FINALLY Buy/Sell PC Games + 120 PUBG Cheaters ARRESTED + Twitch Chat Spammer CHARGED

News Roundups: FINALLY Buy/Sell PC Games + 120 PUBG Cheaters ARRESTED + Twitch Chat Spammer CHARGED

A new Steam competitor will let you buy and sell digital PC games... does Steam finally have a solid competitor? 120 have been arrested for creating cheats in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. A Twitch chat spammer is facing criminal charges for... basically being a jerk.

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  • OniZonda FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Hokage

    1 month ago

    My view on reselling is simple- They got the money for the game in the first place. You don't see Toyota making extra money on a used car (sold person to person, specifically). Used games aren't a problem. When you sell a game, you lose access to it. There's no reason to then charge another person again for the same license. What if car companies decided that every single person who drove a car had to have a specific unique license to drive each individual car? What if every movie you watch at home needed to have individual licenses similar to how a movie theater works? How would that change the way people deal with driving or watching stuff? How many people would revolt? This concept is absurd. Used games don't harm the industry as a whole. Every used copy has to have been a new game at some point (assuming someone wasn't an asshole and stole it). 

    Whatever service is gonna be able to resell games is great and all and it makes sense to give the seller and the dev a cut of it, however is the game gonna be sold for $60? Cause I'm not gonna sell a game for $15 just to get it out of my library. I'd rather keep it. Anything less is a slap in the face. 33% of retail value is the tipping point, in my opinion. If I can get $20, then maybe I would sell something. I think the consumer should get 70%, the dev get 25% and then we're even. I'm also assuming it'll be far less than retail. Maybe $30 overall for a used PC game. Steam sales go way under that during certain points in the year so if someone hasn't bought a game by now because of the price, they'll probably wait another 6 months to get it on sale.

    There's no good way to deal with this tho. Devs made their money during the initial sale but they still want more. Consumers want to get rid of something or buy a game for less than retail. Addressing both sides is complex. Not to mention there has to be a safety net in place for people who buy games, charge back the credit card, and then sell the key. G2A is already viewed as a grey market for that exact issue. I can see how this service might work, but there are so many factors working against them that I don't see people flocking to it in droves to sell their used PC games. It probably won't fail but I can't see it being a rip-roaring success.

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