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  • 8 years 7 months 9 days

    3 days ago

    BeardedTortuga BeardedTortuga

    Hey anybody who may still be around. 8 years 7 months 9 days ago I set up my RT account and shortly after in 2011, the first and my first RTX. Its been a busy 8 years, got married, 3 kids, multiple jobs, multiple homes, multiple dogs and a plethra of other major events. I've grown with and alongside Roosterteeth and RTX and I'm proud to say I get to go to yet again, another RTX. This particular one is intensely special to me as I will be going because of work. Roosterteeth brought me to this community and now I will bring everything full circle and bring my work and family (so many kids wtf) to this years RTX. I know I'm not active on here anymore and mostly see all things RT on youtube but the community section of RT has always been a major part of me and my life on the internet and off the internet.

    Will I see any old friends there? Would LOVE to catch up. Have a beer..on me and see what everybody is up to. Twitter doesn't really help with keeping connections up but you are all always welcome to say hi!

  • Extra RTX Austin 2019 Weekend Pass for Sale!

    3 weeks ago


    So Frontgate Tickets overcharged me for an extra RTX Weekend Pass and won't refund it. I'm looking to sell this extra ticket at the price I bought it for, which is the First Early Bird price ($99), plus Frontgate Tickets extra fee that they charge per item ($15.37). Basically, I'm just trying to earn back the extra money I was charged.

    Total price I'm asking: $114.37

    What you get: Regular 2019 RTX Austin Weekend Badge - includes the autograph lottery code, which I will send to you when I get them (if Frontgate tickets decides to send me correct codes).

    Just think of it as a chance to buy a RTX weekend badge at the full Frontgate Tickets Early Bird price, but you don't have to deal with their terrible customer service.

  • RTX Hotel Booked

    4 weeks ago


    Officially have my flight and hotel booked for RTX! Good feeling to have it all out of the way, so any other savings can just go towards spending down there. I'll be staying at the Fairmont, anyone else staying there? Decided to go with a hotel rather than an Airbnb due to some suggestions from other members on Twitter, but the convenience of being right next to the convention center is going to be the biggest plus.  

  • RTX guide

    1 month ago


    RTX Austin guide

    1.       Hydrate has been said before but it's a necessity. Bring a reusable water bottle! It's going to be summer and Austin gets hot. Hydration is super SUPER important!

    2.       Eat! PLEASE Eat! At least 2 meals a day! Make sure you eat something during the day because you'll be running around having fun and you want to make sure you eat something. Food in Austin- >

    3.       Break in your shoes BEFORE the convention and weeks if not months before. Because you will be on your feet, be it in line or wandering the expo hall. Good shoes make all the difference.

    4.       Follow your faves on twitter and set up alerts so if they set up a impromptu signings. If there's someone you really want to meet but you didn't get their signing, put them on notifications because a lot of people may do impromptu signings.

    5.       Plan for lines, follow the Twitter to help you plan, keep an eye on RTXEvent on twitter. Also, RTXLines knowing when lines start, especially for bigger panels. RTXEvent during RTX will have updates if necessary.

    6.       Download the RTX Austin app. This usually has the panel schedule and other good information when it comes out for the event. Share your schedule with friends, Maps of the convention centre and surrounding areas along with updates.

    7.       Things happen and you may not get into a panel you want, have a backup plan!  And even a back up plan to your back up plan. Don't be angry or upset if you see a RT personality and they don't have time to take a photo/ sign something, there are over 60 000 attendees, they can't meet everyone.

    8.       Battery packs for your phone, don't want to run out of space either. Portable chargers for your phone, you'll need it! Not run out of battery right as you get to meet one of the many guests.

    9.       Don't forget sunscreen, there will be a lot of walking from building and building and the Texas sun spares no one. Allergic to SPF, use Zinc or a natural substitute.

    10.   Always keep money for food an emergency separate from spending money so you don’t get tempted to spend it, Also don’t run yourself into debt, think of future you.

