This was a fun project I worked on quite a few years ago. Still one of my favorites too, since these shoots were as bare bones as you can get. 

I didn't write this webseries, that was my good friend, Kenneth Trombley, who had this as his baby. He co-directed and produced this, while I acted as director/cinematographer/editor. In the second arc, we even had Skyler McIntosh, an amazing actress who has gone on to be a voice actress with Funimation, recently voicing the lead role in Izetta The Last Witch.

Most of the time, the only crew we had were the actors, myself, kenneth, and a sound person. Some days we may have had more, but for the most part, we were filming extremely simply.


We never finished season 1, in fact, we filmed the first 3 episodes, then a year and a half later filmed the next three episodes, and that's all there is. We intended to have two more three part arcs. The next one was going to see them find an underground bunker and find an insane guy killing off survivors. I was gonna go for a very "Alien" type vibe. Then the finale arc was gonna have a character very similar to King Ezekiel from Walking Dead, and then tease some things for a season 2, including answering some questions about Shepard's wife, whose memory has been haunting Shepard throughout all the episodes.

So yeah, this is likely all there will be of From the Dust, so enjoy: