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  • New Friend to Rooster Teeth

    22 hours ago

    Chicas_Jonathan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    I'm bringing my friend that knows nothing about Rooster Teeth to #RTXAustin2018 this year does anyone in the @RTCommunityNews have any suggestions on what I should prep them on beforehand? @RoosterTeeth @AchievementHunt @FunhausTeam

  • Finally doing it!!

    2 weeks ago


    My girlfriend and I are coming to RTF this year!!  We have been wanting to for a really long time.  It's nice to know we can finally make it!!!

  • RTX Austin 2018 Passes

    2 weeks ago


    So I've bought my pass for RTX Austin 2018.  I have my hotel and flight all sorted out.  I just have a question regarding passes.  When RTX Austin was announced for this year, one of the posters (It was either Bethany or Barbara, I can't find the post) talked about passes being mailed out this year.  I still haven't recieved mine, so I was wondering if anyone remembers when they were supposed to go out?  Have anyone received theirs yet?  Or was there an update regarding the passes that I missed?

  • RTX 2018 Sydney (My Experience

    3 weeks ago

    HAKURU_15 Triple G

    Hi y'all, again it's been a while, i remember back then when i was pretty young here (i was one of those small young-lings that would fake my age just to make an account type of people) yes I'm looking at you Barbara. I'd use to post quite often. I was a pretty big RT fan back then usually towards any type of news, the community and pretty much all about the whole RvB thing but also anything that RT would start producing I'd go mad nuts because a company like this that pursues in creating entertaining content? That's pretty dope and cool to look up to. Now I'm in college suffering through a few projects and just waiting to get out of here and well.... redoing my whole portfolio. Anyway's without further a do, I went to RTX on February. My experience? It. Was. Amazing. In fact it was so crazy I'd have to nail down and break it down for you guys! So here's how it goes!

    I was going to RTX as Masterchief, last time before that i went as a Combat Evolved Paper Marine.... yes it was out of paper not hard paper mind you.... it was uhm.... hard.... but surprisingly it survived the whole experience except when i was leaving home.

    Anyways going as Masterchief in his classic Mark VI glory with some pretty dope hard upgrades, a visor, some lights and a pretty cool black under suit, i started to meet up with a few other halo cosplayers. They were amazing, one of them was the white shipmaster from halo 2 and 3, in fact he was even mentioned during the live rooster teeth podcast during that time. Anyways while we were walking around like bad asses as we were, i heard a person saying out to us "hey guys mind if get a picture with you guys?" 

    Now as cosplayers walking around, it's always an amazing experience when someone says they wanna have a picture with you. It's like you done something right, it's like you sparked something in them, and deep down all that hard work and effort, it was worth it. BUT THIS. WAS. WORTH. IT.

    Me and my friends just turned around and suddenly it was MATT HULLUM. Yes ladies and gentlemen Matt mother fucking Hullum. The Sarge himself! And this was one of the first times I've actually met Matt! The only times I've met any RT people in real life was during the first time i met with Burnie and Gavin during Supanova and boi that was a long time ago. Anyways we all had an epic group photo with Matt and other people and honestly it was an amazing experience meeting him like that.

    Oh.... there's more.... 

    Anyways after that and with a lot of walking around i went and started to get food. It was like 5pm and it was 1 hour before closing time. So i walked back in and see what else was going on. Suddenly my same friends started walking around and telling me "YO WE ARE ON A HUNT!"

    and I'm like "A hunt?"

    Basically what happens is during when the con is about to get empty you'd usually find RT members walking around meaning less people taking photos and less people probably.... wanting to eat the RT guys and girls up? (okay maybe i was a little bit exaggerating there but you get what i mean) back to the story, my friends suddenly actually met up with I think Michael and Gus. Like seriously GUS. As i was walking around too i saw a small line trying to get a picture and autograph with Jeremy from the Achievement Hunter crew. Sadly there was a guardian saying the line is full so i was like "meh okay i missed out, no biggie, i hardly watch Achievement Hunter anymore and i actually don't know much about Jeremy" so it didn't really bother me that much. Then sooner or later i see Jeremy running around with a camera and his going to random people. Then he looks at me. DUH MASTERCHIEF. Walking up towards me and I'm like "uhm..., uh.... wait IS THIS SHIT HAPPENING?!" He walks up to me and tells me "YO TAKE OFF YO HELMET!" so i basically did, but i didn't know what to say! And his like "YO WHAT UP MAN!" and I'm like "UH.... UHM... I'M SUPER TIRED!!!" To tell you the truth i kinda was since walking in armor makes you sweat like buckets.... but at the same time it made me an idiot saying that. I wish i said stuff like "YO YOU ARE THE MAN!" or "WANNA WEAR MY STINKY HELMET?!" other than that It was a pretty good honor meeting Jeremy like that. Then moving on i actually met BETHANY! 

