Battlegrounds 2: SURVIVAL? + PS4 Pro Getting an Upgrade + Tweet to Aliens

News Roundups: Battlegrounds 2: SURVIVAL? + PS4 Pro Getting an Upgrade + Tweet to Aliens

PlayerUnknown on his next game to follow Battlegrounds. Details have leaked about PS4's upcoming firmware update and it comes with some nice upgrades specifically for PS4 Pro. Want to be the first person to tweet out to all the aliens that may be trying to ignore us? NASA wants to help you. Plus, Call of Duty World War II's Destiny-like social space, Lawbreakers is having a pretty tough launch so far, Gran Turismo Sport is bucking the trend and skipping the microtransactions, AI is learning to play StarCraft 2, Tales from the Borderlands may have been received well but is considered a failure internally, Deadpool director Tim Miller is adapting Neuromancer, and Donald Glover's speaking on the director change for the Han Solo movie.

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  • AishaAdventures FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Yomiko Readman's twin

    7 months ago

    Yay for Gran Turismo skipping the micro transactions! It's nice that what's old is new again :) And it's nice to hear from folks about the shake up on Star Wars island with the Han Solo movie. Leave it to Donald Glover to say it so well. Side note: more Donald Glover in EVERYTHING!!

    And Neuromancer!!! How incredible is this. Yesterday news of an Octavia Butler book FINALLY being adapted for the screen and now this cyberpunk joyride is coming too. Fangirl tears of joy. 

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