Why Game Developers Don't Communicate

Game News: Why Game Developers Don't Communicate

Hot on the heels of one developer calling gamers toxic, Overwatch boss Jeff Kaplan's taking on accusations that Overwatch developers ignore their community to talk about why developers REALLY don't communicate.

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Comments (3)

  • fatmurphy

    4 months ago

    Comparing a company making promises to No Man's Sky is ridiculous. They showed gameplay that was absolutely not in the game and still is not in the game or ever will be. Its different when someone verbally slips up, maybe not according to some gamers. But the developers of No Man's Sky just outright lied, to the point of false advertising.

  • woard FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    4 months ago

    While I agree that gamers are really shitty sometimes, Blizzard seems to be putting in less effort with there games than ever before.  In the latest wow expansion the cut scenes look like there not as well made as the older ones and that's while running them on new much better hardware.  In addition it is almost impossible to put a ticket in to a GM despite the fact that it's still a paid service, you literally can't put a ticket in unless it is related to you not giving them money anymore.   You have a broken quest that you can't complete....go fuck yourself,  but when I'm done and turning my account off,  "are you having a problem, talk to a GM right now".

    Granted there games are still some of the best out there despite the seemingly lazy update schedule, you'd think that if they're bringing in people at least one of them could be to relay information to their community.

  • RWBimbie Keeper of Poems

    4 months ago

    Know whats really scary?

    Talking to members in the forums.

    hmmm.. actually, our forums not scary at all for RT to use.

    "Ideally this would be open dialog"

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