    Here's the link to prove it!: Me and Pharah with Bethany!

    Honestly I was like "wow damn we're actually finding these guys like left and right holy shit! 

    After that i went home as a happy guy, it was truly one of the most amazing experiences of RTX I've ever had! Now here's the thing.... I haven't seen that video of Jeremy running around in the web.... and i haven't seen that photo of Matt with me and the group! So I've been looking around for ages! So if anyone has seen Jeremy running around at RTX or Matt in a group photo with Masterchief and a big huge giant Sangheli and of course a Pharah cosplayer! Lemme know in the comments that would be amazing not just to me but to my friends as well!


    4 weeks ago

    S182Jesus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wookie Jesus

    So, RT Box tickets were released today for RTX London.

    FIRST members are on Wednesday.

    We have TWO FIRST codes to give away, donated by members of our awesome wee community.

    Want to win one? SIMPLE!!

    What is Gavin's Porn Name?

    For ease for everyone, this was mentioned in one of the Hitman Let's Watches (Narrows it down!)

    Message ME your answers :) (I will respond to confirm I have received!)

    This will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and the RT Site, and Two winners selected at random and announced tomorrow evening (24/4/2018) at 2100.

    Good luck!


  • Update Journal 2018!

    1 month ago

    niall Bleep Bloop


    Another year, another journal from myself.

    A lot has happened in the last year, pretty much mostly good if I have to be honest. I went to university for my final year of my course in IT in September of 2016. Finished my University in May of 2017 and had a job right out of University. I came out with a 2.1 which means I can go back to my University and continue my studies at any time I want, which I do plan to eventually.

    I traveled too and from Vancouver to meet @TheMcSushi (Kaitlyn) and Kaitlyn spent Christmas with me in Ireland in 201, which I would say was awesome but we both were sick for about a week of it XD

    In November of last year I applied for a IEC visa, it is a 2 year Working Holiday visa that allows me to stay in Canada and work for 2 years. In December, I was accepted and it was crazy to think that I could be on my way to moving out of my family home and travel 8,000km to stay with Kaitlyn. In March, that happened.

    I have been doing interviews for jobs and I am all set up in the Canadian system. I am even trying to get my drivers license over here (oh joy! XD). If you want my North American number just DM me :)

    In other exciting new, Kaitlyn and I will be going to RTX Austin 2018 this year. We will be going from the 2nd of August to the 6th. We will be arriving on the Thursday at 6am and leaving at 8pm on the Monday. If anyone is going this year it would be awesome to hang out with ye!

    I think that has been me in the last while. If you want to catch up just give me a shout on here or any of my social media, I have many XD



  • Boneyard Arcade Do RTX Austin!

    1 month ago

    LuckyBonez Lucky Bonez

    G'day everyone!

    So you may have already seen the exciting news but for those who haven't...


    *wild yodeling*

    We're gearing up to head back to Austin and we can't wait to see you all there.

    RTX was a blast last year and surprisingly, we met a whole lot of people that knew us online.

    Now, we're coming back for an even bigger, longer and uncut trip!

    We'll have a panel AND a meet-up so be sure to pay us a visit (and smash some shoeys with us)

    Really looking forward to heading back to see all our RT family <3

    Love your faces xxx

  • Looking At My Budget And...

    1 month ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    It looks like I won't be going to RTX this year, my current income does not support me attending.  I was hoping some commissions/gigs/job opportunities would give me the money to go this year, but expenses ate up all of sparse income that I have already.  I'd rather not go into debt just to attend a convention especially when I probably can't show off a product I am working on to drum up business, and tables at RTX are expensive.  

  • Thoughts of the last year (while sat on a train home)

    1 month ago

    Smilerbull That guy... no not him

    So it’s just under a year since I last posted a journal entry on here. (I think that shows my thoughts of the current community site but that’s not what this is about.)

    So let’s look back at the last year and also kill some time on this train journey. 

    Work wise was pretty stagnant up until December when I got accepted onto a talent development program. This program is all about helping develop the next generation of managers in my department. Now I work for the uk government so it’s not easy to progress into management. So hopefully this will lead to something down the line. 

