Neko Atsume has been a mobile gaming phenomenon... if you choose to classify it as a proper game, that is. It launched in 2014 and grew to such rousing heights that it even got the stamp of approval from @gus Sorola. So what's a successful game about feeding stray cats to do? Become a movie, of course!

Since that's kind of a thin premise for a film (not that it's stopping the emoji movie), the movie's narrative will focus on a depressed writer suffering writer's block, who becomes even more depressed when cats won't stick around... until he leaves food out for them.

In case you're still wondering how this will bear up in cinematic form, there's now a teaser trailer!

In the sequel a concerned neighbor probably comes by and finds a dead writer who's been gnawed on by a bunch of cats. Then it becomes a murder mystery about pigeons, because why not? It worked for Hatoful Boyfriend.