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  • Nomad Mid-Season & Camp Camp Season 3?!

    5 days ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Hey peoples! Just popping my head up from the approximately 1,345,433,850 projects going on to give you a quick update on Nomad of Nowhere's release schedule!

    So Nomad season one is twelve episodes in total, and this upcoming Friday is episode six -- what we are calling our mid-season finale. After this week, Nomad will go dark for a little while, to return later in the summer with the back half of the season. This week's episode is a natural end to our first arc of the season, and you'll be getting some cool development and backstory on some things that raise the stakes.

    In the meantime, you've got Camp Camp! A few months ago, Gray teased the fact we were working on a Blu-ray combo pack of Camp Camp seasons 1 & 2. Well, I've got an update for everyone about that: He wasn't lying! The Blu-ray exists and it goes on sale Tuesday, May 22nd! If you're looking to check out Camp Camp or catch-up on past episodes, the combo pack is a damn good option, as season 3 looms near.

    Oh, and speaking of Camp Camp season 3, I have been granted SPECIAL POWERS by the marketing department that allow me to announce that Camp Camp season 3 will premiere on Rooster Teeth FIRST FRIDAY, MAY 25TH! HOT DAMN THAT'S SOON. We're all excited to be heading back to Camp Campbell this summer for some camp-tastic camp-ventures, and we hope you are too.

    So to recap:

    • Nomad episode 6 is the mid-season finale (airing Friday, April 20th on FIRST)
    • Nomad will return later this summer
    • Camp Camp seasons 1&2 Blu-ray combo pack May 22nd
    • Camp Camp season 3 premieres May 25th

    Hell yeah  sunglasses

  • Warehouse Transition

    1 week ago


    Hey friends!

    We have some big changes coming to the RT Store that we wanted to fill you in on. Before we dive in, we wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the challenges we faced and explain why these changes are coming.

    Last holiday season, we experienced some issues with our warehouse and fulfillment center that impacted shipping times, led to the oversale of certain items, and resulted in a poor experience for many of you. On top of that, our Customer Care team was unprepared for the spike in inquiries as a result of the warehouse issues, which led to unacceptable response times. We are incredibly sorry for our poor communication and for not meeting your expectations this past holiday season. We’ve spent the last few months working on solutions to improve the RT Store shopping experience, and now we’d like to announce how we’re fixing it.

    Here’s the big news: effective April 19, we will be shipping from a new fulfillment center! We’ve outgrown our current warehouse and are excited to partner with a larger and more technically adept one. This was not a decision we came to lightly. We’ve been shipping with the same warehouse fulfillment team for over a decade, but as our business has grown we realize that we need to make some big changes to provide all our store customers with the best possible service. It’s a big step for us, but we know it’s the right thing to do.

    The new warehouse is equipped to  provide more shipping options and faster shipping prep times, which for many of you should mean merch hitting your doorstep sooner! They are capable of handling high-volume shipping times, which means you can order during sale times, holiday season, and Extra Life with confidence that you’ll get your orders on time.

    We expect for there to be a very short downtime during the transition, roughly from 11:00 pm CDT April 18 to 3:00 am CDT April 19. You will be able to shop with us right up until then and just after. After April 18, you may notice some items will show as sold out for a period of time before all of our inventory is in our new warehouse. However, the majority of our popular inventory will be available for sale on the April 19. We want to stress that downtime will be minimal. And trust me, you’ll want to shop with us on the April 20 **cough cough** Limited Edition Geoff **cough cough** Limited Edition 15th Anniversary merch from Rooster Teeth, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, and RvB **cough cough**.

    In addition to our new warehouse partnership, we’re addressing the communication concerns by growing our Customer Care team. @Chelsea has taken on a new role as Community Support Manager (congrats Chelsea!), working closely with the team to improve response time and ensure that we are providing helpful and accurate responses. We hope that you won’t need to contact us for issues with your order, but in the event you do, we are striving to respond quickly and resolve the issue with excellence.

    We know everyone living outside the US is thinking, “Cool beans but what about me?” We want to be transparent about the fact that we know the international shopping experience needs a lot of work. We have not done the best job keeping up with the UK and AUS store. We’ve faced challenges trying to produce items outside the US with the same quality and the same cost. As a result, we haven’t been able to get the same product in those stores. To address this, we’re working to improve the international shopping experience in the US store by adding more shipping options and the ability to track your shipments. We are also working to improve the product selection over the next few months in the international stores to better reflect the product mix we offer in the US.

    Since we are rolling out several initiatives to improve your shopping experience, we will be reaching out to you to ask you how we’re doing. People who shop with us over the next few months will receive email surveys asking how your experience was with shipping, customer service, etc. Your opinion matters and we really want to hear from you. We want for you to love shopping with us as much as you love watching our content.

    Here’s the TLDR breakdown:

    • New warehouse coming April 19 with better shipping options and faster shipping times

    • Customer Care is working to improve response times and the quality of support we provide

    • Don’t miss the April 20 Limited Edition launch – it will be epic AF

    Thanks for your support and patience with us as we work through these growing pains. We’re excited about how amazing this new store experience is going to be and can’t wait to get your feedback to make it as good as it can possibly be.

    <3 RT Store Team

  • RvB is Back and It's Going to be Fucking Awesome (+ A Schedule Update)

    1 week ago


    Hey everyone - hopefully you’re already aware that the 16th season of Red vs. Blue is premiering for FIRST members on Sunday, April 15 at 8:00 a.m. CDT. It’s going to be our sixteenthiest season ever. The show is now old enough to drive a car or something. It’s going to be awesome, just watch.

