Switch Outpacing EVERYTHING!

Game News: Switch Outpacing EVERYTHING!

Nintendo's riding a wave of Switch success, and thanks to their new financial report, it looks like it's a WAY bigger wave than anybody could have predicted, already in position to sell more than the Wii U in its first year alone. We now know the exact number of units the console has moved to date, and it looks like those recent rumors about increased production are true. Is the Switch poised to overtake all the other consoles on the market?

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  • RiverRunning

    4 months ago

    You made it sound like Nintendo had been out of the running a long time but being lower for one generation is not long... otherwise you should be saying the same about Sony last generation and Microsoft this generation... in fact it tends to be the same with all the console makers - one year doing well the next not so much; though Nintendo does well out of releasing in a more staggered way to the other two - less competition and comparisons about hardware!

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