daughter he never had.


    This is a story of second chances. Ido has a second chance at being a father and Alita has a chance to be a different kind of person. She may not remember her past, but her past remembers her and it's not exactly filled with rose pedals and puppy dogs.

    For the set visit I was walked around Iron City, which was built on Troublemaker's backlot, just across the fence from where I sit typing this over at Rooster Teeth's Austin Studios offices, as a matter of fact. On screen the city will tower dozens of stories tall. They didn't go that far in reality, but they did build multiple connected city blocks up two stories. CG will take care of the rest, but the foundation will be real. Every wall, window, door, sign, road, step will be real so it won't just look like actors composited against a CG backdrop.

    Iron City had a very Rodriguez feel. This place looks like futuristic Desperado. Heavy Latino influence, but mixed with a handful of other cultures, especially Asian, to create a new blend that's lived-in, patched together with every available resource and feels like it's covered in dust.

    The only filming I got to witness with my own eyes was a crowd scene as spectators cheer and boo the players of a brutal but popular sport called Motorball. If you've ever seen the James Caan Rollerball, think of it that way, but with way more robot augmentations that allow for some crazier games.

    Christoph Waltz was in the stands watching on nervously. Alita is taking part and the deck is stacked against her. While in the stands Waltz recognizes some of her competitors as assassins and tries to warn her that this isn't just a game and her life is in danger.

    One thing I noticed is that most of the extras weren't dressed super futuristically. This isn't Blade Runner where everybody is wearing plastic ties and holding glowing umbrellas. There was a punk vibe to those in the stands, but still pretty modern-looking.

    In short everything I saw and personally experienced felt every measure the combination of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez I was promised by producer Jon Landau at the beginning of the visit. They're taking some wild swings with this one, particularly in the design of Alita herself. 


    Much has already been made about the giant anime eyes. Some hate it, some love it, some are just perplexed by it. It's weird and so will a bunch of this movie, but that's usually the secret to Cameron's success. Giant CG blue cat people was weird as hell, too, but then became the biggest movie in the world for a decade.

    There's no guarantee this movie will hit anywhere near Avatar levels. In many ways it's a harder sell and the filmmakers seem to know this.

    When asked if this movie was being planned as the start of a franchise or a complete one off, Landau gave a real interesting answer. He said they didn't want to have the hubris to assume a sequel, but they wanted to be smart and have some pieces in place for further films. That's the reason for the slight change in the title. The original manga is called Battle Angel Alita. The reason for calling it Alita: Battle Angel makes it easier to title potential sequels, like Alita: Fallen Angel, etc.

    I myself can't make any kind of final judgment call on what we'll be getting come December 21st, but I can say whatever the final product ends up being it wasn't haphazardly thrown together. It has two insanely creative filmmakers joining forces with all the strengths of their individual teams and some of the best effects houses in the world to tell a futuristic action adventure with actual time spent on character development.

    Anyway, I hope that gives you guys a little peek behind the curtain at what's been going on with Alita: Battle Angel. Thanks for reading along and thanks to Fox and Troublemaker for letting me wander the streets of Iron City and letting all you guys know about what I saw.


  • This Week at ScrewAttack - 7/27/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - The Power of Friendship  - Editor Notes 


    • It's always fun (sometimes also hard) when the script doesn't describe anything specific in terms of TV/Movies/Comics/Games cause then I get to rack my brain for scenes from movies etc. It's one of my favorite film geek activities.
    • Also it turns out adrenaline has been depicted in movies quite a bit.
    • Lisa really really brought her A-game this week. She got so much mileage out of those cookies. Haha oh my gosh. I let every single one of those clips play out as long as they could because I didn't want anyone to miss a frame of it. Wow. 
    • ALSO has anyone had the new oreo flavors?? I had the red velvet ones a couple weeks back and they are SO GOOD. (This ISNT an oreo ad) 
    • Sometimes when I'm editing I can't help but rewatch bits from the movie or show. This week it was that scene from Deadpool that I used. Gosh, that movie is funny. Like is it a straight comedy? Probably not but for a comic book movie, it's funny. I gotta check out Deadpool 2. I missed it. Did you see it? Is it good? 
    • Also, I love Scott Pilgrim. There was A LOT more footage from this movie in my first draft of the video. 
    • If anyone is interested in the context of the Buffy scene I used: The scooby gang uses a spell to transfer all of their "power" to Buffy. So quite literally the power of friendship. 
    • Random thought/question: Anyone here a Coheed & Cambria fan? I've been listening to them all morning. Such a great band. 

