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    • Made in Abyss Episode 7

      9 hours ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss. The tale of two kids traveling deeper into a mysterious hole, where it’s not just the local creatures they have to worry about.

      In our last episode, Reg and Riko made their way over to the Seeker Camp where they met with Ozen, a White Whistle that Habo warned the two kids about. Also at this came is a young cave raider named Marulk, who also happens to be a Blue Whistle and about the same age as the kids. They end up chatting, with the two spending a night, but a scary encounter for Riko indicates that all is not what it seems at the camp.

      Though Riko is able to speak with Ozen, it becomes very clear that she doesn’t like the child, mentioning that she was there when Riko was born and helping to bring her up to the surface against her wishes. Oh, and Ozen offhandedly says that Lyza, Riko’s mother, is dead and buried in the Fourth Layer, and that the note saying that she’s waiting at the bottom is not her hand writing.

      Well, that won’t stop the eternal optimist Riko, who will continue her journey. But before she does, Ozen, who seems to take some sadistic delight in ruining the hopes and dreams of children, especially Riko, has something to show her. In her surprisingly normal chambers lies a cubed artifact, one that seems quite familiar.

      What other dangers lie in wait for our heroes? Has Ozen become something other than human? And is Marulk going to end up dying as a result? Let’s tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with a bit of a recap. Ozen stands above the two kids as the narrator speaks, saying that there are those who absolutely refused to stop pushing forward. On occasion, they become one with their personal convictions, transforming into karma itself. We get more shots of Ozen, first as one with a warm smile, and another where she seems less than pleased as she stares at Lyza’s whistle. I guess our narrator is talking about our mean spirited White Whistle here.

      -We see Riko’s encounter with the hollowed out human torso, which then leads to Ozen giving her a sinister, unnatural smile. Here, the narrator states that these beings, who while human, have also transcended humanity, and contineu to watch over everything with the gaze of inhuman eyes. Like Ozen’s, who, as it has been pointed out, seems to have holes where eyes should be. Obviously this is more of an artistic style, but I do recall that the lower levels do end up changing people, so it makes me wonder if Ozen was changed in some way to have such a look?

      -After the opening, we get our title card, The Unmovable Sovereign. For the picture... I honestly have no idea what we’re looking at. Looks like a strange, flat fish that’s more mouth than anything else.

      -We start the episode proper with a man clad in darkness, but wearing an all too familiar helmet, one that has a slit that runs vertical. While he is clad in darkness, there are only three points of light. One coming from his chest, where his heart should be, the visor, and a light above him. He says that the very best of the cave raiders, the White Whistles, are armed with Relics of the netherworld they’ve personally excavated, and they are each known by titles that uniquely personified them.

      -Turns out, the knight looking guy is actually a White Whistle, as our next image is of another person, clad in darkness. Though in this case, he has this long, beak mask, almost like a doctor from long ago. Our next image is of a woman, obviously Lyza, with her pick-axe. Our final one is of Ozen, as the narrator explains that, even among the White Whistles, one stands unrivaled in terms of physical strength: The Unmoveable Sovereign, Ozen the Immoveable. I should note that, for her image, she appears to be missing her head. Everybody else has on, but her’s appears to be missing. I mean, you could probably argue the case that her head is lowered or something, but even so, from the way I’m seeing it, she’s missing her bloody head!

      -We then cut to Nat and Shiggy, who have returned to the story! Shiggy asks about he stories on how Ozen pulled a gondola with thirty people inside or how she supported a boulder that was ten meters across true? Habo, who is telling the story, says that those are just rumors. However, one thing is certain: such rumors hvae been whispered about her for a full fifty years. Wait, fifty years? She looks pretty good for having so many years under her belt. Must be all those cave-raiding trips.

      -Even the kids are surprised by this, with Nat asking if Ozen was a White Whistle 50 years ago? Habo responds that she truly is the Unmoveable Sovereign, and that she is an amazing person. However, his warning seems to suggest that there’s more to her than he’s letting on.

      -Nat asks what Relic Ozen is armed with, but Habo won’t tell. The reason is that the White Whistles are the trump cards of Orth. Until their whistles return home, that information won’t be made public. Did they mention what Lyza’s was, since they assume she’s dead?

      -Still, Habo is concerned for Reg and Riko. He doesn’t believe that Ozen would tell them about the Vessel, but he’s still nervous. He stares at the Abyss, wondering if he should have gone with them despite their objections. He is counting on Reg, believing that, if it comes down to it, he will be able to protect Riko. The camera goes further down in the Abyss, before fading to black in the darkness. Yeah, that isn’t ominous at all.

      -Inside of the chambers, we get the scene from the last episode replayed, which shows off Ozen’s uniform, the one with the hood that makes it look like she has no head. But aside from the cube at the end of the hall, it’s all rather normal. Which makes the whole thing very unusual.

      -Reg asks about the cube, with Riko noting how incredibly complex the pattern is. She thinks the Relic is at least a grade-2. She begins to say that it’s not in the recorded Relics book, which Ozen confirms. Apparently, Lyza personally bought it before it could be auctioned off, though the White Whistle says she’s the one who carried it here. Riko asks if this is the Curse-Repelling Vessel, the one that she was in? Turns out, she’s only half-right. Oh, I’m afraid what this other half is.

      -Ozen then blows into her whistle, which causes the Relic to open up. She then explains that the name comes from the fact that when young people were placed in it and carried up to the surface, they weren’t affected by the strain of ascending and didn’t die. But it’s not actually right. Apparently, whatever’s placed inside is still affected by the Curse and dies. However, it starts moving around, and it was thanks to Riko that she came to understand that. Wait, what?

      -Ozen goes on to say that Riko was stillborn, that when Lyza delivered her, she was already dead. Ozen, however, called her a real annoyance, so she shoved the stillborn Riko inside of the Vessel, but somehow, she started to move. And we get more of unnatural Ozen in this shot with her unnatural smile. She seems giddy telling Riko all of this.

      -As a result of Riko’s arrival, Ozen got nostalgic and tried putting some of the meat she cooked dinner with in the Vessel. The thing got loose and rand around, but after a while, it stopped moving. But she corrects herself, saying that one half of it continued to move. Which was the hollowed out human torso part that Riko saw last night. Well, I guess we can classify Ozen as a mad scientist now, right?

      -Riko is still processing all of this when Ozen walks up to her and... dear Lord, what is going on with your face? That’s even more unnatural than all the other unnatural expressions you’ve given so far! It’s like your face got replaced with a mask that just happens to look human. Anyway, creepy Ozen goes up to Riko and asks how long she’ll last. And I know what will be haunting my nightmares for a while.

      -Riko takes a step back from the Vessel as Ozen continues, saying that, both Riko and the meat she put in there yesterday attempted to head for the center of the Abyss for some reason. And now we have a shot of Ozen hunched over the Vessel. I typically don’t comment on this, but seriously, can she just pick a form and stick with it?

      -Still, Ozen is curious why that is the case and asks Riko, since she might have an idea, saying that she’s the same as that meat from last night. She doesn’t answer because she’s currently breaking down at the moment and might need a massive repair job soon. Marulk attempts to get Ozen to stop, but she doesn’t. Riko recovers, but barely, but the White Whistle keeps going, telling the young girl that she needs to get the picture, that she despises the young girl.

      -It looks as though Ozen grew several sizes and is reaching for Riko’s head in order to crush it, but Reg decides that he’s let this go on long enough and grabs the White Whistle’s arm, stopping her. She looks at Reg nonchalantly, asking what the Aubade child wants? Yup, she knows Reg isn’t human, but he isn’t phased by this. He says that Ozen’s story is interesting, but tells her to not hurt Riko anymore than she already has. He calls her really immature, being a mean bully to young Riko here.

      -Turns out, Ozen used to hear that a lot. She grabs hold of Reg’s arm and asks if he has a conception of God? Reg is confused by this sudden question, so she explains that people around here don’t really believe in God. She then drags Reg closer and that they what they really believe in is the Abyss itself. And it is precisely because the bottom of the netherworld is unknown, and because it is feared, is has the power to become their God. Ozen... just how long have you been stuck down here for?

      -Ozen goes on, saying that if it was easy to head down and return back home, the value of Relics and faith in the Abyss would quite possibly be shaken to the core. Reg uses his extending arm properties to put some distance between them. Ozen goes on to add that the reason Aubades aren’t listed in the guide isn’t because they haven’t been discovered, it’s because they simply must not exist. Well, that sounds bad for a number of reasons.

      -Reg is getting worried. Ozen lets go of the arm, which he brings back, but he notes that his arm was creaking and wonders what is up with her strength. Ozen then walks up and remembers hearing about how he lost his memory. Well, she’s glad about that, because that means she needs to dispose of him before he can remember anything. Meanwhile, Riko is still in recovery mode as Marulk doesn’t want to be here anymore. She attempts to make an excuse to leave but Ozen orders her to stay right there. Because she wants her assistant to learn to be just as mean as her.

      -This distraction is enough for Reg to snap into action, using his extending arms to tie up Ozen, as he refuses to let it end in a place like this. He will make her let them go, even if he has to use brute force. He brings on more pressure, but Ozen, unfazed, says that she will let them go, after he ceased moving. She breaks out of her bonds with ease, which makes Reg really start to get worried.

      -Ozen, however, is more interesting in the rope like attachments of Reg’s. She notes that they don’t seem to break or get any thinner. She wonders if a bunch of strands are all packed into the same area. Well, whatever. She gives back an arm to Reg, who brings it back, but this distraction allows Ozen to throw Reg’s other arm back at him. He dodges it, but this was a feint as she got closer to him during his dodge and is able to grab and lift him up. She’s surprised by how light he is, then remarks that his sturdiness is his big appear. Built like a tank, even if he doesn’t look like it.

      -But this just gives the sadistic Ozen something to test out, so she slams Reg into the ground multiple times. This snaps Riko out of her recovery mode as Ozen mockingly says that she busted the floor. Reg, who apparently does feel some discomfort, says that she’s really done it now. But the fact that Reg is still defiant like this just makes her want to go all out. As she grabs him by the collar, Riko calls out to stop this. She attempts to run at her, but Ozen just swats her away like a fly and with just as little care.

      -As Riko bounces across the room, Marulk decides that she isn’t staying any longer and leaves. However, Riko’s cry of pain causes Reg to react, breaking Ozen’s hold on her and getting away. He does to check on Riko, who’s bleeding rather badly. Because of this, he decides to stop holding back as well. He begins to activate his Incinerator attack, which makes Ozen curious about it.

      -Reg, however, isn’t going to go all out with the attack, though, remembering the last time he used it. He attempts to control the beam, but he takes too long as Ozen gets up closed to him. She can’t help but note that he breaths and blinks even though he’s just a mechanical doll. This means that he, too, will probably be hunted by beasts. Though she is still curious about the light coming from his arm and wonders what will happen if it hits something. She then redirects the arm at Riko, but by instinct, Reg kicks the arm out, causing it to extend and fire up in the sky, straight through the roof. Ozen is rather impressed by it, but leaves herself open to being grappled by Reg.

      -Reg, however, is throughly pissed off. Instead of trying to hold Ozen in place, he uses his arms to bring himself towards Ozen, smacking her in the stomach and knocking her into the wall. He’s prepared to do another Incinerator attack, but as the dust clears, we see Ozen’s exposed right arm, which appears to be embedded with something. She says that they’re called Thousand-Men wedges, and that she inserted them at 120 points or so all around her body. They are the secret to her vigor and strength. And which explains why she always goes with long sleeves and gloves, because they look rather unhumanlike, much like her in many of these shots.

      -Reg notes that, for as much as Ozen criticizes him, sh’s quite superhuman herself. She then takes hold of her uniform, which comes with a hat that covers up her head, giving her that headless look. She says that she fuss over lots of things, saying that she’s old, after all. She then gives that sinister smile of hers, which appears to un-nerve the cool Reg. It must be the look of the uniform, as well.

