Destiny 2 UNFAIR PC Bans?

Game News: Destiny 2 UNFAIR PC Bans?

Destiny 2's PC version couldn't launch problem free, right? After loads of accusations that the game has been unfairly banning people for no reason, Bungie has responded to say that anyone who got banned was actually cheating all along -- oh, and not that many people were affected by it. That didn't sit too well with the folks who were banned.

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Comments (3)

  • Exodus2791

    4 months ago

    Bungie: We banned 400 people manually.
    Later: We unbanned 4 people.
    Later again: We've identified more people who shouldn't have been banned and unbanned them  (no numbers)

    Behind the scenes: Damage control!

  • RiverRunning

    4 months ago

    Using terms like "mass ban" is helping overblow this whole story; four hundred or a few hundred bans is almost nothing given the player base of a game like Destiny... maybe as many as one percent if it doing REALLY badly compared to it's earlier incarnation!!!

  • EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold I'm a Know Buddy!

    4 months ago

    400 people is actually kind of a small number outside of the Internet, but 400 people can sound like 4 million on the Internet thanks to rampant, panicky misinformation that the Internet is wont to doing. They're still 400 people, though.

    In the back of my mind when playing the PC open beta, I had the thought of "Someone's going to use this to try to hack the actual release." I would bet that shortly after the PC open beta ended, there were sites out there offering hacks to people.

    Perhaps Bungie was smart enough to be looking for oddities during the PC beta, looking for those same sites, and learning to identify such hacks.

    ...but when people get involved, things get messy. 400 people is a lot of people to ban in such a short time. If Bungie is doing it manually after a review, they must be getting assistance, and people can be lazy or unscrupulous. You get a pile of flagged activities. Is it easier to just hit "yes" on everything? Bruce, Almighty did that to disastrous results.

    I can't write this off as all (but 4) deserved bans just yet.

    That said, PC players need to be more proactive with their caution. As a PC player, I take no extra risks. Just using a PC is risky enough. It is possible that some (possibly a lot) of the players had Blizzard-targeting malware on their computers. The amount of Blizzard-related malware out there is quite staggering. Yet, our personal computers are our responsibility. If our actions acquire malware even without our knowledge, it's our responsibility. When simply browsing to the wrong site can place malware on one's computer, a few extra steps need to be taken. The most important is not using Administrator privileges to do any day-to-day or casual stuff. One might be amazed how that simple change mitigates so much risk.

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