    My other work that I do on weekends has progressed nicely and I’m now lead commentator for the VRS iRacing GT World Championship series. It was really surreal to have Formula 1 megastar Fernando Alonso tweet a video of him watching and hearing my voice coming out of his tv. 

    I’ve also started streaming my own racing on my YouTube channel ( and it’s great fun when I get people interacting with me during races. I’m up to 91 subscribers (at time of writing) which is nice. I wanna hit that 100 mark by July and then set myself further growth goals after hitting that mark.

    Last year I was a guardian at the inaugural RTX London, working on one of the response teams. Was an unbelievable weekend meeting so many people from the community and to see old friends as well.

    So what does the rest of this year have for me? Well I’m starting to look at setting up as a freelancer for my esports role (and get myself a uk press card at some point)

    I hope I’m selected as a guardian again for this years RTXL (I haven’t heard when writing this)

    I hope that my work development continues and I move up a grade into lower management. 

    I could also do with getting fitter as I’ve let myself go quite a bit these last 12 months. I’m trying to cut out all unnessesary sugar from my diet to help with that and need to set myself a simple excersise program to help lose some of that weight. 

    And finally I am determined to use my journal more this year. I think I’ll have to set myself a reminder at least once a month to put something here, even if it’s just a photo of something from the last month.

    Anyway tldr: I’m still here, just a little fatter.

  • Rtx in august

    1 month ago

    Colourcast Mr

    would love to go to my first rtx in August. Only problem is there' no one that I know that will join me :/ .

  • RTX Sydney - What it was like to be an Ambassador

    1 month ago

    LuckyBonez Lucky Bonez

    G'day friends!

    As you might know, myself and my friends from Boneyard Arcade were the first ever RTX Ambassadors at RTX Sydney this year!

    It was an unreal experience and I honestly can't wait for there to be more community members involved as ambassadors. 

    Now, some people have asked us a few times; "What exactly are RTX Ambassadors and what do they do?"

    A very good question and probably relevant to anyone that might want to have a crack at it in the future. The short answer is that we were hosts of  the convention. We did interviews between each panel via the Twitch live stream. We got to go to lots of the cool booths around the convention floor and interact with RT talent so that the folks at home who couldn't make the con got to see what it was like!

    As a diehard Rooster Teeth fangirl, it was such a rewarding experience being able to represent the Australian RT community. We met a lot of amazing people and really stepped out of our comfort zones which was terrifying but so very rewarding. 

    We're excited to see what the future holds for the next RTX ambassadors and we are exceptionally proud to have been the guinea pigs for this program.

    Anyway, that's my ramble done. Thanks for reading!

    xxx Lucky


    2 months ago

    AlintheaYoh RTX Guardian '17 & '18

    The hype is unreal. Again, I find myself in the privileged position of being selected to be an London RTX Guardian for the second year in a row for London.

    I already booked my hotel, even though I live in London, I've already got the time off work, even if I'm not needed Wednesday/Thursday and I'm ready. 

    Not the waiting to see what role I'm placed into. Good luck to everyone else and I hope the people who didn't get picked still managed to attend and enjoy the event to its fullest!!!

  • RTX Austin 2018 pics?

    2 months ago


    Since I had such a hard time posting all those pics from last year, I just took to twitter.  This year, I'm ready!  If you have suggestions (other than that I'm about to say) please comment below!  Anything easier, I'm happy to setup.  I'm going do several journal posts and include pics throughout.  I've noticed a lot of unboxings and other type posts so I'm hopeful I'll be able to share this year's pics a lot easier!   

    For those of you whom I had the pleasure of photographing last year, thank you!!!!  I shall try to complete the Guardian collage as soon as possible.   Unfortunately life gets in the way of fun!  Can't wait to see you all in Austin!!!!

  • Which pass should I buy?

    2 months ago


    So I'm going to RTX this year and as it's my first time going in wondering should I get a weekend pass or a Saturday pass (since thats my birthday). I'm trying to figure this out because I really wanna go for the whole weekend but I'd be short $100+ for myself and although I know it will be worth it I can't bring myself to buy it right now. On the other hand I want to buy the Saturday pass just so I can go on my birthday and enjoy that day itself and i wpuld have a little more spending money but I dont know if I'd be able to see everything I want to. Also theres the question of my plane ticket and a hotel to book. What should I do? 

  • The Pie Fight!