    Watch the video!

  • #17: No Outside Help - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 22: Link VS Cloud

    Time to talk about one of our most controversial episodes ever!

    Link and Cloud unfortunately got stuck with an episode that perfectly encapsulates Death Battle’s “awkward adolescent” period. Remember how I said Peach’s Mega Strike calculation caused me to re-evaluate how we establish our victors? This was the episode that put my re-evaluation to the test… but it was more like taking a driving test with my eyes closed and underwater.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think given the circumstances presented in the episode, it still works well enough on its own. The problem I have with it is the circumstances themselves.

    By this point, I had established 4 rules that would apply across all Death Battles at the time. I’ve discussed at length how the rules have changed over the years on our Death Battle Cast podcast, but long story short I have a big problem with these rules.


    I had already changed the ‘personality restraints’ rule to ensure the characters were represented correctly (you can thank the TMNT Battle Royale for that one!) but I made a problematic oversight with the fourth rule. “Research used is determined equally unless specified.” This meant that if we used non-canon sources for one character, the other character would also get non-canon sources added to their analysis.

    The problem, of course, is that there was no guaranteed restriction on what makes non-canon sources viable in the analysis. So even if we applied non-canon material to both characters, one could have an enormous library of said material with all sorts of crazy feats and abilities that contradict the primary canon source… and the other could have nothing more than a dumb movie. It was pretty imbalanced, even if I didn’t intend it to be that way.

    But that’s not all that was over-complicating this match-up! I was just two episodes into my re-evaluating phase, and I had inadvertently set myself up for one of the most difficult questions a versus show can have; how do you incorporate RPG video game characters which rely on player choice?

    Cloud in particular was a challenge. What weapon would he carry into battle? Since his best weapons aren’t part of the Final Fantasy story, do they count as canon? What materia would he have? What armor would he wear? See, in the game the player gets to decide all these things, not Cloud himself. From what we could tell at the time there wasn’t an answer to any of these questions that didn’t involve including our own subjectivity.

    So we came up with a scenario:


    We essentially boiled down Link and Cloud’s arsenals to whatever they brought into their fighting games. Clearly, this wasn’t a perfect solution, as their fighting games were wildly different. The arsenals these games  provided were dependent on game mechanics, so they weren't built in a way that could compare between games on a one-to-one basis. If we were to bring these characters back today, we would likely evaluate them in an entirely different method. While it's not quite the same ordeal, I think our recent handling of Sephiroth is proof of that.

    The final unique rule in this scenario was “No outside help.” This was specifically to ban elements like Cloud’s summons and Link’s bottled fairies. Unfortunately, the way it’s presented in Wiz’s dialogue makes it sound like the rule applies to Death Battle as a whole, even though it’s not listed in the rules at the end of the episode. This flub led to thousands of future comments about us supposedly breaking our own “no outside help” rule with Strider’s robot cats, Snake’s buddy Otacon, Gaara’s mom-sand, and so on.

    Back then, the discussion of who would win usually only took place between Chad and I. However, for this episode in particular, EVERYONE got involved! I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but at one point everyone in the office was sitting on the floor in Chad’s merch room arguing points for Cloud and Link. I think we spent two or three days just talking about this one.

    To add even more to the mess, we lost contact with our new animator. Many weeks ago I had sent him all the assets for the battle, including sprites, and was trying to get an update on his 2D animation for the episode. I finally got in touch with him just a few days before the episode was scheduled to air. I was really worried… is the animation ready? Would we have to delay the episode? Luckily, he told me the animation was good to go, and sent it my way. I opened the file, expecting to see another stellar sprite fight…

    ...but it wasn’t a sprite fight. It was 3D animation.

    Um. What!?!

    That was a helluva way to kickstart our 3D battles!

