N64 Classic HOAX + Fallout New Vegas Dev's New Project + Metal Gear Solid Movie PROGRESS

News Roundups: N64 Classic HOAX + Fallout New Vegas Dev's New Project + Metal Gear Solid Movie PROGRESS

Gamers uncovered a games list for a Nintendo 64 Classic edition, buuuutttt it wasn't. Fallout New Vegas developer, Obsidian, is teasing a new project. The Metal Gear Solid movie has found a writer worthy of the project.

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  • EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold House Harkotherin

    4 months ago

    CoD needs to keep player motives simple or they risk diluting the experience. The experience isn't about a whole slew of moral choices or having to figure out the setting of the game. WW2 is well known with no questions about morality - kill Nazis - and lets people focus on the gameplay, which is what CoD is all about: the gameplay.

    ... which is also why the reasoning behind that Hummer lawsuit is dumb. The gameplay is what makes the game, not a model and some textures. You don't drive Hummers with a controller. The physics aren't remotely accurate. It's not about accuracy. CoD is all about the gameplay. Are the owners of the camouflage patterns also going to sue? (Probably not because most games use their own variations of the patterns.) Unauthorized representation in a game is one thing, but insisting that your real-world product defines the gameplay sounds like someone who doesn't understand games at all.

    Movies that try to capture gameplay experiences will miss the majority of players because the majority of players do not experience a game the same way as the rest. Movies that don't bother trying to capture the gameplay will put off all players. Because of the bad reputation gaming movies have and, in that latter case of annoying everyone, will continue to have, it's a bad bet. Yet, they keep trying - which makes me think that it's people who don't understand games who are making the decisions to make movies of them.

    Don't feel old because of 17 years of CounterStrike. You've simply joined the ranks of those of us who came before and made us the cool kids again!

    "Strike that?" Don't you mean "Counterstrike that?" stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    Come on. You must (The) Know that someone would make that joke.

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