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Game News: Metroid Game Mode Held HOSTAGE

Metroid: Samus Returns is the perfect game to tide gamers over until Metroid Prime 4, except for one thing: Nintendo may have overstepped with its exclusive amiibo content this time around by locking an entire game mode behind an amiibo that costs almost as much as the game.

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    6 months ago

    I played through both BotW and FE:Echos. They were both very complete games on their own. BotW could have been 2/3 the size and I still would've been happy (and hard mode didn't even exist until months later). Echos was a good-sized FE game, and already has a post-game extra dungeon (If anything, I'd be annoyed at locking out the overclasses, but you'd have to grind a bunch just to use them well, so I didn't really care when it was all said and done)

    so, SO FAR, I'm okay with Nintendo's track record on DLC. They deliver complete games in the initial package (though the on-cartridge dlc lockouts are an annoying concept). Locking something like this out via ammiibo though... seems like a bad idea, due to the shortages y'all mentioned. Honestly, it's not even greedy, its stupid. They'd make more money from selling it as $5 DLC.

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