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    • i like montreal

      12 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      i've decided this. now it is fact. montreal is pretty cool. i'm not a big fan of the weather, but the city itself is awesome. i went to this cafe that had hot chocolate that was seriously just melted chocolate with a bit of milk added to make it drinkable. it was like this sludge and it was soooo good. pair that with chocolate fondue, chocolate cake, and a banana split, and you have heaven on a table.

    • morrowind plugin

      12 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      i just finished my first ever morrowind plugin. i'm terrified that it won't work for other people like it's supposed to. or that it's terrible. sigh. :(

      the screenshots make it look pretty good though. :)

    • spike

      12 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      well, since the cat's out of the bag...
      yes, we were on SpikeTV recently. At midnight on a Saturday. We're like so famous. Anyway, the show looks like it could develop into something really legitimate. The host is a good journalist and has been around for a long time - very chill guy.

      Discussion about the show is here and maybe even a link to the footage a few posts down. Email SpikeTV and tell them it was awesome and we were awesome and we should have our own show! For serious!

    • head explodes

      12 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Monday i flew to LA to film for a new SpikeTV show called Gamehead that actually looks like it could turn into a legitimate show. Their host knows his shit.

      Tuesday i was back in SF to attend an Xbox360 preview event. They gave me a memory card, and I got to play a bunch of the 360 games (i staked out Oblivion and played with sliders for hours. literally).

      I just managed to get 2 really long days of work in, trying to cram a week in the few days I have.

      Tomorrow I fly BACK to LA for the weekend for MLG LA, which is actually in Costa Mesa, not LA. Go figure.

      Next weekend I go to LA AGAIN for IGN Live.

      And during it all is Clan Wars.

      I bought Black & White 2. But will I ever get to play it? :( Sometimes I wonder.

    • Frag Doll Friday on Far Cry Instincts

      12 years ago

      Ashley The Know


      here's the 411 if you haven't been paying attention. *slap* wake up!!

      who: the frag dolls
      what: Far Cry Instincts
      when: FRIDAY 10/7 6-8pm PST
      where: xbox live, baby!
      why: cuz it's fun to get fragged!

      sign up here.

    • RSL Clan Wars

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      hey! you! Is anyone out there reading this a super good Rainbow player? I'm recruiting for a promotional thing the frag dolls are doing for rainbow six lockdown. We're recruiting the best players we can find and drafting them into teams. the teams will then fight it out for a prize (and publicity for their home clans). it just occured to me that this is a sensible place to let you ladies and gentlemen know about it.

      if you think you're good, go here

    • i have proof!

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      see?! proof of the hole in my face!


    • EEEEE

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I have an extra hole in my face!

    • pax

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      hey guys. i met bernie and gus and geoff and all them at pax. who wants to touch me? :D i <3 those guys. it was even my 1 year anniversary of knowing them!

      oh yeah. and i'm putting a hole in my nose today! just thought you should all know.

    • level 10

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I remember when i first started playing halo 2. i thought if i could just get to level 10 i'd have proven my ability. i would be able to classify myself as "reasonably good" instead of "noobie on a stick."

      I stopped playing in January because I got wrapped up in Splinter Cell again. Since I'd just barely reached the "reasonably good" mark I didn't get to enjoy it much. I reminded myself I was never great at it, that i was better at other games. All that.

      I just started playing again for Frag Doll Friday. I remembered I sometimes enjoy the frenetic pace and the "kshwah" of the sword. I also learned that all those skills I had fought so hard for had drained away somehow. I just knew that I was not as good -- even though we were playing unranked games, I could tell. It was in the feel of it. I didn't feel as locked onto heads, and i didn't react to crazy situations with any cool thought or strategy.

      Today I decided to play some ranking and see where I stand. In Doubleteam with a friend who was also just starting to rank in Doubleteam, it took me 17 matches to get to level 10, 11 of which we won. So here I am, at my "reasonably good" marker, double digits and everything, and I realize that the game has changed. Now level 10 is like level 5. I need to get to 15 at the very least, probably 20 before I can pat myself on the back. GOD DAMMIT.

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