      -We fade to black from a loud clash, but when we return, we see that Riko herself has finally awaken, seeing the end of the battle between Reg and Ozen, and that Reg himself was defeated, bruised and bloody. Welcome back to the land of the living, Riko. It’s only going to get worse from here.

      -After a break, we’re back to Riko waking up to see the battered and bruised Reg. She cries out in agony, which annoys Ozen, then adds that if she thinks he’s so precious, she should have kept him locked away. She notes that Reg went limp all of a sudden, but that’s alright. She says that, sooner or later, he’ll revert back to being a piece of meat, anyway. Or is she talking about Riko? Is she suggesting that the Vessel used for Riko puts her on the clock?

      -Riko seems to recognize what Ozen was saying. She starts wiping away the blood, saying that she didn’t descend into the Abyss because she hoped to live a long life, but that even a little longer is alright. But, together with Reg, if it’s not with him, she can’t bear it. She then calls out to Reg, telling her that losing to Ozen is not allowed!

      -Ozen drops Reg to the ground, who starts to stir from her words. However, because Ozen is a sadistic, possibly inhuman, person, she stomps Reg underfoot, and these have spikes, so they are going to hurt. She says that the both of them are unfit for it. And then we fade to black. Oh, this isn’t going to go well, is it?

      -We get a moment of darkness, but with flashes of light. Suddenly, Reg wakes up, his hair piece barely hanging on, but that’s because Ozen is trying to beat it in. He awakens to see Ozen standing over him, along with three other cave-raiders. Two are Moon Whistles and one is a Black Whistle. Riko is there, too, and as soon as he wakes up, she runs over to him, crying and apologizing to him, telling him never to leave her like that. How dare you do all those terrible things to her even though you were unconscious throughout all of that, Reg!

      -Reg appears to have lost some of his memories of the fight with Ozen, but recalls the words that Nat and Habo told him, to protect Riko. He begins to cry as well, holding on to Riko. The other three cave-raiders note this and immediately blame Ozen for this. How right they are.

      -When they start talking, Reg immediately remembers them and demands to know who they are. The Black Whistle answers, saying that they’re hte Subterranean Bandits, Ozen’s cave raider squad. Ozen notes that they're a bunch of good-for-nothings with nowhere to call home on the surface. She adds that they were told to stay out of it, but Marulk called them here. I suspect she was planning to do this before but Ozen stopped her until she ran off anyway.

      -As Ozen walks over to Marulk, who begins to apologizes, Ozen say that, along with a brat who can’t do anything but cry and make a fuss, they got a mechanical doll who fires his weapon without even thinking and then faints. While they didn’t make a single correct decision, Marulk acted in the most appropriate manner to save her friends. But she says this as praise to her young apprentice, but will punish her for disobeying her orders by stringing her up naked later. And you just know she’s going to enjoy every moment of it.

      -As Riko overs Marulk some comfort, the Black Whistle states that they were told to stay hidden while the two kids were here, but the ground shook countless times. The Old-Man Moon Whistle adds that Marulk started sobbing and came rushing over to them. Reg apologizes, but Black Whistles pats him on the head to stop him. He says that Ozen wanted to test Lyza’s kid, but thinks she overdid it. Reg is confused and demands to know what he means, but Ozen says that it’s exactly what it sounds like. Reg is having trouble processing that this was all some act, but Ozen gets up close and tells him that she was being serious. If she doesn’t go all out, she won’t get the point across. Yeah, but still, you didn’t have to be completely mean and actually try to kill the kids, alright? But just to get the point across, she has that hollowed out expression, saying that she hates deceiving children. And this just asks so many questions now.

      -But when Ozen mentioned about disposing Aubades like him, she apparently had no intention of doing that. It just so happens that Reg is too sturdy. Apparently, no matter how many times she hit him, he wasn’t breaking, so she got more and more into it. I wonder if you were made into a White Whistle so that you can go deeper into the Abyss without accidentally destroying the city?

      -Ozen did all this, though, because the primeval creatures that inhabit the deeper parts of the Abyss are far more cunning and tough than she is, and as a result, Reg won’t be able to protect Riko. He failed her test, and as a result, she won’t let them go any further. She then orders Marulk to tend to Reg. If he’s able to fill his belly with human food, then human medicine should probably work, too. And if that doesn’t work, well then, just feed him a lot. And with that, the lesson is over, since she has some tidying up to do. She has the Moon Whistles help her, since that floor isn’t going to repair itself, but tells the kids that if they continue pushing on at their current skill level, they’ll just end up as poor meals or little seedbeds. Look, I can get that you want to how some tough love, but how about dialing it back a little bit, okay? You did just nearly kill them, after all.

      -Though Ozen does admit that there will be no guarantee that they won’t end up like a stand on the ground or wall when she’s trying to beat them into shape. Sounds like the lessons are going to continue. Oh, the long days are coming, aren’t they? As Ozen goes to leave, she does say that there was something she was deceiving them about. The grave she spoke of? No one was buried there. She says it’s true, because she dug it up to see for herself. She tells them that Lyza is waiting for them, so they at least need to give it a shot. And with that, she leaves. So, wait, was she telling the truth about Riko apparently being stillborn? And that she really didn’t like her? Just so many questions.

      -We follow Ozen out, and as we focus on her, we get what appears to be a flashback of a young child calling out to her, asking about her hair. Ozen is rather shocked to see the young child again, saying that she kicked them twice but they still haven’t learned their lesson. Still, Ozen is rather curious about the child as they continue to ask about the hair. So she replies, stone-faced, that it’s to cover up her scares. She states that, as your mind comes under attack in the depths of the Abyss, gradually the effects show up physically, too. They don’t manifest immediately like the sixth layer’s Curse does, but if you tread the boundaries of sanity as well as life and death each time you descend, the skin on your head is bound to get all twisted. Your brain probably gets twisted, too, as we saw with Ozen in the present day.

      -As for Ozen’s hair, she says she’s just good at arranging her hair to fool everyone. The young child, a Red Whistle, calls it cool, but Ozen takes it as an insult, saying that if they don’t watch what they say, she’ll kick them again. Wait... there’s a feather sticking out of that hate. Is that a young Lyza? But the young child who may be Lyza continues, saying that those scars are poof of Ozen’s fortitude in continuing to challenge the netherworld, even as it tried to break her mind. So the young child who may be Lyza asks if Ozen will become their mentor? Man, this kid is probably more insane than most of these other cave raiders if they’re asking Ozen to mentor them, who typically responds by kicking them.

      -We get a time skip to the cave raider, who is now much older and wearing a familiar red coat. She calls out to Ozen and says that she’s already a Black Whistle, and before long, she will catch up to her. Ozen smiles warmly, though, telling Lyza (I mean, come on, it’s totally her) that she has some nerve to say that considering she cried when she hit her last night. But she’s open to the challenge, and tells her young ward that the strain of the fourth layer will make her shed tears of blood. And she’s looking forward to that, because she’s always been a sadistic White Whistle. But it looks like Lyza is trained to be the same way as she happily follows her mentor down. And this is why Ozen isn’t allowed to pluck up Red Whistles anymore.

      -Back in the present, Ozen looks at Lyza’s whistle once more, first with disappointment, then with a smile. Oh, the good times where she kicked her. And you can only imagine the fun times she’s going to have with Riko, the loon.

      -Back at camp, the gondola is lowered as the kids are joining Ozen on an expedition. She asks Reg how he’s doing and he claims he’s alright. As they walk along a wooden path, Ozen tells the two that the next large group of cave raiders is due in three weeks, so she’ll only be able to try beating them into shape until then, whether or not it proves successful. Try not to sound too disappointed by that, Ozen.

      -Reg asks where they’re heading, so Ozen tells them that they’re going even further than the Seeker Camp. It’s on the outer edge of the Abyss, and out there, there’s no worry of running into other cafe raiders or having anyone come to their rescue. I suspect she’s upset that Marulk stopped her from having too much fun with Reg, but she says it’s ideal for training. And their first assignment is what she calls “survival training”. Can you try not to sound ominous when you say that?

      -This gives the kids pause for a moment, but they decide to keep going. They follow Ozen deeper into the Abyss as day turns to night. She says that most of the creatures are quite docile here and suspects that ti’s because the force field’s light doesn’t make it here. Even so, the creatures here can see in the dark, so the kids need to keep their guard up. As for the lesson, they are to spend ten days here with the equipment they’ve got, with the purpose to show them how they’ll be able to survive. These mentors sure love their Spartan training, don’t they?

      -Ozen also warns the kids not to go beyond a Pillar Tree in the distance. If they do, she’ll consider that as trying to escape. And with that, she’s heading back to the camp. She tells Reg to do his best to protect Riko so that she doens’t return to being a corpse. Okay, if that’s suppose to be a joke, that isn’t funny. Oh, and during these ten days, Reg can’t use his Incinerator. Well, it’s more of a suggestion, but she tells him that, once fired, no matter how he pushes himself, he’ll always faint after around ten minutes. Then it’s a full two hours until he wakes up. During this time, even if she punched him, slapped him against he floor, or dunked him in water, he still didn’t get much. Wow, almost as bad as the times Riko tested his body back in Orth.

      -Though Ozen does wonder how Riko will be torn to shreds and eaten if left along in the Second Layer for two hours. Still, when Reg really does have to use it, go all out to make sure whatever it is doesn’t come after you again. No matter his opponent or whatever lies in the vicinity, when the time comes, don’t hesitate or show any mercy. Otherwise, their adventure will be over in the blink of an eye. You really know how to give kids a prep talk, don’t you?

      -And with that, Ozen leaves, returning to the Seeker Camp, leaving the two kids alone in the dark, surrounded by who knows what. Still, they are determined to see this through and survive the trials ahead of them. Cue credits!

      -The map of the Abyss goes further down as the marks for the kids remain at the Seeker Camp, but will this be the end of their journey? We’ll find out in our next episode, Survival Training.

      Ozen certainly seems to be a complicated character. In the last episode and first half of this one, they play her off as a sadistic, evil, broken cave raider who takes a great delight in beating up the kids and playing mind games with them. The second half of this episode, however, throws a lot of this into question, as it’s mentioned that she was testing the kids and failed them. So now she’s going to use the time she has to train them for the next layers, but even she isn’t certain if that will be enough.

      Though one comment she made about Riko makes me wonder something. Through her time, she mentions how much of a pain Riko was, how she was an annoyance and somebody she would have left behind when given the chance. Oh, and that she was stillborn but the Vessel supposedly revived her.

      Is Ozen lying to Riko, in order to test her mental fortitude? She mentioned later that she doesn't like deceiving kids, but then mentions later that she was deceiving them on one bit, and that was about the grave being empty. Could she also be lying about Riko? While the episode does suggest that this is to be played straight, that Riko was indeed stillborn, I can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, Ozen was embellishing this.

      Still, assuming Ozen isn’t lying about this, given her own experiment, this suggest that Riko herself is on the clock, but nobody is certain how long she has left.

      Was Ozen herself lying? Will the kids pass their Survival Training? And who made that grave for Lyza in the Fourth Layer? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you beat a robot into unconsciousness, you should always take this time to experiment on them just to see how much punishment they can take in any situation. Science demands it, after all.

    • He's the Caesar of this Road

      1 day ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to another Transformers review.  And now it is time to bring Trinity Force week to a close.

      First, let's bring out our three main players.


      So here we have Ragining Bull, Wild Hunter, and Red Knight, also known as the Brainmasters, all together.  As you can see, Wild Hunter is hte tallest of the three, but not by much.

      And as I've been promising this, here is the team with MP Star Saber.


      As you can see, Raging Bull and Red Knight are about the same height as Saber, while Wild Hunter is about a head taller than the Victory Supreme Commander.

      But with that out of the way, Brainmasters!  Transformer and combine into Road Caesar!


      In order to do the transformation, first, you need to put Raging Bull and Red Knight in their leg configurations.  The instructions have you do it from alt-mode, but you can do it form robot mode.  You're just basically transforming them back into car mode.


      Now, because of their waist swivels, both figures have a locking tab that is plugged into the waist to keep them in place, so they don't spin around.  In theory, however, you can leave them untabbed and have an shin swivel, but that would be weird, wouldn't it?

      You can also see that the foot shields that came with Wild Hunter combine with the rifles of Raging Bull and Red Knight to form the feet, though you have to use a rifle from each one as they were packaged with the same sided rifle.

      There's one more component involved, and that's with the connection ports.  You have to use another piece to lock parts of the legs in place to hold, which then plugs into the feet.  It's an extremely tight connection but will lock everything into place when it's done.

      As for Wild Hunter, he's still rather complicated, but essentially, you're pulling a Silverbolt with him by turning him upside down, allowing the arms to become the legs and the legs to become the arms.  You do need to extend the legs to be proper length arms, though, but that part is rather easy.

      Honestly, getting Wild Hunter into combined mode is rather easy., because you're going from robot mode to combined mode, which is the preferred method.

      And soon, once everything is done, you combine Wild Hunter with the leg bots and form...


      Trinity Force!  And just for a quite scale comparison, there he is with the Brainmasters.  Unfortunately, if you go with combined mode, you can't keep the Brainmasters in the respective bots, so they're going to be hanging out doing whatever they do when they aren't in robot mode.


      Taking a look at the face sculpt... that is, quite possibly, the worst face sculpt I've seen since Sky Crusher.

      Luckily, you have an alternative face available for Trinity Force here...


      Which is only slightly better than the default face, in my opinion.  Oh, and this guy has some light piping, too.


      Some pretty good light piping, at that.


      With regards to posing, as an MP combiner, you're going to get much posing out of him.  While the upper body is good, with strong ratchets for the arms and hips, you won't get much with the knee bend.  The connection isn't tight so much as closed off.  You would have to open up the cover for the knee connection to get a bend, if you want.

      Otherwise, you can put Trinity force in most standing poses and he's going to stand.


      Now, for accessories, Trinity Force only has one.  And it's a giant sword.  The sword is actually a combination of the three swords from the three smaller bots.  Granted, it's no Feral Rex sword, but it does the job.

      This also means that, aside from the Brianmasters, Trinity Force here is kibble free.  Hooray!

      Now for some quick comparisons...


      Here is Trinity Force with MP10, showing that he's actually not that tall compared to some of the taller MP figures.


      Here he is with Combiner Wars Bruticus with the Dreamwave upgrade.  And he's quite tall in comparison.


      Here he is with fellow Victory combiner, G1 Landcross, because of course I can.


      And lastly, here is Trinity Force with Victory Saber.  Yup, quite tall here.

      And that does it with Trinity Force, which, from my understanding, is one of TFC's better combiners.  Hades ended up being bad and Posideon couldn't quite stick the landing, but Trinity Force appears to be solid throughout.  And with strong ratchets from Wild Hunter, it won't be falling apart anytime soon.  But is it worth the investment?  Honestly, I don't know.  It's a solidly built set, but the transformations leave something to desire.

      I would say, if you're a fan of Victory, you should get this set.  Otherwise, I would probably look at something else if you want a combiner fix.

      That's all we have for this week.  Next week is another theme week, and this time, we're going in the opposite end of the scale.  Until then.

    • Why would you name somebody "Blacker"?

      2 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review, and today, we continue Trinity Force week here with the third and final figure in the line.  Has it been worth the wait?  Let's find out.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the TFC TF-03 Third Party version of the Brainmaster Blacker, Wild Hunter!


      No, really, in Transformers: Victory, he's called Blacker.  Why?  Because reasons, obviously.

      Anyway, here we have Wild Hunter in the traditional Trinity Force box, only larger because this guy needs to be larger due to what this team does.  It still keeps the G1 aesthetic, though, which is nice.


      And on the back of the box you can see what comes in the box, though unlike the other two, there's no transformation sequence here.  That's because the transformation sequence is quite messy... and can be complicated.  We'll get to that later, but for now, let's get him out of the box and see how he really is.


      Here we have Wild Hunter out of the box and in his alt-mode.  Which is a very large buggy.


      It's a nice looking buggy, though, with nice rubber tires and just litle details here that add more life to the mode.


      Though it's not clean in the back, but you won't have it facing the other way on the shelf, right?  That would just be weird.

      With regards to his accessories, he only has one that applies to his alt-mode.


      You see these pieces here?  They're wings that end up forming the shield for Wild Hunter, but they're used here to hide the robot bits better.

      Now for some quick comparisons.


      Here is Wild Hunter with MP Hot Rod.


      Here he is with Huff.


      And here he is with Fanstoy's Kup.  As you can see, Wild Hunter's alt-mode is quite large in comparison to MP scaled vehicles.

      Now for the transformation, hoo boy.  The transformation itself is quite long.  Not exactly complicated but some things can be confusing because TFC doesn't know how to do instructions.  But you're more or less exploding the figure before reassembling him into robot mode.  This is one of those figures I would recommend looking up a video review to see the transformation.

      But once that is done, you'll go from Wild Hunter in alt-mode...


      To Wild Hunter in robot mode.  But wait, he needs a face!  Luckily, that's where the Brainmaster gimmick comes in.


      Here is Wild Hunter's Brainmaster, the Brain of Strength.  But unfortunate for him, unlike the others, Wild Hunter doesn't have a spot for him in alt-mode.


      So I just stick him on the roof like a badass, obviously.

      But he is the same size as the other Brainmasters.


      For comparison, here he is with Titanmaster Apeface.

      Now, unlike the other Brianmasters, there's no faceplate on this figure, so like with Starsaber, you just plug him into the elevator...


      And close up the chest...


      And just like that, he's got a face!  And like the others, he has some excellent light piping going on here.


      Look at it glow!  Though like the others, because of the gimmick, his head can't move.  That's where TFC has you covered yet again.


      If you want, you can use an alternative head that doesn't have the gimmick, or just have him perform Shakespeare.  Yes, I've run that joke in the ground, fight me.


      Articulation wise, you'll notice that this figure is big, beefy, and loaded with ratchets.  And I do mean loaded with them.  There are very few areas that isn't ratcheted.  And this is because Wild Hunter is going to be doing the bulk of the work for what we're looking at tomorrow.


      Accessory wise, the wings from alt-mode combine together to form a shield, which is tabbed in with these tabs on either arm.


      And, of course, he has a sword, because of course he would.  Now you got three sword wielding robots that aren't Dinobots.

      Anyway, time for some comparisons.


      Here is Wild Hunter with MP Shockwave.


      Here he is with Maketoys Meteor.


      And here he is with MP10 Optimus Prime.

      So yeah, aside from a complicated Transformation, this is obviously the best of the three.  But we're not done with Trinity Force yet, for tomorrow, we're going to show off their combined mode.  Until then.

    • Are you Braver than a mouse?

      3 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review as we continue Trinity Force week here.  Today we'll be looking at the second figure of this set.

      Let's get right into it.  Without further ado, here is the TFC TF-02 third party version of Braver, Red Knight!


      As you can see, Red Knight comes with the same type of box as Raging Bull, with that G1 looking aesthetic to it.


      And on the back of the box, like with Raging Bull, the figure, it's accessories, and the tech specs.  And that's enough of the box, let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Red Knight, out of his box and in his alt-mode.  He's a repaint and heavy remold of Raging Bull.


      And really, the look for this figure is very nice.  The red plastic is very flossy, and the overall style looks amazing, as well.


      And unlike Raging Bull, you don't have to put anything on.  Hooray!


      For accessories, like before, the foot component can be added, with the guns being plugged into the side of the foot piece for more death!

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Red Knight with Sideswipe.


      Here he is with Hot Rod.


      And lastly, here he is with Badcube's Huff.

      As for transformation, it's the exact same as Raging Bull, only with better instructions.  And soon enough, you'll go from Red Knight in alt-mode...


      To Red Knight in robot mode.  But wait, he needs a face!  Well, that's where the Brainmaster gimmick comes in.


      This is the Brain of Intelligence, so Red Knight has brains.  And like Raging Bull's Brainmaster, he's tiny.  How tiny?


      Here he is with Titanmaster Apeface.

      And like Raging Bull's, he can fit in the alt-mode vehicle.


      As the cutest dashboard ornament ever!

      Anyway, like with Raging Bull, the Brainmaster plugs into the chest to form the face.


      And close up everything and...


      He has a face!  And some really good light piping, too!


      Only he looks evil this time.  Except he isn't.  Because he's a knight and they're totally not evil.

      Like Raging Bull, the head doesn't articulate when using the Brainmaster gimmick, but luckily, TFC has you covered.


      You can use an alternative head!  And he can do Shakespeare, as well!


      As for posing, as a remold of Raging Bull, Red Knight has the same points of articulation, so nothing is really different here.


      As for accessories, he can use the foot piece as a shield.


      Can dual wield guns.


      And has a sword!  Because why not?

      Now for comparisons...


      Here is Red Knight with MP Smokescrean.


      Here he is with Maketoys Downbeat.


      And here he is with MP 10.

      Now, if it looks like I went through this fast, it's because Red Knight is a remold of Raging Bull, so there's nothing new to add here.  But when we look at the last figure of this set tomorrow, you'll find that it isn't going to be so short.

      Until then.

    • He was a Laster, alright

      4 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next Transformers review!  And for this week, we have a theme week going!  And you usually know what that means!  Either it's a subgroup team or a combiner team.

      For this week, we'll be looking at a team from the Japan-only Transformers series, Transformers Victory, something that has only received some love recently in the form of an Official MP, one unofficial MP, and two combiner teams, with the same company doing both combiner teams.

      So which combiner team are we looking at?  You might be in for a surprise if you don't have a Brainmaster.  Without further ado, may I present to you the TFC Trinity Force TF-01, Raging Bull!


      Now, TFC isn't a company I deal with.  I think I purchased one of their super cheat combiner sets for this Chinese cartoon a few years back and got rid of it, since I couldn't sell it later.  They've also been hit or miss with their combiner sets.  Hades, their take on the Breastforce combiner team (yes, that was their name) had issues.  Will that be the case with this one?


      Hopefully not, given the care this box has received.  It feel like a throw back to the G1 box days, what with the G1 style art on the front, the clear window of the figure and accessories, as well as the back, showing off the tech specs for Raging Bull, better known as Laster in Victory.  Will this last?  Why don't we get him out of the box and see how he really is.


      So here we have Raging Bull out of his box and in his alt-mode, which looks like a classic yellow Lamborghini.  There's a nice finish here, but the highlights are the red firebrand symbols on the hood and doors.


      It rolls quite well on it's rubber wheels, and overall, it looks very nice.


      You can see some kibble sticking out there, but otherwise, it's a very clean alt-mode.

      Now, you might have noticed some items missing from Raging Bull here.  TFC decided, for reasons only known to them, to allow people to plug in some of the other plastic pieces onto Raging Bull because... reasons.  They only really did it for him in this set, which just makes it all the more confusing.

      Anyway, as you can see, the rear lights are missing...


      And can be plugged on quite as easily.  Though I should warning you that, during transformation, these may pop off if you don't have them in tight enough.  Just bear that in mind.

      Now, on the front of Raging Bull you may have noticed some other missing pieces.  That's because you have some display options available for him.


      One set is to produce additional head lights.  But if you don't plan to keep him in alt-mode, and you probably won't, you'll want to just put a yellow plastic on here instead.


      Lastly, you may have noticed that Raging Bull is missing side-view mirrors.  This you can correct as well.


      And now, he is complete!  These side-view mirrors are rubber, so they won't break during transformation.  Yeah, we'll get to that later.

      Now, here's where we get to the accessories, and it'll be a bit odd to talk about.  You see, the actually spread out the accessories among all three figures, so you wouldn't get the complete set with one.  But, once you have all three, you can give them an accessory that can be used in alt-mode...


