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  • If You Had to Kill Your Meat

    3 months ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    Burnie asked a question on the most recent podcast.  I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like:

    "If you couldn't have meat again unless you killed and cleaned it, do you think you'd ever eat meat again?"

    Let me dive deeper into this question, because I think it depends on whether or not it's applied to a literal reality or a fictional one.

    Scenario 1/2 - Literal Reality

    In this scenario we would have to account for the cost of the whole animal.  Let's go the cheap route and do the killing and butchering right in the field for large animals.  No need to pay someone for labor or facilities.  I'm gonna look at the three most common animals we eat: cows, pigs, and chickens.

    Price per animal

    One Cow - $1,200

    Boy is it difficult to nail down how much a cow costs.  There are so many different breeds and classifications.  Not to mention highly violate cattle markets (I'm not an economics guy at all).  But from my limited research, you're looking at a low end of about $1,200 for one whole feeder cow.  You could find cheaper prices at an auction or for smaller cows, but this is about the closest I can find for an average.

    One Pig - $129

    Same issues as with cows.  Very difficult to nail down.  But looking at the average weight and price per 100 pounds (cwt) for the month of April, you're looking at around $129.

    One Chicken - $20?

    Okay, I got a little tired of livestock research by this point.  A live pullet (young hen) appears to go for around $20.  Roosters sell for less, but let's go with hens.  And seeing as a whole cut-up chicken at the grocery store can be bought for around $8-$15, twenty bucks for a live one seems reasonable.


    With these dollar amounts in mind, I think most meat eaters would be able to continue eating meat.  Trouble is, it'd be mostly chicken.

    For chicken, it'd be like going to the grocery store.  We could do the killing and butchering right in our kitchen.  Not to mention that the amount of meat yielded could be consumed within a couple days.  So, chicken for everyone!

    Pork on the other hand, depending on how much time and disposable income you have, would be a little rarer.  At $129 it's not cost-prohibitive, but it's not exactly as easy purchase.  That's two video games, two visits to Fogo de Chao, or a handful of all-out trips to the movies for one person.  Price-wise, I feel like the average person would have to make some judgement calls on this one.  Sure it's affordable, but is it worth that much to you?  Keep in mind, you also have to travel to the farm and slaughter it.  That's not an easy task.  It's time consuming, and requires at least an afternoon of hard labor.  Not to mention the additional cost of processing (butcher paper, tape, bags, knives, saws, etc.).  Transportation shouldn't be a problem, as long as you have a trunk.

    You might be thinking, "But what about the bacon?".  Well, yeah there's that.  But you would have to make that yourself.  Have you ever tried to make bacon?  It takes time and effort.  And by the time you nail down the process, odds are, you'll have wasted at least one pork belly.  You'll also likely need to buy a new small freezer, or at least empty yours out.  I estimate most meat eaters will end up taking this route about 3-5 times a year, at most.

    Now, the beef?  That's a whole other dilemma.  It costs a lot, but it's so versatile!  It's lot of effort, but it's so much meat!  But at $1,200 a pop, the price ain't nothing to scoff at.  That's around the average monthly rent in Austin.  That's a couple of car payments.  It's also a huge commitment.  Once again, you'd have to drive out to the farm.  But this time, it'd take longer.  It'd take more supplies.  Possibly a bigger vehicle to transport.  It'd also require you to buy a big freezer, to protect your investment.  Keep in mind, if you don't have any experience processing a whole cow, your are absolutely going to mangle the various cuts.  How many cows will you have to go through before you get even the primal cuts down?

    I bet that most people would look at their chicken and pork and think "Nah, I'm good".  At least most of the time.  It's very doable for a middle class, full-time employed individual.  But is there enough motivation?  In my opinion, for the average meat eating American, this would be a once a year event at most.  If at all.  If someone is well-off, maybe they could afford twice a year or more.  But I think most of us will have some serious deliberation over whether or not it's worth that much time, effort, and money.


