Super Smash Bros THIS YEAR + Game Mods on Xbox One

News Roundups: Super Smash Bros THIS YEAR + Game Mods on Xbox One

Nintendo's bringing Smash Bros to Nintendo Switch in 2018. Xbox is hiring a position to get support for game mods on Xbox. The White House has issued a statement on its stance about violence in video games.

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  • thewisecat FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold InsomniaCat

    1 week ago

    Yay Smash 4 on a console device that is anything but the Wii U. Enjoyed it on my 3DS, but I'll be thrilled to just have it on a device that will run it beautifully and be more readily used than wiimotes.

    The Division 2. Eh, I suppose it's an excuse for them to drop any large group of persons working on the first one so they can use the time between now and release to maybe release a slightly more polished product. Love Destiny 2. But I feel like there's a sort of mirror effect going on. Also, I've got it 100% fixated on my mind they might try to give Deadzone 2.0 a battle-royal mode. Might actually really like that.

    As far as the White House... Just come on. Its amusing to see a couple very clearly displayed Nazi arm bands in the mix of that montage, probably no real intention there, but it's amusing giving the controversy. When I first heard about it, I half expected it to borderline be a Mortal Kombat advertisement, taking the most obvious sensationalized violent games to present. All in all, it just seems to be an empty statement that drives no dialogue beyond driving disgust for the bloodier side of the game industry as a whole while blatantly ignoring the context of some of the scenes.

  • RiverRunning

    1 week ago

    Are you saying The White House freebooted/stole people's copyrighted content? Sounds like they're asking to be DMCA'd! LOL - now that is something I would pay to see! :D

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