      Basically, you take two guns, plug it into the foot piece, and now Raging Bull is going to be raging like a bull.

      But not to avoid raging, let's do some comparisons.


      Here is Raging Bull with MP Prowl, showing him that he's within the MP scale.


      Here he is with MP Hot Rod.


      And here he is with Badcube's Huff.

      Now for the transformation.  It can be rather complicated, but the complication itself is going to be in the legs.  The instructions aren't very clear for Raging Bull, but for Red Knight, the second figure, it's a little clearer.  We'll get to Red Knight tomorrow.

      And remember to watch out for the tail lights when transformation.  And soon, you'll have Raging Bull from alt-mode...


      To robot mode.  And you might have noticed that he's missing a face!  Well, you see, that's where this gimmick comes into play.


      This little guy is the Brain of Skill, aka, Laster proper.  It's kind of like the Japanese Headmasters cartoon and Super Master Force, where the Headmasters and Powermasters were the actual characters proper, who just happened to merge with the larger robots.  That's more or less the case here.


      The brainmaster here is very tiny, as you can see in this comparison with Titan's Return Apeface.  Now, he can be used in the alt-mode as a passenger, if you want.


      Though given the size, he looks more like a dashboard ornament.


      He looks so cute pretending to drive!

      Right, now for the gimmick itself.  If you own MP Star Saber, you already know
      how this does.  If not, well...


      You plug the Brainmaster into the chest of the robot, but facing backwards.  Then you close up the chest...


      And just like that, you have a face!  And a face with some rather decent light-piping, too.


      It's just a blue glow.  Unfortunately, like with Star Saber, the Brainmaster gimmick limits mobility in the head.  Luckily, TFC has you covered by giving you...


      And spare head!  Now he can perform Shakespeare in quotation!


      Aside from the head, you have some good mobility otherwise, but the legs aren't quite so stable, so you might have to work on some poses.

      Now, remember that foot piece I was talking about before?  Well, it can be used by Raging Bull here as a shield piece.


      And, of course, he can use the twin rifles that plug into the side.


      Both Raging Bull and Red Knight come with two rifles each, so having him dual wield like this isn't a problem.


      Raging Bull also comes with a sword, just in case he wants to give a little irony to some raging bulls.

      And now for some quick comparisons...


      Here is Raging Bull with MP Bluestreak, who's just a hair shorter than the third party offering.


      Here he is with Titan's Return Chromedome, just for a size comparison.


      And here he is with MP 10.  I won't be bringing out Star Saber until I reach the very end, so you'll need to wait until then to see him.

      And that does it for Raging Bull.  Tomorrow we talk about his fellow limb bot, Red Knight, and see how he works out in the end.  Until then.

    • Made in Abyss Episode 6

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss, where once you go down, you don't ever go back up for any reason.

      In our last episode, Reg and Riko have made it to the second layer of the Abyss known as the Forest of Temptation. There they learn first hand that the dangers they faced in the first layer are child's play compared to what lies ahead of them. And they get this lesson very quickly when they find another cave-raider being eaten by a bird like creature called a copse-weeper, which is able to mimic the sounds of other cave-raiders to draw others into traps. Reg and Riko were smart enough to avoid it initially, but a blind sided attack catches them by surprise, with Riko being captured and taken up a bit to be fed to some hungry chicks.

      Seeing this happen, Reg makes several attempts to save her with his extending arms, but is blocked by the other corpse-weepers. Realizing the chips are down, he calls out to an inner voice and uses an attack we only seen him use once back in episode one, which is basically him firing a beam of light and heat, decimating a bunch of the birds and freeing Riko, though he laments later that he could have just as easily killed her in the process.

      With this harsh reminder known, the kids continue to make their way further down until they reach the bottom of the second layer known as the Inverted Forest, which apparently plays with physics as we see waterfalls that shoot upwards instead of downwards. After a close call with some monkey monsters, the duo finally reach the Seeker Camp, where Ozen, a White Whistle Habo warned about, awaits, upset to see Riko, and likely not for the reasons we think.

      What kind of meeting will the kids have? Will the Seeker Camp be a safe haven for them? And who is that blue haired girl who is also here? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with the Blue Whistle seeing Reg and Riko approaching the camp. She tries to call out to her master, but she's gone off to do other things. Outside, Reg and Riko are outside of the camp, with Riko immediately knowing that something is wrong, since there's suppose to be a look out to lower the gondola for them, yet there isn't anybody doing that. Reg suspects it's because a Red Whistle and a Robot have arrived, which may be making the camp wary of them. Still, with Riko's suggestion, Reg attempts to make his way up, but that's when he notices that somebody or something has his arms. Above, a White Whistle has grabbed onto Reg's arms, upset at see the brat is still alive. This is when the narrator returns, saying true secrets do not lie concealed in the darkness of night or in clever traps, but rather, are hidden deep within people. Well, yeah, that's where most secrets are going to be.

      -The White Whistle throws the arms back as the narrator continues, saying that, by spending many moons in such an isolated place, their purity is refined and they gradually transform into strange enigmas. Are we still talking about secrets? Because I feel like you're talking about something else, mysterious narrator. As Reg has his arms returned, the gondola begins to lower to the kids. Well, they call it a gondola, but it looks more like a bird cage to me. Surly there is no hidden meaning here.

      -With a nod, the kids get on the gondola and rise up to the Seeker Camp. Riko looks nervous... or maybe sick? Reg notices this and asks if she's alright, but the White Whistle instead praises her on enduring the ascent, though the strain is somewhat lightened around here, she still suspects that it's hard on children such as them. And while I do note that this White Whistle, who I believe is Ozen, has a two-tone hair scheme going the way her hair is done, it looks like she has horns. Surely there is no hidden meaning there, either.

      -Riko nervously introduces herself, but throws up on the side of the bridge. Even a small ascent up plays havoc on her. The White Whistle knows her. More specifically, she knows of her mother, Lyza. She chuckles at how filthy she is... or of the action she's doing. Reg reacts to her identification, which causes her to realize that he's doing fine. Reg notes that she's very tall and suspects that she's over two meters tall. He then looks over her hair and wonders how she can smooth it down to get it to look like that? And then there's the white whistle, which looks more menacing than before. Reg suspects that this woman is Ozen the Immoveable, as she continues to stare at the kids with a hint of disgust. At least, I think there's some disgust there. It can be hard to tell sometimes, but I think it's subtle here. Then again, I'm thinking of Habo's warning and just looking for anything unusual here.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Seeker Camp. And while i haven't been commenting on them, the title cards also show off something that appears in the Abyss. In this case, it's showing off the relic that housed the newborn Riko during her ascent up with Lyza and Ozen. I suspect it'll play a role here in tonight's episode.

      -Anyway, inside of the camp, Ozen is shown Lyza's whistle and didn't think she'd ever see it again. It looks like she's scratching at it, as if trying to shape it into something else. We get a slow pan of the room, including a shot of Blue Whistle hiding behind a curtain. Riko asks for Ozen's name and confirmation that she found the whistle. Ozen, looking rather nonchalant, confirms her identify. Riko stands up and bows to her, thanking her for saving her. All while smacking her head on the table. Good think you got a hard head there, Riko.

      -Ozen seems a bit confused, so Riko clarifies about the incident involving her birth and how she and Lyza carried the newborn up to the surface. Ozen smiles, which I can't help but think is a little creepy, commenting that the curse-repealing relic was heavy, and that long the way she thought about abandoning her many times. Yeah, I bet Lyza would have more than a few words about you abandoning her newly born daughter like that. Also, why do you sound like it's such a fond memory? Of course, during this incident, they have to leave behind the precious Bell. Darkly, she stares at Riko, saying that if she had left her there, that kid would have come with her and it's such a pity she did what she did. Yeah, Riko, I think you should probably forget about any other questions you have, thank her for her hospitality, and run like hell! Because I'm getting creeped out by her and we've only known her for a couple of minutes.

      -That's when Blue Whistle shows up, probably to keep some of Ozen's darker impulses intact. After that dark moment passes, Ozen notes that Riko is a Red Whistle, and reminds her that she shouldn't be coming to a place like this. Luckily, Riko has a reason for this. She grabs the pack on Reg's back and shows Ozen the note, saying that she will be waiting at the bottom of the netherworld. So once Riko has asked her questions about the things Ozen knows of Lyza, she and Reg will be leaving. Oh, this can go in so many ways.

      -Ozen understands, but then asks why they think it's okay for them to come here? Riko apologizes, but Ozen changes her tone slightly, interested in how a Red Whistle even managed to make it down here. She turns to Marulk, the Blue Whistle, and tells her to listen to what the kids have to say. Marulk doesn't understand why she has to do it, but Ozen says the tit's easier for children to talk to a fellow child. Riko, however, wants to ask more questions about Lyza, but Ozen has some things she needs to attend to and will hear them out tomorrow. Assuming she doesn't kill you in your sleep for any number of reasons I can think of.

      -That's when Marulk presents the two with blue whistles. They're a bit shock about this sudden promotion, but Ozen makes it clear that it's just for appearance sake. She doesn't want to have to deal with the pain of explaining to other cave-raiders why a couple of Red Whistles are here. And for insurance, she'll be holding onto Lyza's whistle. She'll give it back in exchange for the blue whistles when they leave. So she's basically forcing them to stay the night, but then tells them to give their bodies a good scrub, because she can't stand how bad they reek of vomit. When she kills you, she wants you all clean so she can give a good reason why you two are dead.

      -Riko gets all embarrassed by the comment and looks dejected. Reg pats her head as a sign of comfort, because several near death experiences have caused them to grow closer. Marulk realizes she has to attend to the kids, so she offers to show them around a bit. We get a panning shot of the camp, which is a rather large building. It was built within the hollows of a tree called a Great Porta. Even now, construction to expand the interior frame is still progressing little by little. Soon, they'll have their own small city here, because you need a place to put the crazies in, after all.

      -Marulk comments that, from what she's heard, the roots of this Great Porta extend outside the Abyss, stretching all the way to the seafloor. Reg asks if that was verified, but unfortunately, it appears to be speculation. Still, she continues, saying that he roots take in nutrients that have accumulated on the seafloor, so the tree can grow this big even through the limited light that is reflected by the force field here. As the kids climb down a rope ladder, Marulk points to a wall that is inside of a tree hollow. This makes Reg wonder if it won't grow too big and end up getting all tangled up. Well, I'm sure it'll be fine... or it'll cause the whole thing to collapse on itself. One or the other.

      -Marulk then leads the kids to what appears to be their room for the evening. The kids look other with awe as Marulk instructions them on where the bath is, though ti's actually used for washing Relics. They need to be all nice and spotless to sell to some idiot foreigners when they want to know what awesome thing it does. Riko doesn't waste any time and goes for a bath. She wants to be app presentable for when Ozen returns and will answer her questions before possibly killing her.

      -While looking over the room, Reg notices some flowers near the window sill. He identifies them as Flowers of Fortitude, which are also called Eternal Fortunes. Apparently they really are everywhere, even in this level of the Abyss. Marulk notes that Reg is a robot, but that there is something strange about him. Until Riko said otherwise, she thought Reg was human, so she was a bit surprised when she saw his arms extend like that. I mean, what normal human stretches their arms like that and aren't superheroes?

      -Regs replies that he doesn't think of himself as a robot, just as some regular guy... who can extend his arms... and fires beat of intense heat from his hands. You know, just like any other regular human. I kid, but Reg does wonder what he is in the first place. After all, what other robots have the equipment he has, right? He then gives a rather intense stare at Marulk, who isn't certain how to take it. Reg actually has a question for her, and it is something rather strange, but fret not, if she can answer it, she will! First, Marulk, are you a girl? Well, that seems like a rather rude thing to ask! Do you have no shame, Reg? ...right, robot raised by Riko, which means he has no social skills.

