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  • Anger and Madness

    2 weeks ago


    We all need to get better as fans of things. On last week's podcast, I said I liked Justice League, but I guess I didn't like ENOUGH for some people. I've been getting blasted on social media for daring to criticize the portrayal of Superman in the movie. I was actually way more critical of the Flash, but OK.

    Plus it's always oddly disappointing to get blasted by someone who has a cartoon avatar. I make cartoons as part of my living, but when someone is just furious on the internet and they choose to represent themselves with a picture of a cartoon character -- it's really hard to take it seriously. 

  • Holiday card matching is complete!

    2 weeks ago

    kickme444 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community

    Hey everyone!

    Matching has been completed for the holiday card exchange!  If you're participating you should have received an email today with the details of who to send your card to.  PLEASE get on it and send one out fast!  Getting mail is fun and special and will make someone else happy.


    When you get your card, please share it all over!  Post it here on your journal, share it on twitter, make sure you tag @RoosterTeeth so we can see everything!

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    3 weeks ago


    Thought today would be a great day to do my first post. I've been a member of the site for just over a year, but have been a huge fan of Rooster Teeth since forever. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I was given a chance to join this team of creative and wickedly talented people! 

    So, I wanted to take a second to say that I'm thankful and honored to be spending this Thanksgiving as a member of the Rooster Teeth community. I'm grateful for my new coworkers, new opportunities, and for the great community that's makes all of this possible.

    Wishing all of you a safe and awesome holiday weekend!

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey with Barbara

    3 weeks ago


    Most photo/video professionals will tell you that Stanley Kubrick has inspired them one way or another... I'm no exception. I feel very fortunate having friends like Barb that aren't weirded out when I ask them to put on a helmet in a dark room, hold lights up to their face and let me point a camera at them. This famous scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey has been something I've been wanting to try recreating since I was a much younger boy. Here are three of my favorites from this shoot. Hope you like them!




  • Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide

    3 weeks ago

    Ashley The Know

    Eric Vespe recently joined us to be our resident movie nerd, but he has many skills. Every year, he publishes one of the most comprehensive holiday gift guides on the internet, and this year he's doing it with us! Whether you're looking for movies or collectibles or games or housewares or art or... well, pretty much anything, if it's geeky and awesome he's probably found it and listed it in this guide.



    We'll be putting up additional sections of the gift guide over the next several days, but we're starting off with two of his favorites: blu-rays/dvds/4k video and art.

    Check it out, let us know if you get anything for someone you love (or, let's be honest, yourself), and if you've got additional gift ideas throw them at us!

    NOTE: there are some links in this guide that include affiliate links for sites like Amazon. What this means is that if you click the link and find something you like and buy it, Amazon pays us a small referral fee. We're hoping to use this to fund cool new stuff for The Know, but it's not a consideration for what goes in the guide itself, and we include a ton of stuff from all across the internet simply because it's super cool. We just want to be totally transparent about the process so you know what's going on when you click those links.

  • Holiday Gift Guide

    3 weeks ago


    Among the exciting hires we have made recently is a gentleman named Eric Vespe, who is a longtime friend and for years was the primary editorial voice behind one of the worlds oldest entertainment sites.

    One of the things that Eric is known for is his extensive Holiday Gift Guide for people who love movies, comics and video games. I’ve mentioned the guide many times on social media (especially when he was kind enough to include RvB boxsets). I’m proud to say that Eric’s 2017 gift guide will be debuting on RT this week.

    I also think it’s important to disclose that the Guide has always been supported by retail affiliate links. This is not something we have widely implemented previously at RT but I think it’s important for us to find seamless ways to support new content that don’t impact the community. Nonetheless it’s important that we be transparent when trying these things. 

    Basically the way it works is that if you click on a link from the guide it will take yiu to the product’s site and if you were to buy anything during that visit, Rooster Teeth is paid a fee. This does not affect the price of the item nor does it influence the products Eric chooses to highlight. Proceeds from the Guide will be used to fund new productions and hopefully hire new people at The Know. 

    We will also include a disclosure at the bottom of each installment of the Gift Guide.

