Why Do Consoles Cost Hundreds of Dollars?

Game News: Why Do Consoles Cost Hundreds of Dollars?

Have you ever wondered why a game console costs hundreds of dollars, when the same hardware in a PC can be bought cheaper? Wonder no more.

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Comments (2)

  • EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Porn Evaluator

    1 month ago

    It seems to swing back and forth -- People paying for convenience with less hassle and people putting out more effort to do it themselves. While I'm not trying to equate DIYers to pirates, but it seems that people are willing to buy things because pirating stuff can be a hassle. It applies to consoles, too. The trends seems to shift as generations get tired of the hassle and have the cash to burn.

    I can't remember who, but someone with RT mentioned that many creators account for piracy but rely on ease-of-access to get things sold. Complicated DRM for physical media was a huge turn-off, and the hours of torrent and risking malware seemed worth it. Embedded, low-impact DRM with electronic purchases makes pirating just not seem worth it. I think that this applies to consoles.

    My theory: As the older generation supplies the hardware for the younger one, they'll put less effort into it, until the younger generation fends for themselves and puts more effort into their entertainment for the sake of starter cash. Then, they become the older generation. My other theory is that this cycle drifts slower than the speed at which generations age as the older generations influence the incoming adults, stagnating change for a bit.

  • MartyGras2

    1 month ago

    Surprised that this generation made any profit at all because I always heard they sold they at a loss.  Kinda like printers and the price of the ink.