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    • Tales of Aether: The Monstrous Dream Eater

      2 years ago


      Legends told of the three Great Gods that watched over the world, of Light, Darkness, and Death. However, Drake never paid much attention to such stories. They were just stories that the Priests told to keep the masses in line. Of course, he didn't hold all of the answers. But then again, no man did. So, instead of following the masses and listening to every word the priests went on about, Drake decided to take a different path in life. During the day, he would sell wheat to the bakers and meat to the butchers, but this was just an excuse to visit their shops. For at night, he would visit their shops and take their money. He had actually become quite well known in Aset, given the title of "The Blue Phantom.' The title was due to his calling card, a single blue rose that would be left at each place he stole from.

      His achievements were very popular among the women of Aset, they believed him to be some handsome rogue that would steal them away, into the night to be his wife. These stories always made Drake chuckle to himself, like he would ever be tied down. He was no stranger to women, of course, but it was nonsense that he would tie himself to a single woman. So Drake spent most of his time preparing for his next case, but in his off time he would visit a young "fan' of his.

      She was a young woman named Karina and she was born without the ability to use her legs. Karina would spend most of her days sitting in her room, watering the many blue roses that she grew. It was from this young and fragile thing that Drake came up with his calling card in the first place, although he never took a single petal from the young lady. Drake would often scale the building of her home, and sit in her window sil to speak with her. He would tell her stories of knights and dragons, filling her mind with countless fantastical stories that would make anyone rush to join the knights. And every time he left, he would gently take her hand, kiss her knuckles gently and say "It is time for me to go, my brave knight. Be sure to join me in my dreams again and protect me from the monstrous dream eater.' He said with a smile and slip away into the night. While no such beast existed, he knew she enjoyed the prospect of being a great warrior.

      This exchange happened for years, and he would always treat her with kindness. However, one day he arrived to find that her room had been ransacked, the countless blue roses laid on the floor and trampled. Worried for Karina, Drake climbed to the roof top and searched for anything that could point him in her direction. It was not long before he noticed the trail, destroyed carts and scratched on the buildings walls, that led to the town squre; where a massive crowd now stood. His heart sank deep into the pit of his stomach and he quickly rushed towards the crowd, grabing a discarded spear as he did.
      What he saw on his arrival made his stomach churn and his blood boil. A Priest of Darkness had claimed that Karina was abusing the darkness in her soul to allow her to become the Blue Phantom and steal from the merchants. The punishment for such an act, if it were true, would be death my immolation; to cleanse the abundance of darkness within her. He had tied her to a massive wooden beam, set in the center of a pile of wood. She was tied so tight, that she could hardly scream for mercy and to claim innocence, as the Priest had wanted it.

      Anger filled Drake's heart and he rushed forward, making his way from rooftop to rooftop, holding the spear behind as he ran. Once he was close enough, he stabbed the rooftop with the tip of the spear and hurled himself from the roof and towards the pyre; which had begun to burn during his sprint. His years of practice as a thief helped him land on the top of the stake and keep his balance. Drake's emerald eyes glared at the crowd as he hunched over Karina, spear in hand and ready to take on Suzuka herself; if it meant saving Karina from harm.

      "You wish to see an abuse of darkness?' He roared over the flames, taking the spear and pointing the head upwards. "I curse all of you, all who wish to harm this innocent girl. Save her life or I shall devour your hopes and dreams.' He said darkly, grabbing a hold of the spears head tightly, his crimson blood dripping down his arm. Drake lowered his head, closing his eyes as he spoke softly to himself. "Soubi, I give you this body as sacrifice. Turn me into a monster, so that I may keep my vow.' And with that, he pulled the blade away, spraying the flames beneath him with his blood.

      Instantly, the flamed roared to life and turned a violet color; signifying Soubi's acceptance of Drake's deal. For several long seconds, that felt like hours to Drake, the flames suddenly shot from the wood and engulfed Drake. He did not scream once as the flames consumed him, he only stared at the Priest that condemned the innocent Karina. Drake's green eyes were the only thing that could be made out in the flames before the extinguished and he disappeared into a puff of smoke.

      Karina was returned safely to her home, but not a single person at that gathering had a restful nights sleep. Their dreams were plagued with visions of a man engulfed in violet flames, with emerald green eyes staring out at them. All except for the young Karina, who had a simple dream. It was of a young man sitting in her window sill, weaving stories of Knights and Dragons. As the dream neared its end, the young man smiled at her, took her hand and kissed her knuckles, before speaking softly to her. "It is time for me to go, my brave knight. Be sure to join me in my dreams again and protect me from the monstrous dream eater.'