    If you’re not yet a FIRST member, you should correct that, but in the meantime let me tell you about how we’re going to be releasing this show for everyone to see.

    We have a long history of trying out new things with Red vs. Blue. That sounds oddly sexual but it’s not. What I mean is, our most loyal viewers have a long history of watching it on the Rooster Teeth site. In fact, there was literally nowhere else to watch it until season 6. Caboose hadn’t even invented YouTube yet. I think Woodrow Wilson was still president. It was a totally different world back then. Possibly much better.

    So, things change, and then sometimes they change back again in delightful ways. With our new and improved site and mobile apps, there’s even more reason to watch Red vs. Blue right here at its original home. Because of that, we have decided to release Red vs. Blue episodes free to the public on the Rooster Teeth site and mobile apps a mere one week after they go up for FIRST members. They will be posted to YouTube at some point in the future, but the only way to watch them for free one week after their initial release is on the Rooster Teeth site and mobile apps.

    We are committed to making our new viewing experience the best it can be, and bringing our community together on the same platform is a huge priority for us. This new season of Red vs. Blue is the perfect way to experiment with that. As it stands, this is the only show with this release schedule – our plan is to leave RWBY’s schedule the same as it has been.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. If you have praise and adoration, you can leave a comment too. Or maybe combine both, like “How can you be so awesome?” Just go nuts.

    We’re excited about making our site and apps the best place to watch Rooster Teeth content, and your feedback is crucial in that process. Thanks everyone and can’t wait to watch the show with you this Sunday.

    - Matt

    P.S. - Along with having a new site and mobile apps, we'll be doing an hour long watch party for Red vs. Blue Season 16 Episode 1 at 10:00 a.m. CDT on Sunday April 15! Head on over to and watch with the rest of the community.

  • Looking Behind the Curtain (How Ad Reads Come to Be)

    1 week ago

    gus Elite Staff

    In the past I’ve thought about writing a journal explaining how some behind the scenes stuff works here at RT, and in light of recent concerns about a sponsor I figured I should give you some insight as to how ad reads happen. I think this is good background info to help shed light on the current situation because I’ve read many misconceptions about the process. I’m going to use Hims as my example in this journal.

    I want to start by saying nobody at Fullscreen or Rooster Teeth forces me to read ad copy for a sponsor I didn’t approve. Ads can come in a few different ways. Sometimes external agencies sell against our inventory, sometimes our internal sales team sells them, but regardless of who sells the ad, I deal directly with the RT sales team. When our sales team is talking to a potential new sponsor interested in advertising on RT Podcast they will let me know who the potential sponsor is and ask if I approve or have any concerns or objections. I normally look into the company or product and try to get a feel of how people talk about them online. I’ve disapproved many potential sponsors in the past and have never had pushback when I disapprove one. For example, here is the email I received from the sales team regarding Hims (the email was addressed to the decision makers for the shows listed below):

    One of our agencies reached out about this, so let me know if neither/ both or which one would make sense as a sponsor. (Same company, two products- hair loss and erectile dysfunction pills.)

    I made it very clear that it would be difficult for us to promote ED pills with a straight face, but apparently they have a sense of humor...

    Anyway- understand if this doesn't fit but looking at:

    AH Livestream, Heroes and Halfwits AHWU and Off Topic

    Always Open

    Glitch Please and The Know

    RT Podcast

    After doing my usual research I came to an easy conclusion (and I only make the decision for RT Podcast):

    I'm fine with both.

    Not every show producer was comfortable with this ad read, so some shows turned down the sponsor. Once the sales team hears from the show producer they move forward with getting the ad copy and scheduling the read. Due to the popularity of these reads there can sometimes be a large delay before we do the read. For example, I gave Hims a go ahead on August 14th 2017 but didn’t do the first ad read until March 5th 2018. On February 27th 2018 I had an on-boarding conference call to discuss the campaign with the external agency that sold the ad and the company itself. Normally on these calls we are given background on the company and go over the product and talking points for the product. This is a time for us to have our questions answered directly by the sponsor. We typically only do on-boarding calls for new sponsors but sometimes we’ll have refresher on-boarding calls with long time sponsors who may have new products or talking points. So much time had passed since I initially approved Hims that I had forgotten I approved them. After the on-boarding call I was actually concerned that this campaign had come in unapproved so I sent off an email to the RT sales team verifying that I had approved this campaign. They reminded me of our earlier conversation about this sponsor and I was ready to move forward.

    After the on-boarding call we finalize the copy that I will read and the graphics used for the video podcast. Sometimes the sponsor supplies the copy, sometimes they don’t. I don’t know where the Hims copy came from. I think it was written internally because before the second ad read I received a message from one of the producers in the Broadcast department. He was punching up the copy and since he was changing it he wanted approval on it. Here is the message exchange we had:

    Hey Gus - I'm punching up these ads for today, wanted to share with you a piece of this so (A) you can check it out and don't get blindsided by stage directions, and (B) so you can object if you hate it. Here's a part where i put a dumb little side comment trying to make these more conversational. LMK if you hate it:
    If you have this problem, check out, a one stop shop for hair loss, skincare, and sexual wellness for men. *(to panel-->)* I always wondered where you can get that sexual healing they talk about in that song. HIMS provides medical grade solutions, real doctors who offer quality generic equivalents to name brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair where it belongs!

    My reply was:

    Perfect. Thank you for this!