    Frankly, I’d love to bring both these characters back one day. While this episode is… fiiiiiiine… I don’t think it does either of them justice, and our modern format could present a much better and more interesting analysis for both of them.

    Anyway, next Monday I’ll be looking back at our classic Batman VS Spider-Man! One of our most popular Death Battles ever! I remember really enjoying this one, but it’s been quite some time… so let’s see if it hold up.

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. Is there a character who has already appeared in Death Battle that you would like to see make a return?

  • Day 5 coming to TV & Blu-ray, plus Season 3 updates

    1 month ago



    Hey guys. Long time no… sleep?

    Lots of you have been asking what’s up with Day 5, and today I FINALLY get to spill some big news -- Day 5 is coming to TV! Plus I’ve got updates on the upcoming Blu-ray release and season 3, so dig into the details below.

    Season 1 of Day 5 will debut in the UK (courtesy of Sky UK) on Pick TV starting August 28th, and both seasons will air in the US on the El Rey Network beginning October 31st! We’re beyond excited for our broadcast and cable debuts, and are thrilled to work with such great partners. And as a bonus, Rooster Teeth's Crunch Time will also air on El Rey in the same window.

    rCqXV29.pngIn addition to helping us reach a wider audience, these deals are necessary for us to move forward with season 3. However, it does mean Day 5 episodes will be coming off Rooster Teeth for a six-month window starting at the end of October, and we wanted to make sure you had plenty of advance notice to check out the unwaking nightmare. If you’re not a Rooster Teeth FIRST member already, you can sign up for a free trial here.

    The Season 1 & 2 Combo Blu-ray will debut at RTX 2018 (Aug. 3-5) and be available in the Rooster Teeth store later next month. All 14 episodes of the show, with all behind-the-scenes materials and Day 5 Stories spinoffs, plus new exclusive commentaries from the cast and crew. Speaking of cast and crew, we’ll be running amok at RTX with an official Day 5 Panel and Cast Signing Session, if you’re looking for someone to sign those beautiful, newborn baby Blu-rays.



    You’ve probably already figured it out, but Season 3 has been delayed into next year. We have a very specific vision for the series -- and the level of scope we want to achieve moving forward -- but we want to make sure it’s done right, and that the show can reach as broad an audience as possible. We’re currently in negotiations to co-produce season 3 with a partner, and I promise to update you on concrete details as soon as humanly possible.

    We have some really, really cool stuff in store and I can’t wait to share more. Thanks so much for your passion for the series, and your patience as we work to give you the best damn show we can.


  • gen:LOCK gen... talk...?

    1 month ago


    Hi you - figured we oughtta catch up on all things gL before RTX Austin hits!

    So where'd we leave off... Last time around, we announced Dakota Fanning joining the cast as Miranda, and Koichi Yamadera voicing Kazu. We even had the pleasure of Monica Rial crashing our Anime Expo panel, to help us announce her voicing Colonel Marin!

    We announced the addition of io9 journalist and Marvel's "Rise of the Black Panther" scribe Evan Narcisse to the list of folks consulting with me on the scripts. And we put out some more art! You got a couple more peeks at the world, as well some new character turns for the cosplayers out there. (see below)

    Are you going to RTX Austin? Then be sure to hit the main RT Animation mega panel happening Friday 8/3 at 7pm!  We'll definitely be talking about gen:LOCK as part of that.

    More character turns, concept art, and other peeks at the show are coming... as well as more casting announcements.  Soon.  As in... perhaps... later today??
    (ahem) You're not going to believe who we announce next.

    See ya at RTX Austin!!



  • Henlo RTGames Community from your new Community Manager!

    1 month ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Hello Rooster Teeth Community! My name is Cricket, and I’m the new RTGames Community Manager.  I’m so thrilled to be joining the amazing community management team and, most importantly, getting a chance to serve you.

    I remember seven years ago sitting at home in Alaska at -52 degrees Fahrenheit listening to the RT Podcast and deciding on the fly to move to Austin. Never could I imagine that a year and a half later I would find myself in Austin- working toward my dream of working at Rooster Teeth. And today here I am.