    Hope that you’ll support Eric’s incredible amount of work that he puts into finding some really amazing gift ideas for the geeks in your life.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    3 weeks ago


    Well....for those of you in The States at least.

    Let me take a quick sec to introduce myself as this is my first post....I head up Human Resources & Facilities for Rooster Teeth, which is kick-ass job!  Beyond work, I have a love for sports, music, bourbon, beer, cooking, smoking meat on my Big Green Egg and above all my family.  I'll try to post regularly and share more about all of these things!

    For today, this is all about Thanksgiving!  Is there any better holiday?  It hits all my high marks with spending time with family & friends, watching football, cooking like mad, and sharing drinks the entire time!  On this years list of to-do's is smoking a turkey, making some incredible sides, watching my Arizona Wildcats basketball team tip off tonight, plenty of football tomorrow and hanging with family and friends through it all.

    I'll try to post some pics next time.  Until then, if any of you have Thanksgiving traditions or awesome food & drink recipes you want to share, send them my way.


  • Double Gold Updates - November Holiday Edition

    3 weeks ago

    eric_duncan Marketing guy

    Hey, everyone. 

    Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. community! To the rest of the world, enjoy your Thursday while we stuff our fat, dumb American faces and shop for cheap electronics. Anyway, before I get out of here for the long weekend I wanted to drop a note with a few updates on Double Gold membership and the RT Box. It’s been awhile since my last update, but we recently sent out a survey that many of you guys eagerly responded to (thank you so much for that, it helps more than you know) and I want to address a few things that were mentioned:

    Overall, you guys seem to really like what we’re doing with the RT Box. I think the product we ship each month has improved in both quality and design, and I’m really excited about something new we’ll be starting with the December box, and for each box moving forward (you ready to collect some cool and exclusive shit?) That said, we still don’t do a very good job at shipping the box out on time each month. Coordinating a bunch of product, getting it into a box and off to your house is a pretty big challenge, and we know we have to do better. Starting next year we’re going to be making some BIG changes that’ll make better use of the small team we have here, and also improve the value and quality of each RT Box. Stay tuned - we should have the  full details before Christmas.

    Another thing we’ve learned since launching Double Gold membership is that the monthly Q&A is not popular. We’ve decided that the time and effort it takes for Chelsea and the folks involved each month to put together is not something many people take advantage of, and therefore, we’ve decided to cancel those moving forward. We look forward to brainstorming some other perks to add in its absence.

    That’s  it for now. One last thing though - if you were a Double Gold member and you cancelled, hit me up with a message or leave a comment and let me know why. We’re trying to learn and do better, so any feedback you have is welcome. 

    Thanks, y’all!

  • 50% off all of Rooster Teeth's games!

    3 weeks ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Hey hey!

    Feast your eyes on this deal! To celebrate the season, we're treating all our games' prices like wishbones... we're breaking them in half! That's right. All of Rooster Teeth's Steam games are 50% off! For the next week, you have a chance to gobble up our six games including their additional content.

    Here's a list of the offerings:

    Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
    Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures - Soundtrack
    Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation
    Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation - Soundtrack
    BATTLESLOTHS 2025: The Great Pizza Wars
    Disorder  - Soundtrack
    Super Rad Raygun
    Super Rad Raygun - Soundtrack
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse JNPR DLC
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team JNPR Beacon Academy Costume Pack DLC
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team JNPR Beacon Dance Pack DLC
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team RWBY Beacon Academy Costume Pack DLC
    RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team RWBY Beacon Dance Pack DLC

    After a feast like this, you're sure to need a nap, but don't sleep on this deal!  Buckle down and waddle over to Steam to pluck out your favorites.



  • Fan Service Wallpapers

    3 weeks ago


    Howdy Y'all!

    As we mentioned on the most recent episode, there will be no Fan Service this weekend, November 25. But that didn't stop us from wanting to service some fans  wink

    For a while, y'all have been asking for high quality versions of the Fan Service thumbnails (done by Erin Winn). 

    So boom! Here you go!