    About thirty minutes before the podcast goes live one of our other producers gathers up all the copy for that episode and preps it for me so that I have them all on my laptop to read during the show. I’ll review them and if I have any last minute questions I’ll pop into the control room to chat with the team. If you ever watch the live pre-stream and you see me in the control room with my laptop I’m normally asking a question about copy, ad timing, on screen graphic placement, or something else related to the ad reads. Then we go live and you see the rest. I try to space the ad reads out during the show so that there aren’t too many back to back and we don’t wait until too close to the end of the show.

    People often comment on the way I perform ad reads and they frequently have good advice, but I want you to know the methodology behind my approach to the reads. Some viewers ask why I don’t become more energetic or try to be upbeat and incorporate the copy into the show. I try to intentionally maintain a fairly flat delivery so that it is clear when I am doing the ad read and when I’m not. There have of course been exceptions in the past for bigger activations like the Smirnoff “Side Car” or Pizza Hut’s “The Feed”.

    Once the show is released I keep tabs on comments on our site and other social media avenues. Part of this is reading how people react to the ad reads. Recently someone contacted me via twitter because they took exception to some ad copy I read for a different sponsor. They felt the copy was worded in a way that was deceptive. I looked at the copy again and could see his point of view. I sent an email to our sales team alerting them to the concern. They looked into it, talked to the sponsor, and the copy was changed to address the concern.

    Ok, now that all that background and process is established I’d like to talk more in-depth specifically about Hims.

    The controversial reaction to Hims has surprised some of us at RT, including myself. I did my first ad read for Hims on March 5th and the second ad read on April 2nd. The first read focused primarily on the hair loss medication and the second read was the first to mention the erectile dysfunction medication. There wasn’t too much feedback after the first read, but there definitely was a lot more after the second. I wanted to address some of the concerns I saw posted online.

    The first concern was that our audience is too young for this type of product and we were marketing pharmaceuticals to teenagers. Some RT shows do have a young demographic but RT Podcast listeners are one of our oldest skewing audiences. An example of the fact that the audience is older is actually shown by the fact we have had alcohol sponsors in the past. In the United States if you advertise alcohol then no more than 28.4% of your audience can be under the age of 21.

    Another concern was that the products were “snake oil”. The products sold by Hims are prescription drugs approved by the FDA for the purposes they are advertised for. Finasteride is the generic version of Propecia which is used to treat male hair loss. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

    Some commenters were uncomfortable with the idea of this service helping a patient circumvent their in-person doctor visit and get pharmaceuticals through online consultation. I personally thought this was a super convenient idea and I wish I could have this type of regular consultation with my general doctor. I do think this is the future of medicine and doctor appointments. I can definitely see the cause for concern but I don’t want anyone to think that the service just allows you to order pharmaceuticals with no oversight. You do give your medical history to a real doctor via the service who reviews it and your overall health before determining whether or not you qualify for the medications. You can also provide a prescription from your regular doctor if you have one. Either way, you simply can’t buy prescription medicine in the United States without having a prescription from a doctor.

    From what I understand I think that the United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicine. I think this fact is also what has caused some of the concern from our audience. In the US we are used to seeing medicine ads and ignoring the ones that are irrelevant to us. I also think that since the US doesn’t have a national healthcare system that most Americans don’t have a general practitioner that they see so this type of service is attractive to them. That last one is just a hunch I have, no solid proof on that one.

    In reading the comments about this topic I discovered one other bit of information I found interesting. Viagra is available over the counter in the UK I don’t bring that up as a justification for the ad reads, just as a bit of information to highlight how different countries treat medicine and the healthcare system differently.

    Why didn’t we say anything sooner? I actually wanted to address some of the concern on Monday’s podcast and told Burnie about it before the show went live but we never got around to it. I really wish I had talked about it then because there’s definitely been way more discussion in the community since then. Internally we’ve been talking about this and we have people on all sides of the issue. We couldn’t really make a statement or address this until we knew what we wanted to say.

    With this controversy swirling in our community, we realize the easy thing for us to do here would be to cancel our contract with Hims. We do need advertisers to support our podcasts, but we don’t need all of them. We turn down advertisers all the time that we don’t think fit out standards.

    However, we don’t want to make a reactionary decision here, because we genuinely do think this is a good service. Many men find talking to their own doctor in person about these issues and other health issues difficult and embarrassing. It’s a real problem. And yes, these issues do affect young men in not insignificant numbers. A service that helps men get past that embarrassment and get help is a good thing.

    Rooster Teeth tries to be a sex-positive company. We believe in addressing sex and sex-related issues in open and frank ways, and we think sexual health is important for everyone. If erectile dysfunction medicine helps some people enjoy their lives, then more power to them.

    Some members of our community have suggested that it is morally wrong to advertise any prescription medicine whatsoever. Burnie has commented on past podcasts that advertising for prescription medications in the U.S. is way over the top. And by and large, he’s right, especially when you compare the U.S. to the rest of the world, where most countries have no advertisements for it at all. It’s unlikely we will ever partner with another prescription medicine advertiser, it’s not something we seek out. However, we’re not ready to say they are all bad. The health care system in the U.S. is extremely convoluted, which is a much bigger topic than we can address here, but people still need to know about medicines that can help them. This subject just deserves a more nuanced conversation.

    Now that you have heard us out and understand our decision making process, we look forward to getting additional feedback from you. Like I said, we want to have an honest and open discussion about this, and one that is based on facts and not rumors or gossip. As the person that has the final say over this and all the other advertisements on the RT Podcast, I feel this is very important to get right. Our community is extremely important to us, and so is making decisions like these for the right reasons. Please leave your comments below and we also look forward to discussing with everyone on the next RT Podcast.

  • The New RT Box Plan - Launches April 4!

