We Were WRONG? Our 2017 Predictions GRADED

Game News: We Were WRONG? Our 2017 Predictions GRADED

At the end of 2016 we sat down and imagined what might happen in 2017. Now it's time to see how much we got right and just how much we got wrong.

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  • RiverRunning

    2 weeks ago

    VR/AR was never going to take off this year unless Micro$oft released Minecraft VR... which they are not going to until that ship has sailed (as ever) so it'll take years and probably a business use-case before VR/AR goes anywhere because the AAA's don't have the cojones to do anything about it and Nintendo is too busy reinventing mobile gaming, console gaming, input devices and the whole concept of family gaming to also revolutionise output devices by going for it wholesale - which is when Nintendo both shines and crashes and burns (but then that's the whole risk/reward thing in a nutshell).