    • Story Three: Creating the Obsidian Mansion

      3 years ago


      The three siblings watched from inside their massive temples, observing the flocks of humans as they came to beg for their favor. Suzuka, being the light of the world, would bless the farmers with a bountiful harvest. Soubi, being the darkness of the world, would bless the thieves and pickpockets; allowing them better prizes. Shikyo, being the Death of the world, would receive hunters and warriors and would turn their hairs white and bless them with the ability to find prey in the vast deserts. Unlike his sibling, Shikyo would also receive a second set of visitors. Those who feared him, and what the end would bring, would visit Shikyo and beg him for a long life and to heal the sick. These people were more of an irritant to Shikyo and they appeared often. Even the ruler of the kingdom that they stayed in, would constantly pay Shikyo a visit. He would grovel and plead with Shikyo, asking to let him live forever. However, Shikyo quickly grew bored of these visits and, forty-two years after his temple was built, Shikyo disappeared from its halls.

      Unlike his siblings, Shikyo did not like the attention and wished to see the humans in a more personal way. It was then that he had an idea. While Suzuka and Soubi were busy, he went too his child; Time. Time had taken the form of a beautiful woman and watched over the world from a corner of Shikyo's temple. He asked his daughter, as the humans called their female offspring, to turn back the time of the vessel Shikyo wore. Make the body that of a child, so that the people would not recognize him wandering the streets. Time of course did as her father requested, turning his body to that of a child, and with that Shikyo left silently. Only Time would know of where he was and what face he wore.

      The first people Shikyo wished to see, not that they were not groveling and begging of him, were the hunters and warriors. He was surprised to see that very few of the hunters actually revered him, as they claimed to when in his presence. They would brag of their abilities to hunt in the white sands of the world, saying that Shikyo's blessings were more of a formality than a need; like with the blessings that his siblings gave. The ones that did speak up in Shikyo's defense were still very young. The warriors were just as bad, claiming that the only reason they even went to Shikyo's temple, was because their commander told them too; a man by the name of Seth. Shikyo made sure to remember that name and would pass his blessing too that warrior from then on.

      The second people Shikyo wished to see, were the Merchants, followed by the farmers, then the thieves, and finally the priests. All of them were different from each other, in one way or another. But the one thing that they had in common, was their families. Some were large, others were small. Some didn't even know that they were family, while others ignored it. But they still had that bond, one that Shikyo and his siblings did not have. The fact that they even referred to themselves as siblings, was because that is how the humans referred to them. This gave Shikyo a sense of longing, a desire to have what these mixtures of will and soil had. It was then that Shikyo realized, he was hollow inside. He held no kin, outside of his daughter, and the closet thing a family he had were two beings that ignored him.

      Once the night had passed, and the twilight of dawn was appeared, Shikyo returned to Time and had her return his body to normal. He went to the changing of the days, where Suzuka and Soubi changed places. Shikyo told them of his journey among the humans and how they believed that they did not need his blessings. He also told them of the people he saw, the families they built, and that despite everything that they had created, they never once thought of being siblings. Suzuka and Soubi laughed off Shikyo's suggestion of being family, saying that they had no need for it. However, the next changing of days, they called Shikyo to join them. Soubi and Suzuka had done the same as Shikyo had, having Time remake their bodies young and watched their followers in secret. They all had the same feeling as the hunters and warriors. Suzuka and Soubi had also watched the humans in their daily lives and also felt the emptiness that Shikyo had experienced.

      During that day the three siblings appeared before their priests and followers. They told them that they had seen the disgrace their blessings were receiving and that they were ashamed of their followers. Because of the disgrace of their blessings, they were going to leave the world and watch from afar, allowing only their most devout followers to hear their voices and continue the right of giving away their blessings; to those that they deemed worthy.

      The siblings returned to their original place, where space and time did not exist, they began to discuss the notion of becoming a "family," instead of just being. They spent many years discussing what to do, to make such a thing. They decided on needing a home, a family name, and the appropriate titles. The titles were a bit tricky to decide on, but they eventually decided on leaving it simple. Suzuka and Soubi would be the elder brother and sister, since they developed awareness first and at the same time. Shikyo would be the younger brother of the two, being that he developed his awareness second. The family name was difficult to decide on, since only the nobles held such lofty things. After much discussion, they decided with "Sendo," which meant "devoted" in the human tongue. The final thing built was their home. It would watch over the world, be be unseen. So they constructed a white sphere in the sky, to mimic Suzuka's stars. and inside they would place their home. It was one that very few, outside of the Sendo family, would ever see. A home made of Obsidian, a stone forged from the chaotic nature of the planets core, just like how the Sendo's were born from Chaos as well.

      -The Story of the Obsidian Foundation

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