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    • Getting dimmer...

      1 day ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      Is it just me or do all Telltale Games games [sic] (TTGs) go darker in mood as each episode continues?

      For TTGs, I played The Walking Dead (season 1), A Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us (1), Tales from the Borderlands, and Minecraft: Story Mode (s1). I'm currently in the last episode of Tales from Monkey Island (which is a linear game - no branching).

      In all of those, things got more serious as the stories moved forward. (I have not played the Sam & Max games, though.) TfMI started really goofy and care-free. Now in the last episode, the main character's facing people who died because of his actions - mostly unintentionally (and, at the time, humorously but seems far less funny now).

      TWD(s1) started dark and kept getting darker. Same with GoT and TWAU(1). TftB and MSM seem to follow TfMI's pattern of starting off mostly humorous but losing a lot of that humo(u)r in the last episodes.

      (The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest was the same. It started off happy but went dark and even ended very, very sad. Sierra originally had TTG working on it before taking it back for unknown reasons and handing it over to TOG. So, the TTG pattern remains in my opinion.)

      So, is this what I could expect from the TTG version of Sam & Max? Starting absolutely bonkers but ending with dark moral hind-sight dilemmas?

    • Idle Hands

      3 days ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      When you can't sleep at the times when you should sleep, do you turn to books or games or hobbies or just lay there wide awake?

      What kinds of books or games or hobbies?

      (Not asking for a friend.)

    • I survived this morning.

      1 week ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      Flawless start of sales, even with all the changes this year.


      Little victories.  8 more starting days to go through the 26th.

    • Risky Business Moments...

      2 weeks ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      If you arrive at work before anyone else, do you do anything that you wouldn't do when anyone else was here? (Not asking for a friend.)


    • Unity...

      3 weeks ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      Rooster Teeth should be a beacon of unity, not division.

      If I took the time to point out each tweet and retweet that Rooster Teeth employees made of divisive rhetoric - the very same rhetoric that is getting people harassed, stalked, and attacked - I would have no time left in the day.

      Rooster Teeth, you should be better than this. Unite. Don't divide. Division destroys nations.

      Think about what you are about to promote. Are you going to promote us vs. them? Look at where that got us in the last presidential election. We don't need more of that.

    • Doing my duty!

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!


      They wouldn't have coded such features if they didn't want players to experience it.



      If I play Jurassic World Evolution, I will be doing this and a lot worse. You should, too. Don't let all their hard work go to waste! Kill them all!

    • Homer Simpson's Odyssey

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      The only thing I really want from Assassin's Creed Odyssey is to be able to kick people off of cliffs.


    • Updated Privacy Policy 5/25/2018

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      1. Meh

      2. Bleah

      3. Definition of Terms

          a. Huh?

          b. Whatever

      4. Limits

          a. On Fridays

              i. Pancakes

              ii. Laundry

          b. On Holidays

              i. Desserts

              ii. Lots of them

              iii. Like way too much

      5. Liability

          a. Lying's not an ability

      And there you have it. My privacy policy. By viewing this journal, you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

    • I'm a Pimp

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      Arachnophobe warning (even though it's an adorable animated only-kinda-looks-like-a spider).

      I'm going to promote someone else's starter campaign because

      a) it helps a kid go to college.

      b) it's a cute talking plushie that I want.

      but it won't get made if there aren't enough pre-sales.

      Fun fact: Lucas, the Spider was created to help arachnophobes with their phobia.

      Fun fact: The spider that is the inspiration for Lucas has never had a case of a bite on a person.

      Fun fact: The hunting spiders such as the jumping spider that is the inspiration for Lucas are smarter than orb-weavers and trappers.

      Fun fact: Hunting spiders don't just sit idle and wait for their prey and can't waste energy on things they can't eat. So, they're not stimulus-attack like other spiders.

      Fun fact: Jumping spiders have excellent eyesight compared to other spiders.

    • SpaceVenture - a venture into the glory days long past...

      2 months ago

      EricHVela Matador Computador ¡Olé!

      PC-playing people as old as me and @Ryan will remember Space Quest - a series of graphical adventure games. It was fun and funny and often just plain odd.

      The people who made that series of games for Sierra (who currently exists only in name) are, now, making a spiritual successor for themselves called, SpaceVenture.

      As a fan of Roger Wilco, I am watching this venture with great interest. I see that they're trying hard to reclaim the glory days of adventure games... but I think that they're digging too deep into the past.

      Adventure games look to me like they're in two categories now. You have the Visual Novel and modern Graphic Adventure. The Visual Novel is similar to what you can see all over Steam like Hatoful Boyfriend. The modern Graphic Adventure is like The Wolf Among Us or Life is Strange.

      The style of the old graphical adventure games is like Adventure Game Studio - flat scenery and flat, animated sprites moving around in the scenery. It's nothing like the modern adventure games.

      Sierra recognized this when they commissioned a finale for King's Quest - first tapping Telltale (The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, A Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands) and then tapping The Odd Gentleman. The result was a modern Graphic Adventure in the style of The Wolf Among Us (minus "Quicktime events"), not an Adventure Game Studio flat game. It had enough nostalgia while not dragging the player back into 1986.

      Guys from Andromeda (formerly known as The Two Guys from Andromeda when they worked for Sierra) are going with the 1980s-1990s flat, sprite-animated graphical adventure game that one could make with Adventure Game Studio (and probably would have saved them a lot of time by using AGS instead of building their own interpreter).

      I predict that this new story will not appeal to fans of the old games and new players in the classic style. A new story today needs to be in today's standards.

      Maybe Sierra could show them how it's done with an official finale to their Space Quest, but fans made their own finales and I believe that Sierra doesn't want to trample upon them - and the fans used AGS with a shorter dev cycle than what SpaceVenture is seeing (6 years and still going), and the fan games for Space Quest were done in the amateur devs' spare time with good results.

      I had hopes for SpaceVenture when they announced the kickstarter. I'm far less hopeful now given their published progress.

      You can't turn back time. Maybe, that's for the best.

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