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    • Let's Watch - Tales From the Borderlands Episode 4 - Part 3

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Gonna be honest. Today's episode is a little hard to watch.

    • Let's Play - Brawlhalla - Part 1 (feat. Gaming Under the Influence, Dos Muchos Games, and Games of Wrath)

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Phoenix is joined by the guys at Dos Muchos Games, Gaming Under the Influence, and Games of Wrath for some couch play of the new indie brawler, Brawlhalla, a game that was on the show floor at RTX. We talk about Lord Xenu and Super Saiyan erections. It's one of those kinds of nights.

    • Review - Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin


      So before I get into the text portion of this, I should link you to the video review I did of this. The video reviews are going to be my primary reviewing medium from now on, I think. So yeah, take a look!

      Dragonball z Resurrection of F is the follow up to 2014's excellent Dragonball Z Battle of Gods, Battle of Gods was, in my opinion, the definitive DBZ movie. It had all the elements that made fans from all walks of life love DBZ. It had funny moments, great characters that all had their time to shine, a great villain, and awesome fights. Ressurection of F follows that in spectacular fasion...

      Or at least that's what I'd like to say... Let me be clear, I enjoyed this movie... just not as much as I wanted to. I grew up watching Toonami on cartoon network, and by extention, DBZ. Watching anything DBZ takes me back to my childhood, so I can forgive a lot, maybe a lot more than I should. But the one thing I have to remember is, this is a show made for kids. Sure it has parts in it that pander to the older audience, but at it's core, it's still a shonen series.

      So in Ressurection of F, Frieza is brought back to life using the dragonballs and it's up to the Z fighters to stop him once again... ok, so maybe just a select few of the Z fighters... Unlike Battle of Gods, most of the characters don't get anything to do in this. Instead we're forced to watch a new annoying character from one of Toriama's past works take up a place that should have been filled by, oh, I don't know... anybody else...

      But back to Frieza.... ok, I need to stop here for a second... Since Goku defeated Frieza in the series, he's faced down the Androids, Cell, Pikkon, three forms of Majin Buu, and a freakin god. Why are we expected to just accept at face value that Frieza has increased his strength so severely in a short time of being revived that he could be a threat? Maybe I'm being too critical. In the movie, it's explained away that he already knew Beerus and Majin Buu were more powerful than him, and that Frieza had never trained, even once, all of his life, so once he got a little training in, he could be powerful... but... as powerful as Super Saiyan God 2 Goku? It's... really stretching it...

      I wish we had seen more of those new Super Saiyan God forms from both Goku and Vegeta, but they just kind of transform into them like they've had it for a while. But what really dissapoints me is how they turned Battle of Gods' best aspect into this movie's worst aspect... Beerus. Beerus is a great character. In the DBZ universe, he's the God of Destruction, and very definitively chaotic neutral. He takes no part in the fights of either the heroes or villains and is really far more interested in eating all different types of foods from all of the universe. He was a great presence in Battle of Gods, neither villain or hero, but a grey area in between that takes no part. But in this movie, he and his assistant Whis take all of the tension out of everything. It's not just them either. There's never any threat. Even if Frieza beats Goku, Vegeta is right there in the wings, and even if he somehow beats him, then there's Beerus and Whis. This is a genuine problem with DBZ. The heroes are now way too strong. They don't have anyone left that can really stand against them. For crying out loud, they are now literally Gods.

      One last thing that bothered me is the over reliance of cg in this movie. Pretty much whenever something complicated happens on screen, the nice 2d images are replaced by cg, and it is waaaay too noticeable.

      The best thing about this movie though is the dub. These guys are absolutely killing it in their roles, and why wouldn't they? They've had these characters for almost two decades now. They have perfected DBZ in english, so much so that I had no interest in seeing this movie until it's english dub came out. Notible mention goes to Chris Ayers as Frieza. In my mind, his voice is the definitive Frieza voice, the perfect amount of arrogance, annoyance, evilness and spite.

      I'm gonna be honest, I'm really happy that there's new DBZ. Keep it coming, I say... but this just seemed like a bit too much. I think it's proven that DBZ needs some new threat that isn't just a stronger version of a previous villain... sorry Frieza...

      SPOILER AHEAD: Seriously?! A tiny laser sniper took out Goku, I'm calling bullToriyama!

    • Testing a Let's Play format

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      I recently got a new mic and Windows 10, so I thought I'd make a Witcher 3 gameplay video by streaming my xbox to my laptop and capturing the footage there. Seems to work pretty well. Not as well as an ELgato, but still pretty good.