      -Speaking of Riko, we return to her getting all cleaned up, but then complains about it being too cold. Well, they do use this to clean relics. Outside, Reg, getting his answer, understands that Marulk has it tough, too, and that they both have their share of troubles. This gets Marulk to laugh, replying that she hasn't had anything that bad done to her. I'm actually afraid to ask where this conversation came from and where it's going. Fortunately, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Riko appears to them, naked, and sees them getting along, which makes her happy. They react accordingly as she apologizes, but she needs something to dry off with. Marulk blushes, covers her eyes, then runs away to get a change of clothes as Reg goes through the pack to find a towel. Riko, dear, have you sense of decency?

      -Sometime later, Riko is wearing a new set of clothes, this time blue rather than her typical black collar. She's looking over the relics in the room as Reg appears, having just gotten out of the bat himself. At least he didn't come out naked like Riko did. Marulk appears and asks if they're hungry. They only have leftovers, but they're free to have some. Riko is more curious about Marulk, as she's the same age as them but is already a Blue Whistle. Marulk confirms that, typically, you can't become a Blue Whistle until your fifteen, but in her case, she was made an exception as she's the personal apprentice of Ozen, a White Whistle. I hope Ozen didn't select you personally, because I get the feeling that she wouldn't have selected somebody for the most wholesome of reasons.

      -As Marulk begins preparing the meal for the kids, she explains that, after she had an accident and collapsed, Ozen found her and took her in. She's been here ever since. Riko is surprised by this and asks if she has any plans to return to the surface? Turns out, Marulk is sensitive to sunlight, so she can't live up on the surface. I can't help but think that sounds suspicious for some reason, but I'll let it slide for now. In any case, it's time to eat!

      -Sometime after the finished the meal, and they really went into it, Marulk states that, ever since Ozen took her in, she's offered her services as a sentry here at the Seeker Camp. Wait, I think I just saw an animation error just now. As Marulk is explaining this story to the kids, Reg takes a bite of his meal. As he leans down and back up, his Blue Whistle doesn't move at all. It just stays in place, but it's rather unnatural about it, given that the rest of Reg's body moved. Moving on from that, Marulk was told that being a sentry would mean she didn't have to return to the surface time after time. Though she suspects that Ozen wants something deep down. I can't imagine what it is.

      -Still, Marulk state that she's been well treated here, so it's all good. Riko notices that Ozen is rather scary, but she's a good master, isn't she? Marulk does pause at that, but returns a smile, agreeing with Riko's statement. Outside, Ozen looks over the Abyss, Lyza's whistle in hand. She flashes back to a memory of her, all with a smile, but Ozen doesn't appear to react to it at all. She's so stone faced here that you can't really be certain what she's thinking about, or what she might plan to do next. In any case, if she's as bad as we're led to believe, it isn't anything good.

      -With the meal over, Reg and Marulk get to cleaning up. However, Reg has a question for his senior. What's with all the Relics they've got in this room? Riko has started playing around with them and he's worried about damaging them. Marulk says it's fine, though, as these won't be brought up to the surface, so Riko can play with them to her heart's content. The one's here are leftovers after sorting various Relics collected in this area. They're all grade-4 Relics. Riko reacts happily to that. Because everything makes Riko happy at this point.

      -As an example, Riko takes out the relic she pocketed from the last episode, the egg looking one. It's called a Sun Sphere. The other one she's holding her her hand, though similar, is actually more complex in it's shape, which is found in the lower levels of the Abyss. Marulk confirms that this is the case, then adds that about forty percent of the Relics collected around here are egg-shaped ones. Even though they're tools used by people in the distant past, they are quite mysterious. You do have to ask how eggs with some complex shapes like these were used as tools. Unless it was a different tool for a different job. Or you have to crack them open to get the tool you need. Like those little prizes you buy at the grocery store.

      -Riko is jealous, because her cave-raider heart craves to excavate some. Marulk chuckles at the comment, saying that if she were to stay here longer, she's sure she could do some cave-raiding. This gives her the idea of asking Ozen if that's okay. So she asks hte kids to stay a bit longer so they can do some cave raiding around here. Riko jumps at the chance to do that, and Reg seems to be for it, as well. Marulk is happy because it's the first time kids around her age have come here, so she'd like to spend more time with the two of them so they can work together. Riko would also like to do that, as well. Oh, this is going to end in tragedy, isn't it?

      -Riko, however, becomes reluctant, and apologizes to Marulk. Her mother, Lyza, is at the bottom of the netherworld and she still doesn't know how she's doing, so Riko isn't certain if she should be hurting down there or not. And because she can't be certain, she has to hurry. Marulk is disappointed by this, so to make up for it, she takes a seat and says they should chat as much as they can today. It's what Ozen instructed her to do, anyway. Well, the kids are all for that, because it'd probably be nice to chat with a Blue Whistle, even if she's the same age as them. And before her horrible death, because the death flags appear to be many for her.

      -Sometime later, night has fallen and all three kids are sleeping. They must have had a good, long chat. Riko wakes up, though, because nature calls and it is one call you cannot ignore. As she makes her way to the bathroom in her half-sleep state, she notices a figure out of the corner of her eye. She goes into a nearby lit room, wondering if it's Ozen, but sees nobody. She then hears a noise further down. Because she's in the Seeker Camp and feels safe, she follows the noise into what appears to be a storage room. But, instead of finding Ozen, she finds this creature that appears to be a stingray that walks on land. It lumbers forward, knocking into a few boxes that collapses onto itself. This snaps Riko out of her daze and she makes a break for it, but hte creature, which actually looks like a human torso... if it was hallowed out, gets out of the boxes. Man, the character designer must have had a blast coming up with the creature designs, with probably the instruction being "be as creepy and as unnatural as possible."

      -Riko returns to the room with the sleeping Reg and Marulk, but instead of doing the sensible thing like, say, waking them up, she instead crawls into Reg's bed to hide. Happy to know that she wasn't pursued, Riko pops out of the covers and wonders what she saw in her half-sleep state. And probably finds that she doesn't need to use the bathroom anymore. Yeah, I know, low brow comedy, but it's probably true, too. This is also where we reach the halfway mark of the episode, though technically we're sixteen minutes into a twenty-four minute episode, so... yeah.

      -The next day, the kids have done some laundry, with one of the sheets being the bedding with a clear wet spot on it. Riko looks very embarrassed, with Marulk doing her best to comfort her, saying that she used to do that too until a couple of years ago. Reg, however, wants to know why it was his bed that she wet. Riko says that she did her best to find the toilet, but when she woke up in the middle of the night to look for it, she saw something. It didn't seem of this world, and given the kinds of creatures one would normally see in the Abyss, that is saying something. She admits to being incredibly scared and dove into Reg's bed as a result. Marulk laughs, saying that they never had any reports of ghosts at the Seeker Camp.

      -Reg, however, wants to believe Riko. It looks rather nervous when he says that some living creatures that look like corpses and stuff must be real. Riko, however, counters, saying that such things weren't in her mother's sealed letter. That's when Ozen arrives with a faint smile, noting that they're having such an interesting conversation. Riko quickly apologizes, but Ozen apparently understands that neither that kid nor Habo told her anything. Riko is confused and asks more about it. Ozen asks her if she really wants to know, but the ever curious Riko can't keep that curiosity in check. In any case, if Riko wants to know, she should follow Ozen. Otherwise, she best forget what she saw. Uh... yeah, Riko, I know I keep saying it and I know you won't listen, but I really, really think you should get the whistle back and leave. Immediately.

      -Marulk tries to dissuade Riko from going, but Reg offers his support by grabbing her hand, and soon, all three kids follow Ozen. As they follow the White Whistle, she explains that she heard from Marulk all about them, and just to clarify, they're trying to follow Lyza's trail, correct? After confirmation, she shows Riko the whistle, asking if it reached the surface. To her, this is all the prove she needs that Lyza is dead and that their journey to chase after her ends here. Riko is shocked by such a statement, but remains steadfast, asking Ozen where she found the whistle and the sealed letter. It was at a grave, but she seems to have forgotten how many days ago it was. It was in the fourth layer, in the far reaches of the Goblet of Giants, where there is a cluster of Eternal Fortunes. A grave had been dug there, and its marker is a pickaxe, one that looks rather familiar.

      -Ozen goes on to say that Lyza always liked that place, which does show up a lot when we see her in the opening. Riko can't believe it. She takes out the letter and tries to say that her mother is calling for her, but Ozen shoots that down, saying that the handwriting is not Lyza's. She doesn't know how such a thing got mixed in there, but according to Ozen, Lyza wouldn't write something like that, even as a joke. This revelation shakes Riko to her very core, and because Ozen seems like the sadistic type, she gives a sinister smile and asks Riko her reason for aiming for the bottom of the netherworld once more. If the first half was the training wheels, the second half has so far been "They're off, so go down this steep hill that ends at a cliff."

      -Riko, her resolve shaken, wants to check for herself. That's when Ozen gives an even more sinister smile, if that was possible, and thinks that's a fine idea. I am now of the opinion that this is a terrible idea. Ozen asks if Riko plans to dig up Lyza's grave? But Riko has more questions, like the connection between Reg and the mysterious figure mentioned in the letter. After a long, awkward moment of silence, Ozen stands up, giving a more subtle smile, and continues up the stairs. Run, kids! Run far away!

      -They go up higher in the tree, where Ozen stops in front of a large set of doors. She says that these are her chambers, and as the door opens, I can't help but think there should be a sign that says "abandon hope, ye who enter here" or something. Marulk looks really worried as Ozen welcomes into her chambers. Which looks... rather normally, actually. Lots of books, some spare clothes, some plants. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, deeper inside of the chambers lies an artifact. White and pristine, one that Riko recognizes. Cue credits!

      -The map of the Abyss goes lower, with the image of the kids at the Seeker Camp location. How much further will they go? You'll have to find out in the next episode, The Unmoveable Soverign.

      If the purpose of this episode was to make Ozen as creepy and as untrustworthy as possible, the show nailed it. Given Habo's warning I was on guard with her arrival, but the entire episode, including her part in the second half, makes me think that Habo was underselling just how messed up this White Whistle is. It's clear that she has a major dislike for Riko, going so far as to say that she would have abandoned her at a moments notice, but I imagine Lyza kept her in line during the ascent up. But still, she also has the relic that Riko was in. What secrets does it hold, and why would Ozen hold it?

      Then there's Marulk. She seems normal enough (though maybe she's actually a boy? Reg's conversation with her seems to suggest that could be possible, but unless the show says otherwise I'll keep referring to Marulk as a she for now), but something tells me, given how the episode ended, she knows more than she's letting on. And thinking on it, wouldn't there be more people at the Seeker Camp? It seems like keeping only two people here at any given time is really understaffing it, even with a White Whistle.

      It's clear that there's something sinister happening here in the Seeker Camp, and with Reg and Riko's arrival, things are about to come to a head. What, exactly, does Ozen have in mind for the kids? And is she really as bad and as creepy as the episode made her out to be? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, unless you find it really important to, never investigate an unknown sound in an unknown location. You just never know what you're going to find.

    • Made in Abyss Episode 5

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss. Where we attempt to answer the question, what is made in the abyss?

      In our last episode, Reg and Riko have begun their journey towards the bottom of the netherworld, starting from the first layer close to 600 meters down, the furthest Riko has ever gone. During a break to get food, Riko discovers that Leader planted an envelope on Reg, giving her a copy of Lyza's last message, including all of the dangers she found. There was also an additional note, telling the duo that he will capture them at dawn.

      Riko, bless her heart, thinks this is a lesson. The final lesson. Their goal is to make it to the Forest of Temptation, the second layer, without getting caught by Leader. So thanks to Reg and his extending arm, they're able to quickly descend further and further until they finally reach the entrance to the second layer. However, before they can enter, they are caught by Habo, a Black Whistle. Fortunately for them, he isn't here to bring them back, though he mentions there is a search team looking for them. No, he's here to check out Reg, a treasure from the Abyss, because Nat and Shiggy spilled the beans, but mostly to help out Riko.