    So, yeah, it'd be possible.  Easily feasible.  But depending on time, money, effort, and desire, some meats might be rarer then others.  And personally, I'd do chicken and pork easily, but beef only once a year at most.

    Scenario 2/2 - Magic Reality

    In this scenario, all you would have to do is kill the animal and process the cuts you want to eat.  You would only pay for the price of the cuts you eat or keep, at the appropriate market or restaurant price.  No paying for the whole animal, no cost for storage or packaging.


    Fuck me up fam.  I'll do this in a heartbeat.  Even if I have to pay twice to eat it in a restaurant.

  • A Unique Anime Recommendation

    5 months ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    I want to recommend an anime series to you all. It’s a series that I think is pretty interesting. But before I tell you the title, I have some important advice: I want you to go into the first episode...knowing NOTHING. This will make your episode 1 experience so much better.

    Don’t look up the synopsis, description, story, or ANY information on this series. I want you to start episode 1 without knowing ANYTHING about this show. Don’t look at the cover, episode thumbnails, or any artwork and animation. NOTHING. The less you look at this show before watching it, the better.

    You might start episode 1 and not like it, but you need to stick with it and watch at least the whole first episode up until the credits. After you watch that, you can do whatever you want (look up the synopsis, spoilers, drop the show, etc).

    What’s the name of the show, you ask? It’s called School-Live! (or “Gakkou Gurashi!” in Japanese). It’s available on Crunchyroll.  You can search for it or just click here for Episode 1. Once again, DO NOT look at anything (images, description, whatever). Just start Episode 1 and finish it. I also suggest skipping the opening credits (1:42 - 3:10).

    And if you don't have a CR account, the show is free, just with ads.

    Once you’ve seen that first episode, (or if you’ve already seen it) feel free to let me know your opinion in the comments. Let’s use spoiler shading too, to avoid spoiling it for other people.

    I’m interested in hearing y’all’s thoughts!

  • The Cats are Alright

    1 year ago


    Hey, just wanted to let you all know that the cats are all right. Thanks for your continuing support and cooperation. 

  • Streaming Live now come join thy

    1 year ago

    Tolovetrouble FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Coming LIve with anew setting WIll it work?

  • Growing up 101

    2 years ago


    One thing that nobody tells you as you grow up is that the people around you will change. Your best friends will change and if you no longer share the same interests as friends you are the outcast. Fortunately I have a bunch of friends who are also outcasts. Everything gets better with time.

  • Sean Bean achieves immortality, in Civ 6!

    2 years ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    In the wild business that is Hollywood, it is amusing to account the films that a character portrayed by Sean Bean does or does not live to tell the tale. In the next installment of the Civilization series, Civilization VI, he is there every step of the way as you build your holy sites, electrical factories and rockets to the moon.
    Sean Bean has achieved the third level of life - immortalisation! Well done Sean! *racous applause*

    Having trawled through IMDB now I can see he has voiced narrators and characters in a number of video games, but it amuses me to find one which technical spans thousands of years. Now he can list the following as talents 'Portraying Life, Death, and Immortality'.

    Off the top of my head, here is a list of several entertainment viewings where a Sean Bean character dies:

    Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive (King Regis)

    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Boromir)
    James Bond: Goldeneye (bad guy, so easily gonna die)

    Game of Thrones (Ned Stark)

    Patriot Games (lol, his characters name was even Sean)

    Someone on IMDB has made a very nice list of the 20+ films in which he dies, and another has made a fan page dedicated with a huge amount of memes about how they wish he wouldn't die. Speaking of, there are movies out there in which he does't die. But to be honest, from my small list there is only one that I think is actually good:

    Jupiter Ascending (Earth guy with bees)
    Mirror Mirror (King)
    The Martian (Mitch, the guy with the hope)
    National Treasure (Bad guy, but kids film so no death)
    Pixels (Some army guy...)