    11.   Carry signing materials with you! Nothing sucks more than meeting one of the RT crew and not having a pen/sharpie or paper or something for them to sign. Bring a minimum of 2 sharpies - one light one dark - and at least one pen.

    12.   Convenience stores on Sixth street. Their prices are ridiculous. Like, $4 for a soda ridiculous. If you need snacks or drinks outside of the convention itself, the Second Street market near the convention centre is much better on their prices or catch an lyft/uber to Walmart or HEB and do some shopping for the weekend, pick up some light snacks too.

    13.   There’s a big homeless shelter about 5 blocks north of the convention centre. I’ve never really had much of a problem with any of them, but they will stop you and ask you for money. Just kind of a heads up thing.

    14.   If you ask a question during a panel, PLEASE think about it beforehand. There is very limited time for Q&A sessions, so long stories are not generally appreciated, and your jokes aren’t questions so unless it’s the most funny thing you’ll ever say, consider not saying it. I apologize if this seems rude, but just go watch some past Q&A sessions and you’ll see how bad it can get.

    15.   Ask guardians for help if you need it, I promise guardians don't bite - most of the time :)

    16.   BE NICE! To other attendees, to staff and most of all to the guardians.

    17.   LAST but not least, please have at least ONE shower per day and wear perfume and anti-perspirant, please, everyone smells, no matter what.

    Your top take away from this should be 3,2,1 – 3 Hours of sleep, 2 Full meals a day and 1 Shower MINIMUM, RTX is a 3 day event so look after yourself.

    Videos to help, as some people don’t like reading

    My favourite one is from Zonbi's Workshop - >

    The main thing is to stay happy and healthy, as much as you can in a Texas summer

    I am Also working on a volunteers guide, even though as volunteers this is something you would know or find out from head volunteers

  • Spring Break: Podcast Edition!

    1 month ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    TL;DR - Tickets go on sale for The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Always Open, and Off Topic Live From Austin 2019, Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!


    We had so much fun last year we’re bringing back Live From Austin! It’s 3 nights of podcasts done in front of our favorite audience: you!


    The Sunset Room

    310 E 3rd Street

    Austin, TX 78701


    The shows will take place from Monday, March 25 to Wednesday, March 27 as follows:

    Monday, March 25 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast

    Tuesday, March 26 - Always Open

    Wednesday, March 27 - Off Topic

    Doors for all shows - 7:00 PM CT

    All shows start - 7:30 PM CT


    Tickets are sold separately for each show and come in two tiers and can be purchased at

    General Admission ($40)

    • Admission

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster

    VIP ($60)

    • Early Admission

      • 6:00 PM Doors

    • Special Q&A Session with talent

      • 6:30 PM Start

    • Priority Seating

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster (signed)

    Each night’s poster will be podcast specific. Come to all three shows to complete the collection.

    Join us in making memories and witnessing the madness and the magic of Rooster Teeth.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!

    Any questions can be sent to Customer Support at



  • RTX 2019

    1 month ago


    I got my Platinum tickets today!!! I have been waiting and saving for YEARS for this!!!!!

  • Looking for Community Friends

    1 month ago

    AndyP717 Beware Of Squirrels

    God this sounds so lonely

    I'm looking to make friends with community members to talk to and play games with as none of my friends share the interest of roosterteeth and i couldnt picture my life without them

  • RTX 2019

    1 month ago

    MariFlute Aspiring Pit Musician

    Hey! if anyone going to RTX Austin from Louisiana needs a roommate or a travel buddy, hit me up! I'll be a guardian and am willing to drive or fly. 

  • RTX 2019

    1 month ago

    MariFlute Aspiring Pit Musician

    So, I have been accepted as a Guardian for RTX Austin 2019. I only have 1 problem: my dad won't pay the $1200 I need for the trip. Does anyone have any tips on what to do or maybe know other guardians who are travelling and rooming together? I am from Louisiana, so the drive isn't too far, but long car rides make me nervous. So yeah!