      Well, with that, Habo knows now some of the wonders down i the Abyss and is content to let hte kids go. He offers to lead them the rest of the way to the Seeker Camp, but Riko refuses, saying that they must do it under their own strength. Impressed by her resolve, Habo lets them continue on, but gives them a warning about Ozen, the White Whistle at the Seeker Camp. Apparently she was also a survivor of Lyza's expedition that saw Riko's birth, but Habo is serious about his warning.

      Will the kids make it to the Seeker Camp? What dangers will they face? And how dangerous is Ozen? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Reg and Riko descending into the Second Layer of the Abyss. Reg looks on with awed terror while Riko is all excited that they passed their final lesson. Reg still doesn't think that's the case here, and wonders if they really did get away from Leader. Riko is confident that they don't have to worry about pursuit from other explorers anymore, but as she says that, a bird like creature roars in the distance, scaring the kids as it flies off, a warning about the dangers in the netherworld. As Riko calls Reg over, the narrator returns, saying the the kids must prepare themselves for what's to come, in this place that transcends the ordinary, they themselves are outsiders, the enemy, the prey. They are a threat, and probably a nice treat to some predators, as well.

      -We transition to the exploration as Riko observes the environment around them. She comments on big the leaves are, with Reg commenting that the smell of greenery has gotten stronger. Though he adds that the leaves help hide them, but also block their view of their surroundings. It's like a double edged sword. The dangers may not be able to see you, but they might still be able to find you. Riko notes that while these trees might be big, they're similar to amagiri. Reg is confused by this, so Riko points to one of the barks, saying that the sprouts always point toward the north of the Abyss., just like these trees do. The branches similarly always point towards the center of the Abyss, which makes them helpful when you can't make out your surroundings. So adds that here's an old saying, "If you get lost, just follow the amagiri." I imagine placing some sort of trail might help, as well, but that's just me.

      -Reg is very impressed, saying that Riko sounded pretty smart, nothing like when they were back in Orth. Riko laughs at that, wondering if she should take that as a compliment or not. In any case, she consults her notes, and based on what she has written down, they should descend from right around there. They need to head to the Seeker Camp, which is the monitoring based down here. Because she's got to talk to Ozen and ask her many questions about Lyza, even if Habo warned them otherwise.

      -Suddenly, a voice calls out for help. Reg notices it, because his hearing his awesome, and Riko is currently stuck in her own world at the moment. She looks up to see that Reg is looking off in the distance, but when she asks what's wrong, he shushes her, listening for the voice again. The voice cries out once more, and he's off in it's general direction. Riko follows behind, but is clearly having trouble keeping up. The kids stop until the voice calls out again and they're off once more. Soon, they reach the location of the voice and find something rather horrible.

      -They find another explorer, a purple whistle, being feasted on by a creature of the Abyss. Reg prepares to drive the creature away, but the creature, taking a slurp of blood, turns to face the kids as the cry for help is called once more, but this time, coming from the creature itself. Riko realizes that this could be a trap and stops Reg, recognizing he creature as a corpse-weeper. They mimic the cries for help of prey they capture to lure others to their colonies. Which means that Moon Whistle here is already lunch. And just when you thought you couldn't be disgusted any further, the creature moves away from the body slightly to reveal thousands of bugs also feasting on the cave-raider. Hope you didn't eat anything while watching this episode, because I doubt it'll stay down.

      -Suddenly, another corpse-weeper appears from behind them. Riko notices it and pushes Reg down, but is caught in the process. Reg curses his carelessness, but sees the creature is still in range. He calms himself, takes aim, and fires his extending arm... which cuts right into the credits! Gah, curse this cliffhanger teaser!

      -Also, we have evolving credits! Sort of. The end card for the opening sequence has changed. Instead of showing off Leader and the young kids, we now have Reg and Riko, with another blue haired girl showing up looking all cute, with antlers person in the background, looking all sinister. Given Habo's warning, I suspect that this person is Ozen. And I think that blue haired girl isn't long for this world.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Incinerator. So Reg takes his shot, but the corpse-weeper from before blocks it like a goalie in Game 7 of the finals. Well, Reg isn't going to let a small thing like that stop him, so he takes a second shot with his other arm, but another corpse-weeper. Just how many of you guys are here? As the camera pans back, I get my answer. There's quite a number of you guys here. Stupid birds.

      -As Riko calls out for aid, Reg realizes that this is bad, because ascending from this layer of the Abyss could mean certain death for Riko. But he's interrupted in his thoughts by an attacking horde. I wonder how robot will taste to them? Riko, meanwhile, is already suffering from the rapid ascent as she's looking tired and drooling from the mouth and quickly passes out. Yikes. Reg is still getting attacked and sees Riko is now out of range. What's worse is that she's going to be red to some chicks. Reg calls out to her, which just summons more corpse-weepers to attack. Things are looking bad as the chicks begin to latch onto Riko's boot, leaving Reg to wonder if there's anything he can possibly do?

      -Suddenly, he blacks out slightly, but a voice calls out to Reg, asking where he is? As his vision returns, focusing on Riko, the voice screams out again. Reg has felt this before, but his body remembers. He lifts up his right arm as he mentions how he felt like something he did in the past. His hand expands as the jewel in his hand glows. And suddenly, a huge tunnel of light emerges, blasting away the attacking horde and taking out the tree that I think the chicks were on.

      -Still, the shot was spot on, hitting the bird carrying Riko. She starts pummeling to the ground, but Reg, on the ball, reaches out to her yet again, grabbing her with his extending on and catching on to her so that she doesn't fall deeper into the Abyss. After taking a breath to calm himself, Reg looks over Riko and sees that she's suffering from the strain of the second layer. He needs to lay her down quick, so he descends further to lay her down in a safe area. Once there, he looks at his hand once more, which is shaking this time. Either from nerves or as blowback from what he did earlier. And what he did was impressive as well as terrifying, for in the distance we see that the beam did a lot more damage than we first thought. One more reason to not piss of Reg. Though what worries Reg the most is what would have happened if he hit Riko. This scares him, making him wonder what exactly he is? Well, a robot with weaponry that would put most countries to shame.

      -After some time, Riko wakes up. She notices that Reg appears to be looking over her, confirming no injuries, but then gets really embarrassed about something. That's when Riko calls out to him, which makes him smile. He's so happy to see her awake, as he got worried since she didn't wake up for so long. She begins to sit up, but he says that she should stay lying down for now. That's when we see that Riko is naked. Reg claims that he was checking for injuries since she was taking so long to wake up. Also, her clothes were all covered with vomit and stuff, which is another reason why she needed to be naked! You might want to grab a shovel there, Reg.

      -Still, Riko takes it in stride. She tells Reg that he doesn't need to act so embarrassed. He is a robot after all. A fully equipped robot, mind you. Besides, he did save her life. She's about to continue until she sees the damage he did, which gets her to stop. After a moment, she asks if Reg did this. He says he was lost in the moment, but he's fairly certain that he ended up doing this. I wonder how far it went, though?

      -Riko, however, is quite excited. She runs back over to Reg and grabs his right hand, asking if it came out of this spot here. She wonders what they should name it, and after a moment, suggests calling it Incinerator. No, bad credits! It's not your time yet! Reg, however, is all serious and tells her that he isn't in the mood for these games, especially since he almost accidentally killed her in the process. It's clear that Reg really, really wants to do some brooding, but Riko, ever the eternal optimist, refuses, telling him that it's alright. She then attempts to measure the blast from the first time he saved her back in episode 1, which was about 200 meters away. So it'll be fine, since he used to be able to control that power quite well... wait, Riko, there's something about that sentence that seems very wrong to me. Are you suggesting that Reg had greater control? I think I'd be scared now if that was the case.

      -In any case, Riko wants to train Reg in controlling his power so that he can be a master of it. Yeah, seems like Reg is all in for that, but after the world stops being all fuzzy and shaky. And just like that, Reg collapses. I guess he can only take so much of naked Riko before his brain overloads. Which is also where our halfway mark is.

      -When we return, we hear the cries of Riko asking for help as a corpse-weeper is feasting on a body. When it turns, the body revealed is that of Riko, who isn't quite dead as she repeats "gone... gone... it's gone." And suddenly, Reg's Incinerator blast takes out the body. And as you probably guessed, it was all a dream Reg was having. Hey, Reg, got a question for you. Do you dream of electric sheep?

      -Jokes aside, Riko was actually saying "it's gone". So Reg was indeed hearing her. She's happy to see that he's awake, but then comments that he wouldn't wake up to matter what. She asks if the Incinerator tired him out? Reg does remember doing that, but says he's fine. Well, Riko is happy about that, but more to the point, Reg asks what she was yelling about earlier. Turns out, her cave-raiding notebook is gone. Reg recalls that this was the notebook she was always making memos in. She suspects she dropped it when the corpse-weeper snatched her. She also notes that he clasp on her pouch is also busted. Though Reg looks over at the destruction he caused, leading them to assume that it might have been destroyed in the process. Though Reg might secretly be happy about it, since it had very extensive notes about him and his equipment.

      -Riko decides to call it a loss, much to Reg's surprise, though she admits she would have liked to have lost it when they got to the bottom of the netherworld first. She clarifies that statement, saying that when it's found, if it's found, then it'll only contain her writings up until this point, so her legend won't spread far and wide. For example, stuff like how she made it to the deepest depths or "That Star Compass really was pointed to the netherworld's bottom", and so on. More to the point, she wanted to add something about Reg's Incinerator to her catalog of his features. It's her only regret. Aside from, you know, nearly dying, that is.

      -Reg suspects that Riko wrote something about how his penis looks like a real one, so if he didn't destroy it, he hopes that ti stays hidden in the netherworld's darkness for all of eternity. The thought is short lived, though, as Riko immediately says they should make a new one. Yeah, no, he won't be subjecting himself to that again anytime soon, no matter what kind of treats or threats she offers.

      -Some time passes and the kids begin the next meal. They appear to be eating some meat that Riko is rotting under some tuba leaves. She kept the seasoning simple and only used rock salt and ground-up Eternal Fortunes. Reg is excited because it looks tasty and not like the food Riko typically makes that's still tasty. He grabs one to take a bite and confirms that, yup, it's delicious. He turns to Riko and says that it's a bit peculiar, but it sure is tasty. He's also impressed that she was able to kill some game on her own. Turns out, however, this wasn't something she did. They're eating the corpse-weeper that he killed earlier. Hey, if nobody else was going to eat it, why not them, right?

      -Though Reg does have issues with this. After all, corpse-weepers sometimes eat humans, which is something they just witnessed before things went to hell rather fast. Riko does think about it for a moment. Yes, it is true that they eat humans, but she's more interested that this concerns him, despite being a robot. His reasoning is that they both look generally the same, which still bothers him when seeing other humans getting eaten. Riko adds that sometimes they had meet at the orphanage, too, but most of that stuff was hunted by Blue Whistles in the first layer. She adds that those kinds of primeval creatures also fed on cave raiders and ruffians to some degree or other. She says that it's sad when they die, but they become the flesh and blood of those creatures, and then once again become their strength. And this is how they have grown strong, by indirect cannibalism. Isn't this a fun show?

      -Reg accepts Riko's words, adding to himself that the scene that revisited him in a nightmare is just part of daily life down here in the Abyss, which is that of Riko being eaten and killed by his Incinerator. He takes it that those being able to build up the resilience to live in the Abyss, for the sake of it. Well, whatever gets you to eat that meat, right?

      -And so the raiding continues as we see the kids continue their descent into the second layer. We see them get attacked by a swarm of bugs as they descended, and somehow were able to escape that. From there, they crossed over a cavern of this lovely waterfall before Riko finds what appears to be a mess of eggs, Perhaps breakfast? Unless they're relics. Wordlessly, she turns to Reg, who shakes his head and pats his bag. I assume he means that his bad is full and they can't carry anymore. Riko is sad, but pockets one for later. Probably for a special occasion.