    From looking at his filmography, I do wonder if the success of a Hollywood blockbuster depends on whether Sean Bean lives or dies. I shall watch his career with renewed interest now, and hope that one day someone is funded to write a thesis about such a man.

    Laughter and Sunshine!

  • My E3 Rooster Teeth Story

    2 years ago


    I figured this would make a great first (and probably only) journal entry.

    Okay, two years ago I got to go to E3 for the first time. I had to leave early the two days I went because I was a music teacher at the time and I had lessons to give that I couldn't reschedule, BUT the two days I did get to go were among the best in a long time. One particular day involved the lucky chance of getting to be next to the stage where Rooster Teeth was presenting E3 live to all of youtube, so obviously, that's my first journal XD


    So a good friend of mine actually found out that Rooster Teeth was giving shout-outs to small youtube channels, and at the time, I had around 2500 subscribers on my own channel. My friend approached them, asking if he could bring his youtuber friend by for a shout-out, and Burnie said it would be fine, so long as I was a small channel.


    When I came by the next day, I have to tell you, I've never been so warmly welcomed by people under the stress of live production in my entire life. I would have completely understood if all of Rooster Teeth had been brisk and quick and to the point, including the two members of Funhaus that I got to meet, but that was not the case. They were all incredibly friendly, and super understanding, and just so supportive despite knowing literally nothing about me except that I had a channel and it was still small.


    Here's a link to the video my friend took: 

    ">Funhaus/Roosterteeth Shoutout Live at E3!


    So after going up to Burnie, he decided I'd go up immediately after the big segment they were doing right at that moment. The two members of Funhaus were waiting for the cameras to go live on them, and so once they were completely out of the shot, I got pulled up to stand beside them.


    They were so, so damn friendly, and we were laughing and talking about youtube, my channel, what I'd probably want to say, and how nervous we all three were. And then Blaine comes running up to us, and dear God, should Blaine ever read this I am SO sorry, he probably doesn't remember this event, but we completely forgot his instructions.


    So Blaine runs up and says "Okay guys, you're not live, but I'm going to cue you when you're live. You won't be immediately live- I'm going to CUE you so you know, so PLEASE PLEASE watch me, because you are officially live when the lights hit you, and all of youtube will be looking at you." And he pauses, looks between us, and goes "Seriously. WATCH FOR MY CUE." And we're all three nodding seriously like "Yes Blaine, we promise, we will watch!"


    We missed the cue.


    So we're standing there talking, laughing, and just generally joking, and then BAM the lights hit us. And the whole set is completely silent, because Gus (I think it was Gus at that moment) and everyone on the white couch had just passed the buck on to Funhaus, and not a single one of us were looking at the stage or even the cameras. So of course, we're like "OH WOW THAT WAS GREAT THANKS GUYS SO INTERESTING AND AWESOME UH YEAH" because we hadn't been listening to a single thing they were saying. And it was freaking HYSTERICAL I swear I remember looking at Blaine behind the camera and he was just standing there was his forehead against the clipboard, shaking it slowly like "NO ONE LISTENS".


    Afterwards, I got pulled off to the side and Burnie was just SO nice. He congratulated me and told me I did a really good job, and I was very professional.


    It was seriously one of the most eye-opening moment of my life. I had never realized just how good Rooster Teeth is with their community, with small channels, with people in general- they're in a place of power, and yet the company is just so open to the concept of people approaching them, of people asking for help or just outright being excited to meet them. They were so professional, so good, so HUMAN. It was seriously such a cool experience, and if I'm ever lucky enough to get to their level, so help me I will do everything in my power to emulate their kindness and friendliness.

  • Lets castle this castle thing finished

    2 years ago


    I'm bac on twitch again, streaming the follower server and working on my regrettably large castle thing I started

    Come and say hello or join the server if you fancy it!