    3 weeks ago

    Eric_Duncan VP, Marketing

    What is up, y’all?. This is the update you’ve been waiting for: your biggest and most burning questions about the RT Box and Double Gold will be answered - TODAY. Probably. Anyway, let’s first talk about the final monthly box. The March box. I can think of no better way to end the monthly box than for it to be a couple of weeks late. Which it is. For those of you still waiting, those will be shipping out next week. Now, onto the cool new stuff.

    Sign-ups for the New RT Box Membership Go Live on Wednesday, April 4

    That’s just next week, people, so get ready. This will happen at about noon CDT, but keep an eye on the usual channels for confirmation of when it happens. The moment you sign up you’ll be charged $64.99 and be eligible to receive the Season 1 RT Box, which carries the theme of those lovable idiots over at Achievement Hunter! As a note, these RT Boxes are limited edition so if you take your time signing up, we may run out of inventory! Seriously. Limited.

    As mentioned in my last update, each season the box will feature a different theme. We’ll announce what the theme is around the beginning of each season (every three months, or “quarter” as we say in the fancy business world), which should give you enough time to decide if that box is right for you.

    Let’s Talk About Shipping

    Domestic Community Members: USD$64.99 includes standard shipping for you! Yay.

    International Community Members: You will have to pay an additional USD$11 on top of the box price, BUT the shipping cost will include customs and duties.* Double yay!

    *(Be aware that there is still a chance that your local government may add on additional costs we have no control over.)


    Billing and What It Means for You and Your Calendar

    Remember with Double Gold how you got billed on the first of every month? Forget it. Things are changing, for the better.

    The RT Box membership runs in 90 day subscriptions.

    You will be charged the day you sign up and enter into an auto renewal plan.

    You will then be charged three (3) months later on the 1st of that month (see below for example timeline).

    For example, if you sign up May 6 (5/6/18), you’ll receive the Season 1 RT Box, and you will be charged again on August 1 (8/1/18) to receive the Season 2 RT Box, then three months later on November 1 (11/1/18) to receive the Season 3 RT Box, etc… As long as you maintain your auto-renewal on your subscription.

    Still confused? Look at the below image:


    More Questions? We Have Answers.

    Q: What happens if you run out of inventory? Do I get billed and then get shafted with no box?

    A: Nope! If there is no remaining inventory for that season you will NOT get billed.  

    Q: When do I get the box?

    A: Once you’ve been billed, your order is created and will ship out as soon as that season’s boxes are ready to ship. We are planning for boxes to be ready to ship around the middle of each season.

    Q: When do I need to sign up so I can be first to purchase RTX London tickets?

    A: You must sign up by April 16 at noon CDT (6 p.m. GMT) in order to receive a code to be first in line to purchase RTX tickets. If you sign up after that time, you won’t be eligible to receive a code.

    Final Reminders

    Remember, with an RT Box membership you’ll still get:

    • An RT Box every season packed with about $140 worth of high-quality, exclusive merch

    • A 10% discount on all purchases in the Rooster Teeth Store after you sign up and are billed for your RT Box membership

    • Access to purchase live event tickets, including VIP passes when available, before anyone else

    • Gold double star on your community profile

    And remember, you will have to sign up for FIRST membership separately to continue viewing the FIRST content that you love so much. (Not a FIRST member anymore? Go ahead and sign back up today HERE!

    That’s it for the moment. Keep an eye on your emails, our social media, and this site for news. AND DEFINITELY make sure you get our emails - I imagine something special might drop in some inboxes soon. Leave your questions below and @Chelsea and I will do our best to get you some answers.

    Thanks, we love you.  

  • The next linear channel betas will launch Monday 4.2

    3 weeks ago

    ebregman Programming

    UPDATE: They're live now!




    Thanks for helping make our RTV linear channel test a big success! You guys definitely showed us you'd watch a linear channel, especially with our new chat feature right there.

    Our first test was a specifically programmed feed that included a live broadcast. To do that every day 24/7 takes more tech infrastructure that we're currently scoping out how to build. But to keep the tests rolling, on Monday we're launching 3 different linear feeds in beta on FHTV will come to our site, and we're starting up a new AHTV for Achievement Hunter and an RTV for Rooster Teeth as well.

    RTV and AHTV will run exactly the same as FHTV - they'll be a randomized playlist from the libraries of those YouTube channels (AH will include Let's Play). The one difference: RTV and AHTV will be unlisted on YouTube and only discoverable on, whereas FHTV will remain as it has been on YouTube in addition to being on In all three cases, when you visit the linear feeds on you'll be using our chat. We'll all be stopping by the chats for those feeds, so make sure you check in when you can!

    All live broadcasts will remain in separate streams, just like always, while these betas are up and running.

    Have a great holiday weekend if you're celebrating! If not then have a great totally normal weekend when a lot of stores are closed!

  • Hello Community!

    3 weeks ago

    mikequinn VP Engineering

    Thank you to those who showed up for our Q&A session the other night! It was really cool to answer those questions and get feedback from everyone before we launched the new video platform. We’re excited to launch it tomorrow, and don’t forget to go download the new mobile apps tomorrow as well, so you can always have Rooster Teeth in your pocket. A lot of you have asked about the community side of our site: what we’re doing with it, features, look, feel, etc., and with the new site coming tomorrow, I want to take a few minutes to show you some early concepts and talk a bit about what we’re working on.


    What are we building? An easy way to keep up to date with each other, share a common community space, and enjoy all of the Rooster Teeth people and content that you love.

    How are we doing it? There will be a couple ways to communicate.  First, we will have “posts.” This feature will look similar to other sites, where you will create a post that others can view.  