      -We see the kids continue the trek downwards until they reach the lowest area of the Second Layer, a section known as the Inverted Forest. Riko is amazed by this, and really, it is something else, because as she points out ,the waterfalls are flowing upwards. Man, physics be crazy here. Reg attempts to reach for a tree with his extending arm, but a gust of wind blows it off track. Apparently the Abyss has seen the trick one too many times and has come up with a counter for it. Reg notes this, but then notices that Riko appears to be rubbing her arms. When asked about it, she says that it somehow got colder. se knows it's windy, but she wonders if here, in the Inverted forest, if they don't get that much light reflected by the force field. As a result, the whole place looks rather gloomy, like it's straight out of a horror movie.

      -Reg is still concerned, though, and asks Riko if he should get out the cold-weather gear. She declines, saying they can't spread out their supplies here, so later is okay. Still, he does want to help, so he takes off his helmet and gives it to her to hold for a bit. He then takes off his cape, and one wipe later, we see Riko wearing it. She comments on how warm it is. He tells her to make do with that until things settle down. He takes back the helmet as Riko asks if he's cold. While he can feel the wind, he doesn't feel the cold. Well, this is something that Riko assumed, so for now, she'll be borrowing his cape for the time being. As she starts sniffing it because... reasons, a strange symbol appears on Reg's helmet. Oh, is something going to blow up now?

      -Riko points out the symbol to Reg and looks rather amaze by it. It never appeared before, even when he was sleeping. He wonders where it came from as Riko has starts in her eyes again. She wonders if it's the writing system they use from where he comes from, but soon enough, the symbol disappears. And Riko is sad now. Stupid symbol making Riko sad. You should get hit with a rock! And suddenly, Reg's helmet is hit with a rock. I wasn't being serious about that, show.

      -The kids turn to see... monkeys? Evil looking monkeys, at that. Riko identifies them as inbyos and thinks they're telling the kids to leave, for this is their turf. Reg asks if they're angry, with a hail of debris being the answer. Well, given that, Reg grabs the pack and Riko and hops over to the next nearest tree. The inbyos pursue, so Reg puts him and Riko in a position to be out of their reach by swinging for a further location. After a rough landing, they appear to have left the inbyos territory, and all without having to pay a toll, too! Which probably would have required human flesh, because that's just how things work down here.

      -Riko keeps moving, saying they should be able to see the route to the Seeker Camper soon. It's days like this that makes me wonder who was in charge of editing the subtitles for these shows? You guys were using Seeker Camp all this time, so why change it to camper? Sometimes it makes you want to send a feedback message about it. As they make their way over, we cut to what appears to be a lens from a camera. A voice calls out to their master, saying that something is approaching. One is a red whistle, and the other one doesn't seem to be a cave raider. Hey, it's that blue-haired girl from the opening! And she has a blue whistle. She does appear rather young to be one, though. In any case, Blue Whistle asks if she should read the gondola, but doesn't get a response. She turns to look for her master but finds that they aren't there. Unless she's crazy, they probably stepped out for a break.

      -We return to the kids as Reg notes the wind appears to have calmed down. Riko suspects it's because they left the central part of the Abyss. It also seems like the creatures are more peaceful, too. When Reg asks about that, she says that the force field carries light and nutrients, so there are more creatures the closer you get to the central shaft. She also heard that when you get farther away from there the Curse becomes a bit more bearable. So it seems like the Curse is linked to the forcefield, somehow. Reg suspects this is why the Seeker Camp is in such a strangely remote place, but there's another reason for it.

      -According to Riko, along with a picture of the Abyss map, the Inverted Forest is too high up to descend from directly, so it was originally built as a stopover point for people taking the long way around. It just so happened that the location proved convenient. As an example, long-range visibility is better where the force field is weak, so they ended up constructing a large telescope there. You know, like the one that Blue Whistle was using to spy on them like the spy that she is.

      -That's when Reg points out the telescope, which appears to be inside of a tree that looks like an upside down head. Yeah, I'm not getting nightmares from that. It also appears that they've reached the Seeker Camp, but Reg notes that it's quite high up there. But there's something else bothering Riko. She heard that the Seeker Camp always has a lookout on duty, so when someone starts approaching, they would lower a gondola for them. Reg suspects that they're feeling wary about seeing a Red Whistle and a robot down here. In any case, time for some outside the box thinking. Riko asks Reg if he can reach up there. With both arms, maybe.

      -With a shot, Reg is able to reach the Seeker Camp, which is good. But that's when Reg notices that something is wrong. Apparently, something has grabbed his arms. Up at the camp, we see that a person has hold of Reg's arms, and they comment on how that brat is still alive. That's when the narrator returns to reveal the name of this new person. She is Ozen the Immoveable, the Unmoveable Sovereign, a White Whistle who possess unrivaled physical strength. With a glint in her eyes, will it prove to be a glint of hope? Or is it instead an ominous omen? As the scene fades, we linger on Ozen's whistle, which appears to be in the form of a bull or demon. Yeah, I think we know the answer to this. Cue credits!

      -I think the end credits are evolving, as well, because as the kids approaching down from the Inverted Forest area, Ozen and the Blue Whistle appear from the side. that appears to be the only new thing I've noticed so far. And when are we going to meet with Rabbit Girl?

      -The Abyss map goes further down as we see the images of the kids have moved further, nearing the third layer, as we see them reach the first stop on their journey in the next episode, Seeker Camp.

      This episode reinforces the dangers that Reg and Riko will now face in the Abyss. There will be no help coming for them now, and even experienced cave-raiders can fall victim to the creatures in the Abyss. We also see that, yes, if Riko does start to ascend, it's not going to go well for her. It seems that this is indeed a one-way trip for her, so from this point on, it's the bottom or bust.

      We also learn more about the Abyss and how some of it works. The force field seems to be linked to not only the curse, but why creatures seem quite violent, especially in the central area of the Abyss. It may explain why cave-raiders try to stay along the side, but even that carries danger with it.

      And from the way things have been described, even reaching the Seeker Camp may not be the safety it suggests. What does Ozen see in Riko that makes her seemingly dislike her? And why wouldn't Habo go into more detail about her if she was as dangerous as she seems? Tune back in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if you hear a cry for help, you should ignore it, as it's clearly a trap designed to capture you and feed you to a bunch of newly hatched chicks.

    • This guy is a real Tyrant

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to the next Transformers review!  Today, we're looking at another Third Party Transformers masterpiece figure, and one that comes from a series that already had a figure released... though it wasn't a Masterpiece figure.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you Generation Toy's take on a Masterpiece IDW Megatron, Tyrant!


      Well, early IDW Megatron, actually.  As you can see ,the figure released is the stealth bomber version he had early on in the series run.  You got the nice artwork here of Tyrant both in robot and alt-mode.


      And on the back... absolutely nothing!  Well, no sense in waisting anymore time.  Let's get him out of the box and see how he really is.


      So here we have Tyrant out of his box and in his alt-mode.  And he's a big guy.  He's not heavy, though, so there's no diecast, but there's a reason why he has to be light.


      You got some really, really nice detail on the stealth bomber alt-mode.  Lots of black but a lot of purple paint along those tron lines.  It really give the figure a distinct look.


      And a lot of the robot kibble is hidden pretty well, must to my own surprise.  It's a solid figure that looks quite nice.


      Like those air-vents.  That has a gunmetal finish to it.


      And up front you have some nice red for the cockpit, though I think it could have used a second coat.

      Now, there's actually one accessory to talk about, which can be used in both modes, but it's more for alt-mode 


      You have a flight stand!  It's ratcheted, but you also have multiple locking points so you can lift it or lower it however you like.  It pegs in to a hole on the underside, and it's a very secure connection.


      While I'm here, check out the purple translucent plastic on the wings.  Very, very nice.


      Here's a look at the stand itself.  It's very sturdy and solid, and combined with a light figure means this guy isn't going to tip over.

      Now for comparisons...


      Here is Tyrant with Generation Toy Op.Ex, their version of IDW Optimus Prime.


      Here is Tyrant with MMC's Tyranton, a later looking version of IDW Megatron.


      And lastly, here is Tyrant with Generations Megatron.  I'm honestly surprised I still have it.

      Anyway, time for transformation.  It's long and rather complicated, but isn't too bad.  There's one section that is off due to how it's done in the instructions, but eventually I figured it out.  And soon enough, you'll go from Tyrant in alt-mode...


      To Tyrant in Robot mode.  And this is... an okay look Megatron.  I think I might have transformed the chest area wrong because something about it seems off to me.  It's a bit on the weird side, to be honest.


      Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see a very nice, Megatron looking head sculpt.  You can see a bit more of those purple tron lines there.  There's also a light up feature, and like with Op.Ex, the batteries are pre-installed.  I didn't do any testing with it because the instructions don't mention it, but it's there and it's a nice, bright red color.


      As for posing, it may not look like it but you actually have some good posing options for him.  Granted, the large shoulders may get in the way, but otherwise, he's good and stable in a lot of different poses.

      Of course, no Megatron is complete without...


      His fusion cannon!  Which, if you have the Generations toy, is done in the exact same way, by taking the wings and combining them into the fusion cannon.


      There's no light up feature here, but you got some extra purple translucent plastic to help found out the effect.  And it can plug into either forearm for posing.

      Oh, and that flight stand?


      Yes, you can have have Tyrant fly.  Here, the peg hold is in the crotch area, and like before, it's a very secure connection.


      Of course, you can just have him stand about, instead.  There's a hook system used to hold him upright, but it shouldn't be a problem given how stable the figure is.

      Now for some comparisons...


      Here is Tyrant with Generation Toy's J4ZZ, and wow, is Tyrant big.  Even with the stand, J4ZZ will be about waist high.


      Here is Tyrant with Op.Ex.  Again, even without the stand, he'd be a bit taller than Op.Ex.


      Here he is with MMC's Tyranton.


      And lastly, here he is with Generation's Megatron.

      So, yeah, it's a nice figure, don't get me wrong.  It's built solidly, the transformation is complicated but enjoyable, and my opinion about the look is subjective.  He's a fine figure, otherwise, and a good additionan to your IDW shelf.

      Next week, however, we have a theme week going, and looking at a masterpiece team of figures that was part of a Japanese only series.  Until then.

    • Hauling that Trailer like it's your body

      1 week ago


      ...I have no idea where that came from.

      Hello everybody and welcome to part two of my Transformers review for the third party figure Power Baser, their take on a Masterpiece Powermaster Optimus prime.

      Today we'll be finishing up the accessories that come with this figure, which is basically the key component.  And that is...


      The base mode.  Yes, like any good PW Optimus Prime, they always have a base mode.  It's basically a thing, like how any G1 Optimus always has a Matrix, or how Megatron has his fusion canon, or how Starscream is always a coward.  It's just one of those things.

      Anyway, here's a size comparison between the base and the core bot of Power Baser.  It's a pretty decent size.

      Of course, no base is good without accessories, right?


      Well, here you can see that the base does use the accessories that comes with Power Baser.


      At the top, where the arms are, are the two smaller guns the core bot can hold.  it's a square peg in a round hole, though, so they come out very, very easily.


      On the side you have the twin barreled cannons.  They actually plug in using a peg at the base of the handle, but that peg can twist and turn, giving the turret here some pivot.


      Here it is from the other side, just to show where it goes.


      And in the center are the other half of the twin blasters, acting as a central turret for the base mode.  And for a base mode, it's okay.  It's a thing it can do, but it's only there because one is needed.


      For a quick comparison, here is the Power Baser base with the G1 base.

      Now, to get into the combined mode.  It's not as easy as you think, actually.  It's still rather straight forward but the transformation can be difficult in some places.  There's a lot of panel work involved, but again, nothing too bad.

      And soon enough, you'll go from the base mode...


