Holiday Switch Shortage + X-FORCE Gon' Give It To Ya +  Hack Exposes 143 Million

News Roundups: Holiday Switch Shortage + X-FORCE Gon' Give It To Ya + Hack Exposes 143 Million

Prepare for a holiday Switch shortage because even Nintendo's being evasive about it. An X-Force movie is moving forward with Deadpool and Cable. An Equifax hack has exposed 143 million people's super-personal information, including social security numbers and credit cards. Plus, Nintendo on VR for Switch, Ubisoft vs Vivendi, Halo backwards compatibility update, huge Destiny 2 sales and DLC leaks, Okami HD for PC, a sequel for IT, Marvel and Star Wars abandoning Netflix, and Toys R Us going bankrupt.

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Comments (2)

  • AishaAdventures FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Yomiko Readman's twin

    6 months ago

    I'll just plan on getting a Switch for my birthday, next spring.  smirk

    So ignoring the incredibly serious Equifax breach, because that's just as scary as IT; which I want to see that movie... But I'm not the one for scary stuff. #thestruggle

    X-FORCE!!! I wasn't excited until I heard Deadpool and Cable were confirmed so I'm happy about that now. And with Drew onboard, this has serious potential. I hope it becomes what Suicide Squad aspired to be, but so much better.

    Also, sooooooo what becomes of the Netflix Marvel Universe in 2019? I'm curious how that gets worked out. Also, isn't ABC part of Disney? Does that mean all of the shows from that channel will go to the new streaming service too. Stupid Disney and their damned streaming service cash grab b.s. 

  • RiverRunning

    6 months ago

    Those Equifax employees who sold their shares before the news broke are so up to their necks in it that they might as well resign (even if they didn't do it intentionally) and as for Equifax itself... well crap... how exactly do we protect ourselves from having our information stolen when one company like this can loose it all for us at the drop of a hat (and there are three companies in that field never-mind all the other companies out there who have partial information and all those government institutions that never admit to the fact they get hacked all the time and loose our information.

    The irony is that it is hell to clear your name if you have your identity stolen specifically because Equifax and company make it very hard to fix your records and charge you a lot of money to find out what is wrong in the first place (and damage your credit rating when you're trying to fix it anyway :( :( :( - We should just close them down, they always were a minefield waiting to happen and why do we want one company to have all our information in the first place? (Yes, I understand about credit scoring but that's just another word for blackballing and they lack transparency so much they are simple blackholes as far as the subjects of their information are concerned (not to the companies that get the information from them though - pretty transparent to them (and hackers it seems)... typical :(

    P.S. Don't suppose we'll get any compensation for the trouble we'll have to go to either... we'll just have to hope a class-action lawsuit gains enough traction.

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