    Posts can go to a community. A community is a grouping of like-minded people gathering around common interests.  

    NOTE: Everything you see here is early work-in-progress, so some visuals may change as we work on these

    If you want to explore communities, you’ll see something like this


    Community will be part of the video experience in a few ways.  Cool part: you can check it out while enjoying content.


    And read the entirety of a post without having to leave the sights and sounds you’re experiencing.


    Big and little screens will be able to view new episodes through the community!


    We’re are very excited about this and will show updates as they move along! Leave me some comments below and let me know what you think.

  • Launch date - New site! New apps!

    1 month ago


    Hello, you lovely people. Big news today so I’ll just get right to it - the new video site and mobile apps are launching next Friday, March 30! We’re so excited! And sleep-deprived! But mostly excited! It’s been a long time coming, and we really believe that we have created the best place on the internet for the Rooster Teeth community to watch our favorite shows. In more news, keep an eye out a bit later for news on a public beta for Android users. iOS users, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to have a public beta, but we have a few folks in the community checking it out so they can give you reports. Here's one now!

    A bunch of us will be jumping into the chat next Friday to watch the Let's Play Spring Break, and you’ll be able to join us on the site and apps. Can’t wait to see everyone!

    Hugs and kisses,



    1 month ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis

    Hi again friends, 

    RTX is a fun and chaotic weekend, and we know scheduling your day is super important, especially when it comes to planning your travel. We want to make sure we give you enough time to book your flight, hotel, and set plans!

    Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from RTX weekend. This is far from complete. We’ll be making updates and adding new events throughout the planning process.

    Can’t wait to see you at RTX!


    10AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    6PM - FIRST Night Screening at Paramount Theater


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    11AM - Exhibit Hall open for Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders

    12PM - Exhibit Hall open for all other badge holders

    12:30PM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins

    8PM-12AM - Platinum Party for Platinum badge holders


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins


    8AM-1PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    6PM - RTX Austin ends and we all cry



  • March - Girls

    1 month ago


    March - Girls

    It's already that time again! This month's playlist is called "Girls" and will hopefully be the only playlist in this experiment that breaks the (admittedly self imposed) 12-song rule. Unfortunately, the Girls just wouldn't play along, and despite weeks of attempts, I could only get this thing down to 15 songs. It started at 41, ballooned to over 60, and worked it's way back down slowly achingly.

    These aren't the 15 best girl songs ever made, or even tied to a genre really. These are just 15 songs from female bands, artists, or bands fronted by women, that I've been listening to a lot lately, and who I think are maybe not super known, but deserve to be heard. It's also been a tremendous source of inspiration, if I keep these playlists going past the this year. 2019 will be full of playlists like "about girls" and "lo-fi girls" etc etc. 

    So here it is. Hope you like it. I'll be back next month with a playlist a little more specific.

    March - Girls.

  • What's this?! RWBY AMA Coming Up on Monday Feb 12!

    2 months ago


    UPDATE: The AMA is Live now! Come on over and ask us questions!

    Howdy RWBY Fans!

    Thanks to all of you who tuned in every week to watch the show and talk about it with your friends! We really hope you enjoyed the most recent entry in Team RWBY's adventure. But of course... now comes the dark times: the dreaded "hiatus" between volumes. It's a time when fan art reigns supreme and crack-ships are at an all-time high. It's a time when people ask questions like, "Who is manlier? Port? Hazel? Or Pilot Boi?" But before we get too deep into the off-season, we wanted to have one more chance to get to talk with you guys, and so we'll be doing an AMA Monday February 12th on the RWBY subreddit! It'll be in the afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m. CST and we (Kerry and @Miles) will also be joined by the incredible director of RWBY Chibi, Paula Decanini (@paulalala)!

    So come say hi and let's talk all things RWBY and Chibi! We'll drop in the AMA link here on this journal when it goes live so you all can come and ask as many questions as you want.

    Thanks again, and we hope to see you there!
    <3 K&M

  • RTX Austin & London Forums!

    2 months ago

    adam Director of Technology

    Created new forums for our RTX 2018 London & Austin. 

    Looking for a place to arrange hotel shares or community meet ups for #RTX2018?  Just made some new forums for ya.   heartbeat


  • Updates on new

    2 months ago

    mikequinn VP Engineering

    Hey, everyone. It’s been two weeks since we officially unlocked the closed beta of the new Rooster Teeth website. All of the invites are out, and right now we have thousands of eager community members watching shows, chatting, and providing really great feedback on our new video platform. I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of our beta testers for helping us create the best place for Rooster Teeth fans to watch our shows.

    For those of you eager to jump in and check out the new site, don’t worry, we’ll be announcing an open beta soon. In the meantime, I’d like to talk about a few great things we’ve learned from watching everyone use the site these past few weeks:

    • Testers love the live chat feature we have running during live broadcasts. We had almost 400 beta testers in the chat for the RT Podcast on Monday night, and everyone had a lot of fun. Let me know which Rooster Teeth cast members you want to see join in the chat and I’ll go smack them on the head (figuratively, of course).

    • Content discovery - We’ve seen that a lot of you are checking out content beginning to end, and using the watchlists (because you get notifications for shows in there)

    • Comments work!  After a wee bit of a rough start the first day - comments are working, threading, and notifying

    • Search actually delivers what you expect it to

    • The video player saves your spot

    There are also a few things that the testers pointed out that needed some more work:

    • Newest content showing up on time

      • You all have been so great about pointing out discrepancies between old and new sites; thank you!