    I would also like to remind/ inform people that Fan Service is available for EVERYONE here on So over the break don't hesitate to share with your friends and loved ones... or random strangers =)

    I know I say it all the time, but that's because it's true; Fan Service couldn't exist with out the amazing community that tunes in week after week. Words can't express how thankful I am to have the best fans ever!

    Have a safe and happy holidays  heart

  • Top 10 Craziest Iron Man Suits - Editor Notes

    3 weeks ago

    JoshuaKazemi ScrewAttack Editor

    This week's Top 10 came pretty close to home (see attached photo)*

    10 - Hulkbuster - I'd love to have an in-depth conversation about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Until that day comes, let's all just remember it could be the last time we see "the classic" or "original" MCU Avengers together. While I've always liked Age of Ultron, I think it will become more liked as we dive further into the MCU. This concludes my nerd rant. 
    9 - Anti-Transformer - I hate the Transformers movies so much you might as well call me an Anti-Transformer! 
    8 - Iron-Spider - What a cool suit. What a cool run of comics. Love the Iron Spider.
    7 - Mystic - This is in fact the Iron Man 4 I never knew I wanted. 
    6 - Extremis - I always get the Extremis armor and the Bleeding Edge armor confused. Anyone else?
    4 - Bleeding Edge - I always get the Bleeding Edge armor and the Extremis armor confused. Anyone else?
    3 - Phoenix Buster - I wasn't very interested in the next X-Men/Phoenix movie coming out but now I am thoroughly disinterested in a Phoenix Buster-less X-Men/Phoenix movie. 
    2 - Endo-Sym - Finally! I'm IN a Top 10. (I'm the one sliming Caiti)
    1 - War Machine/Satellite - "Crazy" really is a good word for this suit. 
    11 - Iron Squirrel - With each passing day I feel more convinced that the world needs a live action Squirrel Girl. Hurry up, New Warriors! 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

    *My Iron Man desk toy: 


    P.S. This week's notes are a day early thanks to Thanksgiving! Have a happy holiday!

  • Axiom Verge Publisher Donates Profits to Developer's Son

    3 weeks ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know

    With all the complaints going on about publisher greed these days, it’s nice to hear some refreshing stories from around the industry every now and then. According to a new blog post from Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ, the publisher of the 2D shooter is donating a huge chunk of the game’s profits to the healthcare costs of Happ’s son, who suffers from a lifelong condition known as Kernicterus, which affects his hearing and motor functions. Happ wrote in his blog about the game’s retail launch: “After we decided to move forward with BadLand Games as the publisher, they offered to donate 75% of their share to a special fund dedicated to Alastair’s ongoing health care costs. They didn’t want to publicize it, since none of us wanted to be seen as trying to use my son’s suffering as a marketing tool for the game. I hope this doesn’t come off that way. I just wanted to thank them for their generosity in offering that up, since it was definitely something they didn’t have to do.” 

    So there’s a bit of a dose of positive news to be thankful for, just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

  • Your car runs on gas?! and your iPhone has a home button?!

    3 weeks ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I feel like we have seen been treated to a glimpse into the future recently.  I watched parts of the Tesla semi event last week and I loved what was shown, are y'all excited about the future when you see big events like this?  I have fully bought into the future that Elon Musk has painted for us. My electric car drives me to work, it joins the "fleet" helping uber people around town while I help finish up RWBY Volume 10.  Then, as the work day comes to an end I summon my car to take me back home.  All of this of course being controlled on my iPhone that is just a solid brick of glass with no ports of any kind.  Hopefully Rooster Teeth pays me in only bitcoin at this point haha.  What are yall excited about in the not so distant future?

  • What Are Your Predictions for The Game Awards?

    3 weeks ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know

    E3 gave us our big midyear dose of game reveals and trailers, and it looks like The Game Awards is looking to do the same thing come December. 

    In recent tweets about the show, producer Geoff Keighley said that in terms of the sheer number of games they have in store, this is going to be the biggest world premiere lineup they’ve done yet. In another Twitter exchange, one gamer asked if any of those world premieres include games we don’t know about yet, Keighley answered with a definitive “yes definitely” Posters on Reset Era have done some speculating about just how many reveals this could lead to -- and according to one poster, the previous record holder was in the Spike iteration of the show back in 2014, which featured 12 world premieres. 