    First, I’d like to let you know a little bit about myself. Growing up as an Army Brat, I spent a lot of time traveling growing up and living in the European Union and United States. Eventually, my parents settled in Alaska, which is where I spent most of my teenage and young adult years. Like many people who grew up in northern climates, I love playing winter sports and winter activities: ice hockey, skiing, snowmachining, snowshoeing, and geocaching. I love live music, film, and most importantly- I love gaming.

    Gaming communities really have been my home for as long as I can remember. No matter how many times I have had to pick up and start a new life in a new city or country, the memories I have created and friendships forged in online communities has been the single most important constant in my life. Gaming has helped me transcend language barriers and make friends in unlikely situations, like the time I spent playing Final Fantasy VIII with Italian-only speaking kids at a dinner party- and the time I met one of my best friends on Reddit while looking for a roommates to live with here in town. Gaming has also spared me from spending many cold winter days and nights alone. No matter where I go, my love of games has given me a sense of belonging and community.

    Before coming on board here with Rooster Teeth, I spent several years working in games and social media community spaces with over 35 independent contracts on the books, managing everything from communities to events and digital marketing for indie, VR/AR, and AAA games. I’ve worked with special interest groups to promote diversity and workforce development in games and participated in dozens of online gaming communities ranging from flourishing MMOs to obscure indie puzzle games. I’ve built and managed social platforms for hundreds of small businesses across the Americas. Now I have a chance to work with some of the best community leaders in online and gaming spaces, and I can’t even begin to tell you what a privilege that is.

    My commitment to you is to champion the community voice and help lift up your ideas, perspectives, and aspirations. I’ll do my part to promote a space that is inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and fun. I’m so excited to get to know all of you more, and I hope you’ll join me for community game nights (in person and online), to learn about our future gaming projects as they grow, and most importantly: to share our mutual love of gaming in all of its wonderful forms!

    Hit me with your personal pronouns, meme dreams, and headshots. Hit me with your shared love of Rooster Teeth and gaming. Hit me up when your questions, ideas, and personal stories about how gaming has impacted your life. RTGames has a lot of work ahead of us, and I’m excited to bring you with us on the ride.

    Let’s do cool shit together,



  • #16: One-Sided Stomp - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 21: Thor VS Raiden

    You know, one of the most common criticisms we get with Death Battle is that some matchups are “too one-sided.” But sometimes this seems to be based on the research presented in the episode itself, so doesn’t that mean we did our job well? Convincing you of a winner’s legitimacy is one of Death Battle’s main goals, after all! If a Death Battle convinces you of its winner so thoroughly that you come out of the show thinking the matchup is a one-sided stomp, I’d say that’s a very successful episode!

    Perhaps this opinion is actually meant to be interpreted as another, totally reasonable one; that a particular episode’s outcome was too obvious from the get-go. For the most part, I think our matchups have been compelling enough to stave off this potential issue. But whenever I’m asked if there was ever a Death Battle that was such a complete and horrendous stomp that the episode never needed to exist, only one comes to mind.

    Thor VS Raiden! (Woo!)

    Back then, this was a surprisingly frequent request. That might sound like a surprise, but I think it had a lot to do with how ScrewAttack was still predominantly a video gaming website first and foremost at the time. Today, our most popular Death Battles usually involve superheroes or shonen anime characters, and episodes with video game characters rarely get the same sort of recognition. But back in 2012, the opposite was actually the case.

    Outside of it being a strangely high requested fight, I’m not entirely sure why I went with this match in particular. I believe I chose this one to give myself a bit of leeway going forward. See, the next few episodes had already been planned, and several of them would be humongous undertakings, so it made sense to do something that could be researched and written in a shorter time-frame and then dedicate that newly acquired time to, say, Cloud VS Link or Batman VS Spider-Man.


    Fortunately, I don’t think many people minded how obvious the victor was, because our new animator Lange really pulled out all the stops for this battle animation! It’s still really fun to watch today! I legitimately don't want to talk about it all that much here, because I'd rather you just go watch it and have a good time. Though I think as far as the character rundowns go, our Thor VS Wonder Woman episode covers Thor's powers waaaaaaaaay better than this one.

