Nintendo Switch Lines + Call of Duty Zombies LEAKED + Pokemon Minecraft Mod SHUTDOWN

News Roundups: Nintendo Switch Lines + Call of Duty Zombies LEAKED + Pokemon Minecraft Mod SHUTDOWN

Microsoft responds to the Crackdown 3 complaints, Nintendo Switch is getting crazy long lines in Japan, D23 gives us a blowout of Marvel and Star Wars franchise info, Call of Duty World War II's Zombie Mode leaks early, and a popular Pokemon Minecraft Mod bites the dust. 

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  • Jedonai FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    4 months ago

    Video Games should offer at least an hour of gameplay per $1 in the cost. So a 20-30 hour campaign is short. 

    • WellForFoxSake FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 months ago

      I've have similar thoughts about indie titles with 5 hours of gameplay priced at $10, BUT my thinking was flawed. The argument for "is it worth it?" is more complex than just $1 = 1 hour of campaign.

      What goes into "is it worth it?" (for, you know, me as of July 2017):

      Time played: The comment above mentioned the campaign being too short in Far Cry, but a single play through of a campaign is too limited when considering time played. You have to account for replay-ability, co-op experiences, and time spent in multi-player. If we judged some Call of Duty games purely based on campaign experience, no one would buy it for $60 .

      Price: The price is set at launch and gradually goes down over time. I think of a typical launch price as $60, but this can be between $40-$90+ depending on publisher/add-on's. Indie games are anywhere from $5+ on launch.

      There are going to be games that give you > 60 hours of game play for $60 and those games should help us be more forgiving of games or expansions that don't. It's not fair for me to play Destiny for 100 hours and then get angry that one of the $20 expansions didn't add 20 hours of single player campaign. 

      Special notes about price from Obvious Orville over here; if the game doesn't have online play you're interested in and/or you're swamped with life/other games on launch day, DON'T BUY THE GAME YET.

      Instead, wrap up your life situation, other games, etc. and maybe get lucky later with getting the game on sale.

      Another note, unless specified, pre-ordering a game as soon as it goes on sale typically doesn't make your copy any better than the ones pre-ordered the week of the open beta (if there is one) or week of release day. I have made this mistake so many times; pre-order money could have spent on b-roll games from last season that are on sale now, instead, I pre-ordered Destiny 2 on PC. I mean, come on self, have some restraint. 

      Why mention these notes on price? If you buy a game at a reduced price or closer to launch, your investment (money/time waiting) to "worth it" ratio will be in a much better starting place. And, you know, save money when you can. It's good for you.

      x-factor: This refers to any game feature that made you, the gamer, go 'wow, that was cool'. It can be music, graphics, mechanics, hardware integration, WHATEVER. 

      ---If you're flipping out about a game feature, it means at least one person somewhere spent a lot of time getting whatever it was just right for the game. That represents their personal investment AND the money invested by whoever their employer was; it can make or break your experience.

      Not all gamer's will approach every game with the same palette. Someone in 2017 who has never play an FPS is going to have a different experience picking up the newest Halo or Call of Duty than another gamer. 

      Game development companies don't always have to make their money doing something first or creating something that lasts the longest, but they've got to do something well. That something well doesn't always mean $1 per 1 hour game play.