    With the ceremonies just a couple of weeks away, that means it’s time to get those predictions and speculation engines up and running. What do you think we’ll be seeing at the show? The Game Awards will air on December 7.

  • Lucasfilm Makes Statement on Battlefront II Loot Boxes

    3 weeks ago

    Eddy Writer - The Know

    Just about everybody’s giving their two cents about Star Wars: Battlefront II’s microtransactions -- with people from all over the gaming industry weighing in about the game’s loot boxes and progression. However, there’s been one notable exception up until now -- Lucasfilm. The production company has finally offered their comments on the game after all the ups and downs -- but mostly downs -- of the last week. 

    They said in a statement to the Washington Post over the weekend: “Star Wars has always been about the fans — and whether it’s ‘Battlefront’ or any other Star Wars experience, they come first. That’s why we support EA’s decision to temporarily remove in-game payments to address fan concerns.” 

    Annnnd how will you feel when they come back?  

  • Started getting the first community v15 wireframes!

    3 weeks ago

    kickme444 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community

    Development has started on v15!

    And I've started getting the first few wireframes.  Nothing to show publicly yet (wireframes are just wireframes) but the team that's working on them is top notch and things are coming along great!

  • ContentID and the holidays

    3 weeks ago

    ebregman Evan

    Thanks for your ridiculously awesome fan projects this RWBY Volume (and always, really). We're closed for the holidays this Thurs and Fri 11/23-24 (and the weekend of course), which means we won't be manually reviewing ContentID claims until we're back in the office on Monday 11/27. If you send us an email in that time, we WILL receive it - don't delete your video, and don't send us more than 1 email, we're on it as soon as we get back!

    Thanks in advance for your patience, have an awesome Thanksgiving.

  • Couple Things I'm Thankful For Based Off A Year Of Watching Movies

    3 weeks ago

    TPG Custom Programs

    With Thanksgiving on the horizon I'm super thankful to be surrounded by fantastic family, great friends, and co-workers and community from the best company in the world! 

    However, I"m also super thankful for all the epic moments in movies this year. I call these moments OSM's aka "Oh Shit Moments" where you're just like  --- hell yeah - take my money - this is what I'm talking about.

    So off the cuff here are some moments I'm thankful for:

    1. When Logan Gets The Green Stuff & Beasts - He lets that roar rip and then you know that everything that you've ever wanted to happen since the X2 mansion scene is going to pay off.

    2. Led Zep in Thor - Anytime it happens it's F-U-E-G-O.

    3. Batman At Justice League Party - This scene from Lego Batman was hilarious but also spot on for the character.

    4. That Villain Reveal In Homecoming - I don't want to spoil this part but it was one of the more unexpected twists in a Marvel movie ever.

    5. Blade Runner 2049 Opening Scene - When the the red text hits and the synth blasts I think I lost my mind in a good way.

    6. The Final Shot Of Lost City Of Z - Jungleland baybeee

    7. Roman Shootout In John Wick 2 - Take the night club shoot out in the first movie and add three more waves of enemies and a different weapon each time. Caught this movie with @ebregman and we had a blast!

    8. SPLIT Ending - 2 of the 5 people I saw this movie with had no idea what it meant but the other 3 were geeked!

    9. Dunkirk Air Battles - Saw this bad boy in true IMAX and wow I have never been more hyped to see Tom Hardy shoot down planes in my life. 

    10. Caesar's Humanity In War For The Planet - I worked really hard with lots of people in RT to get this movie to RTX and ended up missing the screening cause I was in the mix on some other stuff. When I finally caught the movie on Sunday night on a lil solo voyage it totally caught me off guard. Caesar! What a fantastic character and what a journey he's been on since the first movie!

  • The one with the intro.

    3 weeks ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Let’s talk about games!

    What’s up, y’all!

