Star Wars Episode VIII Details Leak

Entertainment News: Star Wars Episode VIII Details Leak

Star Wars: Rogue One doesn't hit theaters until next month but that's not stopping anyone from trying to get a peek at the next entry in the main saga, Episode VIII. We've got some potential leaks on character appearances, themes, and more. See if you agree with our theories.

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  • Darkcloud111 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    1 year ago

    For me, I feel like Rey is a clone of Luke. I mean his original lightsaber managed to survive his duel against Darth Vader, so his hand may have been recovered by the Empire and then they made a clone later down the line in the hopes of making an army of Jedi.

  • lithographer Gus Sponsor

    1 year ago

    20+ years of a star wars fan here and i'm going with... Rey is a forgotten/hidden/and or rejected, clone from Luke's cold dead hand. think about it, it's much much better than the old theory of 'who's the father' and she could of been created by some part of the empire in secret then abandoned after ROTJ, or by one of Luke's (now dead) jedi in some weird plot to make more Jedi, Luke found out, put a stop to the cloning like Ripley to the lab Ripleys in Alien Resurrection (wow i just referenced that movie, not going to help my theory) but Rey was already born and he couldn't kill her so he abandoned her to grow up in a setting somewhat like his childhood. this might also be why he was sooo weirded out or looked like he coulnt really sense her on the island (like come she sorta like sneaked up to him and he did a total WTF jedi style turn around). because it was like ""himself"" coming to visit lol i'm sure he knew chewie/droids/falcon had landed and found him but you can tell he was totally caught off guard, besides sensing all that had happened to her. 

    why the hand you say? well whoever/whatever found his lightsaber also found his hand gripping it. and there is already cloning established but it stopped after the Empire was established (realistically to explain why every stormtrooper in IV - VI varied in height and voice and finally mentioned in VII yes!). but yet no one has ever tried to clone force sensitive beings! and maybe that makes the process almost impossible so they tried all sorts ways and got Rey then maybe they thought she was flawed or couldn't see any sign of force sensitivity. ALSO why then did she have the flashback of the last memorie Luke's DNA/force bits or whatever in his hand would have? i know DNA does not store memories (well there is evidence of that in animals and you could argue passing of ancestral fears is also in humans) talking more on the force side here tho. okay totally rambling and just going to stop, but yeah let me know if i've converted anyone haha

    • DarkTempler7 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      That makes sense if the leader of the First Order is Darth Plagueis like some people think, given that he made Anakin. Personally I kind of want her to be Palpatine's daughter though. It's be an interesting twist on Luke's story after all.

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