      Right now this video is unlisted, but take a look and let me know if you'd like to see me make more.

    • Surveymonkey... Well, shit...

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Well damn... guess I didn't research enough. Surveymonkey only let's me view 100 responses. If I pay per month, I can still only view 1000 responses. So far the Million Dollars But survey has received over 850 responses. I may not be able to do a full community survey study, sadly.

      If anyone knows of a free alternative (or has a really nice surveymonkey account) let me know.

    • Million Dollars, But... Community Survey!

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      This is a community poll for the series of Million Dollars, But. Answer whether to take the money or pass!

      This is for episodes 1-3. A new poll will be out after more episodes are released. Hopefully we can get a lot of answers to reveal the percentages after RTX!

      Answer the survey here!

      -Phoenix, the intern who wasn't asked to do this but totally is anyways.

    • Internship - Month Two...

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So it's been almost two months now at Roosterteeth as an intern. A lot of ups and down, but mostly ups... vast majority ups in fact. I've been involved with a lot of cool projects, many of which I can't talk about yet, but of the ones I can, I've been a PA on Million Dollars, But, and even appeared twice in an episode. Edited several RT Life's including the Scorpion Prank which has over a half million views right now. Operated camera at a Hot Dog Eating Contest. Run audio for Dick-Tation. Created a lot of video thumbnails. And been audience for several episodes of On the Spot.

      Coming from the fan side of things, this has been really awesome, and an amazing opportunity. It's been hard though coming down to Austin not knowing anybody here, and I have a resting angry face so it sadly gives me an aura of "pissed off" even when I'm really happy, so it doesn't make me all that approachable... anyways... my point is, without people to hang out with after work hours, and very little funds to begin with, it's let me focus all of my energy on working at Roosterteeth.

      Today I stayed late at the office, still editing. Not because I had to, but because i wanted to. I've never done that before anywhere that I've worked. I'm enjoying myself, even if the look on my face doesn't initially speak a volume to that.Never have I ever had a job that I've immersed myself so thoroughly in, and enjoyed doing so, than I have working at Roosterteeth.

      I want to keep doing this for as long as I can (which, really, is till the end of August, cause that's when my savings runs out, haha).

      I'll see you all at RTX! Look for the grumpy looking asshole in the leather cowboy hat. Tell me the Lannisters send their regards and give me a high five, cause I'm a white guy, and white guys love high fives.


    • 2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin
    • 2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin
    • Review - Ant Man

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Hey hey, this'll be my first video review. I've been doing these as text for a while, but now I'm going to start trying to make them into video reviews.

      I completely admit, I was fully expecting this to fail. I knew that Marvel's momentum just couldn't keep going and I was convinced that Ant Man was going to be the one where it stumbled, because, well.... It's Ant Man... no one really likes Ant Man.

      Let's start with the comic books. Hank Pym is the first Ant Man, and in those comics, he's a misogynist drunkard who makes an all around asshat of himself. The second Ant Man, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd in the movie) is a divorced ex-convict who is pretty much inept at everything he does except steal things, as he even stole the Ant Man suit to begin with.

      So going into this movie, knowing that all of those comic elements were still going to be in it, I was expecting this to fail. Surprisingly, and pleasantly so, it was actually an extremely entertaining comedy heist movie.

      It's actually a bit of a side story to the Marvel cinematic universe, as all the action takes place far removed from the main action. If this were a tv show, this would be a one off episode where they their main stars don't show up in order to save budget on the season. It certainly doesn't detract from the movie though, as one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes was one where they let David Tennant take a break. (Blink)

      What I like about the Marvel movies recently is that all of their movie "episodes" have really been different genres. Iron Man is scifi, Thor is fantasy, Cap 1 was a war movie, Winter Soldier a spy thriller, Guardians was a space opera, and the Avengers are Joss Wheden movies (TM). Ant Man, in the same vein, is a heist movie, and it plays itself very tongue in cheek, making itself easily one of the funniest Marvel movies to date.

      The only downsides of this is, like almost all the Marvel movies, it has a really weak character as it's villain. The character of Cross is explained to have insanity issues because of his failed Ant Man serum, but I felt like that was just an excuse. He was both written and performed as too much of a mustache twirling evil doer for my taste, and he's just too over the top of a bad guy for me to believe it, and this is a superhero movie, where I can very easily forgive that, but here it was too much.

      I was however very pleasantly surprised by the appearance of another female superhero that I won't spoil here.

      So yeah, Ant Man, of all super heroes... grab a magnifying glass and go see it.

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