    There’s honestly not much else to discuss concerning this episode. Sorry if this blog seemed a little short, though I’m quickly coming up on some matchups which I’ll have a LOT to talk about, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. What’s an obviously one-sided match-up you’d still like to see a Death Battle of?

  • Programming Patch Notes 07.18 - Video Ads are back for non-FIRST Members, and more

    1 month ago

    ebregman Programming

    Hey, everyone. As some of you may have noticed - and if you’re a FIRST member you probably haven’t - after a very long hiatus, pre-roll ads are back on the site and mobile apps for those viewers who have not yet signed up for FIRST. For those of you interested in these boring business-ey things, how we got to this point isn’t that complicated: on the old site the ads were a bad experience that often broke our player, so we got rid of them. When we launched the new apps our focus was a good viewing experience, and we prioritized that over rushing ads into the system. I think we’ve checked the ‘good viewing experience’ box (and the engineering team is always working to improve it), so it’s time to move onto reintroducing ads.

    We’re still focused on making the experience good. Or as good as watching an advertisement can be. From a tech perspective we want to make sure ads don’t break our player, and over time we’re going to experiment with where ads are placed within a video, to make sure it’s still a great viewing experience. We’re going to work to make sure that the ads served are as relevant as possible to your interests, including ads for Rooster Teeth stuff. Ultimately, ads on the site help our business so we can keep making cool shows for you to watch. I mean you won’t believe how much Geoff wants to make more episodes of Achievement Haunter.

    For you FIRST members, this probably doesn’t matter much to you. But if you’re not a FIRST member and you want to skip those ads, you know what to do.

    More updates!

    • Thanks for making the launch of Sportsball a success! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel, or else Tyler will get mad at me.

    • We now have the ability to turn off the S#:E# in video titles for those series where it’s less relevant. Expect those to disappear in certain instances in the near future.

    • Captioning is moving along nicely. We’ve identified a vendor to make the captions and are now scoping out the engineering work to get this up and running. Once we know what work we need to do, we’ll have a timeline to start serving them to you.

    • Our project to reorganize series within the app is starting to bear some fruit, just much slower than we anticipated. If you want to see the type of thing we’re doing, check out the changes to RT Docs (all docs now in 1 season!) and Day 5 (all bonus features now properly categorized!). There are a lot of cases we’re trying to solve for with this project where it’s not as cut-and-dry as to what’s an episode and what’s a “bonus feature,” not the least of which are things like RWBY World of Remnant videos. We’re working with the creatives to get it right.

    • I’m sure you have questions about our move to post Red vs. Blue and Camp Camp on RT only. What I can say now is we are very encouraged by the performance of both of those series and we intend to continue experimenting with release models, some but not all of which will include YouTube. We’re really proud of our new apps and by the looks of it you guys love using them!

    As always, let me know your questions and I’ll answer throughout the day. See you at RTX!!!

  • #15: Peach VS Zelda? - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episode - 20: Zelda VS Peach

    For the life of me I can’t remember why this episode wasn’t called “Peach VS Zelda,” even though that title rolls off the tongue waaaay easier.

    Zelda VS Peach marked a turning point in Death Battle’s history in two different ways. I’ll cover the least exciting one first. If you’ve been watching these episodes I’m covering on this Road to 100, you may have noticed by now that they don’t tend to follow the same sort of analytical rules as modern Death Battles. Throughout Season 1 and much of Season 2, the victor was usually determined by our own interpretations, not by objective analytics like calculated strength, speed, and durability.

    I feel like it’s necessary to point out that in Death Battle’s early days, the show received far more praise from viewers than criticism. I am forever thankful to all those wonderful viewers, as the show probably wouldn’t have grown so large without some very dedicated fans. However, it did come with a side effect of seeing much less critique than I would’ve liked. I distinctly remember how for the longest time I’d look at comments complaining about us getting the wrong victor and wonder “Why? What could have been better? Just saying we’re wrong doesn’t help anything. Give me something to work with, damn it!"

    The reason why this is important is because Death Battle’s original philosophy, and thesis behind the show, was much different back then. When Death Battle started, the show’s elevator pitch was “Wiz and Boomstick do all the boring and annoying research to find out who would win so you don’t have to.” The idea being that this sort of analysis was too ridiculous to take seriously, and so the show wouldn’t be too concerned with that.

