Crash Bandicoot Rivals COD + Destiny's Steam MISTAKE + Game of Thrones Leak ARREST

News Roundups: Crash Bandicoot Rivals COD + Destiny's Steam MISTAKE + Game of Thrones Leak ARREST

Crash Bandicoot is putting up Call of Duty-level sales domination weeks in the UK. Destiny transactions briefly appeared on Steam but Bungie says it's a mistake. Four arrests have been made in the Game of Thrones episode leak. Plus, details for the Call of Duty private beta, we may get another HD remaster of Okami, Agents of Mayhem is out and it's... ok, Nier: Automata is credited with saving Platinum Games from some serious trouble, the new Xbox wireless adapter has been delayed, Tencent is rumored to be investing in Bluehole, and Johnny Depp is producing a Secret World TV show.

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Comments (2)

  • hitenpatel1

    7 months ago

    Says dont leak episodes but Got season 7 ep 6 just got leaked

  • LennartdeVries FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    7 months ago

    Was hyped for the Secret World Legends game reboot. Too bad it's mechanics/gameplay, animations et cetera are way below par for 2017 MMO games. The TV-series could have great potential. The amount of available lore could be a double edged sword, it could muddy the storyline. I hope it will take on a GTA5 story approach: Three main characters, one from each affiliation (Illuminati/Dragon/Templar) slowly interacting more and more with a season finale seeing them come together in a fight against a common enemy. If it avoids some generic story traps it could be quite entertaining.

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