EA Gets DOWNGRADED + Overwatch 2 PREDICTED + AI Taking Over Harry Potter Fan Fic

News Roundups: EA Gets DOWNGRADED + Overwatch 2 PREDICTED + AI Taking Over Harry Potter Fan Fic

EA's been downgraded by analysts over the performance of Battlefront 2. One analyst is predicting Diablo 4 AND... Overwatch 2? AI's learning to write Harry Potter and it is... amazing.

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    1 month ago

    Since EA isn't intending to make more Switch games any time soon, and the Switch might eke by as a mobile device (something that's not exclusive in the Disney deal with EA), a Star Wars game on the Switch might push me over the edge to get one. Disney should push one of its other developers to do a Switch Star Wars game, especially if EA isn't going to do one and doesn't have the exclusive on mobiles.

    Racter (an AI "chatterbot") wrote a book back in 1983 called "The Policeman's Beard is Half-Constructed." It opens the book that contains short dissertations and poems by trying to describe love. It was first trained by conversations with the developers. Like the AI used in the HP chapters, it received lots of edits before publication. (With the HP AI, there's a site out there containing the unedited texts.) Shortly after Racter's solitary literary publication, programs began popping up to emulate the chatterbot, such as "Eliza". (Eventually, spammers made their own versions in the days when public email finally became rampant. I understand that some of the spamming chatterbots frequent chat rooms.)