      Into the first step of the combined mode.  Now, getting the cab in that spot isn't as easy as you might think.  You need to transform the cab into a square, which is obvious, but it has to be in a really specific way.  It's also a bit tight, as well, and even now I don't think I have it right.


      Some pieces just don't want to lock in properly.  Even then, you don't want to tab the legs in all the way because you do need to feed the head in.  But if you've got it right and saw a video, you'll finally, finally...


      Have Power Base in the combined mode.  And... he's okay in this mode, to be honest.  Nothing terrible, but that transformation was rather bad, to be honest, and getting the cab in properly was a hassle.

      Also, with the cab, he looks like he's got a beer gut, which is a same, really.  And they really gave him some extra space in the back for this cab.

      Anyway, let's get a closer look at the figure here.


      The head sculpt is a very nice sculpt with a nice set of chrome, blue eyes.  There is a light up feature, which I didn't test and I've heard reports that some don't actually work.  Now, to use it, you do have to switch out the eyes to a clear blue set, then insert the batter.  It's actually rather simple because the head is together via friction, so no unscrewing required.

      But I don't use the light up functions much for my figures, so I didn't do it here.


      Checking more of the figure, here you can see some nice, beefy arms with more of that tampo paint Fans Hobby likes to do on their figures.  You can also see that they went with a red and blue motif for the hands, as a homage to both toy and cartoon versions.


      Centering on the chest, there you can see Hi-Q there and see that everything appears to fit in properly.


      Further down you get to see those big, beefy legs and more tampo pain.  Now, don't get me wrong, the figure looks nice, but I'm not usually the type to place my transformers on the shelf and leave them as is.  I like posing them and transforming them.  That's why I don't get any that have frustrating mechanics or just aren't fun.  Which reminds me I have a couple of figures I need to sell.

      Anyway, there's one more thing we need to add to complete the look...


      The shoulder cannons, which are attached on the shoulders using round pegs, like so.


      Articulation wise, for a figure of this size it's rather impressive.  You have good, deep ankle rockers, good overall balance, and you wouldn't tell from initial images, but you actually have a waist swivel!  Though with it, the hip skirts actually move along with it.  Weird, I know.


      And, of course, we have the two blasters iconic for the character.  They plug in using the Maketoys rail system that more companies should use, because he can hold it very well.

      Anyway, as mentioned before, the figure has an amazing amount of balance to it.


      Which is rather impressive when you consider the hefty backpack here.  I also want ot make mention here that the figure kind of has to peg in the back here instead of sliding in, and those pegs get ultra tight, so be mindful of stress marks.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Power Baser with MP Bluestreak.  Man, he's massive in comparison.


      Next, here is Power Baser with MP Ultra Magnus.  Quite the size difference, wouldn't you say?


      Here we have Megatooth, just for an inline comparison.


      Here he is with MP10.


      Here he is with Maketoys Thunder Erebus.  Granted, there's a massive size difference here, but one is a Masterpiece scaled figure while the other is a CHUG scaled figure.


      Here is Power Baser with Titan's Return PM Optimus Prime.


      Here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.


      And just for kicks, here is Power Base with a fully decked out G1 PM Optimus Prime. 

      Yes, it does seem like a God Bomber version is coming for Power Base, but it'll probably come after their Overlord set.

      As for the figure itself.  Well, it's fine, for the most part, but it's rather disappointing when you consider the Monsterbot releases, which were awesome.  This one just kind of seems "meh" in comparison.

      Granted, I'm surprised there isn't a proper MP style PM Optimus Prime, so unless an official one comes out or another third party tries their hand, this is going to be your best option.

      Of course, I have another version of this character coming, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for that review.  I do have one more solo review coming out, then next week, we've got a theme week going.

      Until then.

    • It's Super Kami Ginrai!

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to the next Transformers review.  Today we'll be going into the Masterpiece Third party line for a bot that I was heavily anticipating.  It's from a company that has proven itself with each release so far, so will it be the same here?  Why don't we find out.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Fans Hobby MB-06 Masterpiece version of Powermaster Optimus Prime, Power Baser!


      Here you can see the box for Power Baser, showing off the truck and combined modes of the figure.  As you can see, it's the product itself, but it sure does look to be a small box for such a big figure, right?  Well, there's a reason for that and we'll get to that later.


      On the back of the box is your obligatory product shots, showing off Power Baser and his many, many forms.  It's a nice box, but who cares about the box, right?  We only care about the figure.  So let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Power Base out of his box and in his truck and trailer configuration.  And this is why the box looks so small.  Because having it in his full robot mode would just be a major issue for shipping and package size.


      As you can see, it's a very nice truck and is very, very long.  He's got the classic Optimus Prime colors, but with some additional details that is common with Fans Hobby releases.


      The trailer itself cleans up rather well, given what i turns into, but you can tell how things will form just by looking at it.


      As for the cab, it can rotate independently, and you get some good range with it, too.


      Of course, you can add all of Prime's accessories on the trailer to show that he means business.  this will limit the cab's ability to pivot, though, so bear that in mind.

      Now, for some quick size comparisons...


      Here is Power Baser with MP Hot Rod.


      Here he is with MP Prowl.


      Here he is with Titan's Return PM Optimus Prime.


      And here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.  Power Base is just a little but longer than the G1 version, which is a bit surprising, to be honest.

      Anyway, why don't we focus on the cab itself.


      This is a very nice cab of Optimus Prime here.  You got a nice helping of chrome long with some nice red and tinted blue plastic for the windshield.


      Really, this looks like a very nicely done update on the PM Optimus mold.  And there's no doubts that this is Optimus through and through.


      Though like the others, the cab doesn't clean up as much as you like.  Well, sacrifices will be made.


      Though you do get some nice details here, like the tampo paint here.  This is littered all over the figure, though unlike some others, they don't actually try to spell out anything.

      Now for some size comparisons here...


      Here is MP Hot Rod.


      Here is MP Prowl.


      Here is G1 Prime.


      And here is MP 10 Prime.  As you can see, not too far off the mark in terms of color, though my MP 10 Prime is the Year of the Horse version, so it's got the deeper red plastic and gold chrome going for it.

      Now, for transformation, we do need one more figure for that, so why don't we bring him out now.


      Here we have Hi-Q, or Ginri, depending on your continunity.  The powermaster companion for Optimus Prime.


      Let's get a better look at him so we actually have some focus.  You can see some nice color usage here with the visor and chest, but most of the rest of the figure is plastic so not a lot of pain is used.


      Now, for a powermaster, Hi-Q here has a surprisingly good amount of movement available to him.  It's still limited, especially around the hed, and he has no waist swivel, but still, it is rather impressive.


      For comparisons, here he is with Apex, Titan's Return's PM Prime's companion.


      And here he is with G1 Hi-Q.

      Now, the transformation into the engine block is rather simple.  You do need to twist the legs and fold them up, but there are holes in there to attach the pegs in his shoulders, turning him...


      Into the engine block.  Now, you place him in place of the engine grill, as usual.


      But if you don't want to do that, you can place him on the trailer itself.


      He goes on very tightly on the trailer, so just be mindful of that.

      As for the cab transformation, it's basically what you would expect, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, there is a fake grill that you need to pull down and it will be difficult to get to at first, so bear that in mind.  Also, the wheels on the sides of the cab will need to collapse in, and they peg in a number of ways, so getting it in may be difficult.

      But otherwise, it's still rather straight forward.  And soon enough, you'll have the cab from alt-mode...


      To Optimus Prime in robot mode.  As you can see, there's a lot more detail that shows up in this mode that is hidden in alt-mode.  You got more paint and more details here.


      Getting up close to that head sculpt you can see that classic Optimus Prime face with a nice set of blue chrome eyes.  Very nicely done.


      Going further down you can see one aspect that would be a problem.  Mainly, there's a lot of hollowness in the midsection, which is rather unsightly.  This is because, if you move the legs normally, you're going to see pretty much nothing there.  They try to fill it as best they can, but there's only so much you can do with it.


      Further done you can see more tampo paint with something vaguely cybertronian in design.  It's a nice tough to help give it a little more life, especially when you'll probably be looking for a place to put that Autobot sticker on.


      Which is always on the shoulders.  And you can probably find a spot there, but you can see that the arms come out pretty well and have that beefy Prime look to them.


      With regards to posting, you got a lot of different posing options.  This figure is extremely stable with strong ratchets, so he'll hold almost any post.  And he's got an ab crunch, if you want to play around with that.

      With regards to accessories, Prime has a few options there, as well.


      He can use the twin barrelled cannons that are normally reserved for base, trailer or combined modes.


      You can also give him the giant blasters normally reserved for the super mode, if you want.  Though you can split these up for smaller weapons, if you wish.


      Yeah, he's real happy about that.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Power Baser with MP Bluestreak.


      Here he is with MP Ultra Magnus.  Yes, I still have him, why do you ask?


      Here he is with Fans Hobby's Megatooth for a size comparison.


      Here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.


      And here he is with MP 10 Optimus Prime.

      Now, while I have Prime here, there is one more accessory we need to talk about, but one that isn't really for Power Baser.

      You see, people who preordered Power Baser here received a special gift.


      It came in this nice, black jewel box that has an all too familiar symbol on it.  What could it be?


      Why, it's the Matrix of Leadership, of course!  It's done up in silver and has a nice, blue gem in the middle there.  Supposedly people received different colors of the gem, but still, I think blue worked out better here.

      Which means that any figure that can hold a Matrix of Leadership, like MP Hot Rod, MP Ultra Magnus...


      Or MP 10 himself.  It's a nice little bonus, to be honest, and while it's pretty clear that it's just that, a bonus, a lot of care went into it, so it's nice.

      And that does it for the cab itself.  Now, as this journal has gotten long enough, we're going to stop it here for now.  But next time we'll be focusing on the trailer and the combined mode.  Best to keep things simple for now.

      Until then.

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        You can't see anything, but it's there.

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      2 years ago

      Here, I think you might like this. It's another work by Sharkbro.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        2 years ago

        No problem, I was just looking over some of his other stuff and looking for familiar faces.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I think I already have that in the Odin Sphere folder. I'll have to check. If not, thanks for the find.

    • dragon55128 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crazy_texan

      2 years ago

      this happened smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Go nuts.

      • dragon55128 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crazy_texan

        2 years ago

        lol I figured you would like me to share this smiley13.gif

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        C.C. appreciates a fine ass.

        Kallen likes them curvy up top.

        They both win.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      Hey Ca, you watching the second season of Knights of Sidniona?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        No. I though I'd wait for Netflix to stream it, if they get the license.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      Was it you who posted that super cute comic about Bell as a Rabbit?

      • iMacOfDeath

        2 years ago

        Damn, been trying to find it.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I don't think so.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      Is this tame?

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Dear God no. That can result in you getting banned.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        Okay now delte the first comment

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        I see

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Borderline, and in my opinion, on the wrong side of the line.

    • ConnieEdogawa All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      this safe enough for me to post?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I see it's listed as questionable, but aside from Esdeath nearly falling out of her suit, I can't see anything that would get it deleted.

        But of course, it's all about the personal taste of the mod that will get you. I think it's fine, personally.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      Tatsuya Shiba is a troll among trolls sometimes xD

    • Star357

      2 years ago

      I have been taking a lot of my anime choices recently from the image gallery you have been posting. Right now I am on Akame Ga Kill about 1/3 through it and already seen a number of characters die. I am guessing it gets worse as the series goes on huh?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Yeah, and people are not about it.

        It seemed to go more with shock value than anything else.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      ISML is back.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Well, I'll have to check it out later.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      3 years ago

      CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon trailer

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      3 years ago

      No idea what you said, obviously. Cool.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        3 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        It was me ending the conversation.

    • shadow15

      3 years ago

      hi hi! :)


      • shadow15

        3 years ago

        you and I both actually

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Hurting financially. My own fault, really.

      • shadow15

        3 years ago

        long time no talk whats going on?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago


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