    • Series page layout

      • Right now only 20 episodes are being displayed, so we’ve created a new layout for Series page. We’ll roll that update out next week. You can see a screenshot of this new layout below. It was your feedback that drove this change, so thank you!


    There’s more news to come, so stay tuned. We’re really excited to be making the very best home for the Rooster Teeth community and can’t wait to launch it so you can all try it out.

    And finally, let’s talk a little bit about what we’re working on for the new community site. We know this is as, if not more, important to many of you as the video portion of our site. Look forward to Dan (@kickme444) making more frequent and substantive updates in the coming weeks as we move closer to rolling out the new platform.

    For the past few months we have been focusing our design and development efforts around the structure of what a community site is for Rooster Teeth.  We are lucky in that there are already hundreds (or thousands) of Rooster Teeth communities, so we need to make sure we account for them, and plan for the future with new and inventive ways for people to interact with others on our platform.  To that end, we have been really excited to see the interaction happening on the new live videos/chat page in the video site beta, and have been adjusting our development cycle in hopes of rolling out key community features as soon as possible that allow communities and individuals/groups to better connect with each other in real time.  

    We’re really excited to begin rolling stuff out to you and improving over the next year.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!

  • Funhaus Changes in 2018

    4 months ago


    Dear Funhaus Community,

    We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last year talking internally about the future of Funhaus. A future wherein we continue to make the type of content you’ve grown to expect and enjoy, while at the same time striving to bring you even better shows and content.

    It is our goal to maintain the same level of transparency with you that we personally demand from our favorite creators. So it’s in that very spirit we now share with you our 2018 content strategy: Quality Vs. Quantity.


    What does this mean? A couple less videos per week, to be honest. It’s an entirely different workflow for us and a shift away from our usual production output which traditionally demands pushing ourselves beyond our natural limits. This year we want to work smarter.

    Going forward we plan to re-focus on making fewer, up-produced pieces of content. Taking into account analytics and your feedback, we’ve narrowed in on what a fan-favorite Funhaus video resembles. “Avatar,” “Talking Stalkings,” “Surfers Vs. Skaters,” and “Weed Shop,” are all good examples. Moreover, these videos exhibit shared qualities: extra attention and time in pre-production and post-production, live action interstitials, crazy visuals, costuming, elaborate bits, and an over-the-top commitment to having fun and going all-in. These same considerations also apply to more “basic” gameplays like “Hitman” or “Alekhine’s Gun.” A comment we regularly see is “I LIKE WHEN YOU PLAY GAMES, THOUGH!” We still are! But now with more time and thought that can really reinvigorate and give added value to the final video product. Basically, we want to give you MORE and feel excited about it.

    This is the pledge we now make to you. In 2018, we’re going ALL-IN. It means making fewer videos, sure, but hopefully it also means more videos that will leave you breathless and in tears from laughing so hard, or taken aback by a style of editing, animation or comedy unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a Funhaus video. Cutting back on 3-4 videos a week means that the videos we do make will have more time and attention in post. Consequently, team members who edit will have more breathing room and space to flex some creative muscle.

    You may be wondering what criteria helped shape our new content slate. On the one hand, we looked at what types of videos we enjoy making, and by what means we derive the most satisfaction as creatives, comedians and producers. But for the most part, it’s come down to taking an introspective, critical look at our content and discerning what’s working and what isn’t (which is something we do regularly, regardless). As such, some of the shows that garner lower viewership will be put on indefinite hiatus. For example, Comments Show has a small, niche audience, but doesn’t pull in big numbers. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see elements of Comments Show and other pulled shows materialize in different formats. So hang tight.

    Paid, sponsored videos will continue to be made, which is relatively self-explanatory. Shows like Filmhaus, Dude Soup, Open Haus that are extremely viable financially for the channel. But even some of this content you may see follow a more seasonal structure.


    Here’s our new posting schedule. This applies to YouTube, unless otherwise specified. At first glance you’ll notice that the Monday slot will now alternate between seasons of shows, as we start up the first season of Wheelhaus (giving Demo Disk a well-deserved break).

    GTA will be once a week now, alternating between co-op and single camera gameplays. And who knows; maybe when Red Dead Redemption 2 releases it will rotate in that slot as well.

    Dude Soup will stream live for RT FIRST Members on Tuesdays now, shifting the YouTube posting to Thursday.

    MONDAY - Demo Disk, Wheelhaus, or an entirely new series (seasonal)

    TUESDAY - Open Haus, Dude Soup Live on for FIRST Members

    WEDNESDAY - GTA Co-Op OR GTA Race / Death Match

    THURSDAY - Dude Soup (YouTube)

    FRIDAY - Co-Op Gameplay

    SATURDAY - Comedy Gameplay, Filmhaus

    SUNDAY - Comedy Gameplay


    Now here’s the amazing, exciting upside to all of this. Quality Vs. Quantity also means we’re working on BALLIN’, swag-heavy, DANKER THAN DANK new stuff! Big budgets and big ideas, some of which are dream projects for many of us. These are the ideas that we’ve talked about making, and, thanks to all of you, these dreams are closer to a reality than ever before. Our audience deserves the best product we can deliver and we’re honored to have the opportunity to make you all laugh and feel entertained. Now we’re takin’ it up a notch. We’ll continue to roll out information about these upcoming projects as soon as we can. It’s safe to say that many new shows will be viewable on, and/or for FIRST Members, if not across all platforms.


    “But if you’re making fewer videos, what will the editors DO?!? Won’t their fingers grow stiff and slow from a lack of content to cut?!?” The answer is a resounding NO. Because they already have stiff, arthritic old man hands. Especially Bones. And Matt Peake. But especially Bones.