  • Let's Play Live in Theater (Louisville)

    2 years ago


    Looking for any other people in the Louisville, KY area who will hopefully be attending the theater version of Let's Play live coming to a theater in the area. If we can get a group formed I am sure we can find a bar or something to make a day out of the event. Cheers

  • All of these LP LIve shows

    2 years ago

    denDAY04 Software engineer

    As a European I'm still just sitting here, waiting for RT to figure out a way to bring LP Live overseas; maybe livestream tickets or something? Please?

  • Minecraft anyone?

    2 years ago


    If anyone likes watching Minecraft or playing it on PC I'm streaming for a while now on a public server!

    Watch here:

    Join the server with this IP:

  • New York Lets Play Live

    2 years ago


    Who else is going guys? I'm so anxious about the money I spent but I need this..

  • Vogel Co-Op

    2 years ago


    Hey guys! I've been so worried about getting the word out on other social media that I almost forgot to make an update here. Shame on me! My husband and I have started doing some live streaming on twitch and will be adding stuff to youtube in the near future. We'll mostly be streaming weekday nights for now, but will eventually do weekends and will put some stuff from our streaming on youtube. If you'd like to follow us for notifications check out all these links:

    LadyVogel (Shannon) on Twitch

    VogelPlays (Rob) on Twitch




  • Suicide Sucks

    2 years ago

    Rogue_Zombie Spawnsore

    I lost another friend to suicide today. No matter how hard life gets, know that it gets better. Ending your life is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you feel like you aren't loved, you're loved more than you know. If you start feeling the urge to end it all, or there is someone encouraging you to do so, seek help. There are people all around you that are willing to help, you only need to ask. Every life is important. No matter what, you've got to just keep going. Choose life. Stay strong, and live long.

  • Let's Play Live!

    2 years ago

    BalfourWong Bluhdrain

    I absolutely love the RT community. The fact we can come from all over the country and shoot the shit like we've known each other for years is the best. From a production stand point last night was so fun. I can't wait to see more live shows in this format. Really changing the game for the entertainment industry!!!

  • Minecraft on Twitch!

    2 years ago


    I'm streaming for a little bit this morning on a Minecraft follower server if anyone's interested! :)

    server ip:

    and go to /warp cake

  • JJ's Live Stream VR Show - VRB - Viewer Ready

    2 years ago


    JJ Castillo of past RT fame now cutting edge VR fanatic/developer + FilmGeekArmy podcast host is starting his new TWITCH channel called VRB (Virtual Reality Broadcast) on It's an all new way to view VR on streaming that is sure to be a ton of fun. I won't be on the show until a few weeks into the show but tonight at 7pm CST you can catch ASMR ALLY (Internet Personality), Byron Brown (Actor/Comedian) and Jenny Gacy (Artist) with of course JJ Castillo as the host as they chat/hang out/and of course... play around with the HTC VIVE.

    Be sure to go check it out and leave them some love! Join em every Wednesday at 7pm CST. I'll post on the week I'll be on.


  • Seeing courage my love Live

    2 years ago


    Hey guys, it's been a long time since i posted anything on here but i have the time to start doing this sort of thing now, so yeah. I resonantly went to see Courage My Love live after waiting since 2011 when i first her them, but oh my god it was off the charts insane you know then energy and the atmosphere of it all and I finally got to meet them and get some stuff signed. XD

  • Friday Night Flash - Week 37

    2 years ago

    Nabohs We Want The Funk

    I'll be going live in about 30 minutes at

    And I'll be doing a little something extra a little earlier on

    Hope to see you guys there!

  • Live now =D

    2 years ago


    Come chat and have fun with me XP!

  • Don't Starve Together stream live soon!

    2 years ago


    Hey guys!! Long time no see. I'm gonna be hopping back onto the streaming world tonight with a lil bit of Don't Starve Together with a pal of mine. Hopefully we can beat our record of fucking measly 7 days tonight. Hope to see y'all there!! <3