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    • Killin Time

      3 months ago


      So I'm stuck on a train that is not moving due to mechanical failure with nothing but my tunes and Shovel Knight. 

      How are all of you guys going this fine day? 

    • Late to the party but still a great game

      4 months ago


      Was off work today with a migrain. When it came time for dinner I jumped onto here to see what I could watch. Saw a new episode of Backwardz Compatible where they played Shovel Knight. Well gosh dang, Miles energy is so contagious I bought the game on 3ds and played a tonne tonight. 

      What was going to be an early night to bed has now turned into me yelling at my 3DS, figuring stuff, victory fist pumps and a much later night than I had planned. 

      TL:DR Shovel Knight is great and you should get it.

    • Ignore All Reviews (ie Suicide Squad is not that bad)

      1 year ago


      Just came back from seeing Suicide Squad and I can honestly say it was an enjoyable movie. I feel like the characters played their parts well, visually it was great and overall its a good step that DC is taking in their on screen projects that make me a little more excited for Justice League, Wonder Woman ect.

      Don't get me wrong, this is not the greatest movie of the year or anything like that. There were plenty of corny one liners, predictable events, slow moving plot and a soundtrack that was all over the shop.

      However a lot of reviews on this movie have been very harsh, and a little unnecessary. I feel like that weird mob mentality comes into play with people hating movies based on someones opinion and getting on that band wagon of hatred.

      This frustrates me as I feel that people are giving up the opportunity to make up their own mind and come to their own conclusions. The go in with a list of things in their head that a so called "expert" has told them that are wrong and as a result they will find those faults, thus ruining their experience.

      My opinion, and take this with a grain of salt, is that if it is a movie that you are genuinely excited about, ignore all reviews. Don't even read them because they will just put you in the wrong perspective. Go in and sit through it. Enjoy it or hate it but make sure the conclusion is yours. If it sucked then jump online and see what others thought about it but don't give up that potential for real enjoyment because some other person on a complete other walk of like did not agree with it.

      Sometimes it will pay off and other times the movie will genuinely be crap. I've been burnt by this. Very excited for Jupiter Ascending. After seeing it, it is probably the worst thing I've ever seen but that is my own conclusion ad if you haven't seen it then ignore me and go check it out for yourself.

      Enjoy what you want to enjoy and don't let others dictate what you can and can't like.

    • Train Trip Game Changers

      2 years ago


      So I feel I have encountered a game changing event that may alter the state of train travel.

      Aboard my daily train heading to work this particular train was different.

      Over the loud speaker the message came.

      "Welcome aboard passengers this is your captain speaking"

      Hell yes, train drivers calling themselves captain. It really just classed up the joint. I feel all train drivers should be called captain. Who knows what will happen next, in train Movies, snack carts. The sky, or the rail, is the limit.

    • The acquisition with Full Screen

      in Forums > The acquisition with Full Screen | Follow this topic


      I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are about Roosterteeths acquisition by Fill Screen.
      I'm sure it will be a great partnership for RT but I hope there are no downsides or tradeoffs.

      12 replies

    • Ice Bucket Challenge

      in Forums > Ice Bucket Challenge | Follow this topic


      Hey Guys
      Newish to RTOZ but I had an idea in terms of Matt calling out the RT community for the Ice Bucket Challenge. It might be cool to do some gatherings all over the country to make some sweet aussie Ice Bucket Challenge movies. We could post them individually as different groups/states or edit them all together into an epic ice bucket montage. Just an idea that i thought I would put out there.

      1 reply

    • Why do they only use one-ply!!

      3 years ago


      Bit of pet peeve of mine and I thought it fitting as my first journal entry.
      I get very annoyed at well paid establishment when they skimp on one of the most important parts on any day. The bathroom breaks.

      These establishments im talking about are shopping centers, university, schools ect.

      You have a break between classes or you need to go while you are shopping, run (or quickly saunter) to the nearest restroom yo thang.
      Upon finishing you go to wipe but are shocked to find that they are stocking only One PLy toilet paper. What the hell is that!!
      I had to either pay for parking or pay thousands of dollars in Uni fees and im stuck with one ply toilet paper!!
      I might as well poo in my hand.

      Then you have to take twice as much so you can fold it so the structural integrity holds, and in the words of Mr Gavin Free, That is a load of Faff.

      Its annoying, stop it, stop it right now.
      They need to re-consider this current arrangement because it can be very damaging to someone's

      Thats all

    • 2018 years ago

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