    2 months ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Every year for the last 4 years Dungeon Drunks has run a live D&D game at RTX to raise money for charity.  Last year the one shot game I ran was a silly adventure at an annual pie festival, with plenty of fun stuff to participate in and a legendary dessert monster at the end.  If you missed the show we recorded it and put it out as Episode 76: RTX 2017 The Pie Festival.

    I've cleaned up my notes, Luke McKay updated his fantastic art, and we've put that adventure out on the DMs Guild!


    You can get The Pie Fight today on DMs Guild!

    This isn't a money making venture, obviously. It's part Dungeon Drunks promotion, part fun thing for our fans, and part exercise for me.  For all the D&D I DM, and all the homebrew I create and run, I don't actually write those adventures down as a coherent product others could use. Part of that is because my notes are sparse and crazy, and part of it is that I tend to have the whole outline in my head but then make up a lot as I go along. So it's a challenge to write it all out in a coherent manner.

    I hope to publish more in the coming months, and hopefully you'll find this a fun read!


  • RTX 2018

    2 months ago


    So my tickets are booked for RTX 2018, hotel is sorted! Can't wait to get out there! Who else is going to be out there!? 

  • In Search of a PLATINUM RTX BADGE!

    2 months ago

    DaddysLittleMonster I Eat Shades Of Red


    As most of you know, the RTX Badges went on sale last Monday. And due to the addition of the Weekend Plus badge, there were even fewer Platinum badges for sale. The Weekend Plus offers half the perks of Platinum for half the cost for the people who wanted Platinum, but couldn't afford it. I myself was in desire of a Platinum Badge, but due to the Front Gate website crashing due to everyone trying to get a Platinum Badge, by the time I got in, they were sold out. I tried again on Wednesday for the supposed First Member reserve of these badges, but they were never not sold out, even though people claimed they were able to get them.

    So, I am in search of someone who is willing to sell their Platinum Badge to me. If you have a Platinum Badge you want taken off your hands, I'm willing to pay full price. And if you want to sell your badge but you don't want to miss out on RTX, don't fret! I am currently in possession of a Weekend Plus Badge. If you're willing, I will trade you and pay the difference for your Platinum Badge.

    PLEASE contact me at through this website. I'm only interested in serious sellers, and I'm not interested in selling my Weekend Plus Badge without getting the Platinum Badge in return.

    -Tatiana G.

  • RTX 2018

    2 months ago

    peetey Am I cool yet?

    Just got my hotel room and plane ticket. Decided to just get the regular weekend pass, since when I went last year I also had the regular weekend pass and was able to meet everyone I wanted too and see everything I waned too. Just takes a little work to do. Anyways anyone else plaining on going this year

  • RTX 2018

    2 months ago


    I am going to RTX for the first time this year! I am so excited.

  • So Excited

    2 months ago


    Just bought my first ever tickets to RTX! So excited, being a fan since I was like 12 I’ve always wanted to go, but now I’m going and I cannot wait!

  • Weekend Plus

    2 months ago


    No Platinum pass for me this year. On the bright side though, I did get a weekend plus pass, so that'll be fun. I can't wait until RTX this year!


    2 months ago


    AHHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW! I'm excited to purchase my RTX ticket because that's how much I know it going to be real that I'M ACTUALLY GOING !! I'm actually going to late for my class just to purchase it but it's worth it !! AHH! I know some people are going to think "Dude chill its just a ticket.." UM NO NOT FOR ME. I been waiting since 2013 to go and see my amazing favorite people! Don't mind me, a 21 year old. Ahahah omg I need friends...

  • I'm An Idiot

    2 months ago


    It turns out that I did get the email with my early access code. I'm just an idiot who doesn't know how to check her junkmail on her phone. Ugh....

  • Me, Myself, and RTX

    2 months ago


    I haven't really used this at all but I think it will be appropriate for what I have planned for myself. I plan on attending my first RTX Austin later this year and go by myself. It's probably the biggest things I've ever planned for myself and doing it alone. Though I am planning on doing this trip alone, I hope that I meet some awesome people during the convention. Whether it's a casual conversation in line or getting that feeling of "I'm among my people" type of thing during a panel. Rooster Teeth has been such a big part of my life for the past decade and finally making it out to an RTX would really make me feel closer to the community.

  • Bummed

    2 months ago


    I didn't get to buy any RTX tickets today. I went to double gold (and was charged) on January 31st, but I guess it was still too close to the February cut off for me to get a code. I'm going to be so sad if I can't get a Platinum pass.