    Changing things up has exciting implications for the entire team. First of all, you can expect to see a more diverse cast on camera. Less time editing = more camera time for the Bungalow Boys (someday we’ll get to “Bungalow People.” Someday). Second, we can all start working on grander projects and really tap into our collective creativity. Don’s got a big, beautiful brain, under that big, beautiful hair. We want to keep growing a happy, productive, creatively fulfilled team and we want that to be reflected in the kind of content we make.


    In late November we bid good-bye to The Bungalow. We’re still transitioning to a new, communal office space, but in the coming months you may start seeing different backgrounds in videos and new sets. This is a good thing, something that we’ve been working toward for a long time, for many reasons. For one, it unifies our team. And two, Rooster Teeth is helping us implement spaces engineered for and more conducive to our work purposes.


    This February, Funhaus will be entering its fourth year. We may not be in our infancy, but compared to Rooster Teeth proper we’re still learning how to walk. Our history, connections and culture are developing, and we invite you to be a part of that. In 2018 we’re paying special attention to community. Maybe not in videos, per se, but we hope this will manifest in other respects. Live events, Funhaus TV chat (more on that below), in our existing communities (Reddit, Twitter), and other new and emerging platforms. Community IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the pillar of Funhaus.


    An ambitious 2018 project we CAN talk about, is “Funhaus TV” (working title). Some of you got a taste a few weeks ago. The basic idea is to host a video stream on the FH channel that runs 24/7 and syndicates our entire back catalogue of videos, unless otherwise interrupted by us livestreaming brand new content! It’s also an extremely fluid, ever-present space where we can test new ideas, do weird shit, and transition shows and ideas that don’t necessarily have the makings of a successful VOD (like Comments Show!).

    We hope that Funhaus TV’s chat will also serve as a community hub and hangout. We don’t typically interact with chat during streams (for recording reasons), but now we’ll have a designated place where we can gossip in real-time, e.g. “Did you SEE Adam’s new haircut? It looks exactly like his old haircut. What a great guy!”

    Basically Funhaus TV will be our creative playground. So stay tuned.


    We’re going to continue being transparent and open with you. You’re the reason we’re here, and the work and exciting projects mean nothing if you’re not around to share them with.

    We love our community and we can’t wait to bring you even better content and comedy this year.

    If you have questions, comments, sweet Kool-Aid recipes then please, Tweet at us. We WANT to hear from you!














    Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and thank you all for watching! You, as the audience, are our first priority, so we want to do right by you!  benson

  • Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide

    5 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    Eric Vespe recently joined us to be our resident movie nerd, but he has many skills. Every year, he publishes one of the most comprehensive holiday gift guides on the internet, and this year he's doing it with us! Whether you're looking for movies or collectibles or games or housewares or art or... well, pretty much anything, if it's geeky and awesome he's probably found it and listed it in this guide.



    We'll be putting up additional sections of the gift guide over the next several days, but we're starting off with two of his favorites: blu-rays/dvds/4k video and art.

    Check it out, let us know if you get anything for someone you love (or, let's be honest, yourself), and if you've got additional gift ideas throw them at us!

    NOTE: there are some links in this guide that include affiliate links for sites like Amazon. What this means is that if you click the link and find something you like and buy it, Amazon pays us a small referral fee. We're hoping to use this to fund cool new stuff for The Know, but it's not a consideration for what goes in the guide itself, and we include a ton of stuff from all across the internet simply because it's super cool. We just want to be totally transparent about the process so you know what's going on when you click those links.

  • Clarification on Today's MDB Announcement

    5 months ago


    Hey, everyone!

    We’ve seen your messages today and I just need to clarify some wrong information that was put out earlier. The new additional videos of Million Dollars, But… that are coming to Facebook on Monday are definitely not Season 5. These are five special, experimental “Theme Pack” videos that we were only able to produce thanks to this partnership with Facebook. Without this deal, I wouldn’t have been able to pull off some of the crazy shit that you’ll see. 

    And more good news beyond getting more MDB - we're now able to fast track Season 5, which will be coming to - for our FIRST members first, as usual - starting in January. 

    We definitely want to take care of this great community that supports us every day, and also make new fun things when the opportunities present themselves. I know you’re really going to enjoy these new videos, and can’t wait to hear what you think on Monday!

  • RT Store Redesign

    6 months ago


    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about some new and exciting changes in the RT Store. I joined the RT Store team a little over a year ago as the Senior eCommerce Manager. I focus on strategic initiatives to improve your overall shopping experience, among other fun projects. Over the last year, we’ve been identifying ways to enhance your shopping experience. Through this, we discovered that you like to shop by show/brand.

    This morning, we made some big changes to the RT Store. The new store homepage features large brand images so you can quickly jump to the collection you’re most interested in. In addition to the new homepage layout, we’ve updated the navigation to allow you to quickly navigate by product type/category. From there, you can filter by Gender, Collection, Color, Size, and more by using the toolbar on the left, or by product type by using the toolbar below the header. Additionally, we’ve improved the mobile shopping experience so you can browse the store easier and checkout faster.

    This update is the first of many. Joel (@DynamicFall), our Store Software Engineer, and I will continue to improve site functionality, imagery, and merchandising to enhance your overall shopping experience. We hope you love the new store site. Please take a look and leave us some feedback in the comments.



  • Extra Life Recruitment Stream 2017!

    6 months ago

    jack I Like Lego

    Aloha folks!

    It's my favorite season of the year, EXTRA LIFE SEASON!  

    That's right.  We've got a monster of a goal set in front of us at $1,000,000 and I know you guys will crush it.

