Steam is Anti-Consumer?

Game News: Steam is Anti-Consumer?

Valve is in hot water with a French consumer group, who's taking them to court over anti-consumer policies in the Steam User Agreement. Insert tired joke here about the French and their track record in conflict. Do you think Steam needs to change

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Comments (2)

  • jaggededge96

    2 years ago

    Is Meg wearing a TARDIS necklace?

  • forgottenlor FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 years ago

    DMCA and a few other pieces of legislation are the most pro-Corporation sets of regulations out there particularly when it comes to licensed media so it's not surprising that Consumer Advocacy groups don't get too far in the US.

    Valve's claim of ownership of our content will probably not survive contact with the legal system - without a direct compensation trail, it would be near impossible for that to survive. Nobody is going to care too much about posts but I'd be really concerned about work done on mods - especially artwork - as it would be perfectly reasonable for an artist to want to reuse such content for (potentially paid) work beyond said mods and to give up those rights to Valve would be insane.

    As for the hacking one, while the wording is probably too generous, it's more likely for individual account breaches (AKA: they figured out your password) that they're claiming indemnification on. If it's a server breach and they get direct database access, any defense that starts with that Terms of Service could not possibly survive for very long as there would be a reasonable expectation upon them to take steps to protect their service and we're being asked to trust them with our account information while they have no legal requirement to meet that trust? That's impossible for them to justify in court. I'm not saying the wording isn't off and isn't going to pass the court challenge, but that distinction would likely be their path in court

    I have no read on the digital transfer arguments since it is licenses they're selling, the Luxembourg argument is probably defensible under International Copyright agreements but beyond the scope of Copyright laws, I can't guess, and the Steam Wallet argument may be something that has to be petitioned on a case-by-case basis as Valve could argue that suspicion of hacking or other illegal activity would compromise someone's right to that money and that they are liable to ensure that such a transfer is legal - though even that would be a policy shift.

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