Almost 2 years ago, I bought Witcher 3 on launch day. In fact, I bought it on my last day in Dallas, as I was heading to Austin for my internship. I knew it was a game I would like, because it had all the elements in a game that I usually like. What I didn't know was how much this game would mean to me.

Since this game came out, there's been events in my life that have been a roller coaster of emotions. During that summer it was released, every day I would go back to my rented room and play more of it. Hours upon hours I poured into this game, and every time I thought I was close to the end, or had run out of things to see, it would give me more. This world was alive, and my work as a witcher was never done, and my daughter Ciri was counting on me. All the while it gave me many incredible characters with depth and personality, and I played it all as Geralt. Even the sidequests felt like they had the same weight behind them as any main story quest.

I've played it on and off over the past 2 years, and I finally got around to finishing the final DLC, Blood and Wine. The Beast of Beauclair has been dealt with, and it's high time for Geralt to finally settle down and retire at a place to call his home. And my old friend Regis, a vampire, tells me words that are the perfect bookmark for the Witcher journey...

"We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest."

It's been an amazing journey. I'm going to miss you, Geralt.