    Boy, how that has changed since then!


    I bring it up because this was the episode where I began questioning that thesis. Specifically, I recall watching through the episode just before it was posted, getting to the analysis at the end, and thinking to myself “What the hell is this calculation I just did?” You know what I’m talking about. Peach’s Mega Strike.

    The calc done for pounds-per-square inch across one soccer ball split into three makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It was just meant to be a dumb joke. There were many other subjects that could easily support a Peach victory, but for some reason this stupid soccer feat was what we focused on. Upon releasing this episode, I was already re-evaluating how best to explain each victor.

    The other big moment with this episode was how this was the first Death Battle I didn’t have to animate myself! Huzzah! I’m sure I’ll talk more about our work with animator Lange across future blogs. Funny enough, the Zelda VS Peach animation Lange made for the episode was also his audition for the position.

    Next up, I’ll chat about how the new hire changed Death Battle’s production, along with the biggest stomp in Death Battle history!

    -Ben B. Singer

    P.S. If we did a rematch of any of our previous episode matchups, which one would you want to see?

  • Funhaus at RTX 2018!

    1 month ago


    RTX is a almost a week away! 

    Here’s a brief rundown of the major Funhaus-related events, but you can expect to see us at other booths around the show floor, and you can find the whole team and community members hanging around at the Let’s Play Booth! 

    For more information, you can head to, and our subreddit.

     elyse heartbeat

    Thursday, August 2nd


    5:30 PM - ?

    Paramount Theater

    First come, first serve.

    Funhaus will be premiering our sketch comedy pilot Arizona Circle. Expect a full screening followed by a Q & A.


    8:00 - 11:00 PM

    Austin Convention Center - Hall 5

    Tickets are SOLD OUT.

    Come help us kick-off the best RTX weekend ever with games, laughs, and special guests galore! We've got Achievement Hunter, Kinda Funny, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Game Attack, Sideshow, JT Music and more! Only available to RTX Austin 2018 attendees.

    Friday, August 3rd

    FUNHAUS 30st Andiversary Spooktacular<™>

    1:30 - 2:30 PM

    Austin Grand Ballroom - Hilton Level 6

    Celebrating 25 years of tears and beers. Compaq Computers Inc and the Yugoslavia recorder Recital Committee proudly present a court-ordered panel all dedicated to Joel Roobin. **QUESTION: Is spelling of Roobin on purpose?***


    5:00 - 6:00 PM

    Center Stage

    Uh oh.


    7:00 - 8:00 PM

    Grand Ballroom ½ - JW Marriott Level 4

    Adam, James and Elyse hunt their prey… and play Werewolves!

    Saturday, August 4th


    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Ballroom D - ACC Level 4

    Elyse joins Barbara Dunkelman, Mariel Salcedo and Jessica Nigri. Send your questions to with RTX in the subject line.


    2:30 - 3:30 PM

    Center Stage

    Double Uh Oh.


    5:00 - 6:00 PM

    Ballroom D - ACC Level 4

    You know the drill.


    7:00 - 8:00 PM

    Hall 1 - ACC Level 1

    Adam and Bruce are once again duped into appearing on a non-comedy show, under the pretense that James and Elyse would be there (they will not).  


    8:00 - 10:00 PM

    The North Door 18+

    Hosted by Nick Scarpino, the first ever Kinda Funny Comedy Night will feature stand up sets from some of your favorite talent from Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Kinda Funny, and more!

    Sunday, August 5th


    10:30 - 11:30 AM

    Congressional - Fairmont Level 3

    James, Bruce and Dan  join other Rooster Teeth auteurs for a never-before-seen screening of their 2002 porno, I mean art film, I mean porno.


    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    Ballroom D - ACC Level 4

    Witness a moment in RTX history, as the queens of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Kinda Funny, and Sugar Pine 7 gather for the inaugural Women of Let's Play Panel. Listen, as they regale you with stories of their careers and personal lives. Laugh, as they make the dankest jokes you've ever heard. Watch, as all other and lesser panelists cower in fear at the sight of these strong women. Prepare, to not have your parking validated! We aren't Wonder Woman.