    Welcome to what will be my random ramblings about games. Each post, I’ll aim to cover a few of the games I dabbled with over the past 12 months. Board games, video games, yard games, hell, maybe some IRL stuff like escape rooms or good ol’ tag. Who knows?  As a game dev, I might have a different view than some, but in the end, I’m just a dude that loves all things Games. First, let me touch on who the heck am I and what do I do at Rooster Teeth?

    What would I say I do here?


    I’m Brian Reilly. I’m a producer with Rooster Teeth Games. I’ve been ‘round these parts for about two and half years. Originally, I was brought on to help our internal dev team. I’ve since expanded my hat collection to include a hand in our game publishing efforts and heading up all of RT’s board games. I feel that having this sort of gig demands that you have a decent working knowledge of what’s hot or not. That said, I play lots of games, but finish very few. If you want to know more about my background (school, other jobs/ games, favorite candy bar) just ask.

    As we go on, shoot me questions, pose counterpoints, recommend games, whatever. I’m writing on because we’re all part of the best community ever, of all time. Eventually, I’ll bust out my fancy review scale. For now, all you need to know is that it’s pizza-based, and thus, the greatest scale to be created.

    That’s it for now. More soon! Hit me up here or on twitter @Skilltacular



  • Thornksgoving

    3 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    We had a Thanksgiving feast at work today. Naturally I loaded my plate with every item on the buffet, then doused it in gravy. After inhaling it, I treated myself to a dessert of two King's Hawaiian rolls covered in gravy. 

    Today might be the best day of my life.

  • Thanksgiving Week

    3 weeks ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I think I'm already headed towards a turkey coma...

    We get catered lunches here at RT every Monday because they're surely slowly fattening us and filming it all in secret so one day they can launch the biggest weight loss content program ever. Today, because it's Thanksgiving week, we got Thanksgiving lunch. 

    Now, for those of you unfamiliar with a standard American-sized-Pilgram-invented-meal... it includes:





    Mashed Potatoes

    Green Beans

    Rolls (YEASTY ROLLS)


    Pumpkin Pie

    And usually some other stuff. But we had that for lunch. I'm ded. And sleepy.

    And I'm doing Thanksgiving for @RTcastMichael and I on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday for the family, and probably joining in for a Friendsgiving Thursday night... 

    Do you know how many turkies, hams, stuffings, and mashed potatoes that is?! A GORGEOUS AMOUNT.

    I need all the stuffing. 

    What's your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? (And for everyone else... what's your favorite part of a fourth Thursday of November meal?)

  • Cryptark sequel announced

    3 weeks ago


    Ever wanted to play as a pirate mech? Well a new 3D shooter called Gunhead might scratch an itch that you never know you had. 

    The game by developer Alientrap is a sequel to the 2D shooter Cryptark and its developer dropped an announcement trailer recently on Youtube

    It's described as "a fast paced open world FPS where you take the role of a pirate mech with a gun for a head, looting derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel."

    The cell-shaded graphics are a bit reminiscent of Borderlands and its story is a direct sequel to Cryptark. No release date yet, but it's apparently tentatively set for 2018. 

  • We've got new Battlegrounds champions!

    3 weeks ago


    A French team won one of the first Player Unknown's Battlegrounds tournaments over the weekend. 

    The team aAa (Against All Authority) won the $60,000 grand prize in the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland tournament in Oakland, California -- which pitted 20 top teams against each other. 

    The winners racked up 1620 points and 38 kills, with a US team, Tempo Storm, coming in second with 1385 points and 28 kills. Check out the full standings here

    If you're not a PC gamer, PUBG releases in early access on the Xbox One on Dec. 12th and the full release is expected on PC later this year. 

  • Holiday Card Exchange!

    3 weeks ago


    Don't forget to sign up for the ROOSTER TEETH HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE! You could get lucky enough to get ME! Check out Chelsea's post HERE.

  • The staff feed has better caching and is now in the header drop down!

    3 weeks ago

    kickme444 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community

    We've updated the site a bit again today.  The caching time for the staff feed is now down to 5 minutes, this means that we should see more frequent updates to it.  We've also added the staff feed to the community drop down in the header.

    Hopefully more staff members will join us!