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    • Joke a Day Challenge - Day 4

      1 day ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      Lionel Richie went to see the doctor about a sex change. The doctor said it's a fairly simple process that requires three procedures.

      Lionel replied, "so once, twice, then three times a lady."

    • Joke a day challenge - Day 3

      2 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      I saw a sign today that said

      Road Works Ahead

      And I thought "but does it cup the balls?"

    • Joke A Day Challenge - Day 2

      2 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      A blonde friend of mine was telling me her ex keeps hounding her and she's getting annoyed. I told her that Ghosting is the way people now days get rid of those they don't want in their lives. So she killed her ex. 

    • Joke a day challenge

      3 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      You may have noticed that I enjoy jokes and have posted a few absolute golden ones here (jury may still be out on that). 

      So I've set myself a challenge to write at least one joke a day for the next year. All will be of my creation but as is the case with comedy, it could be similar to something someone has said before. I won't be intentionally using others jokes though. 

      So here is number #1. Just like my recommendation for anal, I'll just to ease it in. 

      When I was a child, I'd cook with my mother. I'd stir her up and she'd beat me with a wooden spoon. 

    • Kicked from wood carving

      4 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      I was kicked out of my wood carving group. Apparently I cut too many corners.

    • Valentine's approaches.

      6 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      So as the day approaches, here is a poem to charm the pants of your attraction:

      A cool breeze from the outside rain, 

      I'm warmed by the one by my side, 

      The moonlight enters through the window again, 

      It falls upon her face, a smile I can't hide,

      I lay awake watching this beautiful one sleeping, 

      Love her complexion and silky smooth skin, 

      Watch her chest rise & fall, listen to her breathing, 

      The longer I look the harder my heart beats within, 

      Want to pull you into my arms, never let you go, 

      I don't want to disturb your peaceful slumber, 

      so instead I lean in quiet, kiss you softly on your forehead, 

      Watch a smile appear on your face as you slumber in bed.

      And if that doesn't work, you could try one of these pick up lines:

      Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like you landed on your face.


      Are you a magician? Because you make my erection disappear.

      You've been running through my mind all day. Unfortunately, it appears you were just running to a donut store.

      Is your dad a baker? Because you look like you've got a lot of rolls.

      Well, they aren't really pick up lines. More like alternate exits if it looks like the pickup line isn't going to work. 

    • Care for some nuts

      6 days ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      I was on a flight and the attendant asked if I'd care for some nuts. I guess they had been badly roasted and became a little salty from the experience. 

    • Purpose

      1 week ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      I've been struggling lately. Nothing financial or life threatening. Nothing to be worried about but still struggling. I'm just struggling to find a purpose. A reason for me to be. Also, I'll just preface this with a note that I'm not looking for god or any other imaginary friends. 

      I'm just waking up each day with this sense of why aren't I better than I am. Why have I not achieved more? Why am I not more successful in life? Why have I not found what makes me happy in a career or even in general? It's a difficult thing to dismiss and an even harder thing to satisfy. 

      Especially for me. I'm never satisfied with my own life. Any achievement or goal reached isn't enough. It's all just a step towards the next thing. The next goal or achievement or moment. I'm just finding that as things progress, progress becomes slower and less frequent. And in turn finding an excuse to pursue that goal becomes lower. Right now, I'm in that low. Why? No idea. I just wanted to retreat from everything and not burden the world with the lazy, failure I am. 

      But it's ok. I'm ok. I will bounce back again. Just at the moment, the person I am should be better than I am. And until I snap out of it, I won't be able to get closer to the better me. It happens. One day you'll be better but never enough

    • 2018 - the year of Community

      1 week ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      You may have heard that RT has called this year, 2018, the year of community. Meaning this year, they are focusing on providing for the community and creating a better, easier experience for the community. 

      It's a two way process though and the community needs to make the effort and give ideas and opinions on what it wants. There have been a few Q&A's held by staff to get feedback from the community but I felt there needed to be a thread for people to voice their concerns, opinions or even appreciation for the work and effort put into new platforms like the, currently in Beta testing, video platform. 

      So as a new member of the community, how do you find things? As a regular user, what do you think needs attention? What advice can the veterans give those new to the RT Community? How awesome am I? These all need your help in answering, so have at it. 

    • Waiting

      3 weeks ago

      Treanomaly Absolute Travist

      You ever notice how some waiters make a big deal out of serving wine?

      Most of the time it's just a pour performance. 

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    • Fiezzy FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Probably drinking beer

      9 months ago

      Hey, not sure if you're a member of the group or not, but Aus has a community group on Facebook where we organise gatherings and what not.

      If you're interested, you should deffinately check it out.

      • Treanomaly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Absolute Travist

        9 months ago


        Thanks for that. I don't have a Facebook account but I'll keep an eye out somehow.

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