    But before we get to that goal, we need to get more of you amazing folks to join our Extra Life team! So, like in years past, we're having a recruitment stream!

    Please join us next Tuesday, October 3rd, from 5pm-9pm CDT while we play games and attempt to get you to join our Extra Life team!  (pssst, you can join us right now here:

    We'll have surprises galore and we're going to start ramping up for our kickass Extra Life streams!  Don't forget, November 4th will be our Community Stream where we showcase some incredible talent from all over the planet, representing a bunch of different hospitals.  And then on November 11th, we'll be having our Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream! We can't wait!

    tl;dr: Extra Life Recruitment Stream - October 3rd, 5pm-9pm CDT! Watch and join!!

  • Let's Play Reunion Schedule

    6 months ago


    In case you missed the news, we're doing a Let's Play Family Reunion this Sunday & Monday with Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Kinda Funny, and Criken!

    Here is our live show schedule (all times in PDT), all of which can be viewed at this link. 

    Make sure you sign up for a free 30-day trial of FIRST membership so you can watch it live: 


    Tune in! 

  • Sticking the Landing -- Day 5 Season 2 Finale Today!

    7 months ago



    Hey guys,

    I legitimately can't believe we're here -- LESS THAN THREE HOURS from the season finale of Day 5. As Aaron mentioned a few days ago, it's been over a year since we started laying the foundation for Jake and co's journey. 

    And we've basically spent that entire time waiting for you to get to this point. So... welcome.

    One of the crucial things for us this season was sticking the landing. It's one of our few regrets of season one, to be honest. We spent quite a bit of time debating how many answers to give back then, and ultimately erred on the side of mystery. In retrospect, a few more answers were probably due to go out on a satisfying note. Season one was also very front-loaded with the spectacle and scope (not uncommon for a pilot), and focused mostly on introducing you to the world.


    Season two is different. We wanted to tell a very focused story with a very definitive conclusion. If you've seen episode seven, you know there are big revelations that took an entire season to build to... and there's even more to come in the finale. You'll get some answers, but not all (it's not the SERIES finale, after all). There will be tension and bloodshed and maybe a few tears. And hopefully you'll feel the love for craft that hundreds of cast and crew put in to take you on this journey.


    Let me know how we did after. See you on the other side.


  • Hey look, I visited my profile for the first time in years

    8 months ago


    I don't expect I'll update it again anytime soon so here's where you can find me:

    Twitch: SortaMaliciousGaming

    Twitter: RyanTheTwit

    Snapchat: RyanTheChat

  • FIRST Week Is Coming!

    8 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    The second season of Day 5 premieres on Sunday, and to celebrate, we're kicking off another FIRST Week on Monday!

    From August 7-13, everyone gets to experience some of the best perks of being a FIRST member. That means the entire first season of Day 5 will be opened up to the public for the week. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone you know to binge watch it and catch up for the second season! Plus all our live broadcasts will be free to watch on our site, including Tuesday Night Game Fight, Death Battle Cast, and old favorites Off Topic and the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

    BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You can watch a free preview of some of our FIRST-exclusive shows for ONE WEEK ONLY. From August 9-15, become a Dream Daddy with the boyz of Backwardz Compatible. Then, from August 11-17, everyone can drink along with Theater Mode while watching the masterpiece known as Nightbeast. From August 13-19, make sure to stay awake for a public preview of the Day 5 season 2 premiere. Last but not least, we're also bringing you a special free-to-watch episode of Fan Service!

    Like our first FIRST Week, we're going to have a FIRST membership drive with some ridiculous signup goals. We’ll announce those on Monday, so stay tuned for details!


  • Tuesday Night Game Fight - We've Heard You

    8 months ago


    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for their comments, critiques and suggestions for Tuesday Night Game Fight.  A live production and a new show is always a risk but it is a risk my team and I love. This year my goal has been to bring our awesome community into more of our productions.  The live audience for On The Spot was the beginning of that goal.  And Tuesday Night Game Fight would go one step further by giving you the chance to actually participate in some of the fun we create every day.  

    The challenge was how to build a show that would give you that shot and still be a commitment that our talented groups could handle.  We thought we had found a formula that worked but obviously we had some work to do.  

    The broadcast team got back to work the minute the first episode wrapped.  We have made some adjustments to the show and have tightened up our tech.  We’re ready to roll live again on Tuesday and I hope you give us another shot.  Thanks for every minute you watch and each laugh you share with us.

  • Camp Camp Season 2... TOMORROW!

    10 months ago


     waveHeeeeello, Campers!  sunny evergreen_tree


    It’s summer, which can only mean one thing: CAMP CAMP IS BACK... BACK!

    The second season of Camp Camp kicks off tomorrow morning, with an all-new time: 8 AM CT. We know you’ve been in the habit of getting up early for school, so why not keep that trend going by waking up early for CARTOONS? Much better than school, am I right?

    Another change to the release schedule is that now Camp Camp will be exclusive to FIRST members for 7 days, meaning non-FIRST members will get the first episode NEXT Friday (June 16th) at 8 AM CT.

    If you’re not a FIRST member, this is a great time to sign up. Camp Camp Season 2 is hilarious and fantastic, especially that Nerris character. We know you’ll want to see each episode as soon as it's released, so you should sign up. Like, now. You can even get a free 30-day trial!


    See you tomorrow morning! Don’t forget your snacks and sunscreen.

  • Information Technology .// Desktop Support Tech

    10 months ago

    adam Director of Technology

    Hiring a Desktop Support Tech -- for more information follow this link.  :)

    Good Luck!