Hey folks!

I'm Geoff. 

No, not that one.

I'm the younger, fatter, balder Geoff. I guess you could call me the New Geoff on the Block. 

I'm also the new Licensing Manager here at Rooster Teeth. I'm incredibly excited to join the team. My mission is simple: I'm here to put more cool RT stuff into your hands! 

I'm a near-native Texan, having spent most of my life zipping back and forth between DFW and Austin with brief stints in Oklahoma and New Zealand. I also spent a fair amount of time in California working at Pixar on various consumer products lines, including managing the toys for the *most* beloved film of all time: Cars 2. Lucky me.

I'll be using this feed to fill you in on the latest/greatest news with all of our super cool licensed products. I'll also be using it share the stuff that I geek about: toys, animation, video games, music, comics. The Works. And because I'm a parent to three incredible-but-completely-insane kiddos, I'll probably pepper in a pinch of dadstuff every now and then. Alls I'm saying is: I hope you gals and guys like hearing about baby poop. 

So welcome to my little corner of Geoffdom! I can't wait to get to know everybody.